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Executive & his lesbian assistant seduce a neglected wife.

Maybe she was a nymphomaniac and her "Saks and Fifth Avenue" bag was filled to the brim with dildos and gag balls. Other thoughts! Other thoughts!

My flight for Thailand was leaving the next morning from L.A., I didn't want to stay there overnight but was going to have to. I began to wonder where the woman and that lucky son of bitch were going or if Los Angeles was their home. I thought I had a sixth sense when it came to figuring people out but I was so distracted by what her naked body might feel like that I failed to pick up on any dead giveaways. The fact was she probably had three houses on two continents and many different men pounding her. I knew how those women operated, they were jet set and all about the party.

The plane ride was nearing its end and I was soaking up some last glimpses of my mystery woman. The long skinny legs stretched out in front of her went on for not only days but years. Given the proper chance I would run my hands up along the outsides of them while kissing the insides all the way up along her thighs and finally to her sweet, warm, little snatch. I would suck on each one of her fingers and then move to greet her nipples with my tongue. I wanted to take a few pictures but the plane was too dark and it would have been a pathetic recreation of the goddess.

It had been one of the last flights of the night and no one was in a particular hurry, regardless of the destination, no flights were departing until the following day. I watched the couple walk down the concourse farther and farther away as I veered into a bathroom. With a melancholy mood filled with regret, I called the hotel shuttle and made my way down to the pick up area. I had been up almost twenty four hours since getting to JFK only to find my flight cancelled because of the snow yet I wasn't the least bit sleepy. I had those long legs running through my mind, filling me with questions I couldn't answer and desires I couldn't fulfill. I had seen other amazing women that day, but none as close for as long.

As I scrounged the shuttle for a seat, I quickly scanned the faces, recognizing a few from the flight and BAM! There she was, on the same damn shuttle to the same damn hotel. There was still the problem of her distinguished George Clooney character, which I didn't think would take my proposition too kindly.Maybe he wouldn't have to know, and we could sneak into a housekeeping closet and I could take her doggy style while she tried not to scream. Jesus, I have been watching too much porn. I knew that shit never happened.

I woke up to a horrendous, shrill scream coming from the room next door. I jumped up without much consideration and rushed into the hall. There were muffled voices and wide eyes peeking through cracked doors. I didn't want to come upon an assault but that's sure what it sounded like. Looking like Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" I crept over to room 504. I put my ear to the door and heard, "Shut up bitch, shut up!" When I knocked nothing happened and it got eerily quiet, I knocked again and nothing. I said rather loudly;

"I'm going to get the police."

As I turned to walk away I heard a metallic click.

"Don't do that, friend."Friend? I wasn't his fucking friend. The door opened as much as the security chain would allow and I saw his face. I didn't recognize it at first but it was the sugar daddy from the plane. "Come in"

"What? Why?"

"I'll show you what's going on."

No one ever said this and the situation was already too bizarre.

"Save it for the cops, you're obviously mistreating someone in there."

"No he's not, I started it."

The Italian beauty had come to the door.

"Please come in"

I hesitated but found myself entering the room as the door opened wider.

My mouth dropped open when I ascertained what was going on in the dimly lit room. The woman was completely nude and shimmering with sweat. The man was also nude and stood at half mast.

"We were only mak

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