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Two couples enjoy the lake and more.

The rest of these guys aren't as nice as I am." He said as he pushed the car door open, the rusted hinges squealing in protest.

He came around to her side and pulled her out by the arm. She almost slipped on some ice, but he easily held her up. Still holding her coat together with one hand (she had forgot to button it up in the car), she stumbled up the partially cleared sidewalk behind him, getting snow into her shoes in the process. Jinx pushed the door open and shoved her inside.

To her surprise it wasn't a dump inside like she was expecting. The place was fairly clean except for some beer bottles and empty glasses sitting on a few end tables. The furniture looked slightly worn, but not trashed. Three other young black men were sitting in the living room drinking and watching TV. Sharon noticed right away it was a porno. What was it with men and porn? All conversation stopped when she entered. The only sound was the exaggerated soundtrack from the movie.

"What you got there Jinxy?" One of them asked.

By way of an answer Jinx simply pulled Sharon's coat off her shoulders and slid it down her back, trapping her arms behind her.

"Now we got ourselves a real party." A different man said.

"That's some nice piece of white ass." The first man commented. "Where did you get it?"

"She's Bruce's slut. The stupid cracker was letting her just go to waste. I figured we could make good use of her though." Jinx answered as he pulled her coat all the way off, leaving her once again naked except for her stockings and heels.

"Shit, she's got some small tits there." One of them complained.

"Not all whores have big titties. Just be glad she has a hot pussy." Jinx scowled.

He led Sharon over to the big couch where two of the men were sitting and pushed her down onto her knees in front of one of them.

"Start sucking that cock, bitch." He barked.

As the man pushed his baggy pants down to his ankles, Sharon could hear Jinx unzipping his pants behind her. Before she could even move, the sitting man pulled her head roughly down to his cock.

"I've been watching this cunt all night and I'm not waiting one more second to tap it." Jinx declared as he plunged his hard cock into her extremely wet pussy. "Oh fuck she's hot and wet!"

"The slut has a hot mouth too!" The sitting man groaned.

Jinx pounded her hard and fast, obviously only concerned about his own pleasure. But even though she was still scared, it felt good to be finally fucked after an evening of sucking cock and being felt up. He didn't last long, and almost as soon as he was finished pumping his sperm inside her, Jinx was replaced by one of the other men. His cock was bigger and longer than Jinx, but she'd had larger before. When he had added his load to Jinx's, the man she was giving the blow job to had her turn around and sit on his cock reverse cowgirl.

After only a couple of strokes though, he had her lift all the way off and he put the head of his slimy cock on her asshole. As he pulled her down onto it she tried to go as slowly as possible, but it still hurt like hell. Once his cock was fully up her ass the last man stepped forward and presented his rigid manhood to her lips. She was still grimacing from the pain of having a large cock shoved up her ass without any preparation, but she still opened her mouth and took it in.

The one in her ass came quickly, but the last one took another five minutes for her to finish off. The entire time she remained sitting on the first man, his shrinking cock still inside her. When he finally pushed her off of him it slid out easily, even though it never got completely soft.

He pushed her face back down into his lap. "Clean it up whore." He demanded.

As she did what she was told, surprisingly he started getting hard again.

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