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Instead they sounded more like she was having moaning fits. Her ass lifted up from the bed and Curtis dug into her, drilling his tongue in and out of her copious wet pussy. It sent back shards of stabbing delight back at her. She was now beating her head from side to side, panting like a bitch in wanton heat.

"Oh, she's a horny slut," murmured Curtis while his finger kept probing her cunt, going either way and out while Jones pinched the tip of her labia lips together, getting her further excited with the rush of lust and wanton elation that now overshadowed her.

"Yeah, the bitch just couldn't wait to meet three brothers, could she," Jones crackled.

"Alright bitch," said Booker, who held the thick end of his shaft against her face; pre-cum dripped down on her cheek. "Let's see you open those pretty lips of yours and take this dick! And you'd better not think of biting me."

Errol was in the dark confines of the bed room closet with the lens of his video camera aimed at what was happening on the bed. One of the men stood next to his wife's head, rudely thrusting his cock into her mouth. From where he hid, he easily caught the sound of her muffled, coughing grunts. The other was eating out her pussy while his partner stood at her other side stroking his dick. Soon the one who'd had his head down her crotch stood up and Errol watched with mounting excitement as he introduced his cock into his wife's pussy and started thrusting his waistline into her. The men pulled her into the centre of the bed and the one fucking her kept on pounding away while his brothers watched. They laughed and joust their buddy and hi-fived each other while he kept on driving his pounder between the white woman's legs which they held open for her. Errol listened in on their conversation, loved how it made him stroke his cock more.

"How that pussy feel like, brother?"

"Awhh men! Feel's fucking good!"

"I'll bet it's tight too!"

A round of snigger filled the room; Edith's voice kept rising and falling.

"The bitch's pussy's just gettin' warmed up!"

"A'ight man! My turn to call tag."

Curtis pulled his cock out of Edith and just before Booker took his turn between her legs, Errol caught the wide pink openness of his wife's cunt and marvelled at what the black men were going to do to her between now and when they were done. He quickly checked his camcorder, saw that the battery was enough to last one more hour before calling it quits. He returned to filming the event just as the black bull called Booker now blocked the view between his wife's legs.

Edith was stroking the other men's cock and had her mouth busy sucking on one when she gazed downward and caught sight of the massive round head of his cock as he aimed it at her pussy's entrance. Edith was about to call out, saying she didn't think she could take his monster cock, but too late. Booker buried the head of his prick inside her and for a moment Edith felt like she's just been shot with a surge of electricity. Her body jumped from where it lay on the bed as she howled as further and further Booker thrust inches of his shaft inside her. Edith was screaming and beating her head against the pillow as a roaring climax ran through her body. Her body went taut and shot from the bed as Booker buried the full length of his shaft all the way inside her. Edith gave a screeching groan before collapsing back on the bed. The brothers produced a howl of laughter as their buddy leaned forward and stroked his cock in and out of her cunt.

By the time Booker's friend Jones called tag, Edith had lost count as to how many orgasms she had gotten in just a short period of time.

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