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How I met my Chinese GILF and surrogate mother.

They were surprised to see Colin's car in the drive and when Mike opened the door and Gwen asked immediately about him, trying hard to sound casual and not as horny as she felt.

"Oh, I met him in the supermarket this afternoon. He's been visiting his son got back earlier than expected and was picking up a few supplies. I invited him over. At first he said no and then I told him you guys were coming and he changed his mind."

Gwen glanced at Neville as Mike turned to let them through the door and flashed a smile. Colin was in the living room chatting with Crystal and smiled broadly when Gwen and Neville entered the room and stood to greet them. He embraced Neville and hugged Gwen that sent shivers down her spine, she wanted him NOW.

Dinner went well and Mike had a hard time keeping his eyes off Gwen. Colin was sitting next to her and they had exchanged subtle gropes under the table as they ate and chatted. Gwen was wet and Colin hard but they managed to keep things together and remain discreet. They had Peach Melba for dessert not Gwen and adjourned to the living room for coffee and liquor.

"My Gwen, I must say you look very fetching tonight, is it a special occasion?" Mike asked.

"No, I just felt like dressing a little sexy."

"Crystal only dresses like that when we go swinging. Let me tell you about out latest adventure . . ." and he went on to explain their evening with a black couple and two black men.

Gwen tried hard not to squirm in her chair but the story did make her very horny. She picture Crystal with three black men and Mike with a black woman and almost had an orgasm. She had a secret fascination with black men and Crystal had told her in great detail how good they were. She could see the bulges in the pants of Mike and Colin and it was hard to keep still or deal with the itch in her pussy.

Neville was enjoying watching his wife trying to hide just how horny she was and could also see that Crystal had picked up on it. She went into detail about how big the black men's cocks were and how good they felt inside her. Neville knew that now was the time to strike and he looked at Colin and said in a monotone voice, "Colin, can I ask you a question?"
"Sure, fire away."

"I might just do that. Tell me, what's it like fucking my wife?"

The room fell deathly silent and Mike and Crystal looked from Neville, to Gwen, to Colin in stunned silence. Gwen blushed and Colin wasn't sure where to look or what to say.

"C'mon, is she a good fuck? How is she as a cocksucker, c'mon tell us, we're all friends here."

Mike stood up and held his hand out towards Neville, "Hold on, hold on, just calm down, what's going on here?"

"I want him to answer my question," Neville said, "Is she a good fuck and cocksucker?"

Colin saw the faintest of smiles on Neville's face and understood the game being played. "As a matter of fact she is a great fuck and cocksucker," he replied.

Mike looked from one friend to the other, not sure of what to do or say and sat back down. Crystal's hands were over her mouth in shock when Neville and Colin burst out laughing and Neville went on to tell Mike and Crystal the whole story. Crystal hustled Gwen into the kitchen for a private chat and Mike wanted all the minute details from Neville and Colin.

I've got an idea," Neville said. "Gwen is so horny right now this is your best chance to fuck her, Mike. You've always wanted to so go for it. Both of you strip off and be stroking your cocks when the girls come back." They looked at him for a few moments, weighing up the sagacity of what he had just said.

"He's right," Colin agreed, "I was feeling her pussy during dinner and it's soaked."

Mike nodded and both men stood and stripped.

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