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Two college students come to terms with their needs.

ay into the living room and be on my way back to Karen's when I heard my Aunt Bonnie let out a piercing shriek, "OH YOUR SO FUCKING BIG!!! YOUR GONNA RIP ME IN TWO!!!!"

Her black lover bellowed back at the top of his lungs, "DAMN HOE!!! THIS TRAILER TRASH HOLE OF YOURS IS AS TIGHT AS I'VE EVER FUCKED!!!"

Curiosity - and a desire to see more of that black cock - got the better of me, as I shuffled back down the hall to my mother's bed room. Holding the crate up to my chest, I used it to push the door open. The site that greeted me had me hard and throbbing instantly, the black man was still sitting with his back to my mom's headrest and my Aunt Bonnie was riding him reverse cowgirl - with his black cock up her white ass! Her head was thrashing about on his shoulder, her eyes rolling back into her head. His strong black arms hooked under her long skinny tanned white legs. She was spread wide open, put on full display for all to see. But I didn't care about her shaved pussy, flat belly or big, round, slightly sagging tits that were bouncing about. My eyes were glued to his magnificent black rod, gleaming from my Aunt Bonnie's pussy juices.

I watched in slow motion as his swollen purplish mushroom cockhead pressed against her tight asshole and slid inch by black inch up her until all I could see was his dark balls framed by her small, tight, tanned white ass cheeks. I watched repeatedly as he drilled my Aunt Bonnie's ass. After what seemed like an hour of him fucking her ass, my Aunt Bonnie let out another piercing shriek and I watched in amazement as her thin, tanned white body shook and convulsed on top of his black one before her pussy began squirting like a garden hose all over my mother's bed.

"Oh fuck, that's so hot!" I said out loud as I felt pre-cum seep from my cock and coat the crotch of bikini panties.

"What the fuck?" "Who the hell?" I heard my Aunt Bonnie and her black lover say.

It was then I realized in my urge to watch them, I had pushed my mother's bedroom door TOO far open. I was standing there, in plain sight in the door way.

"Ahhh shit, it's my perverted, confused nephew!"

"Is he a crossdressing dude or a chick with a dick?"

"He's just a fucking pervert! Get your ass out of here Nathan! And not of word of this to your mom.....OR ELSE!"

I turned and left my mom's house quickly, only stopping long enough by the side door to put my flip flops back on. At first I was embarrassed that my Aunt Bonnie spotted me dressed as Nancy. But as I quickly covered the distance from my mom's house to Karen's trailer, the thought that this black stud had noticed my hardon and the feeling of my tight, thin, silky panties rubbing against my member...only made me determined to cum just as hard as my Aunt Bonnie had.

Once inside Karen's trailer, I put down the crate of Nathan's stuff and began rummaging thru Karen's cupboards. In our phone calls leading up to my arrival she bragged about the amount and variety of sex toys she had. As promised, there were dildos here and vibes/butt plugs there...but I wanted one particular toy that Karen bragged about in EVERY conversation we had. It was her favorite that she called T-Bone, named for a black bull regular of hers. She swore up and down it was almost a perfect replica of him.

After 30 minutes of emptying cupboards I was getting frustrated looking for it. I sat down on her couch and gazed down towards her room...could it be....THAT much of a favorite. I walked into her room, the light was off but I could make out her bed against one wall, a dresser on the wall next to me and a makeup table with a huge mirror on the wall across from me. I hit the light switch and there almost in front of me was this gurl's dream cum true. Attached to a dining room chair with a high back was a thick 10" black dildo with balls and a suction base. The balls of the dildo were facing the front of chair, allowing me to flick my tongue at them as I ran my hands over the veiny toy. Almost as if this day had been arranged for me, by my feet was a tube of lube.

As I applied lube to the

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