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Man writes a love story to sexually seduce his mother-in-law.

I think I owe the three of you a thank you," she told us as she kissed all three of us on the cheek, following us into the bedroom without saying a word.

"You can stop any of us any time you want to Taylor," I whispered to her as we started to make out on the bed, her long legs locking around me as she tugged at my clothes, desperate to get me into the same state of undress she was already in.

"Let me suck all three of your cocks first. Then you can take me in as many holes and positions as you want to take me in," she whispered to me as I was guiding my dick towards her pussy, stopping me only to go to her knees and start sucking on it.

"Line forms behind me. OHGOD, suck it Taylor," I hissed as she wrapped her hands around my dick, cupping my balls as she sloppily sucked down on my dick.

"MMM. I've always wondered how good you were at this," I teased her as my hands went through her hair, resting on the back of her head as she began to deep-throat me, winking at me as she began to pick up the pace of her blow job.

"FUCK. Taylor. Gonna blow baby," I told her as she worked me over, her eyes closing as I sharply drove my hips into her face, jamming my dick as far down her throat as I could get it as I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching.

"Cumming Taylor. SHIT those lips feel good," I moaned, throwing my head back as she ran her tongue along the underside of my dick, causing me to blow and shoot thick jets of my cum down her throat.

"MMM," she moaned as she gobbled down my seed, kissing the tip of my cock as she let me slide it out of her.

"My turn Tay," Joe told her as she got up and walked over to him, going to her knees and wrapping her lips around it as I grabbed her hips and slid my dick inside of her pussy, unable to wait any longer to fuck her.

"UH," she whispered at the feeling of my dick starting to thrust in and out of her, her hands wrapping around Joe's dick as she sucked down on more and more of it, my dick sliding further and further into her pussy with every thrust I made into her.

"GODDAMN. This is the tightest pussy I've ever had the pleasure of fucking Taylor," I whispered to her as I kissed her neck and pounded away on her snatch, her hips slamming back into mine as she slurped away on Joe's dick, his hands on the back of her head as I buried my dick deep into her cunt.

"FUCK. Just like that Taylor," Joe moaned as he threw his head back and lurched his hips into her face as I grabbed a hold of her hips even tighter than before and started pulling them back into mine, her body being pulled in two different directions as we double-teamed her.

"OHGOD. YES," all three of us moaned as I pulled her hips back into mine one last time, her pussy releasing her cum all over my cock as Joe buried his dick at the back of her throat, cumming down her throat just as I gave her a few hard thrusts and came deep inside of her.

Switching places with me, Joe came up behind her and slid his dick into her pussy as Mike walked around in front of her and slid his dick into her mouth, her lips wrapping around it as Joe started thrusting deeper and deeper into her pussy.

"Look at her go," I said to myself as Taylor sucked down on all of Mike's dick while Joe buried his dick inside of her and sucked on her neck, turning Taylor on more and more as we used her like the slut that she truly was.

"UH," she moaned softly as she rocked her hips back and forth and ran her tongue over his dick, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as Joe drove his dick in and out of her cunt.

"Gonna cum," Joe told her, a confirmation more so than a warning, as he grabbed her hips and buried himself balls-deep inside of her, shooting his load into her right as she came all over his dick and Mike started cumming down her throat.

"MMM. Stick it inside me baby," Taylor whispered to Mike as she kissed him on the lips, falling back onto the bed as she wrapped her legs around him and took him into her pussy.

"Damn girl.

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