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Orally addicted wife saga continues.

I never saw a hooded pair that were that size before.

Then I began to come around, I was tied to a chair, totally naked. My wrists were behind my back, my ankles were tied to the legs of this chair. The seat was anchored, and no way was I going to move it and wiggle free.

The woman then spoke. "Do you know who I am?"

"No, I don't," was my answer.

"I am the Queen Cobra."

And so she was. I also figured that she had some evil plans in store for me. The Queen moved closer to me and knelt down. She started to work her hands up and down my cock. I was staring directly into those monster tits, and I was getting hard.

It only took a few minutes until the Queen was ready for me. She held my hard prick in place and then sat down on my lap. She sunk down all the way on my root. I let out a moan, but she just sat there. I soon found out about those pussy lips of hers.

She didn't need to move on my lap much, those pussy muscles were working me like no woman before or since. I didn't want to cum. I knew what these women were up to. Taking men's seed in order to impregnate themselves, then sell off the babies.

But damn, it was become hard to resist this woman. She had her arms around my neck, her tits pushed into my face, and then she began to rock on my lap.

Jesus, I thought I was going to blow! She went slow at first, but then built up speed.

"I am going to take all your seed from you!"

She was panting harder now, and so was I. She was doing all the work, I didn't know how much longer I could resist that pussy of hers.

I then heard a noise at the door. BAM! The door caved in and in rushed a group of men, FBI agents, in fact. But it was too late. The Queen reached down and squeezed my balls at the same time she clamped down hard on my rigid pole.

I pushed my cock up hard into her, and blew a giant load into her belly. I think the FBI agents were mesmerized by what was happening. By the time they cut me loose, the Queen and I had both cum uncontrollably. Those last few moments before they pulled her off me, she rode me and took every drop of my baby seed she could.

They led her away and I got my clothes back on. I needed to make a statement back at their office. When I initially reported that I had been kidnapped, the FBI got involved. They asked me to wear a wire and go to a few bars, hoping I might get picked up once more.

Well it worked, but I had a sore head, and a deflated ego. I couldn't prevent the Queen Cobra from taking my seed. I felt like I had failed and now she was going to produce a baby of mine.

There was only one place to go after that.

I went up to the apartment door and rang the bell. I was let in and guided to the bedroom. Robert, the man who reported the Cobra group in the first place, stripped my clothes off.

He said, "I knew you would be back, when all this ended."

He was right. Robert was the only person I knew, who had going through the same ordeal as I had.

Robert pulled off his clothes as well. He had me get on all fours, my ass was up in the air, waiting. he then entered me and drove his thick rod into my virgin ass. Robert's cock was maybe seven inches long, but oh so thick. He rammed me that night, making me scream out. I had never felt pain like that before. After sometime, the pain eased and Robert then fucked me like I was his bitch.

We did it doggie style at first, then I got on my back, and Robert pumped his man meat as deep as he could go. His low hanging balls were slapping my ass, as he used me for hours that night. He shot two mighty loads in me, and when he finished fucking me, I was made to clean his cock off with my mouth.

I sucked his mushroom head, his shaft, and I took his balls in my mouth. I also licked his ass rim, which made him blow a final load all over my face.

After we were lying there, Robert asked me a question.

"You know who I am, don't you?"

"What do you mean," I asked.

"I am the King Cobra!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

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