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Time spent with a friend becomes a bit more...

"Fine then. I agree to behave." A sneer coloured her tone as she said the last word. The corner of his mouth twitched into a half-smile. His grip on her hands tightened as he bent down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Her whole body jerked with surprise as he gently sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue. Then, he let go of her wrists and took a step back.

She barely kept herself from striking him again, reminding herself that, for now, he was in control, and antagonizing him would do nothing. She snatched her towel from his hand and quickly wrapped herself up in it. She grabbed her clothes from the floor and turned away from him before getting dressed. She moved as fast as she could with the dry fabric sticking to her still-damp skin. She glanced over her shoulder to see what he was doing, but he was just leaning against the door, picking at his nails. At the moment, he looked non-threatening enough, but she still had to fight being paralyzed by fear. Once she had all of her clothes on, she plopped down on the toilet seat and crossed her arms, trying to look more relaxed than she felt.

"What now then?" she said, acid dripping from her voice. He looked up at her, and smirked at her hostile posture.

"Well, this is the part where I ask your name" he said, humor in his voice.

"No." She said defiantly.

"Then tell me your name because you agreed to be compliant."

"Maybe I've changed my mind."

"I don't think you want to know the consequences of misbehaving, kitten." A mutinous expression crossed her face as she reconsidered her position.

"Fine. You first." He seemed both amused and exasperated at her stubbornness.

"Kyal. Now it's your turn."


"Ehlena, I like that. It's just as beautiful as you are."

"Don't be patronizing, it doesn't suit you. And seeing as you're either a rapist, a kidnapper, or both, you don't need to bother with pretending to be nice because it's obvious that you aren't."

Kyal didn't reply beyond a heavy sigh. The next few minutes passed in silence, with Kyal looking at her, and Ehlena looking anywhere but him. She kept him in her peripheral vision just in case he tried anything. Suddenly, his expression changed.

"Why didn't you scream for help?" honest curiosity coloured his voice.

"People scream all sorts of things around here all the time. In this building, it would've gone unnoticed anyway." Ehlena said bitterly, though she was hoping to make a scene if he tried to take her from her small apartment. "It's not a bad neighborhood, but it's the cheapest housing in the area. That brings in all sorts of people. It's all I can afford." She paused and frowned. "How did you get in, anyway? I have two deadbolts."

"I had a wild youth where I picked up many different skills."

"Like breaking and entering?" She asked, with a bit of sarcasm. A wild grin broke out on his face.

"More like kidnapping." And he strode across the small bathroom and grabbed her wrists again before she registered what was happening. Startled by his sudden proximity, Ehlena jerked back, lost her balance, and would have fallen off the toilet if Kyal hadn't been holding her wrists.

"Careful there kitten. I'm not going to hurt you."

"I have no proof of that. So far, you've accosted me while I was naked in my own shower and I think you're about to try to kidnap me. None of that breeds any confidence in my safety while in your presence." Still holding her wrists, Kyal looked her in the eyes with his first truly serious expression.

"I mean you no harm. I know that you have no evidence to support that and that all the signs point to me being a horrible ruffian, but I try to be a good guy. I really do. And I can promise to you that I will do my best to keep you safe."

"What do you want with me? Why are you doing this? Why can't you just leave me alone?" Ehlena tried to jerk her wrists out of his grip, but his steel-like fingers didn't budge. Kyal's expressing softened.

"I'm going

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