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My golfing buddy has a hot time with my wife.

For the first time in weeks, Gary had a smile on his face as he walked down to his boss's office to arrange for the rest of the day off.


It was 2:30 on Thursday afternoon; Gary headed home from work early, early for him that is. His stomach seemed to be working overtime in a marvelous attempt to produce more acid than it could contain. Damn, he wished he still had that roll of TUMS in the glove box of the car. He had been through a tense upsetting morning when he received the last set of pictures. It promised to be an even more upsetting and tension filled afternoon and evening.

Driving home Gary continually ruminated in his head on his battle plan for approaching Alicia. Parking in the driveway he waited for a few minutes to allow his stomach to settle down. Grabbing his coat and removing the keys from the ignition he made certain to pick up the large manila envelope lying on the passenger seat. It contained the duplicate copies of all his evidence. Taking a deep breath he prepared himself to face his wife. He wasn't quite sure if she would be his wife after today, but for the next few hours, she still belonged to him...at least in name.

Silently entering through the front door he quietly shut it. Then he began looking for Alicia. He didn't have far to search far before he found her in the Master bath room tub, bubbles up to her chin, soaking in her favorite bath oils and humming to her self. She was engrossed in a different world and didn't hear Gary enter their bedroom, or notice him peek inside the bathroom.

Before telling he was home, Gary looked over at the bed. A flash of color had caught his attention when he walked in the room and he turned to investigate it. Quietly moving away from the bathroom door, he moved over to her side of their bed. Laid out on the bed was a sexy little red dress that he hadn't seen her wear in ages, along with her blue and black lace undies neatly folded next to it. He wondered how she was planning to get out of the house in that outfit. He noticed an old faded yellow frozen food bag lying on the floor next to the bed. Walking over he picked it up and looked inside. His stomach flipped over. He hadn't been able to figure out how she kept her "special outfits" from him. Her little spaghetti strap sandals were already inside the bag; they were the ones she always wore with the red dress she had laid out. Buried below her sandals was a large zip lock plastic bag with a plain white bra and pair of white cotton panties, folded and sealed inside for her to wear when she came home.

'Gary stood shaking his head. Alicia had really thought things out; her job required detail and it carried over into her private life. So that's how she did it. Her outfit for the night was already inside the crumpled frozen food bag in the back of her car by the time I got home.' The thought ran through his mind like a run-a-way train.

'Oh well,' he thought, 'life is going be different now, for both of us.'

He had to be careful, he was shaking so badly he could hardly keep the volatile anger building in side of him in check; it had been boiling just under the surface for days. Gary knew if he erupted it was going to do nothing but cause deeper wounds than already existed. They didn't need anymore pain to work through; this confrontation would be bad enough.

Gary placed the 8X10 photo of Alicia and her lover kissing in a local restaurant on top of the red dress lying out on the bed. He placed a second photo, the one with Rory's hands under her blouse, obviously all over her boobs while they kissed in "Rory's" living room, strategically on her dresser.

Sighing he went downstairs and headed for the kitchen to get a beer out of the refrigerator. Popping the can open he took several swigs before he continued to lay the other fifty or so photo's spreading them out like a collage on the coffee table in front of him. Having completed the task he leaned back on the couch and waited.

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