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Nice guy Mark gets rewarded for not choosing.

Without warning her I thrust my hips forward impaling the greedy bitch. There was no scolding from her only a deep guttural sound that passed those oh so talented lips of hers.

"Yes! That's a great start; now fuck me!"

What can I say; all that pent up sexual energy and not a small part of the desire to bruise this bitch's insides. I grabbed her luscious ass cheeks and pounded her like mad. She had to bite her fist to keep from screaming and her backward thrusts told me I was on the right track to make her cum. I was blissfully unaware that her van was rocking as we fucked; not that it would have mattered mind you. My balls were slapping her clit and that added to her pleasure as I drilled her cunt hard and fast. Now she was panting and grinding up against me moaning the entire time.

"UH HUH..." she moaned over and over. Her voice was rising in pitch as she got closer and closer to her launch point. Then as her pussy tightened around me she arched her back and squealed as she came. I had to clamp a hand over her mouth. The bitch bit me as her climax crashed over her.

"Fucking cunt," I cursed as I pulled back and slammed the entire length of my cock into her. To my utter amazement she came again. This time she didn't bite only moaned weakly into my cupped hand. I stopped and waited for her to catch her breath. I removed my hand and she kissed and licked where she had drawn blood with her teeth.

"Forgive me," she begged. "I got carried away by that amazing cock of yours."

"I guess so," I said hesitantly.

"I'll make it up to you," she moaned.

"How," I asked.

"I'll let you fuck my tits and cum on my face," she offered sincerely.

"I like your pussy," I said.

"Aw, give my tits a chance lover," she pleaded. "They haven't been loved on for so long."

"Well, let me see them and I'll decide," I said.

"You won't be disappointed, I promise."

I slowly eased my cock from her soaked slit. Then she had me sit on the seat again. She knelt in front of me and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She tugged it open and revealed her bra clad tits.

"Damn," I moaned as she reached between them and released the catch. The bra sprang open revealing the nicest rack, next to my sister's, that I had ever seen. The nipples were hard and erect, while the large dark areolas were covered in a thin layer of sweat. I licked my lips and she smiled.

"Want a taste of them lover before I wrap them around you?"

"Gimme Gimme," I said as I cupped them both.

I leaned forward as she sat up straighter bringing them closer to my lips. She moaned loud deep and strong as I suckled her nipples and played with her tits.

"It's been so long," she said shivering.

"Why, you have amazing tits," I asked.

"Someone has lost interest in them and prefers fucking my ass to my tits," she said frowning.

"You take it up the ass," I asked stunned as I fondled her lovely breasts.

"Yeah, but I don't think I could take you up without it getting wrecked. If you know what I mean."

"That someone else has a smaller dick than me," I said.

"Yeah, much smaller, so it's great for ass fucking but not much for my poor little pussy."

"Aw, I'm glad I came along," I said.

"MMMMM me too," she purred. "Um... have you ever thought about a three way?"

"What guy hasn't," I said.

"I mean you, me and another guy," she said softly.

"OH, you want both your holes filled huh," I said and she nodded.

"Let me think about it," I said as she wrapped her tits around my aching erection.

"Come to mama," she moaned as she began to massage me with her amazing breasts.

"UNNNNN... that does feel wonderful," I said through gritted teeth.

All this talk about anal sex and three ways had ramped up my excitement level. She slowly rocked her hips and I watched my cock slide easily between her pillowy tits. I was panting before too long and she could tell how close I was.

"Spray my face lover, cover me with that delicious cum of yours!"

"Damn, I am so fucking close," I cursed.

"Don't hold back, give it to me," she urged.

I cursed a blue streak as my cum shot out and painted h

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