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Her past comes back to haunt her...

Most erotic of all, however, was the next picture Jack looked at. It was a shot Jack had taken on the sly of Irene one afternoon last summer when she'd come over for a visit, after he told her he was going out for some burgers with friends. She was relaxing on a lawn chair on the back patio and assumed nobody was looking. But, didn't she know the hedges and trees in the backyard were a good hiding place? Didn't she and Jack used to play hide and seek there? At any rate, she relaxed and let herself go without realizing that Jack was lurking in the trees with a digital camera.

Jack pointed his web browser at the site for an erotic social network where he had an account. He opened his account and saw the one and only picture he had ever uploaded to the site. The picture of Irene, slouched in the chair, her face fortuitously hidden by the visor of the baseball cap she was wearing to cover her head in the hot sun, her legs open, the crotch of her shorts riding up into her vulva, and the whisper thin strip of the shorts crotch revealing she was wearing nothing at all underneath. Her large D-cup breasts threatened to spill out of her tank top. Her nipples were stiff and clearly visible in the picture.

A very sexy shot indeed and Jack was lucky to get it. He often wondered how Irene would have reacted if she had caught him. Maybe she would have disowned him. Maybe she would have been aroused. Who would ever know now?

Jack had said the picture was a shot of his girlfriend. Over two hundred users had left comments about it. Matador said Jack was lucky to be with such a sexy and open minded woman. Open-legged too. MidniteWankr said he couldn't stop masturbating whenever he saw it. Slutty-Girl76 said all she wanted to do was plant her head between his "girlfriend's" legs and give her the head session of a lifetime. "I bet she tastes incredible," she added.

Comments like this always aroused Jack and they aroused him now, so much so that began to stroke his swollen shaft.

He went into another folder and brought out more pictures. These ones were of Micki Night, a porn actress who looked a lot like Irene

There was Micki with her long brown hair, on her knees, blowing off a well-hung stud. It was all Jack could do to keep from exploding. What would it be like to be on the receiving end of an oral session from his sister? Would he ever know?

His penis was throbbing now and pearls of semen trickled from the tip, He'd be coming soon. He stroked furiously as he brought up a video file of Micki Night taking it doggie style that he'd downloaded a few days ago. The way her hair fell over her face in the video it made her look eerily like Irene on the day he snapped the picture of her in the back yard. Hot and sweaty and raunchy.

He started playing the video, keeping the volume down in the quiet of the night. No need for Irene to hear it. Yet, he had it just loud enough to hear the thighs of Micki's lover slapping against her rear, her deep moans and gasps, and her throaty cries of "Harder! Right there! Don't stop! Give it to me!"

He stroked away and was about to come when he thought he heard a noise. A tapping. Shit. Irene was knocking at his door!

Irene's voice called through the door. "It's okay Jack, it's just me. I thought I heard you and I just wanted to come over. I can't sleep either. Are you decent?"

"Just a second!" he cried. Are you decent? Hell no. Porn on the computer, dirty pictures of his sister out in the open, himself buck naked stroking away...

He ran to a drawer and pulled on some jeans that he thought would at least hide his erection. It was just as he opened the door that he realized that he hadn't taken the porn off the computer and Micki's Internet fuck session was there for his own sister to see.

Irene stood at the door way. Oh shit, Jack thought. Just look at her in her t-shirt that barely covered her little thong. His throbbing dick threatened to burst through his pants.

Irene smiled. "I see you're busy right now, huh?"

"I'm sorry. I'll turn off the computer..."

She winked.

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