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His pride nearly destoyed him, but...

I was terribly horny. Was that real, or something the imp was making happen with his "magic"? Well, it felt really good, so did I honestly care?

"Okay," I said. "I'm your girl."

"Excellent." The mirror disappeared, and the imp rubbed his hands together gleefully. "First things first. Let's have that pussy hair removed."


I was lying naked on an examination table, with my legs spread apart. A cute young technician named Jim was carefully looking over my pussy. I was biting my lower lip, trying hard not to get too wet.

Jim looked up at my face and noticed my expression. "Everything okay?"

"Um, sure. Just a little uncomfortable being nude in front of a stranger," I lied.

"I'm done examining your genital area, so you can cover up with a sheet if you want."

I sighed, like I was resigned to my fate. "No, that's okay. It's probably quicker if I just stay nude."

"That's true," Jim said, but I didn't think it really was. "We'll do your underarms first, if that's okay."

"Sure." So for the next half hour, I lay on my left side, facing the wall, while Jim used the laser to burn out the follicles in my right armpit. He'd warned me it would hurt a little bit, but it really wasn't as bad as I thought. When he was done with the right pit, I just felt a kind of dull ache on the skin there, like I was sunburned. He had me turn over to lay on my right side, and I shifted my body, my boobs flopping over as I did. I watched his eyes watch them.

I had been lying with my back to Jim, but now I was facing him. His crotch was right at eye level, and I could detect a distinct bulge there.

"Jim," I said as he rubbed cooling gel into my underarm, "I'm still a little uncomfortable being naked."

"Do you want me to cover you up for a bit?"

I took a deep breath. "Actually, I think it might help me if I wasn't the only one naked."

Jim didn't say anything.

"I mean," I added hastily, "if being nude seemed like, you know, the natural thing to do in this room, like, everyone in the room was naked, then maybe, you know, I wouldn't be uncomfortable?" I had screwed this up royally.

Or maybe not. "Okay," Jim said, and slipped the scrubs from his young, tanned body. He was wearing boxers underneath, and he pulled those off too, to reveal a nice, semi-erect cock. It didn't surprise me that it was hairless. "Now let's get back to work," he said, and activated the laser. His mind might have been on work, but his dick certainly wasn't. It quickly grew to a full erection.

Just as he had for the right pit, Jim began to pull the skin under my left arm into good positions for the laser, and to shoot me every so often. But his hand was wandering further toward my chest now than it did before. He was spending a lot of time stretching my skin taut by pulling it forward, using the side of my breast for leverage. Finally, the palm of his hand brushed my erect nipple. I bit my lip but didn't say anything. I just kept watching as a bead of pre-cum formed on the tip of Jim's cock.

After a few more laser shots, Jim's hand came to rest squarely on my breast, my nipple poking into his palm. He tugged my tit forward, took a shot. "Sorry, is that uncomfortable?"

"Not at all," I said.

Jim kept his hand on my boob, pulling it and squeezing it to line up his shots. At one point he actually pinched my nipple between his thumb and finger, and pulled it hard to stretch my skin before he took a shot. I said nothing, and watched his pre-cum dribble to the floor.

Finally, Jim announced he was done with my pits. Now he was ready to move on to the "genital area." I lay on my back and spread my legs for him again.

"You may not need much of this," he said holding up the tube of gel. "Looks like you're already pretty well lubed up down here."

I blushed. "I seem to recall you were producing some lube yourself, there."

He chuckled, and squeezed some of the cool gel onto the skin around my pussy.

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