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New semester brings incredible new experience.

The taste was bad but the knowledge that I had just swallowed a mixture of my father-in-law and brother-in-laws cum was the worst.

I dropped my head in disgust at myself and contemplated what was being done to my family. James stalked off from the room, slipping his freshly sucked by his daughter, cock back in his trousers, he obviously was headed to the toilet. His bitch of a wife called out after him.

"Honey, why don't you take the maid with you, you know save on the toilet paper!"

They all found that a real laugh and I knelt there and watched as my mother, replete in her humiliating outfit, trotted obediently after him, ready to tend to his every need. Maybe that was the time to act and I did try to stumble up off my knees but was pulled back by Denise, her hand tight on my collar.

"Don't go anywhere dearest, we've got more fun for all the family yet. Well our family anyway!"

At this the room except for my and my sister exploded with laughter and I finally found my voice and demanded to know what the hell they fucking well wanted!

"Oops, potty mouth, aren't you? Well we've got some real fun lined up later but you're going to enjoy this right now. I well remember how much you enjoyed fucking your sister before, didn't you. Don't lie, all we have to do is watch it back on TV don't we. We can watch you and that fat slag doing the dirty anytime we want, and if you don't want every single of your family, your friends and your work colleagues seeing it you'll do it again for us, right here, tonight!

I pleaded then, knowing that it was hopeless and knowing that the entire lot of them were getting off on my begging. I felt terrible because before when I did it I was overcome by lust, overtaken by desire and had been too weak to control my inner emotions. In the cold light of day I knew how wrong and sick it was for me to make love with my big sister and I was determined not to feel like that again, but as she continued Denise's fingers began to caress and fondle my cock and balls and I could do nothing to prevent myself becoming aroused.

"Mmmmm, I think you'll do just as you're told. I know you, I know how weak willed you really are. It doesn't matter that that slut over there is your sister, you think with your dick and as always I control it. You! Kelly, get down on your back and open those legs, this big boy wants to get re-acquainted with you."

I watched helpless as my sister uncurled herself from the coffee table and eagerly lay on her back on the carpet and, under the full gaze of my in-laws she spread her legs as wide as possible and waited on me climbing aboard. Denise's fingers tightened around my rigid dick and squeezed and rolled my foreskin back to reveal an engorged helmet, pointing right at my sisters wet slit (boy my Father-in-laws drugs sure took her mind over). Suddenly, I was defeated and I sank to my knees between her legs and wasted no time in easing my cock inside her once again. For that moment I was oblivious to my watching in-laws and wife, I only wanted to screw Kelly, to fuck her and lose this inescapable itch that I had in my loins.

I reached for her big tits and played with them as I pumped my cock inside her and she wrapped her legs around me, drawing me in deeper. Somewhere in my mind I tried to square this away to myself: I didn't have a choice, I had to do it to satisfy my bitch of a wife, I was as much a victim as Kelly. But really I was doing it because I plain wanted to fuck my big sister and maybe I always had wanted to - subconsciously, at least.

I didn't take long to cum, firing my cum deep inside her and lying there for a moment until the huge wave of guilt hit me and washed over. Kevin had hovered around us the whole time and only now did I register the video camera in his hand. Shit! Now the bastards had even more on us. But if I thought that bad then what my wife told me next made things ten times worse.

"Another great fuck, eh? You two really are made for each other, and guess what? I've been in constant touch with your slag o

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