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Suburban housewife humiliated/punished by two women.


"Huh. I don't know if I should be angry or flattered."

"I think you lost the right to be angry the second you decided to follow me home. Don't you?" I didn't say anything and was relieved to see the entrance to my building thinking we'll just say goodnight and part ways. But he still didn't let go of my arm. He just stood there staring at me waiting for something. My heart was racing as I said "Would you want to come in for a few minutes?" I emphasized the last part hoping he'll get the message. I wasn't sure I was ready for anything more tonight.

We walked in, he still didn't let go of my arm as he led us straight to my door and we entered the apartment. He finally let go of my arm and went to the kitchen. "I'll make some tea, you should go to bed it's late. But before that I am going to see your tattoo. Don't worry" he said as he saw the worried look on my face. "Nothing is going to happen tonight. Except for you showing me your tattoo and going to sleep."

"My tattoo is on my inner thigh and I'll go to sleep when you leave. I sleep naked."

"I know you do. Now get to bed, I'll bring the tea."

"Wait! What do you mean, I know, how can you know?! You're not supposed to know that!"

"And you're not supposed to follow strange men around. That didn't stop you from doing it did it?"

"But...it's not the same thing! How did you even get in?"

"Never mind that. You're safe with me. If you stop arguing about every damn thing. Now tattoo and bed."

"I won't show you the tattoo tonight. It's on my inner thigh, very close to umm... you know..."

"Why so close to your umm... you know?" He asked with an amused smile on his face.

"It's silly really. I just wanted him to be close enough to his prey that he could smell it all the time. Wolves are known to be relentless when hunting you know"

"I know. Bed. Now! I'll see the tattoo at some other time then."

"And you won't try anything?"

"I haven't so far. You're safe with me. For now"

"I know this is a silly question to ask in this situation but why don't you find me attractive?"

"Who said I don't?"

"If you do, why haven't you made any moves yet"

A big grin appeared on his face "I did. A week ago."

"What do you mean you made a move a week ago? I didn't even see you a week ago."

"No. But I saw you."

"And what does that mean?"

"It means we will talk about this tomorrow. Now you're going to sleep! It's late."

"Fuck sleep! And it's not that late anyway. Besides, I really want to know what you meant. I won't be able to sleep now even if I wanted to and I DON'T want to!" I said, putting on the bathrobe I left on the floor and getting out of bed "I want to know what you mean by that."

The biggest grin I ever saw spread across his face as he took three steps and was standing by my side, grabbed my arm and spun me around so I was with my back to him facing the bed. His hand was holding my arm firmly behind my back and the other gripping my neck as his lips brushed my ear. "I told you to stop arguing with me! Now you'll see how bad girls go to sleep." He let go of my neck and in one quick movement pulled the belt off the bathrobe, threw it over his shoulder and proceeded to disrobe me.

Once I was naked he dragged me by my arm and dropped me on the bed, took my hands, tied them together using the belt and then tied my hands to the bed forcing me to lie on my side. It all happened so fast that I really had no time to protest or fight him. When he was done he sat by my side and put his hand over my mouth to stop the yelling he knew was sure to come. "We don't want to scare the neighbors do we? You can be quiet or I can make you be quiet. Nod if you won't shout" He kept grinning and proceeded to remove his hand as I nodded my agreement not to shout.

"Ok you proved your point.

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