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Male exhibitionist shows all to curious niece & friend.

"What would you like me to do now?"

"Just bend over and put your hands on the bed, slut, and spread your legs nice and wide for me. Let me see that pussy of yours."

This was more than she had hoped and dreamed of, she thought as she bent over. Not only was she going to get fucked but this young man was dominating her like her husband never had. She could feel her pussy lips swelling as she became more aroused and her fluids began to coat her inner lips.

"I can't see your pussy, ," Dan growled as he moved forward and spanked Karen on her right ass cheek. "Put your fucking head down on the bed and use your hands to spread your asscheeks open for me."

Karen responded instantly and the room filled with the heady aroma of her arousal as she spread her asscheeks and revealed her wet, swollen pussy. Never in her life had she expected to be so turned on. She had more than her share of lovers before she had been married but none of them had ever affected her like this young man. He hadn't even touched her and yet she could feel that she was already on the brink of an orgasm.

"That's it you fucking tease. I've watched you for the past three years that I've worked here as you've walked around like the rest of us are nothing but servants to take care of you. Well tonight it's going to be different. Tonight you'll do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you, without question. Do you understand me?"

Karen nodded that she understood and waited for Dan's next command.

"Ok, now I'm going to tell you my rules. Number one: For once in your spoiled life you're going to let yourself go entirely, which means you can curse, swear or scream all you want. I want you to not only act but be the slut you've said you want to be. Number two: You'll do whatever I say when I say and number three: since you've asked me to fill you with my cum you need to leave it there. If you get pregnant so be it. Do you understand?"

Karen whimpered as she obeyed.

"Now, take your right hand off your ass and slip two fingers into your pussy. I want to see just how wet you are already."

Karen knew what was going to happen the instant she touched herself and shivered at the thought. In a matter of moments this young man had gotten her more excited than her husband had ever gotten her. Biting her lower lip to try and prolong what was going to happen she reached for her pussy and spread the lip with her fingers before gently touching her aroused clit. Instantly, her legs trembled and she began to fall forwards onto the bed as her orgasm flowed through her until she felt Dan's hands grabbing her waist and pulling her back so she was bent over the bed again.

"I didn't say you could lay down, slut. Now finish what I told you to do and put your fingers into your pussy."

Even in her dazed condition Karen obeyed and the fireworks went off again but this time she wasn't able to hold back as she began to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy. "Ohhhh, yessssssssss. Oh my god. I'm cumming. Ohhhh god, baby. No one has even been able to do this to me before. Yes... yes... yes... again... I'm cumming aaaaaaGGGGGAAAAIINNNNN. AHHHHHHHHH," Karen shouted.

"That's it you little mommy slut. Finger your pussy like a whore and make yourself cum all over your hand. I want to see just how much cum is going to be coating my cock when I slide it into you and fill your pussy with my cum."

"Do it. Put your cock in my cunt and fuck me. Oh, god I love the sound of that word... cunt... cunt... cunt. It makes me feel so wanton and depraved. My husband says that 'ladies' don't use such words but tonight I'm not a 'lady' am I? I'm a slut and I want to feel your cock deep inside of my cunt filling me with your cum. I need to know that I'm good for something to someone."

Dan stood silently when he heard her comment.

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