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Under His jeans, He was naked. "Suck Me." He demands. "Come on, slut, suck Me." you try to look at Her, to judge Her reaction, sense the tension in Her body. He stops you. Grabbing your face, He begins to guide you closer towards His stiff cock. Willingly, you open your mouth. you know she'll be watching despite the nail polish and the sound of pages being turned restlessly. He wouldn't last much longer. He was a quick every time. your hands move up His thighs, and back around to His ass. As you kneed the flesh, He moans. The sound is primal and masculine. you roll your eyes. He is pathetic, coming here to get His rocks off. In the real world, He is an accountant. Clearly no match for one such as Her. The first spray of cum hits the back of your throat and you pull back. He is relentless, pushing Himself deeper. Shuttering twice, He lets you go.

The Mistress stands, ignoring Him in His state of afterglow euphoria. Bending, She makes your faces level. "Missed a spot, pet." She wipes a finger over your lips then licks it clean with a slow lick of Her tongue. "Thank You, Mistress."

She smiles at you again. "Why don't you go get a drink? I'm sure you have a bad taste in your mouth." She suggests this every time. you know what is coming next. It's Her turn to play. And, just like the last time She made the suggestion, you reply: "If it will make Mistress happy, I will." Something is different. It's in Her expression. She stands, "you may stay." Her voice is barely a whisper. The Mistress turns her back to you and faces Him. His breathing has gone back to normal now and He has gained a bit more composure.

He looks over Her shoulder at you. "Doesn't it have somewhere else to be?"

Trying to sooth His ego, She touches His face. "Ignore the pet." you remain on your knees, not daring to move or else risk His anger. Even without looking, you can recall exactly how She looks. Her hair is a dark and braided into a thick rope that hangs down Her back. Her skin, pale and soft is encompassed in a black corset tonight paired with a small kilt. High stockings were held up by garters which all seemed to grow from skin tight leather boots. The outfit had been His choice, you were sure of it. The recent application of red nail polish matched the colour of Her lips.

He began to walk Her backwards towards the couch. She giggled, avoiding His bare feet with Her stiletto heals. He gave Her a small shove and She fell onto the seat. Laughing, She pulled Him down with Her, tugging on the plaid shirt. Resisting Her, He pulled a leg upwards and caused Her skirt to fall around Her waist. She wasn't wearing any panties. He started to undo Her boot but She jerked Her leg away. "Leave them on." Her voice was a sultry whisper. you look up as He kneels in front of Her, hands creeping up Her legs. He roughly grabs Her face and kissed Her as He simultaneously pushes a finger inside. She squirms but is pinned by His frame. A low moan escapes from between those red lips.

"Do You like that?" He asks, adding another finger. "Do you?"


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