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Battle Training, Tearlag Moves into the Keep.


"For some cards, a light snack, and maybe some dancing....?"

"As I said before, we would love to. I'd like to have the opportunity to twirl you around the floor a few more times."

"Good, here's a note for Linda then." She handed me a sealed envelope, "you can tell her Jake gave it to you as a note from me."

I was puzzled, but nodded. She slid slightly closer to me and kissed me on the cheek. I was a little surprised, but thought that very kind of her.

"Friday night, at 8:00," she said, pressing the button that unlocked the doors of that heavy old car. "We'll see you then."

I got out of the car almost literally scratching my head. I didn't know what was going on, but the questioning and her responses made me wonder if I hadn't been more successful getting to know Jake's wife than I had expected.

Friday came soon enough. Linda had fussed all day to make sure she looked just right. I wondered what that was all about, considering the purpose we were going over for. She finally selected a loose fitting black wool jumper that continued as a skirt, the filmy blouse she wore beneath it was almost transparent and I knew Jake would have a good view, even though not complete of those lovely tits of hers. Three inch black heels and thigh high hosiery completed the picture. In short, she was lovely! We were at Jake and Claudia's house at 8:00 on the nose. Jake opened the door when I rang the bell and smiled widely.

"Welcome, come on in. Claudia will be out in a minute." He gave Linda a hug that lasted a few seconds longer than some would consider appropriate, looked her up and down like he was examining a filet mignon, then shook my hand and beckoned us toward the living room where two couches faced each other. "Have a seat. I'll see what's holding Claudia up."

Linda and I sat on one couch. We heard a slight murmuring in the hallway to the bedrooms, then Claudia came out. Both Linda and I stood up, Linda to give her one of those kisses on the cheek the ladies are fond of, and I to thank her for the invitation. It was hard to get the words out. Looking at Claudia now, she was as lovely as my Linda who I naturally thought was always gorgeous. She wore a little vest with buttons down the front. It looked like she had a blouse beneath that was almost as thin as Linda's. She also wore a skirt that hugged her hips and would have been too tight had it not been for the long slit that stopped just short of her waist. As she stepped toward Linda, I could see that it overlapped to prevent exposing too much flesh. I had to wonder how much overlap there was. I could feel my hands stirring, wanting to find out. She took both my hands in hers, mumbling a greeting which I missed because I was so entranced. I mumbled something in return and was rewarded with a smile as warm as her lips as they touched my cheek

The night went exactly as they had said when she told me of the plans.

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