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Two men have to pass some time in an inn.

She basically had to pretend she wasn't horny while frigging herself like mad every night from the time she was an adolescent. She'd been lucky to be married young to somebody she'd loved, and continued to fuck, right up until his passing. While I couldn't provide her with a big, black cock if that ended up being the fantasy of a southern belle, I did get to thinking about some of the times she might have been incredibly horny and had to suppress it. I steered a few conversations along those lines until I finally had a plan.

I told her one night that we'd be going out because I had a surprise for her but, before we got going, I wanted to try something. I asked her if she had a dress in a style similar to what she might have worn as a teenager when she was being courted by her husband. She said that she had something close enough without looking like she'd actually saved it from back then. I requested that, with that dress and anything else she could come up with, she dress as though it was back then. I did a little research myself into what her future husband might have been wearing and driving. When I opened the door to let her in that night, we were both pleasantly surprised.

"This isn't really your surprise," I told her, "though it is related to it. We have some time first, however, so I thought it might be about time to reenact something in the way that you would have had it go if you'd had the complete freedom to do so."

I led her over to the couch and we sat down together.

"Let's imagine we are at your house and I've come to visit with you," I said, "and that we don't have to worry about any interruptions from your parents."

We started to make out and her hand went right to my lap, where it massaged my quickly-rising cock. I fondled her tits and could tell that she was wearing a serious bra under her dress. It didn't take very long before she had my pants open and had extracted my cock from my underwear. She was giving me a very nice handjob as we continued to make out and my hand remained on her tits. I was thinking that, as horny as she'd told me she'd have been in a situation like this, that she was probably dripping wet by then. I decided that I'd need to take care of her in some way before we left my place even though I was certain that she'd end up more than satisfied by the real surprise part of our evening.

"I might take this all the way to completion on this and a few subsequent nights," she said after pulling her mouth from mine, "before moving on to what I'm about to do, so I just wanted to let you know that what I'm doing might not be exactly as I might have done it back then."

She moved off of the couch and knelt before me, taking my cock in her hand again as I worked my pants down a bit farther. She wrapped her lips around my tool and started to bob her head up and down while gently pumping the base. I certainly appreciated that she didn't revert to her teenage skill level as she sucked my cock even though just having my cock in her hot mouth was incredibly pleasurable. She put the skills she'd developed during her marriage and had previously demonstrated on me into action, including licking and sucking my balls while continuing to pump my cock in her hand. I was leaning back on the couch, watching as her mouth moved up and down my tool and her long, silver hair hung around her face. Because we had plans, I wasn't intent on drawing this spectacular blowjob out and I got the impression that she wasn't, either. We both knew, even though she wasn't aware of our exact plans, that this was merely an appetizer.

Because she was more focused on making me cum than on drawing out the pleasure, it wasn't long at all before I was feeling my orgasm rapidly building.

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