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A last chance to say goodbye


Nora brought her cane down right between Benny's legs and got his testicles, and he howled and cried like a baby. He'd never felt such a sharp pain. Nora finally turned Benny over, and began running her long nails up and down his inner thighs, and toying with his poor chastity belted dick, now crumpled and bent in its prison.

"You really need to become a man, Benjamin" Nora scolded, as she moved her hands up to gently massage his nipples. "I just can't believe the way you sob on a moment's notice. Do you faint, too? Like the southern belles in 'Gone with the Wind'?"

Nora reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of alligator nipple clamps, and locked on each nipple, which elicited another scream from Benny...his nipples were terribly sensitive.

"P-please take them off, Nora." Benny babbled incoherently. "I-I can't stand it." He was trying to get his hands loose, but of course they were cuffed behind his quite welted back as he lay on the bed. Benny wondered if the blood on his buttocks was staining the sheets, and whether his mother would notice when she came to visit. Nora playfully tugged at Benny's right nipple clamp.

"You've got to overcome the pain. Like Buddha. It's not a part of you. This is nothing compared to what I'll put you through when we're married, dear." Nora pulled and lifted Benny up by the clamp and then dropped him, and was rewarded by a fresh torrent of tears.

"Jesus, you are a case" Nora said, rummaging around in her bag. She finally pulled out a ten inch black dildo and shoved about four inches down poor Benny's throat.

"Now try to take more in, Benjamin" Nora said good naturedly, as she pushed it further. "You're going to have to suck a lot of cock in my house, darling. "

Benny choked as Nora shoved the big rubber schlong down his throat. He was terrified that he might die this way---the family would sit shiva for little Benjamin, the sex pervert. He realized he had to breathe more through his nose, and this helped somewhat.

Nora, seemingly oblivious to Benny's discomfort continued ".My dates are used to getting a little prep on their wieners before they fuck me, and I need you to take some well-hung penises. You must embrace bisexuality. Replay Blu-Ray reported that you are not as enthusiastic towards the dick as he would like. He said he had to hit you with a belt before you were able to do any deep-throating, and you certainly are no Linda Lovelace."

Nora remembered that her mom had a boyfriend/benefactor named Stribling Stubbins. Strib had first met Mom through her personal ad in Screw magazine, the biggest porno weekly in New York.

At that time Mom was just an ordinary escort, and she'd been surprised when Strib had told her to stay dressed as "I don't deserve to see you naked, ma'am" and then he'd stripped naked and asked her if she'd masturbate him slowly for an hour, but not let him cum!

Mom had noticed that Strib's dick was long and purple, and that it appeared that he'd not cum in some time.

"I don't allow myself to" Strib explained, panting, as Mom stroked his stiffening rod. "I've not cum in seven months now...I'm punishing myself, and hiring beautiful women to tease me makes the punishment even more um, severe."

Nora remembered Mom telling her how fascinated she'd been, watching Strib bite his tongue and sweat as he'd cowered before her, his big belly flopping as he'd gazed into her cleavage...and she'd run her little nimble fingers up and down his purple, engorged shaft, pulling her hand away every five minutes, when he was about to cum. She could tell that he had the horrific, dull pain in his balls from repeated strokings and denials, and it actually seemed to make her wilder than he was!

At the end of the jerking session, Mom had pulled down her panties, and forced Strib's head between her legs, and he'd licked her to four orgasms without taking his hands from behind his back.

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