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Dan and Claire's fun continues.

As she led me through to the conservatory I took in the tastefully expensive furnishings. As if reading my mind she spoke.

"I'm a lawyer. I used to be the black sheep of the family until Zoe recently assumed the mantle"

I took a seat and she sat opposite. Her dress was slit to the sides and fell away to reveal an attractive pair of bare legs. She smiled as she caught me looking.

"Zoe's told me all about you. She always values my opinion. It looks as if I was right about you."

"How so?"

"She says you keep trying to call. She thinks you're a little lovelorn. Do you not think that you're a little old for her?"

I felt insulted but held myself in check.

"We get along okay. It's early days."

"My point exactly; and yet you've gone to the time and trouble to seek me out. What does that tell us?"

I was getting angrier and found myself being more sarcastic than I intended.

"So tell me, based on what you've seen, am I a 'good match' for your niece?"

She seemed unfazed as she replied.

"Zoe is going to be away for a day or two; I will not tell you where. I had a little wager with her that you would turn up, although I was not expecting you quite so quickly. We've agreed that once I've had a chance to 'evaluate' you I will let her have my decision."

This was hard to believe. She met my mocking 'good match' with her own 'evaluate' and she was acting like a Victorian chaperone.

"So what do you want me to do, sit a test?"

"Fun as that might be, I think not. I'd like you to stand up and get undressed for me."

If her intention was to shock then she succeeded. She smiled as I sat dumbstruck.

"Zoe hates her mother, with whom she has nothing in common, but she sees something familiar in me. She said that you were a little prudish and I think she finds that off-putting."

I was growing fed up with this idea that I was middle-aged before my time. I got up defiantly and looking her straight in the eye I began to undress. I am proud of my body and I had managed to retain something of my summer tan.

I stood in just my boxer shorts with my hands on my hips.

"My my, are we a little coy?"

I did not like the unnecessary way that she stressed the word 'little' and I stripped off my shorts. I wanted to think of her as a dried up, frustrated, spinster but she was far from it.

Holding my gaze she rose from her chair and unfastened her dress. As it hissed to the floor I desperately wanted to check out the garden to confirm that we were not overlooked but I refused to be the first to look away.

She must have been at least forty years old but she was in great shape. She was wearing simple, but expensive looking, white underwear set off by a natural tan.

I slowly looked her up and down but she was unfazed; she was fully aware of her own attraction.

"Tit for tat?"

As she said it she began to remove her bra holding it teasingly in situ for a second or two before casually discarding it. Her breasts would not have looked out of place on a woman half her age. They were a modest size with a pronounced uplift so that her nipples pointed skywards and, just for a fleeting second, I wondered if the resemblance to Zoe went further than just facial features.

I could already feel a stirring from my groin and, as she slowly slipped out of her panties, blood began to run south.

Her sex was crowned by a neatly sculpted blonde triangle which pointed the way and I got the sense that she was a woman of experience who knew exactly what she wanted.

The problem was, what did she want? I was fully erect and, under other circumstances, I would have accepted the clear invitation but was this a test of my faithfulness to Zoe? Alternatively, was she going to be angry if I turned her down?

The look on her face told me that she was aware of, and enjoying, my dilemma. With a strength of will that would have been beyond me just days previously I returned her smile.

"Perhaps we ought to get dressed now."

She gave an al

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