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Chance or fate?

It acted as a lubricant, and his cock slid along her ass and brushed against her pussy.

Catherine stiffened, and moaned. Joseph, quickly pulled his cock from between her legs, and tried to hide it in his underwear. "Oh baby, don't stop!" she moaned. Joseph slid his briefs off, and began rubbing his thick naked cock between her legs. He could feel the moisture and the heat from her pussy. Catherine moaned as she felt her son's hard cock slid across her juicy pussy lips. He rubbed the swollen head against her wet pussy hole, and she thrust against him. His cock head slid inside of her pussy, and she moaned loudly.

He thrust hard, and fully slid inside of her tight wet pussy. Catherine grunted, and gyrated her hips beneath him, as he began to slowly fuck her. "Oh God baby" she moaned. Joseph grunted as his mother's pussy tightened around his cock. He moved his hips slowly, driving his long thick cock deeply into her.

Catherine's body began to quiver, and she moaned loudly as she came. Her pussy tightly holding her son's long thick cock inside of her. Joseph began to fuck her faster, balls slapping against her soft ass as he pumped away inside of her. "Oh God baby, cum for me" she yelled. "Mmmm, yes fill mommy's pussy with your sweet cum" she grunted. Joseph moaned as the first hot jet of his cum erupted into her. Catherine moaned, and climaxed again, as she felt blast after blast of his hot cum squirting inside of her. "Mmmm, yes baby, it's so hot and good" she moaned. Joseph thrust furiously inside of his mother's pussy, emptying the last of his cum into her. Catherine quickly slid from beneath him, and took his large cock between her lips.

Joseph moaned as he felt his mother's tongue slide across his sensitive cockhead. "Oh God, mom" he yelled. He thrust against her mouth, and she eagerly accepted him deep into her throat. "Oh mom" he moaned. She quickly swung her hips around, and was now straddling her son's young face. She lowered her dripping pussy against his mouth, and he hungrily thrust his tongue inside of her. He tasted his cum as it dripped from the hot hole, and combined with her sweet pussy juices, it tasted rather good. He hungrily lapped at her pussy, playing with her swollen clit. Catherine moved her mouth up and down on her son's large cock. She savored his tasty young juices as they seeped from the large pulsating head. Joseph's tongue slid deeply into her tight pink hole, and he wiggled it playfully inside of her.

Catherine moved her mouth quickly up and down her son's thick cock, as she felt her orgasm approaching. "God I hope he cums with me" she thought, as her pussy exploded with waves of ecstasy. She moved her hips fast, grinding her pussy against his mouth. He tasted her sweet pussy cum as it flowed from the pretty pink hole. He grunted as his cum began squirting into her talented mouth. Joseph thrust upward cramming his long cock into his mom's throat. Catherine greedily gobbled up his sweet young cum as it splashed against the back of her throat. Her pussy spasmed as she came again. Joseph quickly fucked her with his pink wet tongue, rubbing her swollen clit with his index finger. She gasped, and his cock slid from her mouth. She took it into her hand, and furiously stroked him, watching as the white cream oozed from the magnificent head. "Oh God baby" she moaned.

Catherine climbed off of her son's face, and pulled him towards her. Their lips lightly touching as he climbed on top of her. He pressed his cock against her wet pussy, and easily slid into her. Joseph thrust his cock deeply inside of his mother, making her moan loudly. "Oh God baby" she moaned. "How many times can you go?" she asked.

"I don't know, mom" he whispered as he began to fuck her.

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