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A love story.

yep, I was a big and tall Black man with a dream. Unlike so many others out there, I was perfectly willing to work to make my dreams come true. And I didn't want to let anyone discourage me. I wanted to make it in this life. Unlike those fools out there, I had a plan. The plan was to go to college and graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice. Another part of the plan was staying out of trouble and avoiding anything even resembling a criminal record. So far, I was clean but it only takes one mistake to screw you up for good. Another part of the plan was getting my work out there. I had already found a small publisher interested in my work. It was currently in production and would soon hit the market. Isn't that sweet?

Speaking of sweets, I've really got to stop eating sweets. Seriously, folks. My father is diabetic, as are my sister, aunt and several other people in the family. I really don't want this for myself so I've started eating healthy. It's not easy because I'm a big eater. I particularly love meat but I've got to cut back. This morning, I bought a vegetarian meal for the first time. I've decided to stick to it. I don't want to end up a vegetable so I'm eating vegetables. It would suck for me to graduate from college and publish my work yet drop dead of diabetes without having the chance to enjoy the life I've worked so hard to create for myself.

These days, I keep to myself. It's hard being me, folks. Really hard. I do whatever odd jobs I can to make a few bucks but employment is hard to find, especially for me. We'll get to that later. Why is my life so tough? I came to America seven years ago with my dad, mom and sister. My parents decided that my sister and I would live with our uncle and aunt in a house which our two families would buy. We moved in. that's when everything started to go wrong. The same year we moved in, my father got arrested at the airport while coming from Haiti because of some glitch. He got sent back to Haiti. He was traveling with my passport, which got seized by the Immigration Services. I think my mother and aunt had something to do with it. They all but celebrated his downfall. You know witches and their schemes. Often they're out to take a man down and you can never figure out why. Well, since my mom joined the man-hating sisterhood, I've sort of disowned her. I can forgive anything except treachery, deceit, manipulation and betrayal. Those were her crimes. So, I stayed in touch with my father and maintained zero contact with my so-called mom. Through the years, my father tried to take care of us.

Father would always send me some money when he could. Also, he paid for my college education. I miss him terribly. He's my heart. Dad sent some money so that my aunt could hire a lawyer to solve the Immigration trouble I found myself in after dad got sent back home by the Bureau. Since he was traveling with my passport, it got seized too. I was left in the USA without legal papers in a house full of people who hated me. Isn't life fun and exciting? In spite of all these things, I kept my head up. I worked hard in school. I'm very close to graduating college. I hope someday to straighten out my immigration issues and become a U.S. Citizen.

Even though I am not working in the field of Criminal Justice yet, in many ways I already am. I noticed that in the USA, the system discriminates against men. Especially in the Justice System. Take domestic violence for example. Male victims of domestic violence don't receive help. Men who are living with violent women have no one to turn to. I looked online and found an agency which helped male victims of domestic abuse. I volunteered for that organization. I made flyers with their name, goals and contact information. I handed out these flyers to just about everyone I encountered.

I also noticed that a lot of men weren't doing too well in the area of education.

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