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Teacher's Pet accepts her punishment, earns reward.

She put some more lotion in her hands, being careful again to warm it. This time she went right to Ruth's breasts, one hand on each, and as soon as she touch them Ruth gasped. Sarah didn't bother checking in with her this time, and simply started to move her hands in a circular motion lightly around each breast. As she did, Ruth's nipples became even more erect, responding to the ministration they were receiving. I looked up at her face, and could see that Ruth was biting her lower lip. Sarah's attention was clearly having quite an effect on her, and once again her breathing became heavy, easily noticeable as her small breasts rose and fell off her chest.

Without saying a word, Sarah looked at me and nodded her head toward Ruth's panties, and I knew what she wanted. I leaned over, put my hands on each side of the waistband, and gently slid them down her legs. As my head came closer to her crotch, I got a whiff of her arousal, and as I removed the panties from her legs I could see that the inside of the gusset was clearly damp. Her now fully exposed pubes, as I had suspected from the little glimpse we had seen earlier peeking out from the leg holes of her panties, were a beautiful strawberry blonde color. They were very fine as well, and even though it didn't appear that she trimmed them, they were not very full. It was easy to make out her outer labia, whose pinkness was prominent even in the dim candlelight. I saw Sarah taking all of this in as well, as she continued to rub her breasts. I wanted nothing more than to bend my head down and taste her, to run my tongue up and down her labia, feeling her wetness on my tongue, but I was afraid that this would have been too much too soon for her, so I resisted.

As all of the lotion was absorbed by the skin on Ruth's breasts, Sarah removed her hands. She turned around again to get something in the drawer, and came out with the small bullet vibrator we traveled with. She handed it to me and nodded down toward her crotch again. I pointed to myself, miming the question of whether Sarah wanted me to really do this, and she nodded. She put some more lotion in her hands, and went back to work massaging Ruth's breasts.

I turned on the vibe, and even at the lowest speed the sound was quite apparent over the music. Ruth immediately picked her head up off the pillow and said, "What's that?" with just a hint of apprehension in her voice.

"Shhh," Sarah said, continuing to massage Ruth's breasts with her hands. "Remember, I told you not to talk. It's okay, I promise you, it's going to feel good."

Sarah's voice must have soothed her, as Ruth allowed her head to fall back to the pillow again. Sarah nodded to me once again.

I took the vibe and placed it against her labia without putting too much pressure on her. She flinched, and she reflexively pulled her legs together. I took my other hand and gently eased her legs apart, and repositioned myself so that I was kneeling between her legs, forcing them to stay open. I reapplied the vibe to her and this time she didn't move. I slowly began to run the vibe up and down the outside edge of her labia, first one, then the other, allowing her to get used to it. I looked over at Sarah, and she was now rubbing the lavender lotion on Ruth's left hand, gently massaging each finger, her palm, the back of her hand.

I turned up the speed on the vibe one notch, and began to apply a little more pressure to Ruth.

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