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Two cops and a repentent speeder.

A thrill like a fast slide down a big hill fluttered in her belly. The prospect of new territory. She lay down and wiggled under the other girl, spreading her legs wide around Karl's widely spaced knees. Nicola's sweet mouth landed on hers like passionate rain. The girls' tongues slid together in slick, perfect kisses. Karl moaned loudly, bared his teeth and shoved into Nicola. She tore her mouth away from Catherine's and screamed.

"Oh, god... Karl...prend-moi... make it 'urt!" The caterwauls issuing from her reverberated into Catherine. Even with her bathing suit still on, and soaked in the crotch, the heat and pressure of Nicola's pussy spread and pressed against her did surprising things to Catherine's libido. She took one of Nicola's soft, plump tits in each hand and kneaded gently. Above them both, Karl had totally lost his grip. His smoldering eyes were darting everywhere and seeing nothing, so lost in sensation was he. The man rutted into Nicola's asshole while she squealed like a bitch from the pleasure-pain. Cathy thought it almost felt like he was fucking her too, with the force of friction her hard little clit was taking from his thrusts. Only her poor aching, dripping hole bested that; her moisture continually caught in the fabric of her suit till she felt like a little girl who had wet her panties. Nicola's secretions added to her own, and Karl's hanging sac smacked wetly against them both.

She couldn't have said when, or who started it, but whatever did it turned it into a three way chain-reaction orgasm. Karl's dark, unseeing eyes turned skyward as spurting jets of cum flooded from his cock, up Nicola's ass. She wailed at the heat and the renewed slickness, fucking herself on his twitching organ whilst rubbing up against the steaming swamp of Catherine's crotch. Karl pumped her so full of cream it began to leak out of her. The stickiness of Karl's essences smeared on her buttocks sent her over the edge, coming so violently she nearly pitched the man from her back. When she was not screaming, she and Cathy's mouths locked together in searing kisses that were five years in the making. Their orgasm was mutual, clitoral, though definitely helped by the human fountaining butt-plug and in the one and by the said plug's mind-numbing, extremely masculine climax.

Karl crashed onto the tarp on Catherine's right; Nicola lay where she fell, right on top of her. Fully ten minutes later, the Aussie realized with a jolt that her best friend was sound asleep where she'd fallen. How funny. She shouldered the smaller girl to her other side and slid the rest of the way out from underneath. Nicola rolled onto her side, back to Catherine, and fell into a deeper phase of sleep. A small smile curled the corners of the redhead's mouth.

"How was it?" asked Karl. Apparently he'd recovered his thought processes.

Catherine's were a bit slower. "... Amazing. Really... unique."

"First time with a girl?" he asked, perceptively.

"Uh-huh." She really didn't want to discuss it. Not yet. She would want to stew on that at least a couple days before she came to any conclusions.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I have ass and god knows what else on me now." Karl rolled his eyes like it was just horrid, but playfully.

"...And I think I'm getting sand in various unfortunate... uh... places." Catherine finished.

"Another dip in the ocean, then?" he asked.

"Yeah, when I can walk. I'm still too shaky, but go ahead."

"I'll wait for you."

And silence.

Catherine sat waiting for the tingling and pounding blood to die down, but no, it was getting worse as she sat next to the man she'd lusted over for two years. Not looking at him didn't help. Singing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" didn't help. Shit. She'd just have to fake it--calmness, that was.

When she took a quick look over at Karl to signal her readiness, she gave a start.

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