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Stumbling drunk uphill battle.

He smiled as goose bumps appeared on her smooth skin. She was excited and ready. She knew where this was heading and she trembled in anticipation but first she needed something else.

"Eat my pussy first, I am so hot," she pleaded in a whisper.

Wes removed her panties and turned her around. He lifted her onto the conference table and she raised her knees to her chest exposing her lovely pussy. He leaned in and kissed her inner thighs working his way toward her treasure dripping with desire. As unfastened his pants and dropped them along with his underwear to his knees.

"Oh, I'm cumming," Crystal called out as she gasped his head and pulled it away from her pussy. "Oh, hold me," she called out after her intense orgasm.

Crystal lay back down on the table but not for long. He stepped back, lifted her off the table and turned her around. Once again he bent her over the table, flipped her dress back up and went back to work in her lovely bottom. He smiled as he watched his beautiful assistant squirm in front of him. He loved to tease her. He would sometimes take an hour or more making love to her bottom. He loved the slow and sensual seduction.

"Oh God, Wes," Crystal moaned. "Please!"

Wes gently nibbled the soft flesh. He stood back slightly and paused to take in the view. Her firm buttocks were perfect. His hands trembled as he reached out and caressed the soft skin. He again saw goose bumps rise on her cheeks and then run down the back of her thighs. Slowly, he opened her cheeks. Both of them moaned as Crystal's tiny rose was exposed. He stared in amazement. He loved looking at her puckered little hole. She couldn't stop her hips from squirming as she felt his adoring eyes centered on her private place. Suddenly, she could feel his breath on her pulsing hole.

His lips were so close that he could almost taste her. His tongue came out and he touched the little hole. He circled his tongue around the hole in a teasing fashion. When Crystal pushed her bottom back, he pulled away teasing her. Next he moved his tongue to the top of her buttocks before sliding it down one cheek and then the other, leaving a trail of his saliva.

She was growing impatient. "Oh please don't tease me any longer!" she moaned as she felt him begin to lick her again. This time, his tongue started at the top of her crack and moved slowly downward, edging closer and closer. The excitement in the office grew when his tongue moved between the cheeks. Finally the tongue touched the tiny hole.

"Yesss!" she groaned and pushed her ass back toward his tongue again.

He stiffened his tongue and pressed forward. She screamed and her body began to shake. He had done this to her countless times but every time seemed like the first. She felt his wide tongue separating her sphincter and slipping into her body. She moaned as she felt his tongue begin to move in and out of her slowly stretching hole. He could lick his wonderful assistant's ass for hours, but not today because he was too excited. When he pulled his tongue from her anus, it made a little pop as it shut.

Suddenly, Crystal felt empty and her anus pulsed, as if it had a mind of its own. Wes went to his desk and took out a bottle of lotion and paper towels. He returned to her and thoroughly lubricated her anus and his stiff cock. He brought his now throbbing erection to the divide between her cheeks and rested at the top of her crack. He added saliva to his lotion covered cock which provided the necessary lubricant.

The head touched the puckered rose and they both groaned. Crystal was going mad with desire now. She had to have it inside her. She pushed her hips up and back in desperation. Wes let the head touch the hole again as he pulled the cheeks even further apart. He centered the large head on her anus and pushed forward, gradually increasing the pressure. The tight sphincter resisted for a second before it opened up to receive him.

"Oh my!" Crystal moaned as the impossibly large head opened her hole.

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