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Spunky Dyke likes to be in charge.

The pain shot through her chest and she felt like her flesh would tear, but then they were released and she relaxed for a second.

The hands moved away from her rubber bra and the caressed her stomach. She could feel the texture of the hands. They were not rough as she expected, but firm. They moved across her stomach and circled from her sides down to the top of her panties. She felt the rubber being stretched and pulled away from her and then she felt a hand start to force it's way down between the tight rubber and her belly.

She tensed as she felt fingers just at the top of her labis, and then she gasped as they rubbed across them and then pressed down between her legs. The cutout in her panties was pulled open as other fingers joined the first ones. The hands were working on her pussy...one from under the waist band and the other thru the opening at the crotch.

She tried to imagine how her pussy looked in the panties, with the fingers rubbing and probing into her, but she couldn't think, because as much as she was distraught, she was also starting to become excited. She could feel her pussy start to tingle deep in the flesh and then it traveled up through her flaps to the surface and also flowed deep inside her vagina. She knew that she was becoming wet and she could imagine that her clit would soon be engorged and her lips would be gaping apart.

Fingers curled up in her pussy and then the were removed and then reinserted and another finger made it's way inside until she felt her pussy full. And the fingers started to thrust in and out, faster and faster, and the other hand found her clit and rubbed it harder and harder until she started bucking uncontrollably and then crashed down on the bed as she was overcome by her orgasm.

She noticed that the hands were gone from her then, and she listened intently, wondering where he was.

A soft slapping sound moved toward her, and then the origin of it stopped next to her bed. She turned toward it. It was a rhythmic sound not unlike gentle clapping. And as she listened trying to identify it, the sound became louder and the pace increased, and then it almost became blurred in the speed.

A warm liquid shot onto her neck and another hit her chest and yet another hit her stomach, and she felt the weight of the man pressing the bed down as he leaned on it. She felt drops falling randomly on her skin, and then she suddenly realized that she had been used to cum on.

She was angry at this degredation by a stranger, and was more angry that he had seen her and she had not seen him, than that he had cum on her.

She heard him zip his pants and then gather his clothing and open the door. The door closed softly behind him, and she lay there with his cum drying in her body.

The entry card entered the reader and the door lock clicked and the door opened again. Foot steps walked across the floor and they stopped at the foot of the bed. She braced herself.

She felt the bed sag as he crawled onto it. Then she felt something firm and long passing across her leg. It was dragged up from her ankle to her thigh and then back down again. This procedure was repeated on her other leg. Then the pressure was increased and she felt the object massaging into her muscles as it moved up and down her legs and then finally up to her crotch. The rounded end was rubbed between her lips and then pressed against her lips.

She could feel it being forced into her and she felt her labia moving apart to accept it. Deeper and deeper it went until it was almost painful. The it stopped and she suddenly was hit with a sensation almost as if she had been struck by lightening as it started to vibrate.



Unintelligable moans slipped out of her mouth as she reflexivly bucked up against the rod that sang in her cunt.

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