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The bank manager would surely agree to her loan request, even though he would know from the paper work in front of him that Jo-Jo was, in fact, Joe Longhurst. She had dressed and lived 24/7 as Jo-Jo now for five years and was accepted by all who knew her as the woman she always wanted to be.

As she checked her watch and noted that she had an hour before she need set off for the bank, her doorbell rang.

She walked across the room, into the hall and opened the door.

Her next-door neighbour - a grey-haired man in his fifties - stood there and drew a just audible gasp as he looked at her. Ever since she moved in, she had been aware of Ernie Black watching her. She knew he had no idea what lay beneath her skirt. As far as he was concerned she was all woman and a very desirable one at that.

"Mr Black," she said. "What can I do for you?"

His hand fumbled and trembled in his trouser pocket as he pulled out an envelope and a printed card.

"Post," he said, staring at her cleavage.


"Er - yes - post," he continued, "this post is for you. It was delivered to me. I had to sign for it, and you have to counter-sign this card to say you have received it."

"Oh, right", she said, "well you'd better come in while I find a pen."

Ernie needed no second bidding. He was through the door almost before she'd finished speaking. She closed the door after him, invited her to follow her into the living room and asked him to take a seat.

She found a pen, took the card from him, signed it and handed it back.

"There," she said, "was that all".

Ernie looked pale.

"Are you alright Mr Black?"

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. She lent across and touched his brow.

"You don't seem to have a temperature," she said, "would you like a glass of water".

"No" he replied quickly, as if catching his breath. "If I could just sit here a moment?"

"Yes, of course," she replied.

"I have a confession," he said.

"What's that," she answered, warily.

"It is being in here, next to you. You are such a beautiful young woman. I don't think you know what effect you have on a man."

"Why, Mr Black! I don't know what to say."

"Please say nothing. Please just sit next to me.

"OK" she said gingerly, moving in alongside him on the sofa.

"May I hold your hand?"

"Er -"

Before she could finish he had hold of her right hand and held it firmly in his. His grip was hot and clammy, but she did not resist.

Then she noticed that his trousers had a very, very large bulge in them. He saw her look and pulled her hand onto his erection.

"Mr Black!" She went to pull back, but his grip tightened and she decided fighting with him was not the answer.

Instead, she thought she would take the wind out of his sails and allowed her hand to hold the shape of his cock through the trousers. Before she knew what was happening, Ernie Black's zip was open and his erect penis was actually in her hand, pre-cum already dripping from the end.

She felt sorry for him, and she loathed him at the same time, but she started to wank him all the same.

Leaning her face towards his she asked, "is this what you want Ernie? Do you want me to make you cum?"

He could not answer, he could not quite catch his breath.

She bent her head down and took his prick in her mouth. It was big at least, whatever else Ernie's failings might be.

Slowly she eased all 7" into her mouth and to the top of her throat. She sucked and sucked, long and deep and hard.

He made a grab for her tits but she pushed his hand away. He wasn't going to mess up her outfit.

His hands instead closed on the back of her head, encouraging her to more efforts on his cock. Not that she needed encouragement. She was quite enjoying it now.

She stroked and needed his balls in her hands. Within seconds she felt his body become rigid and start to tremble. She knew he was about to cum, and he did she continued to suck, slowly and deeply, extracting every last drop of his hot, creamy spunk into her throat where she swallowed it all down.

Removing her face from his groin carefully, she made sure that

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