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He gets with his girlfriend's friend and his roomate.

This woman was incredible.

I didn't feel like she was showing off, or was just teasing me with this. I felt totally at ease with her, and felt as if she trusted me to be with her. Again, I told her how lovely she looked, and thanked her for letting me see her like this. I asked her how it was that she felt so at ease as to let me come into her bathroom with her. She said she trusted me, and that this was just part of her natural habit and she thought she would like to share this part of her with me.

I sat silently in the presence of this beautiful woman as she soaped herself, seeming to pay special attention to her breasts and legs. At times she would face me fully at look at me watching her as she rubbed the lather on herself. Then she would stand sideways and rather tease me with rubbing herself between her legs. She knew I was enjoying myself because the bulge in my pants was quite prominent by now. Maybe she had planned this whole scenario because to clothes she had given me to wear were not quite enough to conceal my excitement. I guess we knew enough about each other by now to know or at least to suspect, that this was the sort of game we both enjoyed.

By now, her movements were clearly sexual, and she knew she was turning me on like crazy. She lifted one leg to rest it on the side of the tub, and started to rub her pussy and masturbate for me. For a few moments, she stared directly at me, and I was transfixed to her movements. Then her eyes closed as she continued to rub her pussy with one hand and squeeze her hardened nipple with the other. She slid a couple fingers inside herself and rubbed her clitoris with her thumb. She looked me squarely in the eyes as she withdrew her shiny fingers.

Then she said, "Why don't you take those clothes off so I can see your body too?"

So I slowly stood up and took of my shirt and slid off my shorts. My erection sprang free and she smiled and returned the compliment about my body.

"I admire a man who takes care of himself too."

Instead of jumping all over her as much of me wanted to, I returned to my chair and sat down to watch this fabulous beauty, and to let her do some watching too. She continued to rub herself, and I grasped my cock in my hand and rubbed up and down slowly. We both smiled at each other and continued our voyeur/exhibitionist game. Ann had a head start on me, and she picked up her pace quickly and I could tell she was going to come soon.

I wanted to wait, so I tried to keep jerking off for her slowly. Soon, she clamped her eyes shut and rubbed her clit faster until she came. I could see the extra effort to keep her knees from buckling and I could see her nipples yet firmer than before. Ann said my watching her and her watching me stroke myself made her come so quickly.

She grabbed a towel and stepped out of the tub and walked towards me, her breasts swaying seductively with each step. She stood inches form me and continued to dry herself off with her breasts so close to my face. I could smell the clean scent of her soap with the musky scent of her passion. She reached out and pulled my head to her warm chest and buried my face in the cleavage between her boobs. I ran my hands up and down her legs and enjoyed to smooth, firm feel of her well muscled legs. I let my hands continue upwards until my fingertips rested against the moist opening of her pussy lips. I tilted my head back to look up at her and slid my mouth over her waiting nipple.

She smiled down at me and said, "That feels great."

She ran her hands through my hair, and I felt drops of warm water from her hair fall on my shoulders.

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