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The Imam comes around; Joseph may have found a plot.

One glance at his clothing and his shopping cart and I knew he was one of the no end of homeless people we had even back then. He was eyeing the woman's sack of food, that was clear.

Clearly he was hungry because he kept looking, I was concerned he might grab and run, things like that happened in that area. East side 8th avenue downtown was not exactly the high rent district.

"Hey, want some fries?" I told the man, to distract him. His eyes lit up, so I handed the small package of them to him. He wolfed those down, then got up as the brief rain squall was easing.

"Thanks, buddy!" He left, pushing his cart full of belongings.

"That was nice of you." The woman said.

"It looked like he was about to try and grab your sack of food." I told her.

"Oh. Really? OK, well, thank you." She got up to leave.

"I'm Julie." She told me, looking at me closely.

"Danny." I answered.

"Well, bye now." She replied, and was gone.

I went home, thinking at least now I had a name. Up close, she really was on the pretty side, not what anyone would call a raving beauty, more of what I would say was normal. Nice looking would be the words.

It all began that same night. I came out of my bathroom, glanced over, Julie's curtains were wide open. There was now a chair sitting in the middle of her room, facing my window.

That just looked odd, as I stood there, she walked in and sat in the chair.

I waved, she waved back. Then, she reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. She slipped that back off of her shoulders, sat there for a moment in just a plain white bra.

I was wondering what the hell, when she reached behind and unclipped the bra, dropped it on the floor. She was not looking my way, of course she had to know I was there. I moved closer to my window, from the angle I could see her lower body to her knees.

Julie's bare breasts were not huge, but they were nice and firm looking, I was of course instantly erect. I reached down and adjusted myself, she glanced up at that instant and saw that. A grin crossed her face, then she looked away as she lifted and displayed both breasts.

This was amazing, this young woman was deliberately exposing her breasts to me. Of course I had seen bare breasts before, but never in any situation like this. In the military, I saw the little women as we called them strip nude on stage, but this? It was completely different somehow, and crazily erotic.

Julie stood up, stepped to the window. One hand reached down and tripped the catch on her slacks, she smiled at me, then reached out and closed the drapes.

I must have stood there for half an hour, she didn't come back.

Finally, I went into my bathroom and jacked off, the vision of Julie displaying her bare breasts to me like that burned into my mind.


I saw Julie again a few days later, she was sitting on the block wall by the park, tossing bits of bread to a flock of Pigeons. There must have been 50 of them surrounding her, they scattered as I approached.

"Mind if I sit here?" I asked.

"Sure, if you like." She didn't really even look at me. We sat and watched the birds, it was fun the way they would actually hop right on us if we didn't make any sudden moves.

Finally, Julie got up to leave.

"See you tonight?" She asked me with a grin.

"Uhh.. sure.. yes!" I answered.

I wasn't sure, did she mean...? I do know I hurried home after class.


The curtains were wide open again, but no one was there. I did see the wooden chair sitting there, plus it looked different over there, brighter. It took me a minute until I realized she had moved a floor lamp over to the side of the window, that was when it hit me it was exactly like the one I had in my room. In fact, her room, at least what I could see, appeared to be a reverse carbon copy of my room.

But no one was there, so I went to my tiny fridge and grabbed a soda.

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