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This is the 5th story in a collection called ‘New Lives’.

Perfect as so much in her life had not been. She placed her hand lightly on the top of his head, caressing his head as she let her fingers roam through his dark hair. At this touch, he drove in for her breasts. First he lightly, sweetly, took her left nipple into his mouth, suckling lightly, withholding hunger and lust. His left hand moved slowly down her exposed stomach, lightly brushing the smooth skin. She shuddered in anticipation of what she knew would come next.

She grabbed his head as he bit down hard on her nipple. She whimpered lightly, a sound strangely filled with desire. After this assault on her nipple, he softened his attack, licking around the areola, covering her large globe with his saliva. He reluctantly moved to her other breast, where he continued to lick and caress her chest with his mouth. Alright, enough of this for now, she though. She lifted his head from her breasts, and met his mouth with a hungry kiss, consuming his mouth with hers. She moved her hands to his belt and it was his turn to tremble. She allowed herself a small smile at her effect on him. And then he was exposed to the air around them... air already scented with tangy smell of sex.

She lightly touched the shaft, her fingertips trailing along the underside. His breathing heightened, becoming ragged and uncontrolled. All he felt was a warm point traveling along his penis. Then he felt the moist warmth of a mouth surrounding the mushroom shaped head. She started to bob up and down on his dick, her lips pursed into a tight O. Then she stopped her movement, and sat up in the bed, taking in the sight of his exposed body. He was handsome, there was no doubt in that. But it wasn't the beauty of him that touched her, it was the odd sweetness of the way he lay there, slightly breathless on her bed. After a moment of gazing, she smiled wickedly, and dove back in for the first finish of the night.

Her tongue found the base of his penis, and circled his shaft in a slow spiral all the way to the head, where she began to create a slight vacuum with her mouth, her tongue flicking quickly across the slit, front and center. Her tongue made a quick jump to the underbelly of the head, right at the connection of the head and the shaft. She flicked the tip of her tongue there once before he let go right in her mouth, filling it to the point that droplets spilled out the sides of her mouth.

She sat up and swallowed. As always the after taste was salty but slightly sweet as it was with him, but it was not this way with all the guys she had sucked off. She liked this about him as well. He just had this complete sweetness about him, but it seemed only she knew this... maybe it was that she was the only one he let see it.

Damn, I wish he'd let my parents see it about him every once and awhile.

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