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One of his earlier guests charters the Captain's boat.

The rest of you know what's up; girls into position and start the clock."

Three naked girls came out of the darkness and placed themselves on the tables. Jill took the center table. They all had nice bodies with blond hair and tall. Their breasts were average to above average. I would have traded mine for anyone of them. Two were bald and Jill had a landing strip on her mound.

My heart was beating a mile a minute and my hands were clammy. Charles was holding one and said, "Relax Karen. We can go anytime you desire."

Three guys then came out of the dark, naked, already hard and with condoms. They all walked to the tables, lifted the girl's legs, pulled their butts to the edge and inserted their weapon and went to work. Soft music was playing and my heart was pounding. Jill let out with, "Ohoo," as the guy buried his cock in one push.

Charles leaned into me and said, "She must have been a tad dry being her first initiation and maybe a little scared."

The guy doing Heather was the first to growl and stiffen, pulling Heather tight to him as he unloaded. Erin's guy pulled out, ripped the condom off, walked to the side of the table, and sprayed her tits with his juice. By then, another guy was into Heather and the guy doing Jill stiffened and fired.

I continued sitting there staring. Some drinks had arrived and I gulped it down in a swallow, my mouth was so dry. Seeing live sex was getting to me. The guys sitting around waiting their turn or voyeurs like me were shouting words of encouragement and other comments from time to time at their buddies.

The initiation continued and the room smelled of sperm. I was getting horny. I heard Jill go, "Oh yes," as her body spasmed with the pleasure waves rolling through her.

Seeing her convulse made me hornier. Charles must have sensed it and began to massage my right breast with the arm he had around me using his left arm, placing it on flesh under the dress. I had no bra on. It felt so good and made me hornier for him and his cock.

I leaned back, closed my eyes, and inhaled the aroma of the atmosphere and just let blood flow to my pussy to make me want Charles that much more.

I heard another pleasure sound from center stage. Charles said that Heather was cumming. I opened my eyes and saw her convulsing on the table. I turned to Charles and said, "Can I eat her?"

He dropped my boob and said, "Let's make a move before the guy pulls out."

We approached the table. Heather had her eyes closed and was working her breasts with her hands. Charles and the guy gave each other the high five as the guy pulled out from Heather. I was turned on by Heather's swollen pussy lips, all glistening with her secretions, shaven bare and her clit asking for attention.

I heard, "Go for dessert Karen."

Charles pulled a padded kneeler from the table. I knelt, and then wrapped my arms around Heather's legs that were dangling over the edge after the guy pulled out, used my fingers to open her lips more, smelled her nectar, and buried my face onto her playpen.

She let out a moan of pleasure as my tongue contacted the clit. I heard people clapping in the background. Who for or what for I had no idea.

As I was eating Heather, Charles stepped behind me, untied the knot so the top of my dress fell, exposing my breasts as his hands encased them. I wanted Heather to cum so I concentrated on her clit and getting my tongue into her honey-hole from time to time.

Charles whispered, "Finger fuck her." I did as he suggested. With the fingers and tonguing, Heather lifted her legs so she could put her feet on the table and hump.

I was shocked, in less than a minute of placing her feet on the table she was humping my fingers as if they were a cock and I heard, "Oo...Ooooo...Ooooooo...Oh,Noooooo!"

With the "No," I was rewarded with a spray of fem juices.

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