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Wife loses her job, then finds new one.

From that tiny, frail-looking woman came a voice that was a little Marianne Faithful, a touch of Janis Joplin, all mellowed with the smoothness of Diana Krall, driven out of her body with passion and control.

I didn't notice when the tears began rolling down my cheeks. To hear one of Beth's favorites sung so beautifully, it was as if Beth sat beside me. I knew if I reached out my hand, I'd feel her soft skin beneath my fingers and I knew I was mad for thinking so. I kept my eyes on Carly, on the bar, afraid to look to my right, afraid to break the magic that was giving me one last moment with my love, a moment that would be over far too soon.

And then it wasn't. She went into "Unforgettable" and my heart pounded in my chest as her voice wrapped around my mind. Beth was stroking my hand, I felt her. My love was there and I knew I was losing it. I fought to keep my sobs silent.

"So this is what a nervous breakdown feels like," I thought to myself. But she was there and if two songs of having her near meant the rest of my life in a padded room it was a small price to pay.

And then it was three. We stroked each others hands through "What a Wonderful World". I knew I was delusional. So what?

Next she ripped out Beth's and my heart with a beautiful arrangement of Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet" and I heard my wife crying next to me as she held my hand tightly the way she did every time anything brought her to tears.

My waitress was headed toward the table but I waved her away, fearful she'd break the spell this young woman had woven. If she did I wouldn't be responsible for my actions. I couldn't be. Beth was back and I knew this was all I was going to have.

Through "The Air That I Breathe", "Trouble In Mind", "Dance Me to the End of Love" and "Night and Day" I sat with my wife. I held and made love to her hand. I wished I had faith enough to touch her anywhere else, but my belief in magic was too long dead. I didn't dare.

The sorceress at the microphone began "Crazy" and Beth whispered "Close your eyes, no peeking". As soon as I had done so I felt her warm weight settle onto my lap and her arms go around my neck. As her hair brushed my face, I smelled her, not as she'd been at the end, reeking of chemicals and sickness. I smelled my wife on the day I'd married her, all honeysuckle and roses with a touch of delicious perspiration. Her skin against mine was warm and soft, the tiny hairs tickling my neck as they always did. Her breath was sweet and from the faint whiff of bourbon I knew she'd take a sip of my drink. My cock hardened down my pants leg.

"Chris," she murmured, "I love you. I always will. But you have to let me go, not for my sake, but for yours. I want you to live and you're not doing that, you're barely surviving. Let me go. Free yourself to go live again."

I nodded dumbly, unable to get words out through my tightened throat.

The song finished and Leonard Cohen's "Light as the Breeze" flowed out of the singer, every submissive, blatant word and double entendre of it. I felt Beth's breath on my ear as she whispered "Remember that night in New Orleans?" She shifted to straddle my lap. Her hand was caressing the erection that was straining at its imprisonment and she ran her fingertip along the bottom and curled her nail in just under the head. Through my tears I gasped and felt myself teetering on the edge of orgasm. Beth had always had that effect on me.

Though my eyes were closed I knew her body and my hand found her breast, felt it beneath my fingers and palm, shrouded in the silk of her blouse, warm and soft, her nipple erect and straining against the fabric. She kissed my neck, her lips gliding over my skin to give my earlobe a familiar nibble.

I struggled to speak. "Are you sure I can't come with you?"

"No, silly man, you've a lot of years ahead of you and a lot of joy to fill them with."

The song was heading towards its end and I felt this most precious gift was almost done.

"May I please see you one last time?"

"Do you believe strongly enough, Chris?"

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