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Husband's college buddy had the biggest cock in the dorm.

She slightly frowned at her play toy being taken from her but he explained that if someone walked up, it would be very hard to explain what he was doing with his cock in his hand. She giggled slightly and nodded her head in agreement. She leaned back in her chair and smiled at him.

"Did you like what you saw earlier?" He looked down at her crotch and back to her eyes.

"Yes, but I would like to see more."

She shimmied her skirt up her legs a little and paused. His mouth had gone dry and he could not speak but the look in his eyes asked for more. He did not get a very good look at her the first time. Was she shaved? God he hoped not. Was she a real blonde? Most were not but he could pray. She slowly opened her legs and looked up at him. He smiled and licked his lips as her lips came into view. Shaved on the bottom, cute little blonde Mohawk on top.

"What do you think"? She said softly.

Sliding her hand down between her legs she split her lips apart and slid a finger into the folds, but not inside. She slid her finger from top to bottom and then side to side, he could hear how wet she was and so could she.

"Wow, I'm soaked. You have really turned me on and you haven't even touched me yet."

She withdrew her finger and Jack could see it was slick with her juices. She gracefully lifted her left leg up over the arm of the chair and put her finger back into her pussy. This time she pushed in as far as she could go and held it there, her eyes starting to glaze over. Next she lifted her right leg over the other arm of the chair. She was wantonly opened up to him and was not going to wait for him to help out. She slid her middle and ring finger as deep into her pussy as she could go, and started to pump into herself. He groaned with her and watched as she finger fucked herself. It was a damn sexy sight to see her like that. Legs thrown over the arms of the chair, spread as wide as they could go. Her fingers sliding in and out of her soaking pussy, slick with her juices and a look of pure lust on her face.

She was going to make herself cum weather he helped her or not. So he decided to help. He got down on the floor from his chair and crawled on all fours over to her.

"Wanna lick?" She huskily said and removed her fingers. Her pussy was still stretched from them, lips splayed open; puffy and red. He pressed his face into her and drove his tongue as deep as it would go. A loud grunt came from deep inside her and she arched her back, pulling his face deeper into her by his hair.

"Cumming!" Was all she said and she tensed up, clamping her legs around his head so tight he could not hear a thing. All he could do was just hold on and watch as she ground against his face, eyes closed and bucking around. When she finally unclasped her legs he heard it... Heels of a woman's shoe, and they were close. Jack hopped up and moved quickly to his desk and sat behind it as the woman who occupied the next cubical walked up to his doorway.

"Hi Jack, I just decided to come in for a bit today and saw your car in the parking lot. What are you doing here on a Saturday?"

"Hey Marissa." Jack Said.

"Patti and I were just finishing up some work on the Stevens file." He said with a cheerful grin, doing his best to look normal.

He looked over at Patti, who was still trying to pull it together, and then back to Marissa. They chatted back and forth for a moment more and then she started to leave. As she left she stuck her head back into Jack's cubicle.

"By the way, you have something on your chin." She smirked at him and left. Jack reached up and touched his chin and felt that it was slick with pussy juice. Next he touched his lips and then his nose. He was covered from nose to chin, slick and shiny. He looked over at Patti and she just shook her head.

"You could have wiped your face.

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