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Annabelle loses her virginity.

Finally, the monthly low calorie and fat luncheon at the lodge coincided with her husband's planned fishing trip. We now were set for our first personal contact and I don't know how she reacted during the slow hours that morning but I had an erection.

I would arrive in the turbo and she in turn would run from her house in a dress selected especially for me. It displays her wonderful calves and lower legs. And that was all. However, even in its baggy state it complimented her figure. Joy opens the door and obviously with the anticipation of things to come during the approaching noon hour, hurriedly seats herself and slides to the center. I look into her eyes and smile, and then I ask if she might like to move up to the front with me. The passion in her glance was saying yes but that we should probably hold off, as the grange was only three blocks away. The trip would be so emotional because I could gaze constantly into her eyes by using the rear view mirror. We pull up and notice all the handicap parking spots are occupied but find a nearby slot. I rush around and open the rear door and we stroll toward the front steps and enter the meeting room.

After picking up our paper plate and napkin enfolded utensils we would move down the selection of low cal delights and with full plates find a empty picnic table adorned with a lovely oil cloth cover, salt and pepper shakers, and a small dish of artificial sweetener. We sit side by side with our thighs nearly touching. I'm nearly finished but a call of nature replaces all erotic thoughts so I excuse myself to seek the men's room. In the course of trying various doors along the hallway I let myself into the janitorial storage room. A small light from the recharging hand vacuum cleaner casts a romantic glow on the mop washing sink and rows of mops. An overpowering aroma of oily dust and Lysol fills the nostrils. I think, could this be the place where Joy and I can finally consummate the deep passion we know might exist between us. In effect, to share our mutual lust that has been building over the past two weeks. To finally verify, by real touch, all those erotic areas that up until now were only words and suggestions. In short to fuck. My arousal is obvious, as well as a renewed urgency to find the restroom.

Having completed my mission, I approach the table where her radiance greets my return. An exchange of smiles tells it all and she explains how her pleasure has been thoroughly heightened by the low fat ranch salad dressing and then her hand moves over and caresses my fingers that were holding the napkin on my lap. I hurriedly finish my potato salad and cold cuts and fix my gaze into Joy's lovely eyes. I lean toward her and almost touching whisper about the place I have found for us a place where we can share each other. Her smile says it all and she was certain to reply. "What?"

I explain about the luminescent charger, the clean smell of Lysol and the space that can be all ours.

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