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Sherri, Don & Robbie leave on honeymoon

Carrie felt herself becoming warm and wet as he continued to kiss and lick his way around her body, as his hands began to stray to her thighs and panty-covered mound. His fingers knew some of her favorite spots, and they glided over the panties looking for them now. Carrie's legs involuntarily moved farther apart, giving him better access to her wetness.

Then his lips were there, kissing through the thin material, his hot breath and tongue arousing her even more. Then he was urging her hips up, sliding the panties down, but leaving the stockings and shoes. His head buried in her thighs, kissing and licking until finding her clit, making her jump. He began to suck on it slowly, and her moans escaped her as she ran her hands through his hair.

She had just had her crescendo of pleasure when he moved back, slid his black slacks from his hips and pulled his shirt clear of his body. He smiled and told her, "I've been waiting for so long for this..."

"Me too." she sighed as he pulled her off the bench seat onto a large comforter he had unfolded on the expansive floor of the limo. He laid down and helped her climb on top of him, slowly sliding onto his rigid member. They both expelled moans as they joined and kissed. They moved slowly at first, grinding and rotating to find each other's pleasure spots.

Then Carrie's movements became more rhythmic, harder and faster until she gasped, "I'm going to..." and his hands reached up and touched her nipples as she came.

He pulled her down, feeling her chest thump from the pounding of her heart as she rested from the action. He used the time to whisper some other ideas of what they should do, his hard cock still in her and rubbing slowly inside her, until she was ready to go again.

They tried several positions in the car until he couldn't hold off any longer. He flipped her over onto all fours, her elbows resting on the padded seat. He entered her from behind, his wrapped cock sliding in and giving her ripples of pleasure as he began to thrust into her from behind, his body molded to her back, grinding together in a dance of passion and lust.

He griped her tight as he said, "I'm going to come..."

She said "Yesssss..." and they both came together, collapsing on the floor, panting and cuddling.

They lay together for a while, until James touched her face. "You need to get to the party." Carrie groaned, not wanting to end the fun, but knowing she had to show up at the event. He helped her dress, then went forward to drive as Carrie used the large vanity mirror to touch up her makeup and hair.

She was re-assembled as James pulled the limo to the front door of the house and opened her door.

"Have a good evening madam." James said, tipping his cap and smiling secretly to her.

"You earned yourself a big tip, driver." she said, smiling back.

Her friend greeted her at the door, "Carrie! You look radiant!"

Carrie smiled. "I feel ... radiant." She said, hoping her friend couldn't tell she had just been thoroughly fucked.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After the party, Carrie strolled out, waving to her best friend over her shoulder.

She scanned the limos and saw James step out of a

driver's door. He tipped his hat and opened a door for her.

She took his hand and stepped into the car, being sure to let him see the lace at the top of her stockings. His smile warmed her.

As she set a takeout container into the iced area, she noticed the cd of her favorite songs that he'd put into the stereo system.

She'd deliberately not had too much to eat or drink because she knew that he'd be coming to pick her up at the end of the party. She smiled when she saw the glasses and the bottle of sparkling wine, which had been opened for her. She couldn't resist pouring herself a half glass, but saved the rest to share with him later.

There was a large bouquet on the seat opposite her. A wicked thought sprang to mind as she sipped her wine.

When he parked the car and opened the back door, he found her reclining in the seat, wearing only items fro

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