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A tutoring lesson turns steamy.

The siblings were now as close as they could ever be - holding each other tightly, tongues far into each other's mouths, his penis remaining deep inside her needy, wanting, comforting vagina.

He broke the kiss and began to kiss around her neck to her ear. He sucked her lobe into his mouth as he took her hand in his. He began to kiss down her arm, bringing her hand up to his mouth. Jeff wanted to kiss every inch of Bonnie's body. That was how close he felt to her at that moment. He kissed her hand, and then sucked her index finger into his mouth slowly. He sucked her next finger, sending tingles throughout her body. With his cock buried in her, the sensation was even stronger as he sucked each and every one of her fingers, moving to her other hand where, one by one, he did it again. His lips again found hers, and they kissed lovingly, tongues rubbing against one another. He lifted her up a little, rolling her onto her back without taking his dick out of her. He began to slide in and out of her as he kissed down her neck. Both siblings were breathing laboriously, loving every second. As he kissed down her chest, he slid his organ out of her hole, the coldness of the air suddenly hitting it. He kissed all over her chest.

"We should go to the living room." Bonnie panted quietly. Her brother ignored her, sucking a nipple into his mouth. "Ohhhh..." she sighed, tingles shooting through her body. She quickly forgot about the danger they were in as Jeff licked at the nipple he held in his mouth. 'Slurp' he released her nipple, kissing over to her other one. His tongue danced around her areola as she reached down between them, grabbing his cock. She stroked his member as he continued to suck on her sensitive tits. She was forced to release his dick when he kissed down her belly.

Jeff's tongue licked inside her belly button, and he could smell the strong scent of Bonnie's pussy as he drew near. He kissed down her stomach to her bush, over the curls of her pubic hair. He lightly kissed her swollen cunt lips, and she gasped with pleasure. But he merely teased her on his way by, his lips moving on to the inside of her smooth thighs. He kissed all the way down her right leg, raising her foot to his lips. He kissed over her foot, kissing each individual toe, kissing the bottom of her foot. He grabbed her other foot and did the same to that one, lips worshipping her entire body. He began to kiss and lick his way up her other leg, once again creeping closer to her wonderful treasure.

Bonnie's feet were now flat on the bed, and she slid them up the bed on either side of him, giving herself to him as his lips teased up the inside of her thigh. She needed his mouth on her crotch badly. She was so horny, she couldn't get enough. Jeff kissed the top of her leg just beside her pussy, his tongue licking up the skin there, driving her insane. Suddenly she felt his mouth on her cunt. "Oh!" she sucked in her breath as her brother sucked in her pussy lips. She was so wet, her flavor was so strong. He ran his tongue up and down the sensitive skin that he held in his mouth. She opened her legs wider, curling her toes as he ate her out. He released her lips and then sucked them back in, sending bolts of pleasure up her body. She reached down between her legs, holding his head there as he lapped at her cunt eagerly. He slid his hands under her ass, holding it up off the bed a little. He spread her pussy lips with his thumbs and began to lick at the inside of his little sister's helpless vagina. He could hear her breathing heavily above him as he slid his tongue as far into her hole as it would go, really tasting Bonnie's flowing juices. She didn't know how much longer that she could take this, he was avoiding her clit up to that point, but she was still on her way to an orgasm!

As she thought that, Jeff licked up her slit, finally nudging her sensitive button.

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