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Mary grants Frank's foot worshipping fantasy.

Once again, I found myself with my ass against a sink while a woman forcibly blew me. I let my hands slide through her hair on the sides of her head, not holding it, just feeling the damp silkiness of it. My eyes closed as I just let myself give in. What the hell else is there to do?

There wasn't really any technique to the blowjob, but the desperation made up for it. The hungry and urgent sounds she made turned me on like they always did, but the edge to them magnified it, as did my own insatiable desire. It got more and more animalistic until, by the end, my hands held a firm grip on her hair and I thrust into her mouth, fellatio turned to irrumatio. She managed a grunt deep in her chest with each thrust into her throat but gave no sign of resistance, her hands clutching at my hips, urging me forward. When I came, her nose pressed hard against my pubic bone, she spasmed with her own orgasm, heedless of her inability to breath, swallowing my seed as well as she could manage. When I released her, she collapsed to the floor, coughing and choking, but also rubbing herself to another shuddering orgasm. I just turned, took a deep breath, and turned on the burner, then stepped over her to finish preparation of the meal.

Neither of us ate with relish. We ate because we knew we had to. We caught each other staring and looked down at our plates guiltily. We barely talked. When the meal was over, we carefully cleared the plates, and then I bent her over the table and fucked her hard from behind, her hands grasping the edges of the table as she screamed encouragement. We didn't even try to be quiet. All day we had heard the sounds from other apartments. From outside. Minutes after we both came, she panted, "Again. In my ass." Of course, I complied. By the end, she banged her head on the table so hard in the throes of passion that her face was bloody and I thought she'd broken her nose. I kept going, of course, not stopping until another load of semen was deposited into her ass. As I led her to the bathroom to clean up and check how badly she'd hurt herself, I could swear her belly was larger still. A hysterical part of my mind said, Of course, think of how much cum you've put in there! My balls ached with the thought.
* * * * *

Two days later, Kelly was going down on me on the balcony while I stared at the gang bang on the lawn. As I watched, people wandered by and joined in. Most of them weren't even clothed. Others, spent, lay sleeping on the ground until woken, usually by someone renewing sex with them. When I finished, Kelly looked out at them over her shoulder, not even bothering to wipe the cum from her lips. She seemed about to say something, but them just shook her head and stood up, accepting my help.

"Your turn," she said with a weary smile. I pulled her close and latched on to her left breast, sucking hard. "Yessss," she moan with deep satisfaction. She pressed herself against me and writhed, grasping the railing behind her to keep from falling, as I tried my damnedest to drain her swollen tits. The act turned me on (as if I wasn't always turned on now) so much that it almost invalidated her own efforts to relieve me. She arched her back as much as she could and shuddered to orgasm, pulling her nipple from my mouth. I held onto her to keep her upright, just watching her spasm against the railing, lost in her throes.

Momentarily sated, we stepped inside to continue our routine.

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