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Daddys' little girl turns him into her slave.

'Did you miss me honey?'

He looked at me and gesticulating wildly snorted;

'Look at this Louis. I go away for five minutes and look! This...This...bum musician has stolen my seat! Sir, you offend me! I demand satisfaction!'

Louis handed me a beer and sat down across from me;

'I think Eva would prefer him to sit there. After all he seems to know how to act like an adult. Unlike some people not a million miles away.'

As he said this, he winked at me; a wink which I interpreted as saying that he could see how enraptured I was with Eva. At least I hope that was what it was!

It was becoming more obvious that Michael was starting to feel the ill effects of the bourbon he had consumed. He let out a hoarse cry which caused many seated around us to hush him;

'Et tu Louis? You would stab me in the back. Apost on thee! When I have smote this ignoble bard....I shall then smite thee.'

We both managed to quieten him down somewhat and by the time Eva had returned he was more docile. As she sat down, smoothing out her skirt, she shot me a little smile.

The next few hours were a blur. We talked and laughed as if we were old friends and not just people whom had met only a few hours previously. As the night progressed Michael became more and more inebriated, and when it reached the point where he could no longer hold his head up under his own strength, Louis decided that he needed to be brought home. So with great difficulty we hoisted him out of his seat and with his arms draped around our shoulders we dragged him out of the club. Eva went out in front of us and hailed down a cab. As the air hit Michael he became more agitated and cursed myself and Louis.

'I can fuckin' walk man...I'm not a fuckin' retard! Let go of me you fuckers!'

I looked at Louis who raised his eyes to heaven and shook his head. We attempted to move forward a few more steps and at this Michael managed to break his bonds screeching with indignity;


There was nothing myself or Louis could do but let him go. This led to the inevitable. As he lurched forward to the open door of the cab he tripped over his own legs and collapsed with a horrifying thud onto the pavement. The three of us lurched forward calling out for him, asking him was he ok. The relief when he answered in the affirmative was palpable. It took the three of us to bundle him into the cab. Louis sat in the back with him. Eva closed the door and turned to me, an apologetic expression on her face;

'Alan...I am very sorry about this'

Putting my hands on her shoulders:

'Don't worry about it....a bit of excitement on a night out is always good.'

She laughed a little at this and ran a hand through her hair. We stood looking at each other for a minute and as I was just about to lean in and kiss her the sound of someone vomiting interrupted followed by Louis' disgusted cries;

'Michael...for fucks sake.....Eva come on we have to get him home....'

With that I felt, just for a couple of brief seconds, Eva's lips on mine. It was no more than a brush of lips but it was something I will never forget. Before I could say a word she had turned and without looking back she had jumped into the cab.

As I watched it disappear into the night feeling elated at what had just happened a bolt of horror shot through me and my legs felt weak. So weak in fact that I had to sit down on the curb. I clasped my head in my hands as I realised that I had never even asked her for her telephone number. Hell I didn't even know her surname.

All I could think at that moment was:



The next week saw me descend into a gloom so dark that I was barely able to record anything worthwhile. Every night I'd return to the Bottleneck club hoping beyond hope that I would happen upon her but I never did. I trawled the length and breadth of Paris trying to find out where 'The Dreamers' was being filmed but to no avail. Putting it plainly, I gave up all hope of ever seeing her again.

Then one day two weeks later, quite by chance, we found each other again.

It was a

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