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Personal Ads part 3.

Like I said, I never thought I was anything that special though. Apparently he must have. I didn't even know his name and here I was running off with him here to do to God knows what and God knows where. Jess and Sarah would be flipping right about now if they knew what was going on.

Oh My God! Jess and Sarah! He completely distracted me from the fact that I had left my girlfriends at the club until we were probably half way down the road. Besides the reasoning growing inside those tight faded blue jeans of his was reason enough to forget everything I've ever thought reasonable and throw caution to the wind right here and now.

She was distracted. This much I could tell but I didn't know whether or not I should push it. I wanted to be with this one and one false move I could kiss any chance of physical contact tonight good bye.

"Something wrong?" I offered gripping her hand a little tighter.

"Just a passing thought. Nothing to be concerned about."

She flat out lied to me there. I could see it in her eyes. Those beautiful eyes surrounded by a cascade of blonde flowing curls draping over her shoulders. Shy, no. Dangerous, definitely yes. Her interest was casual at best it seemed but then again I'm a guy so what do I know? I'd be lucky if I got to mold those luscious melons underneath the soft pastel pink blouse. I refrained from even saying anything more in her current state. We were alone back here. I was okay in the club but that's when I thought she wouldn't give me the time of day. I don't think she even knew how truly beautiful she was. Was the rough exterior just an act to fend off any riff raff she didn't care for? Was she just as shy as I was?

The vehicle slowed and came to a complete stop. We were led through what could only possibly be a back entrance or service elevator for the hotel's staff. I still couldn't believe I was doing this."Tell me the truth,"I plopped down onto the enormous bed in the center of the room. I flipped each of my sneakers randomly across the room. He invited me up here. May as well make myself comfortable right?

"About?"He inquired. He played stupid but I knew different.

"Why are we really here? I know a hundred out of the way coffee shops that would have hidden us from any number of adoring eyes."

"Because I only wanted your eyes adoring me,"he returned, still keeping his distance well across the room.

"I don't bite,"I winked. Where'd I learn to do that? I could never do that before.

"Now that would take away my plans for the evening," I responded removing my shoes. I had suddenly become a little more brazen in my attempt at flirtation. I think we both knew why we were up here. I think neither of was willing to admit it just yet.

She wasn't giving up. Better than how she started."So you do have plans?"she rasied her brows.

Her hands planted casually against the mattress. She was practically inviting me to join. Maybe she did want me to make the first move. I joined her. Her eyes washed over me as I sat. If she hadn't wanted anything before, she sure as hell did now. Slowly she approached my neck just above the the collar of my shirt. She softly nibbled her way upward pushing a few stray strands out the way of her continuing attack. She latched onto my earlobe. "I don't mean to pry,"my voice rose as she settled herself upon my lap.

"Then don't,"I returned prying the buttons open on the shirt drawing out the boldness of his eyes.

"It just occured to me that you don't even know my name and you're about to shove your tongue down my throat,"he stated as my breath hotly settled closely to his.

"And you're point would be?"I inquired; both of us desperately tempting the fate of that inital contact.

"I just thought,"his lips softly brushed mine.

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