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His hairy mother sucks him off while Uncle Bill talks dirty.

We sat on the sofa side by side smoking and watching TV. He asked me if I had ever had a shotgun, I said of course but I was usually the giver not the receiver. To shotgun someone involves taking a joint, lit of course, reversing it between your lips so the burning end is inside your mouth after which you blow the smoke gently into someone's else mouth. The theory being this somehow enhances the potency of the smoke and therefore the high, besides which it makes for a rather intimate moment and dangerous one too. It is a bit of a rush because it takes a certain finesse to do it without looking like an idiot, actually getting smoke into someone else's mouth and not giving your tongue a third degree burn. I had the technique down to an art and a science. With an added twist with someone I had more than passing interest in, which would be the only reason for doing it in the first place, I would take the joint out of my mouth and kiss the guy very quickly sealing the smoke into his mouth and mine. This particular act would generally lead to more kissing, although at least once it did not. I had consoled myself with the notion he was just too stoned.

So I just sort of sat there and looked at Troy for a moment then told him I was older than Red by at least a few months. He knew exactly how old she was because at his birthday party there had been more than a few jokes about his being Red's new boy toy. He just grinned and said something about its just a shotgun with a joint nothing more. That grin should have been warning enough but I was too stoned to notice and agreed to be on the receiving end. He moved in closer, I moved in closer, then he reversed the joint into his mouth and surprised me by taking my chin in his hand and drawing me in close enough that our lips touched. I drew the smoke in with my eyes closed feeling the warmth of his lips on mine, then the smoke stopped there was an instant of nothing and then he actually kissed me. I pulled back in surprise and swallowed some smoke instead of inhaling it, started coughing and choking as he watched with growing alarm. He got me a glass of water which I sipped and he started rubbing my back. I really was stunned not just stoned now, so I asked him what was that about. His answer was to kiss me again and that was when the real fun began.

He dropped to the floor and scooted in between my knees, took my face in his hands and kissed me again. This time pulling my tongue into his mouth, sucking at it and tickling the roof of my mouth. For one so young he had excellent technique. I pulled back away from him but he held my face in his hands. I pushed back against his shoulders but he simply moved a little further down to nuzzle my neck, then gave me little bites, light nips along my collarbone heading to the very base of my throat. I shoved myself upright off his shoulders into a standing position. He stood up and before I could speak grabbed me and kissed me again, knocking me off balance, we both fell back onto the sofa. Finally I was able to speak and told him to stop in very colorful language. He drew back and we sat back from each other, just staring for a moment.

He hung his head and apologized. He said he had been thinking only of himself, that he thought himself so fortunate to be in the company of such a beautiful woman...I laughed so hard I snorted. He actually looked startled. I told him he was indeed a good kisser but was totally lacking in any style on his approach. He needed to learn the fine art of seduction, which was not just grab someone you are attracted to and lay one on them.

I laughed again, when he said, so teach me. I was really stoned but very intrigued. Not being in the mood to hold school, I just reconsidered the situation, figured why not and grabbed him, kissed him and then told him to shut up and fuck me.

It was truly amazing how fast two such stoned people could get naked.

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