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Brenda and Bethany, together at last.

She explained how she had to kiss someone, once her lips had touched theirs, if she desired to use her power, they would become completely seduced and submissive to her every desire, but the effects would last for only one hour. But, she also explained that she did have a way of turning someone into her permanent slave, she just didn't reveal how this would be done. She also had some psychic powers, and with some concentration could hear the thoughts of others. But perhaps her most interesting power had come from her father, he was called The Sponge for a very simple reason, when he touched another superhero, he gained their ability, while not depriving them of it. The Sponge thought his power was dangerous, and refused to absorb any more, and went into exile, until a certain Vampiress tracked him down, and enslaved him. Sarina had also gained the ability to absorb the powers of others, but again did not explain how this was accomplished.

"You'll learn more of the details soon enough. I want to take my time with you, and really enjoy this. I've been planning it for three years now." Sarina told him confidently.

Mr. Titan was immediately consumed with thoughts of his saviour, and hoped that she had made it back to the safehouse. He would break free and go to her as soon as possible. But Sarina read these thoughts in his mind.

"Sorry hun. She came looking around here to wait for you. I've already captured her too, and your dear friend Smoke, and I've already taken their powers, along with all of the other heroes, you're the only one I haven't got yet. Now, all you need to know is that you will do exactly what I tell you to while you're in my custody, otherwise wifey dies, if you try to escape, she dies. Sure, I could just kiss you and make you obey me, but this will be much more satisfying. You're going to have to obey my every command, no matter what it is, all to prove how much you love and value that bitch. Ha ha ha ha ha, I just love the thought of that." Sarina was enjoying this immensely.

"Is Claire okay? Have you turned her?" Mr. Titan asked in fear.

"She's fine.... for now. I wanted to have some fun with her too, but unfortunately for you I've already turned all of your friends, they're my slaves now." Sarina moved closer to him.

"Just let her go please! Keep me instead!" Mr. Titan pleaded.

"Now why would I do that? I already have both of you. Plus that bitch killed my mother, like I said, I have plans for her." Sarina said with a hint of anger in her sexy voice.

"Please don't hurt her!! I'll do anything you say!" Mr. Titan was panicked.

"Yes you will my love, or I will hurt her very badly, so keep that in mind. You know, if my mother had her way, you might have been my stepfather, she wanted to make you her new husband. You might think vampires are emotionless, but she loved you very dearly, all she wanted was to have you by her side. But now I will fulfil her dreams, you will become my husband, and be at my side, living to serve me, and you will love it, and fall madly in love with me." Sarina smiled.

As she spoke to Mr. Titan she moved to the table on which he was restrained, she nimbly lifted a leg over him, and sat straddling over his waist. Her perfect round ass began grinding on his cock, which didn't take long to begin to respond to the stimulation.

"Mmmmmmm, no need to feel embarrassed my love, I know how attractive you find me. I particularly enjoyed the thought you had earlier..." Sarina hinted, "You know what I mean, when you admitted to yourself that you thought I was the sexiest woman you'd ever met, even more so than you're stupid little wife. You love my confidence, which is good, because I'm very, very confident."

"You're crazy!" Mr. Titan said defensively.

"There's no point in denying it honey, I read your thoughts. How could you not feel that way? After all, I'm perfect." Sarina leaned in close to Mr. Titan, smiling.


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