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Snowstorm couldn't keep him from night of passion.

My heart was beating so much; I could hear it in my ears.

I felt his arm creep around my waist under my school blazer; his other hand was behind my neck, pulling my face closer to his, his foot was creeping inside of mine on the ground.

I stood still, kissing him, my hand leaning on the bonnet of the car with the joint still poised between my fingers ready to be lit.

I felt myself melting, slowly, backwards, onto the bonnet, while dealing with the thought that this was actually happening to me.

His hand moved from around my waist and went to the buttons of my school shirt; my tie was already off with the top button undone. He undid another 3 buttons, slowly working his way down, and then pushed his hand inside the shirt, cupping his hand round my breast while it was separated from his hand only by the flimsy white lace of a bra.

He massaged it gently as the kiss continued and went from gentle to more needy.

The massage got firmer until he slid his hand inside the bra and released the breast and it's large erect nipple.

He leaned against me, broke the kiss and moving his head downwards took the nipple in his mouth and began to tease it with nibbles, licks, bites, and sucks.

I thought I was going to combust, right there and then on the bonnet of the car, I could feel the promise in his hard cock, restrained still in his jeans against me as the teasing continued.

As he teased at my nipple, he released the other breast, and began to tease it also with his fingers, then gave it the full attention with his mouth it was waiting for.

The warm breeze blew over my exposed flesh, and tingled at where wet skin was exposed around my nipple. There was silence, apart from the breeze in the trees and some birds twittering.

Noises escaped from me, moans, groans and gasps of breath at the sensation of the whole scene.

I reached down, and ran my hand firmly up his thigh until it met the shaft of his hard cock as it strained in the surrounding denim. I let my arm slip around him to get a good grip on his well toned bum cheeks.

He kissed me again, letting his hands give all the attention to my exposed erect nipples, rolling them between finger and thumb, I was laying on the bonnet, with gasps getting shorter, him leaning on me, so I could feel his restrained cock on the inside on my thigh. What I really wanted to do was get my hands on it, unzip him, feel it rage in my hand, but I was still scared he might stop what was happening, I wanted him to take the lead.

As the kiss continued, I tried to sit up, pushing him upwards while I kissed him, biting his lip in short nibbles. Once up, I broke the kiss and rolled over so I was bent over the bonnet of the car.

I swung my hair and head around to stare him in the eye, sucked on a finger while holding his stare, suggestively, my hair hanging down, all around. I moved one leg a step or two to the side, tilting my pelvis and my bum up in the air.

With my finger still in my mouth and a palm stretched across the bonnet for support, still looking him right in the eye, I said "Come on then, you know you really want to."

I saw him smile, showing no teeth this time, just a wicked grin almost, shaking his head in disbelief. I turned my head to the windscreen where I saw his reflection, and rocked from foot to foot wiggling my bum up in the air like a red rag to a bull.

I moved my elbows close together under my chest, and raised my bum even higher in the air to meet his hands.

I felt the firm grip of a hand on each bum cheek and he massaged them firmly, in circular motions, moving my school skirt in the process against my bare skin. The circular massage motions gave way to firm upward movements, each time his hands starting the motion from a lower point, as if he were daring himself to go under and let himself touch the bare skin.

Eventually he did it, his hands on my bare skin of my arse, massaging, circular, upwards; taking the skirt with him as he moved until bum was completely exposed showing

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