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"You are needed to help us continue our race, we need femalesss to carry our young or we ssshall be no more, you are perfect Emma" Lirpa said as he caressed her hair with his surprisingly un-slimy hand, his long fingernails just lightly touching her scalp.

"Oh god!" Emma said quietly as she realized what was going on here.

"I ssshall leave you for a little while Emma, I ssshall be back sssoon to hear what you think" Lirpa walked out of the room leaving Emma still naked and secured by the feet.

Emma laid back down on the table, staring into the bright light that shone on her body, everything that Lirpa, her captor, the alien thing that had drugged her kidnapped her, had said.

All his words were swirling in her head, one thing was troubling her, Lirpa had said 'he would be back soon to hear what she thought' what could that have meant? Here she was tied and naked, why didn't he just take her?.

Her train of thought was broken as the door opening again and Lirpa walking back in. She had not realized how long he had been gone but it was quite awhile.

"What is your anssswer Emma?" he hissed to her as he moved closer to her prone body.

"Answer to what?" Emma asked confused at what was being asked to her.

"Will you help our race to continue?" the lizard asked his eyes moving over her body as his tongue seemed to lick her body even though it was a few feet away.

"I have a choice?" Emma said surprised by the fact.

"Yesss Emma, what is your choice?, But before you anssswer jussst remember that if you agree I we will ssshow you pleasssure you have never know before" Lirpa said his wet, dripping red tongue, just the same as that possessed by a snake, licked his lips, leaving a thin sheen of slime on them as he looked at Emma.

Emma had to admit there was nothing on Earth to really make her want to go back there, she had money sure but no guy seemed to be the right one. It was strange that this situation was getting very familiar with her, here she was in a space ship, with an alien lizard wanting to impregnate her to help carry on his race and yet it all seemed normal like it would happen everyday in general life.

"Well?" Lirpa pressed Emma for an answer.

Emma looked at the lizard before her, he was tall and other then his face and slime his body was a well toned mans from Earth, she kept thinking about it. Her the one that saved a whole race, back home she had always tried to help other people, always giving money to charities but now she had the chance to do something to really help others.

"Ok I'll do it" Emma said quietly as her eyes slowly moved to meet the gaze of her soon to be lover.

"Really, Thank you Emma, I ssshall be back ssshortly, lay back while I open your ressstraintsss" he said, Emma followed his insturctions and watched as her legs were set free, once they were she sat up and rubbed her ankles where the leather straps had dug in leaving little red marks on her skin.

Emma had not noticed but Lirpa had left the room. She didn't realize until he had come back in to the room until he spoke.

"Emma you must prepare" Lirpa said as he moved towards the table where Emma was still sitting, rubbing her ankles.

"Ok what should I do?" Emma asked a little unsure what was to come.

"Lay back thisss isss all is required of you Emma" Lirpa said as he moved to the front of Emma, her legs were closed together and hanging off the edge of the table.

Lirpa watched as Emma slowly laid back, her breasts flattening out as she settled but they were still nice mounds of flesh. When she was comfortable Lirpa took both her legs in his cold hands and opened them, lifting them as he did so and placing her feet flat to the cold table, her knees bent up and her pussy exposed to the cold air of the room.

Emma squirmed a bit as she was being moved around, she was nervous about what this would be like but some how getting aroused by the thought of it.

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