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The Vicars Story Part 2.

So, 9:05 a.m. I was walking the trail after not meeting up with the "visitor."

I really pushed hard to make up for the two hour delay and by 7 p.m. I had made my destination and set up camp. I went to the nearby stream and caught a couple fish for supper and after having eaten the fish and some wild edible plants and berries, I climbed in to my hammock and was out like a blown out candle.

As often is the case in Georgia, it started raining around midnight but my overhead canopy was strong and sturdy and though the rain had awakened me, I was quickly back in dream land. About 4:30 in the morning, I was startled awake by someone calling my name. At first I thought I was dreaming but after a couple more calls to me, I raised up and flashed my light in the general direction I was hearing the calls.

About a half hour later, a vision of beauty walked in to camp. She was an Amazon, standing over 6 feet tall, she had bright green eyes, long red hair and her figure was darned near perfect. As I sat on a log I had found for a chair, she introduced herself as Rilla. She was a cousin on my dad's side of the family. We descended from Viking Blood on his side so though she was several inches taller than I, her height was not surprising. But as we chatted and prepared to venture on, she said something that caught my already rapt attention.

She was giving a brief genealogy and she called the name of my Great Grandfather being her Great Grandfather. I asked her who her dad was and she said, "I have a confession to make." Curious I prodded her on and she said that when Susie called her home and told them that I was going to be hiking in her general area, she got excited but anxious at the same time. Her 'confession' was that her dad and my dad were the same man. I about fell off the log. I knew dad was quite the whore dog when he was younger and especially after coming back from the war. Heck I have step mother that is Japanese, complete with siblings I have never met.

As Rilla talked, she said that Susie had been totally open about our living situation and Rilla was quite intrigued. So, I told her about how it all had come to be and even managed to throw out some stories that I have shared in here. I asked her where Rilla came from and she said it was an amalgamation of a name with about 25 letters going back to our Viking blood. So, she shortened it to Rilla for the sake of convenience.

Daylight was finally upon us and we set off at a blistering pace. We hiked almost 40 miles before we set up camp for the nigh. Both of us were totally spent and sweaty. So, we found the creek and took a natural bath. She went first as I built the fire and got everything ready for supper and then bed time. Knowing that I had packed all the essentials I would need, she had packed a hammock and a tarp and hoped that she would be able to catch me before the first night was over.

About 30 minutes had elapsed and I realized that I had not heard anything coming from her direction in several minutes, so I walked down the fairly short but very steep path and down to the creek's edge. Low and behold there lying on the sand was that Goddess from Viking lore. She was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open air drying and appeared to be sound asleep.

I eased up to her in order to make sure she was ok and breathing and after being satisfied that she was just tired and had fallen asleep, I stripped off my clothes and jumped in to the creek. I bathed myself and swam a little when I spied a rope swing having been tethered high up in a tree. I climbed up and testing the rope for strength, I did a near perfect Tarzan swing and hit the water with knife like precision. As I surfaced, I came literally nose to nose with Rilla.

She had awakened at some point and had been watching me bath and swim around.

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