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She enjoys his attention, or does she?

She was probably in her twenties and clearly was having a hissy fit. I stopped laughing and responded.

"Men are idiots with women until they are forty. Then they are idiots when it comes to their job. You're also probably dating guys who are twenty and all twenty-something guys have no brain cells. It's proven."

She laughed and got up to sit next to me. I was surprised since most women would look at me and assume things that weren't true. She was different.

"I'm Marianna. And yes you are right. Although I'm sure your wife or girlfriend would slap me for saying that. He is twenty-one and he thought crashing a wedding would be hot and sexy."

"I used to do that. Found my wife that way. Until I realized she loved being picked up by random guys."


Her voice was soft and romantic and I had the urge to reach out and unbutton the top button of her sweater. She was clearly conservative but had a wild side. I was guessing a black lace bra with matching panties. I always got what I wanted so I began my seduction.

"My name is James. I am single at the moment although I'm sure you could have figured that out since you've glanced at my left hand about four times already. I would say you're cute and innocent but have a wild side. The only reason you came up to this bar was to explore that side."

I waited for her to slap me. Girls her age didn't want to admit they were wild. It was the good girl phenomenon and it drove me crazy. She didn't slap me. She did exactly what I wanted her to do. She unbuttoned the first two buttons of her top and ran her fingers gently along her cleavage.

"What if you're right?" she whispered.

"If I can guess the type of bra and panties you're wearing I get to bring you to my suite upstairs."

She nodded. I leant over and whispered softly in her ear. Her hand touched my arm, feeling my muscles. I had her.

We got up and made our made to the elevator.

Time went by quickly and soon we were both naked and lying on the king size bed. The view was the same as at the bar and I grinned as I saw the black lace Victoria Secret push up bra laying on the ground next to the black lace thong. I looked down at Marianna and grinned.

"I bet you have never truly been licked properly. Enjoy sweetie."

I settled between her legs and wrapped my arms tightly around her hips. Her pussy was waxed bare and I wondered if she did it to impress guys or whether she liked it herself. Either way I loved the feel of my tongue on her smooth lips. I licked up and down, tasting her juices. I then spread her lips with my hand and sucked hard on her clit. I would suck and hum then let go. Each time I let go she'd whimper. I did that a few times before pulling back her lips and licking up and down roughly.

She was pulling on my hair but I didn't care. I loved how aggressive she was getting and I didn't stop even when I heard her telling me she was cumming. She hadn't cum yet and I knew it. I gripped her hips tighter until she gasped then held her breath. Her pussy contracted against my tongue and I pushed my tongue deeper to feel each wave of pleasure flood her. She screamed and cried out and I loved every minute of it.

I let go and slid up her body. I kissed her to let her taste her juices and when she licked gently around my lips I saw the seductive little vixen that was hidden away behind that button up sweater.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. Seriously."

I grinned. I was thankful she didn't add something I knew she was thinking. I figured she would add something about how she couldn't imagine fucking a guy old enough to be her dad. I kissed her again and then pushed my cock deep into her pussy.

Normally I would make the girl suck on me but I had a feeling she'd think she was even better then she actually was. I was not going to lie and tell her how great she was and I wasn't willing to teach her how to do it properly. I figured she would think how amazing it was that a guy didn't automatically force her to suck cock.

She was tight and wet.

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