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Saturday morning sees couples swapping-things get really HOT.

He stared with astonishment at my bare chest. Astonishment quickly turned to lust as I let him stare, speechless, for some time. Then, without conscious thought, I reached up and grabbed that hand which I then plopped right back onto my bare boob.

"Oh God, Tim play with it. Play with both of them. Do it, now please."

Another deep groan escaped from Tim's mouth as he complied. His hand moved over the boob and nipple again. While still groaning, he lowered his mouth to my other boob and went to work on it with his lips and tongue. Oh God, I was on fire with desire. I simply sat still and reveled in Tim's sensuous touches.

The dam had finally broken for both of us, I guess.

Novice that he was, Tim was still good enough to capitalize on my arousal sufficiently to bring me to a shivering orgasm just working over my boobs. I was suddenly glad he had those damned plastic seat covers over the cloth seats of the old Stude. I certainly would of soaked where I was sitting if the plastic wasn't there. My God did I ever unleash a flood of aromatic girl juice.

Tim smelled it too. He groaned deep and hard. He could no longer hold back. He unzipped and dug out his cock. He stroked himself quickly, but I stopped him just as quickly.

"Let me do it," I blurted out. Aroused desire was winning out over shyness.

I stroked him more slowly than he'd been doing himself. I wanted to feel his cock. to look at it, and I wanted to watch it squirt and dribble on my hand. I was especially intrigued to watch his bulbous cockhead pop out of his foreskin on my down stroke. The process fascinated me. Tim's breathing became increasingly more shallow and rapid as I stroked him.

"Oh, oh, oh God, Karen, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum"

With my free hand, I whipped his hanky out of his side coat pocket and held it above his cockhead. I was just in time to see and deflect the first shot down onto my wrist and fingers. Six more shots followed, each of a decreasing volume of cum. With help from a Kleenex box on the floor in back, I first got Tim wiped off and then myself and the plastic under me. When I looked again, Tim had put his cock away and was zipped up again. I think he was so embarrassed that he was near tears. Why, I didn't really know.

I slid over next to him again, my boobs still blatantly bare and practically glowing. We sat that way for another hour. Tim's right hand idly caressed my boobs the entire time. Unconsciously, he was doing that with such finesse that he had me in a nearly unendurable state of arousal the entire hour. God but I wanted some more of him and his cock. But Tim's shyness had evidently returned and I was unwilling to push him for fear of losing him.

My God, had I finally found love? Had love finally found me?


At last, Tim said, "Put your dress back together, Karen. I'm hungry. Let's go get some breakfast."

We ate in near silence. Tim just unabashedly looked at me like a love sick puppy. My return stare was no less mushy than his.

"I don't have words to describe how I feel about what happened tonight, Karen."

"So don't try. The way you look at me tells me all I need to know. I hope you can tell the same about me."


We left and Tim drove me home. The false dawn of sunrise was just lighting up the sky as Tim stopped by my front porch. Our goodnight kiss was lingering, light, sweet, Tender, and for me anyway, pregnant foreboding. Pregnant with the feeling of an ending rather than a beginning.

Oh God, I thought, don't let this end now. Not now, please.

Tim finally broke the kiss. He took my face in both hands and gave me a light, touching peck on the forehead and got back in the car to drive off. It was Sunday morning. My family was not church going, so I was home all day. Tim didn't call and he didn't come out to the house either. Monday was school as usual.

Only it wasn't usual.

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