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She thought she had escaped her abusive boyfriend, until now.

They had been strung up so that they were forced to stand on tiptoe. By appearance, the women ranged in age from about twenty well into middle age. All were stark naked. They had been groomed to remove all body hair save the hair on their heads and brows. Their eyes pleaded with me for . . . I could not say what for. They could not speak; their mouths were choked with metal and rubber horse bits. Clamps connected by fine trace chains squeezed their nipples. Angry red welts covered their thighs and abdomens, betraying harsh punishment for offenses real or imagined. Their ankles were fettered by heavy metal cuffs joined by a stout chain that looked just long enough to permit a hobbled gait. Their feet, like the stone floor, were filthy.

It was an appalling sight. What could these poor wretches have done to deserve such torture? But there was worse to come. The wall torches that lit the chamber generated an insufferable heat. The prisoners were damp with sweat. Their hair was matted to their faces, necks and shoulders. Their glistening bodies aroused me; for that, I was surprised and ashamed. And speechless.

A woman clad in shiny leather approached us. Her dress was tight and short. She wore leather boots that extended to her thighs, and fingerless leather gloves up to her elbows. Her hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail gathered into a silver coil at the back of her head, increasing the severity of her appearance. She was clearly in charge of these pitiable captives.

"We need a girl," said the man with the lamp. The woman cocked one eyebrow and smirked lewdly, as if she shared with us a degenerate secret. Then she walked to one of her younger charges and released her from the caber. The mistress led this debased creature to us. "This is Merry. Use her as you will."

"We need her services only as a guide," said the man with the lamp.

"Only that?" asked the woman.

"Only that."

"Very well. Merry, show these men what they wish to see. Do as you are commanded. God help you if you disappoint them, or me."

"Yes, Mum," said Merry, her eyes never lifting from the stone floor. I did not know how Merry's Mistress intended for us to "use" Merry, but when she learned she was only to be our guide, I saw both relief and disappointment cross Merry's face. Everything about this place was too strange and aberrant to comprehend.

Mistress was not finished. "You will remain cuffed and shackled, Merry. These, however, will need to come off." With that, Mistress cupped Merry's left breast. In one motion, she removed the clamp from Merry's breast, drew the nipple into her mouth, and suckled for several long moments. Merry gasped, then moaned. Then the process was repeated on Merry's right breast. Again, Merry gasped when the clamp was released and her breast sucked hard. And then she was given to us.

Or, rather, to me. To my surprise, my escort had slipped away while I was fixated on Merry and her mistress, leaving only his lamp on a small table that I had not noticed before. Merry's gaze now disquieted me. Her dark eyes held shadows that evaded understanding, and yet they were strangely familiar. Her unruly black hair might have curled were it not damp and clinging to her skin. Her features were small and fine; her figure neither slender nor voluptuous, but well-proportioned. Her nudity captured me completely; I could no more tear myself away from the sight of her breasts and belly, her rump and her bare pubic mound, than I could have willed myself to fly.

Merry picked up the lamp and walked away from me without a word, her gait deformed by her shackles.

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