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One night in many to come for you.

Mac called it shabby chic, I called it our vagrant look.

"Ten Minutes guys," came from Steve, nominally the stage manager at the club.

"Be with you in five," I shouted out of habit. The others patently ignored my call. Mac still had a large portion of a pint to finish. Bobby was still cleaning his trumpet and oblivious to Steve's call. The girls were huddled together, examining something on Holly's dress. Frank, was reading. wait where was Mike?

"Err anyone seen Mike?" I asked.

Everyone stopped looked around, checked the sofa's and looked at each other. They all looked at me, I sighed.

"why is it always me?"

"Because we're the Don Williams Band?"

"Daddy, because you are so brave and strong," Holly whispered in her little girl voice. I saw Naomi smirking and Gill push a hand to her mouth.

"Bollocks!" I strode out the room to much laughter.

I checked backstage, sometimes we feel the need to wander up there on our own, just settling a few nerves. No sign of Mike, strange, I wandered back, then thought to check the toilets, just in case. I went in, no sign by the urinals. I went further in, we have three stalls. One door was shut with the engaged sign on it.

"Mike?" I asked tentatively

"Urghhh," I heard the groan behind the door.

"Mike it's me, are you OK?"

"Don, not well, feel awful, pains in my guts, blood..."

I could hear the laboured breathing. I went up to the door,

"Mike, I'm going to get help, we'll get you out and sorted as soon as possible, stay strong buddy."

"Don, can't stay awake, so much pain, help me."

"Hold on Mike, I'll be back."

I ran out and into the band room, smashing the door open. They all looked at me surprised.

"Mike's ill, like seriously ill in the toilet, we need an ambulance now! And I need to get him out of the toilet, or at least the door open so we can help him."

Franks phone was out open and he had dialed before I'd finished. He asked for an ambulance, they wanted information he threw his phone at me. Holly was out the door followed by Naomi and Gill, Mac gulped his pint then went. Bobby put his horn down in its case carefully, then casually went to investigate. I gave them details of Mikes condition and what I'd managed to gather from our brief conversation.

Meanwhile Holly was in the Gents, scaling the wall of the stall from the one next to Mike. Dropping down she released the bolt and opened the door. She Gill and Naomi, began an assessment of Mike. They decided he needed to stay where he was for now. He sat on the toilet, trousers and pants round his ankles, whilst the girls wiped his brow and organised a drink of cold water. Holly kept talking to Mike, keeping him conscious.

Ten minutes later, two paramedics with huge bags and a folding stretcher came in. Steve the Manager, touched my sleeve and said the guys in the other band said they'd carry on their set for now, to give us time to organise. I thanked him and asked him to thank them. Meanwhile Mike was now laid out on the stretcher as the paramedics phoned in to advise the hospital of their imminent arrival. Frank, as usual, Mr Marvel, said he'd go in the ambulance and keep us updated.

With no Mike we needed to look at how we played tonight. Not that we were any to happy to go on without him. Holly was on one knee by Mike whispering to him and listening to his feeble voice. She squeezed his hand and kissed him. Bob had arrived and was shocked at the scene. Frank, who else, got him a seat and a glass of water. Finally the paramedics had Mike airborne on the stretcher and with Frank following left for the ambulance and hospital. Gill clasped Frank's hand as he passed, he paused to kiss her, then walked quickly to catch up with the paramedics.

Holly looked us all in the eye.

"He wants us to go on and do the sets this evening. Let's not let him down!"

Holly's gaze was flint hard and we all nodded.

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