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Hotel window/restaurant exhibition.

I moved Sean, whose cock was on overdrive, behind Harris' upturned ass and applied some K-Y to his cock and moved his cock to Harris' open asshole. He slid right in.

"Come on Harris," Beth yelled "moan like a slut." And he did.

Beth and I each had our hands rubbing our cunts. I was on the verge of coming when I felt a two fingers penetrate my cunt. It was Beth. I nodded in approval and did the same for her. What a sight, Sean fucking Harris' ass while Beth and I masturbated one another.

Finally Sean came and Harris came too, even though no one had touched his cock.

He really liked to have his ass invaded. Beth and I came. Beth then hid the camera. And we just sat there and looked at our sweaty men.

Beth said, "You boys definitely earned the right to a show. Have a shower and a beer and Carrie and I will be right with you. The boys did as told and 15 minutes later Beth said, "Now, as much as Carrie and I enjoy watching you boys jerk off, this is our show, there will be no use of hands." Beth proceeded to tie Sean's then Harris' hands behind their backs. With Harris and Sean naked with their hands tied behind their backs, Beth came to me and kissed me on the lips. We kissed, still dressed, for a long time. Then I felt my nipples over Beth's chest and reached out to fondle her chest. It felt so good, so different from my own. Beth groaned. I whispered in her ear, "Are we really making love or putting on a show?"

Beth answered "Both."

And we made love and put on a show. I won't describe it here. It was very different from being with a man. After the last two days, it was actually relaxing, calming. This is not the reaction we got from the boys. They were very excited, but they sat silently and watched. When Beth and I were finished, she told them they could go sleep in the other room, we would call them in the morning when we were ready. I got up and untied them and gave them a key and crawled back to bed with Beth. Beth said, "No jerking, sucking or fucking boys.

See you in the morning." Beth and I just kissed lightly, tasting each other's cunts, until we feel asleep. We both enjoyed our fist lesbian experience.

Day Four (the morning)

Beth and I woke up together. It was still pleasing to be in a feminine world, breast to breast, pussy to pussy. She really is beautiful and her body is so soft. I knew that no matter what happened with our husbands, we would always have a special relationship. From then on we would tease each other in front of the boys, but we would only make love in private.

We called the boys and directed them to come to our room, naked. When they knocked, we left them in the hall for just a minute. Then we let them in. Beth told them to sit on the bed. Beth and I had put on long T-shirts. We liked the feeling of being dressed while they were naked. Beth had me take out the video camera and I started filming. The boys tried to cover up, then Beth calmly announced "Boys, put your hands down. I hope that you have enjoyed the last few days. Carrie and I have decided that we like you this way. From now on you will be our sex slaves. There will be no chains or whips and you can always stop when you want. But once you stop, you never get to play the game with us again. This is only a sex thing. We are still husbands and wives, with equal responsibilities. But in all things sexual, you do what you are told. You will only cum when Carrie or I give you permission to do so. From now on your dicks belong to us. We may or may not decide to include others in our game. We may or may not include you when we want to make love to one another. That will be up to us. Now, on tape, please tell me if you freely agree to this."

Amazingly they answered "We do" in unison and without hesitation.

"Good," Beth smiled. "Make each other hard. We have one more thing to get on tape to prove your devotion to us." Beth moved to me and kissed me softly on the lips. "Do you agree?" She whispered. "Yes, I love it." And I kissed her back.

Beth returned her attention to the boys jerking each other

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