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Red alert! Captain's feeling frisky again.

"Relax. We're not here to judge you or punish you."

"No? Then why..."

"Shh." Dinah gently put a finger to his lips, then leaned forward and kissed him.

It was a gentle kiss, her lips brushing against his. She pulled back a fraction of an inch, and then kissed him again, this time pushing her tongue softly against his teeth. Shocked, he pulled away, hard. He began to sputter, but Helena cut him off with a growl. "Questions later." Meanwhile Dinah came in for another kiss. Martin, at a loss, decided not to question his good fortune, and kissed her back, their tongues meeting delicately. After a moment she pulled away. Throwing the sheets back, she sat down next to him on the bed. Smiling warmly, she put a finger to her lips-ssh-and pulled at the zipper at her throat. With a long pull, her leather corset unfastened, and, no longer under tension, sprang away from her. With a graceful arch of her shoulders, it fell away.

Helena was also stripping down. She'd already removed her boots. Now she pulled off one glove, then the other, and daintily let them fall to the floor. Reaching behind her in a practiced move, she unclipped her cape and let it drop; then unzipped her top and slowly shimmied it off of her chest, down her arms, and away. It was an unusual striptease; her slow, sensual motions were completely at odds with the stony expression on her face. Her piercing gaze never left Martin's eyes, though. She was haughtiness personified; seductive, but scornful of the effect she produced. Finished, she joined Dinah on the bed, sitting on her quarry's right side while Dinah occupied the left.

Both women were now almost naked from the waist up, each clad only in a sports bra (though Helena had retained her mask). They looked at each other and smiled, wordlessly passing signals. Martin, utterly baffled but smart enough not to disturb whatever was happening with interruptions, waited, his hands trembling slightly at his sides. He was intensely aware of the cool air brushing against his now-exposed feet and belly, where his pajama top and bottoms didn't quite meet. His cock was also stiffening and beginning to rise, easily pushing aside his flimsy cotton sleepwear. His mouth tasted metallic. He licked his lips.

The Birds broke eye contact with each other and turned back to their prey. Helena nodded to herself and leaned forward, tilting her head slightly. Her lips parted just before they reached his and suddenly her tongue was in his mouth, pushing hard. Where Dinah had been gentle, Helena was rough; they kept up their good cop-bad cop personas even in bed. Martin was ready for her, though, and pushed back with equal force. Their tongues wrestled rather than danced. He reached out, trying to hold her head in his hands, but stopped when he felt Dinah firmly pull his hands to his sides. She held them there, briefly, and then let go. Helena meanwhile reached forward and took hold of the back of his head, holding him steady for her to kiss. Martin relaxed, having gotten the message; this was their show, and would proceed at their pace, without input from him. Not that he minded.

While Helena embraced him, Dinah reached forward with sure fingers and begin unbuttoning his nightshirt. When Dinah was finished, she picked up his hands and threaded them through the sleeves, one at a time, leaving him shirtless, as they were. When that was done, Helena broke her kiss and allowed him to come up for air. Leaning back, she looked at Dinah. More wordless signals were exchanged, then as one they each began pulling at their own brastraps. In a moment the catches were unhooked and the brassieres fell away, leaving both topless.

Martin knew not to speak, but rules or no rules, he couldn't let the moment pass unremarked.

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