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The Intrepid takes a leap into the unknown.

each for naturists and your only duty would be never to say no to any man : me, Bryan, the postman, the neighbor or any tourist!

Bipasha tried to buck and fight but Bryan and Marcia were just too strong for her. In no time, she was stripped naked and bound to the bed posts. Marcia discussed with the first interested man : a simple lowly Dalit! Just Marcia verified he was sufficiently well endowed to give Bipasha a nice fuck. They were in a not very rich district, so she couldn't charge a huge sum for each fuck : 500 Indian rupees (about nine dollars for a standard fuck), six hundred for her ass and nine hundred for the complete service : ass, pussy and mouth but she didn't propose it to the first fifty customers : Bipasha wasn't fully an obedient whore still and would put a fight if she was not gagged. Marcia's daughter started to squirm in her bonds but Marcia soon understood she just started to enjoy her new job. She was cumming as she was fucked! Marcia decided that the next customer could use her mouth if he wanted and Bipasha gave him a superb blow job. Marcia removed her bonds progressively and Bipasha never revolted. She even finished without any bonds and seemed dejected when she serviced her last customer!

They returned late to Mr. Gupta's hotel with a little more than fifty thousand rupees and Bipasha had offered a complete service to the manager of the seedy hotel where Bipasha had spent her first night as a whore. He didn't ask for any payment but the promise to return. Bipasha took off her saree under which she wore no undies and she narrated her owner the different events of the night. Gupta was so much satisfied that je allowed them all to share his bedroom and ordered drinks for him and Bryan. Marcia and Bipasha were engaged into a fierce 69 that prevented them from drinking anything. When they had finished, Gupta decided he would fuck Bipasha while Bryan could own her mother. As Bipasha had been bred and he didn't care about Marcia, the two men didn't use condoms. If Marcia could still carry a baby, it was just a matter of time until she was pregnant as Bryan filled her to the brim with his seed!

Jodhaa and Mark were awakened by the noise in the adjoining room. They came to inquire. Mr. Gupta gave them the money Bipasha had earned, saying it was just an advance and the two women would complete the payment in the next days but if they wanted, they could have a payment on account enjoying the two girls. Mark was not interested by Marcia but Bipasha was young and pretty. Jodhaa put on a strap on dildo shaped on Prince Kyrhan's mammoth cock to fuck her pussy why Mark buggered her to his leisure. Bipasha cummed like a queen on Kyrhan's prick. Jodhaa commented she could enter the Prince's harem with honors. Meanwhile Gupta and Bryan shared Marcia as they wished... She helped them as much as she could and her screams of pleasure resonated in the building...

During the next days, both Bipasha and Marcia worked as whores in double shifts to earn the money promised to Jodhaa and Mark. They took just a week for it and their visitors left to return home. Mark promised to look for ways to free Bipasha from Gupta's control. He was sure the Prince would like her and admit her in his harem... Of course, before they left, Sir Gupta organized a big party where Jodhaa and Bipasha were the queens of the night. The men took turns fucking them in all possible ways. Sir Gupta was the host and chose Jodhaa first. He fucked her pussy then turned to Bipasha and chose her ass. He had to grease his cock three times before he gained entry. Jodhaa made a few derogative comments about his talents in bed: certainly the prince would have been able to prepare her for a full plunge into her ass without these extra lubrications and he was bigger than Gupta! They couldn't wait to retrieve the prince who would give Jodhaa a nice fuck from a true man who really cared for her!

Bipasha had now all the attention of the remaining men, Gupta and Bryan.

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