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A Nude Day misadventure.


'Of course you can get hurt, my dear, love always gives the other the power to hurt you. But yesterday she seemed very encouraging towards you. You are a very sweet and handsome man, you know. As for her marriage: can you seriously imagine her going back to her husband as a vampire?' Now Vincent looks quite concerned.

'But please Adison and Victor, do remember what Bruce said about blood giving someone power! Though on second thought, she's had her share of your blood already, so that is kind of too late.' They are all a bit sorry that it is only late summer, for they will have to wait that much longer until she wakes up.

'That reminds me,' Vincent says, 'you will want to stay here with her, Victor, but wouldn't it be safer if Adison is here as well when she wakes up? The enemy may want her back.'

Adison looks at Victor.

'What do you want, do you want me around?'

Not wanting to separate the two lovers, but not quite ready to face a beautiful young woman on his own either, he says, 'Actually, I would feel safer with you around. Not because I think she is still under the influence of the enemy, but because I'm afraid to mess up. I'm not entirely accountable with her around, I'm afraid.'

But Adison worries about Vincent.

'Will you be all right on your own? You're still wounded pretty badly.'

'I know, therefore I'll send a boy to Bruce and ask him to pick me up and bring me home. I'll have the best fighter in the city as my personal guard.'

And with that, Adison is completely satisfied.

A day passes fast when you get up really late. And before they know it, Bruce is there with Maud, to take Vincent to the theatre. Adison has fed Vincent some painkillers, and given him some to take with him for the rest of the night. She has padded the wounds extra firmly, to be sure he will not bleed for real on stage.

While the guys talk about the events of last night, she draws Maud aside and tells her Vincent is wounded, knowing he'd never tell her he is in pain by himself, but certain Maud will take care not put pressure on his chest the coming nights. Maud promises to keep an eye on him for Adison.

As they set off, dusk is beginning to fall. Adison urges Victor to stay at Mina's side.

'It is important that she is not alone when she wakes up. You go sit with her. Don't feed her without me, though. She has probably never spared her prey, so until she knows when to stop I want to be there. I love you too, you know.'

This encourages Victor to actually dare sit with Mina, and he picks up some notes that need sorting and a book, and enters her room. It is pitch dark, so he lights a lamp. Then he sits down on the bed and watches Mina sleep. She hasn't moved a muscle since he left, and she is showing no signs of waking up yet. He wonders what she will feel like when she wakes up, will she be glad to be free, or will she feel guilty for the things she has done?

Or maybe she will be like Vincent, totally forgetful. Though he doubts that, Adison would never do that to anyone, her cure cannot have been like a lightning strike combined with the chemical mixture he infused the body with to resurrect it. Not only did it cause Vincent the excruciating pain, but he thinks it also bleached his skin to white and his eyes from brown to yellow. He has burned his notes on that process, not wanting anyone able to repeat it.

Musing about his own misdeed, he has forgotten all about his notes and book. He has felt guilty a lot, realizing he tried to outdo God without having any insight in the consequences. Imagining what might have happened if Adison had not been there is very painful, and he has used it often to punish himself for his hubris.

But at the same time it has brought him so much: friends, love, a new career as a practising doctor, weapons skills.

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