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Gloria, the Black Nun goes home. For now.

He groaned against her neck as he let his fingers drift over her. "Oh god, you are so wet." He slid his finger under the leg of her panties, touching her bare pussy.

"Ugh, yes, touch me," She begged pushing up with her hips as his fingers explored her flesh.

He let his finger brush against her clit and heard Veronica whimper in desire. He could feel the little nub throbbing against his hand.

Growling, Mike pulled away from her. Veronica was panting like crazy while she wiggled around on the bed. He sat on his ankles watching her for a minute before he grabbed at the dress. "How do I get this damn thing off?" he growled.

Veronica smiled. Sitting up, she pulled it out from under her then pulled the dress over her head. Then while he watched, she undid her bra, throwing it on the floor beside the bed before she lay back down.

Mike quickly shed his own clothes; his 8 inch cock was pulsing furiously and pressed against his stomach. When he was naked, he covered her body with his own again, claiming her mouth in a soul searching kiss while his hands roamed over her.

Veronica could feel him throbbing against her leg, as Mike's mouth moved down to her breast; she reached down and wrapped her hand around his hard shaft. She slowly stroked him as she repeatedly squeezed and loosened her hand around him.

"Oh fuck, yea, your hand feels so good honey." Mike groaned pushing his hips against her hand as he lowered his mouth to her breast. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking gently on it.

"Agh..." Veronica cried as pleasure flew through her body. Her pussy was pulsing with need but she ignored it. She continued to slowly jack his cock as she pressed her breast closer to his face.

Mike humped his cock against her hand as he sucked hard at her nipple. His tongue moved over it tenderly making her cry out in pleasure. He let his hand move down her body then slide inside the waist band of her panties.

Veronica held her body still as his hand explored her. She whimpered when he spread her pussy lips open then shrieked when his finger brushed over her clit. "Oh fuck, yessssssss." She hissed bucking up with her hips.

Mike chuckled as he moved his mouth over to her other breast. He ran his tongue lovingly over her nipple, as his hand moved lower. When he came to her slit, he slowly slid two fingers inside her and moved them in and out.

"Oh Mike. Oh fuck." Veronica cried closing her eyes as she jerked harder at his cock. "Fuck that feels so good."

Mike sucked hard at her breast while his hand slammed ruthlessly in her pussy. Veronica was crying as she humped her pussy against his flying hand. When he let his thumb move roughly over her clit, she screamed in pleasure as her climax washed over her. "Fuck...I'm cummminnnggg..."

Mike kept his hand moving hard in her panties as he lifted his head to look at her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open in a silent scream as her body convulsed.

When she started to cum down, he pulled his hand out and brought his fingers to his lips. "Mmmmmm...You taste good." He smiled sucking on his fingers.

Veronica smiled at him through lowered eyes as she pulled at him. "I want to taste you."

Mike moved up on his knees until his cock was just inches from her mouth. Veronica opened her mouth wide and let his cock slip between her full lips. Mike closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt her mouth enclose around him. "Oh yea baby, suck that sweet cock." He ran his fingers through her hair lovingly as she sucked on him.

Veronica sucked at the tip then slowly let her mouth move down over him. Mike let out a strangled cry as he bucked forward with his hips.

She took him further in her mouth while she whipped her tongue over him. When she felt him pressing against the entrance to her throat, she relaxed her muscles and let his cock slide down.

Mike groaned as he felt her throat massage him. "Oh baby, yes." He groaned slowly fucking her face.

Veronica let him fuck her face as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hard flesh in her mou

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