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Book Two: Diary of an Underdog - Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart.

'serving the sentence'!) completely erect and doesn't allow it to soften during your working hours!" continued KB as now DT thought she had enough of provocation from my fingers on her heaving lovely globes and rose up on her knee sand moaned,

"OOOOH ...Suck my aching nipples...NOW" and verily introduced her plum sized dark nipple to my almost dry mouth. My salivary glands thus activated by the sudden visit of lovely guest to my mouth, worked up a good wetness and my tongue licked her rubbery nut as my hands cupped her well-endowed posterior for support.

KB was concentrating on massaging my erect prick below, her face in between my and DT's passion-hungry bodies. Her fingers would slowly brush the entire length of my erect organ from the base of my cock to the uncircumcised tip and thumbing down on the niche of my opening, rubbing the herbs in, while the other hand held my sac in the palms rotating from side to side. The sensations were exquisite as my manhood started now responding to the herbal drug application and it grew even firmer and longer than ever before in my life.

Also the skin on my cock had become very sensitive and KB's delicate feather touches of brush as well as her slow rotation of my testicles in the sac were making me giddy with unbearable lust.

Added to this, I was feeling light and a little out of control now and guessed that this was that herbal aphrodisiac taking effect slowly and steadily.

I groaned "OOOHHHHH...darlings ...how long..., " only to be interrupted by the entry of DT's other nipple as she gasped complainingly "UUUUUMMM ....NO!" , of my having stopped the sucking of her nipple, a moment ago.

KB picked up a wooden pail of a green oil from the side of the bath tub from the floor and dipped and thoroughly wetted her fingers in the oil and turned towards me, whipping wet stands of hair away from her intense face.

I cupped her face in my both hands and looked in her eyes and asked, "Honey...Please! I can't bear this sweet torture any more...I am about to come!!." While I spoke, DT, horny as she was, took my cock now floating above water waiting for more herbal massage, into her mouth and sucked it fully in. I gasped and almost got up in a sudden reflex at the intense and powerful sensations of slipping into her wet mouth provided to my burning and tingling cock, shining with the recent massages.

As her long tongue slowly lapped the sides of my blood-engorged shaft, I gripped her head firmly there, nuzzling her head against my burning loins.

"Well, " said KB "As this drug can heighten and lengthen time of erection, it is better that I test it myself now before committing myself on its success to the Queenie."

I stared at her and in an instant caught on to the implications, and in an impulse grabbed her, spilling the gooey liquid from its pail as she clutched me too bringing us as close as possible with DT's head sandwiched between our loins.

DT moaned something incomprehensibly as my cock was suddenly disengaged from the cozy wet confines of her mouth and jerked up to hit the exposed pubic mound of her partner.

KB was by now had her both arms around me like a garland and her sticky fingers were making crazy patterns on my back as I kissed her deeply, my tongue snaking into the hot and wet confines and met its counterpart to indulge in a passionate exchange.

My hands were holding KB's huge melon-like buttocks squeezing its plump muscles lasciviously and my left hand groped between the soft cheeks to find the crack of her ass. I rubbed her long groove from her asshole to wet bushy pussy, making her break kiss and look up . I knew instinctively, her passion had ignited and nothing would stop her now.

"OOOO! You darling! I want you NOWWW! "She groaned and instantly grasped my erect love pole which was probing at the entrance of her nether mouth.

DT stood up now, a glorious spectacle of African womanhood with her curvaceous body with water streaming down, highlighting her healthy and ripe female structure.

Her breasts stood out proudly and nipples had grown into little dark

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