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A short story based on The Story of O.

My cock was throbbing in my pants and was also getting a little wet. I slowly unzipped her dress and she dropped it to the floor and she looked even hotter in a red and black corset with garters and thigh highs. I lifted her up and placed her on the bed and was rather in a rush going down on her. Fortunately, all the kissing had made her more than aroused and very soon my face was covered in her juices. I hate to say it, but it was clear she had been fucked quite a few times. Her pussy was shaved clean (which turned me on even more) but either because she was so turned on or whatever, her lips were wild. The nice thing is that they were very sensitive. Some women like to have their clit licked. Some like to have you all over. Lynn clearly enjoyed "fucking my face" and burying my tongue in her very wet vagina.

Lynn also communicated with me. Unlike my wife, whose mind I had to read sometimes, she told me which way to go and what worked. I had slid a finger into her pussy at her instruction and eventually the orgasm seemed to build. My face was soaked, but I didn't mind at all. Her pussy clenched on my finger in what was clearly a long and enjoyable orgasm. I thought I heard people in the room, but I stayed with the task at hand and kept going until she said to stop. One thing was certain - I was at full erection in my pants.

When it was clear that Lynn had enough, she motioned for me to stand up. In her hot outfit - still with high heels on - she joined me and kissed my wet face passionately. That turned me on even more because my wife hated kissing me after I had been down on her. She grabbed my cock and said, "Too bad I can't have this in me because my pussy is throbbing." I'll admit, I was tempted, but my wife and I set ground rules and I wasn't about to break them. Lynn saw the hesitation in my eyes and followed up with, "Don't worry, my mouth will feel just as good."

Lynn asked about how I like my blowjobs. Admittedly, I told her the thing about Desirae and not wanting to get on her knees anymore and why. "Well, after what you just did, it would only be appropriate that I properly service you," she replied. She got down on her knees right there and started sucking on me while I was standing up. Oh my God was it incredible. I was amazed at how far she could take me in her throat, but two things were going against me here. First, I was standing up, and I just couldn't get relaxed enough to cum that way. The second was that the door was open and people kept walking by. I would love to say that I was Tony Soprano and could get off with someone watching me, but I could not.

I motioned for her to allow me to the bed and she obliged. Once at the bed she stayed in her position on her knees, however, she took over a little. This is where I really appreciated good oral sex. She started by lifting my legs up to allow her to lick my testicles. As much as I would try to get my wife to do that, she would only do that for a lick or so. Lynn, however was almost worshipping them. I was enjoying that tremendously when I realized that she had worked her way down and was rimming me. I had never had a woman do that, and while it felt a little different, it was building me up like crazy as she continued to stroke my cock in the process. Lynn must have sensed me build because just before I was about to cum, she jumped back on my cock with her mouth and allowed me to unload quite a bit into her. I would love to say she managed to take it all in, but she choked a little on the sure volume that had built up over the last week. Despite the mess that got on her face, she made sure I was thoroughly satisfied before she stopped. She climbed up off of her knees and laid her head on my chest and stroked my chest hairs a little. My legs were weak and she seemed quite content herself.

I think I dozed off for a second, because when I woke, Lynn had put her dress back on and was touching up her makeup in the mirror in the room.

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