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Young Marine home for the weekend meets a girl.

"Yes you do my love, if you didn't love me you would never come for me the way you do."

Jamie couldn't believe he was so delusional, "This is just the body's natural reaction to stimulation, I don't love you and I never will. I will eventually get away from you you crazy bastard." Saying that, she ticked him off.

"You will regret saying that my little peach." He took hold of her arm and dragged her down to the basement with her fighting the entire time. She grabbed on to any and everything screaming at the top of her lungs. She knew once he took her down there he would torture her. She hated when he did this to her. She would always feel so weak afterwards and she would be in pain. She would always tell him he was hurting her but he never failed to remind her that he only treated people that loved him better than this but this was how he treated ungrateful whores.

She refused to tell him she loved him so she just suffered his torture to prove a point. He was never going to break her down. She was not going to become one of those stupid girls who fell in love with her torturer. If she did fall in love then it meant that she was also mentally unstable and she was a lot of things but mentally unstable wasn't one of them. So she would stick it out and wait until it was the perfect time to get away.


Jamie startled up in her bed in a cold sweat. She remembered everything in perfect detail and she cried thinking about how he whipped her and kept her tied to her clit forcing an orgasm out of her until she was crying from the pain. She would forever have these memories and she would always be afraid until that man was caught. Even though Landon claimed to love her with all of his heart she didn't think he knew the first thing about love. He had an obsession with her that was unnatural. He couldn't distinguish between reality and fantasy. That scared her even more that he honestly thought they were in love and that she reciprocated that love wholeheartedly.

Just as she was gaining her bearings the door started ringing. She headed downstairs with a feel of foreboding chilling her spine. When her father opened the door she saw the detective on the other side. She made her way down the steps to hear what he had to say.

"Sir we checked his house and it was empty. It looked as if no one has lived there for some time. We looked in the basement that you mentioned and it doesn't look anything like you described it. There was carpet and not concrete, and there was also some washing machines down there. But unfortunately Mr. Shultz was not at the house but we will be looking for him. We will also make sure this house stays secured around the clock."

Jamie was petrified, her father looked like he was going to be sick and her mom broke down crying. She couldn't believe this one man was causing so much trouble for them. But where could he be?


Her family has to pay. They took his Jamie away from him and now she was by herself with their child and he couldn't do anything about it...yet. Landon knew he had to come up with a plan to get her back but it would be hard with the police stiffing around. He knew her meddling family would call the authorities on him so he knew he had to clean everything up perfectly so it looked like the father was lying. He had to buy some time to think of a plan to get his angel back.

Right now he had to keep a low profile because he knew who told about him and Jaime. That damn doctor had to be dealt with. He was so angry at that doctor that he wanted to kill him again. He knew he should have gotten rid of the body but he got satisfaction from seeing the doctor laying there lifeless knowing he would never look at Jaime again in his life.


Jaime stared at the television in horror.

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