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They didn't speak until he had his clothes on.

Her lips part slightly. I can see the glare of our table light as it reflects off her glossy red lips, and between them, the tip of her tongue. She presses her hips up and lets out a barely audible whimper as she feels my fingertips closer now. Her hands rest on the table. She wants to let them fly beneath the table, pulling my hand to meet her, but she knows not to move them. She relishes the delicious torture for the moment, letting the tension build, gifting me the pleasure of releasing it when I am ready.

As much as she aches for my touch to set her free, she knows I too am suffering in sweet anticipation, and she likes it. She breathes deeply through her open mouth, but now her lips show a hint of a smile, and her beautiful eyes now have a gleam in them. She wants, but it is not her way to say so. Not yet. She will wait me out, enduring the sweet anticipation as she knows I will not delay much longer. She is right. My hunger is growing quickly now, and my resolve is eroding.

My left hand comes down off the table now, brushes her left leg, then lands on her left rib cage. It does not linger long, but instead moves up to find her breast. I lift and gently squeeze, with my fingers finding her hard nipple. She lets out a sharp breath that turns into a quiet moan.

Her hips roll again towards my right hand, as her head tilts back against me. She trembles now, the pressure coming from deep in her core to feed the heat my fingers are so agonizingly close to finding. My lips graze ear as I whisper to her.

"Do you want me to stop?" She rolls her hips again, as if to show me her answer. I am not so easily appeased. "Tell me." She glances back at me, her forehead furrowed, and her lips in a pout. She is adorable as she whispers in a questioning tone.

"Please?" I squeeze her breast more firmly, and move my other hand slightly as I repeat myself.

"Tell me." This time she responds with a long pleading groan.


The touch is electrifying, sending shockwaves to every nerve in her body. The fabulously toned muscles in her legs spasm, and her upper body presses back against me involuntarily. She takes in a sharp breath, then holds it. My fingertip gently parts her folds, registering how wet she is, as it moves to ever-so-gently drag across her clit.

At the same instant, she lets out her held breath in a low, soft groan emanating from her core. With her hands grabbing the white linen tablecloth in bunches, she uses the last of her exhalation.

"Oh yesss."

She starts to whimper as I gently brush back and forth over her clit.

My fingers find her even wetter now, and I rub back and forth spreading her wetness across her heat. A finger probes, and easily slides into her pussy. We'll take our time later - for now, all I want to do is get her off, feel her tremble from my touch, feel her body shudder with waves of climax, and feel her delicious wetness as she comes all over my fingers.

I work the lone finger in and out, then add a second, followed soon by a third. She is tight, but slick and my fingers work her easily. Her hips buck as she grinds on my hand, trying to go faster. After some teasing hesitation, I comply.

My fingers work her quickly now. She keeps her hands on the table, with the tablecloth taking the brunt of her frustration. She won't speak, but her gentle whimpers and moans guide me...and captivate me. I see her eyes, looking up at me, at one moment distant, and the next locked on to my own. Her face wears the frown of frustration, but I know she relishes it.

I am struck at that moment by how beautiful she is. Her eyes are large and a vivid shade of brown. Her lips are parted slightly, and they invite a passionate kiss. In a moment...first, I kiss her lightly on the neck. She bends her head to the side to invite more of the same. I oblige, kissing, then licking her neck as my fingers work her sweet pussy. I move my fingers in unison to my tongue on her neck, and if the two were connected.

The moment take

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