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Pony Stable, a new Stallion is brought to the Farm.

Looking around the room Robert furtively exchanged the red collar for a green one.

Lee Ann saw it briefly, before it was fastened around her neck. She should have said no, for it denoted anyone could touch her. That simple change meant masters could touch her body, anywhere they wished.

It was already too late for she was on hands and knees, with her breasts hanging down, letting a stranger pull on them as though milking her. She was too turned on to say a word.

It was outrageous that a stranger was massaging her breasts, and pulling on her nipples. She looked over toward her boyfriend, only just seeing him over by the bar. He was stroking the Bimbo's long blonde hair, looking engrossed in her. He would be no help. She was at the mercy of these men, and she didn't even know their names. She was so aroused, she couldn't speak.

"Your pet looks as though it needs a good fucking," one of the men said.

Lee Ann gasped. Were they going to take her, here in front of her boyfriend? Surely they were teasing her!

"It seems to get worked up easy," Robert commented.

"Did you swap for good?" one of them asked.

"No, he has the Bimbo for the evening. Though maybe, I'll see. If it's any good at fucking I might keep it," Robert casually answered.

Lee Ann whined. She had tried to say something, in protest. All she managed was a mewling sound. It was partly from when the second man stroked her between the legs, and partly from fear. Surely he didn't mean it? Robert couldn't just swap her for the bimbo, like a car or set of tools. He couldn't keep her, could he?
Lee Ann imagined being taken by this experienced master. She would have to use her body to pleasure him or lose his interest. If that happened she would be passed on to another master, having to go through the process of learning is needs all over again. It was important to pleasure a master with all her skill and all her body otherwise she would end up being sold into a brothel.

The fantasy was so strong she thought it real. These men were teasing her again, and it was working on her like a full on foreplay.

She opened up her thighs, letting the second guy rub his fingers over her sex. How the hell did that happen? The first man was still massaging her breasts, working them like kneading dough. He was pulling on her nipples as though milking them. They were getting such a good work out, she was near an orgasm.

She had hardly noticed the tiny shorts being pulled away from her sex. The second guy had his fingers in her, exploring her vagina. For heavens sake, that was taking things too far! She wanted to stop that, needed to stop him, though she couldn't move.

She felt a finger pushing into her asshole. Lee Ann whimpered a noise, almost like the words 'Please NO!', only it was a garbled mess of sound.

If her boyfriend caught her now, she would be in trouble. He would be so angry he would probably dump her with Robert. Damn! What would happen to her then?

This man was a stranger. All she knew about him was from overheard conversations. He was an expert at manipulating and training women into becoming obedient slaves. He already had her helpless, compliantly following him on hands and knees. It was frightening how easily she had become his pet. She was in deep trouble!

With these two men playing with her she couldn't move. It was as though they had stunned her with breathtaking sensations. She was breathing heavily, ready to show herself up in front of everyone, with a loud orgasm.

She could feel herself on the edge of a loud and mighty deep orgasm.

"Come on pet, I'll introduce you to some others," Robert said.

"If you get fed up with it, bring the pet back to us," one of the men said.

Hardly able to move she followed Robert, through the gloom of the club. She was disappointed not to finish what they had started. She shouldn't have been disappointed, that was all wrong. She was being bad. How could she possibly want to orgasm in public?

They toured the club, meeting almost everyone.

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