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Tony pays for his sloppy work.

And moan happily into the kiss as he correctly guessed it was Iris, Barry confirming that as he pulled back and smiled at his girl.

"I want you in my mouth." Iris confessed softly, unnecessarily explaining, "Mmmmm, I wanna suck your cock while Caitlin licks my pussy."

Not needing to be asked twice Barry grinned and shuffled upwards until he was kneeling over Iris's face. Iris then gave his cock a couple of long strokes while he was hovering over her face, then she smiled up at him before wrapping her lips around him.

God, it had been way too long since he had been inside Iris West's mouth, the sensation causing Barry to throw his head back and let out a loud cry of pleasure, quickly followed by moans, groans and gasps. Some of them were even manly. Most of them were embarrassing though, but he couldn't help it. That was just what Iris could do to him with ease, and that was without her receiving head from another girl at the same time.

In a move which really made him feel like a dumb guy Barry forgot about any jealousy or misgivings he might have about this arrangement and for the next few minutes he just enjoyed the show in front of him. He couldn't help it, the side of Caitlin in between Iris's legs was just so fucking hot. But more than that, there was a weird kind of beauty to it.

Especially with his cock in Iris's mouth. It just felt so, right. Which was probably just the pleasure talking, but then again like any guy it was hard for The Flash to think while a beautiful girl was sucking his cock. Especially when in this case it was the beautiful girl that he was in love with, had always been in love with, that was sucking him off right now.

He could only really concentrate on what she was doing, namely concentrating on just sucking on the head of his cock while stroking the shaft with her hand, at least at first. Eventually she started bobbing her head up and down on the first few inches while holding his dick steady, soon after taking him to the back of her mouth and then further.

That really caused him to lose his mind, and almost his load, Barry closing his eyes and desperately trying to think unsexy things to stop himself from cumming too soon so he could enjoy this heaven. Of course Iris wouldn't be denied, and it was only a matter of time before again Barry Allen would give Iris West what she wanted.

Iris already had exactly what she wanted, namely Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow in bed with her and fulfilling her sexual needs. Oh yes, Iris wanted to spend the rest of her life in a Caitlin and Barry sandwich. Ideally as the filling, as she was now. Although she was already looking forward to the moment she could be one of the pieces of bread, so to speak, and treat her lovers to what she was experiencing now.

Because really, there was nothing quite like using her mouth on someone she loved while another person she loved just as much used their mouth on her. Well, except maybe how things were at the beginning of last night, with Barry's cock in her cunt and her mouth and tongue worshipping Caitlin's pussy, because then they were all receiving pleasure, but she could definitely make things up to Caitlin later.

Unfortunately if she was going to have the time to do that she would need to hurry things along. Iris really, really didn't want too, as this was literally a dream come true, but they all had other things they needed to do today, and while last night had been incredibly satisfying, more than ever before, at least for her, now she was craving an orgasm so much it was nearly painful.

And it definitely felt like Barry felt the same way given how hard he was, and how hard he had been at the start of this. So after a few long minutes of just enjoying this Iris pushed her mouth further down the cock while reaching down and pushing Caitlin's face deeper into her cunt.

As subtlety wasn't really working out, at least for Caitlin, Iris relatively moved her mouth from Barry's cock a few minutes later and pleaded her fianc__, "More! Mmmmm, Caitlin, please bab

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