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A slave girl wakes her master to a surprise BJ.

He was smoking a cigarette and talking on a cell-phone down below her second story vantage point. She would begin weaving her web of perceived revenge that very moment and proceeded to use the dressing room telephone to quickly call the limo company and then have herself patched through to the limo driver. She acted coy and flirty and told him to look up at the second story window. The befuddled driver craned his neck upward and must have seen my angelic-looking bride in her wedding gown leaning out the window talking to him on her cell phone. She asked him straight out, "Would it be okay for the limo driver to fuck the mouth of the bride?"

Barbie cautioned him to slip in quietly through a side door she unlocked for him and he hauled ass to meet her, slipping in as directed and locking the door behind him. His name was Terrell and he was as black as they come. At 6'2" he loomed over Barbie's petite 5'4" doll-like frame as she baby-stepped in white ankle-strap stilettos to a white lace ottoman in the middle of the room. Her silken train "shushed" across the floor and she swept it behind her as she daintily took a seat. Barbie hiked her dress back to show Terrell her white garter straps and white nylons that had little red hearts all over them. Terrell's eyes opened wide. "Aw hell yeah."

Terrell was nervous with lust and started to unbuckle his belt when Barbie told him not to do that. She asked that he please not get undressed, just unzip his trousers and pull it out through the opening and try and be quiet. He had a little trouble extracting it because it had hardened in a hurry but, when he did, the black chunk of meat almost slapped her in the face. Her positioning was perfect as, in a standing position, Terrell's black cock dangled erect in front of her eyes. She gasped at the girth but was determined. "I've never had one in my mouth before, so I may need you to lead."

I couldn't believe what this diary was revealing. My wife-to-be was blowing a black man only minutes before we got married! The entries went on to say that Terrell was tremendously turned on. Whatever Barbie's motivations, Terrell no doubt figured this was too amazing an opportunity to pass up. She wrote that he assured her, "Don't you worry about that, girl." And even as he was saying it, she wrote that he reached out and put his hand behind her head and veil and just nudged it forward. That day I remeber her face as angelic and beautiful. She had decided to leave her long blonde hair down and had used perfect glossy pink lipstick, sexy mascara and flirty rouge to look like some sort of model bride for a magazine. I remember seeing it as she walked down the aisle toward me. Little did I know it had freshly sucked a black cock only minutes earlier. I intended to continue reading every word in front of me if it took all night.

Barbie described her motion, stretching her neck upward so her lips would be even with the big, fat head and it says she widened her lips into the biggest "O" she could muster. Terrell hunched forward and in a moment Barbie's bridal lips were stretched wide around the engorged head. She paused there a moment with the head of his black cock in her mouth and wrote that the reality of what she was doing had hit her. A virginal blonde bride in her dressing room getting mouth-fucked by a big black dick just minutes before her wedding vows. "This," she thought, "is major payback."

Terrell just let out a soft, "Ohhhhhh, baby," and pushed the back of her bridal head a little bit further down his rock-hard shaft. Looks like she included a lot of detail here.

She says Terrell's hard black dick measured about eight inches long.

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