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A teen and his sweetheart finally embrace his unique trait.

I'd booked a hotel room for us, and I'd tried to deal with any issues so that I could make the night run as smoothly as possible. My main concern would be that she had decided against sex, what if it wasn't what she wanted.

That though was soon quashed as she came out in a red pencil skirt and white blouse and the highest heels I'd ever seen.

"Hi babe," she said as she sat herself down in the passenger seat, I leaned over to kiss her cheek and say hello, and it was during this short exchange I felt her hand on my thigh, and I was pretty sure I would be tasting much more than Italian food tonight.

We went out for dinner and had a lovely meal, and as we walked back to my car, my heart began to pound, I knew that it was now or never, if I kissed her, we could go to that hotel and the night wouldn't end. Or if I wimped out, then she'd get in the car and I'd drive her home.

"Did you enjoy your meal?" I asked as we reached the passenger door.

"It was beautiful, the mushrooms were just to die for," She said smiling at me.

"That's good, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Is there anything you'd like to do now?" I asked.

"Hmm, maybe...why don't you come here and find out," Her smile changed to a grin as I walked forward and my mouth found hers.

Her lips were soft and the remnants of the red wine were still locked inside them. Her tongue met mine and soon I had her pressed up against the side of my car, my hands on her hips, pulling her closer to me, I wanted to feel her. Our mouths explored each other for a few more minutes before she pulled away.

Breathlessly she said: "Is there somewhere we could go?"

Not even answering her I opened the door and guided her in and jumping in the drivers side, I headed for the hotel.

"As you can tell, I wasn't expecting this," I said laughing as I grabbed her hand and led her into room 143. The door wasn't even shut properly when we were pulling at each others clothes. The na__ve nerves I was having, seemed to leave me and

I took control of everything.

I picked her up and threw her on the bed, Amy looked at me, shocked but with a hunger in her eyes that made me want to fuck her more. I climbed on top of her, so she was trapped beneath my legs and grabbing the loose material of her shirt, I pulled it open and started kissing her neck and collarbones - occasionally going back up to her lips and kissing her deeply.

Her breathing started getting heavier as I undid her bra and started to slowly wandered down her body. I stopped at each breast and slowly sucked, kissed and bit at them. I could feel her hands wander through my hair, pulling my face closer into her.

When I was happy that her nipples were at full attention, I again started to move down. I reached her hips where her skirt was and said: "Do you want me to take it off?"

I didn't get a response, just a moan and I took that as a yes. The skirt was no bother, it came off easily. And soon it was only a fine pair of lace panties that was in the way of me and her pussy.

I put her legs over my shoulders and pulled her panties off as I lay sweet kisses on the inside of her thighs - her moaning got louder the closer I got to her soaking pussy.

"Fuck me," She said.

With those words, I did just that. My tongue plunged deep into her pussy, she tasted amazing. Her pussy was shaved, so when my tongue wasn't in her, it was all around the lips and back to her thighs again.

I liked my tongue in her, and by the noises she was making, so did she.

My tongue came out of her and started playing with her clit, dancing over it so she was just jerking around on the bed in pleasure. I inserted two fingers into her sopping cunt as my tongue played with her clit.

"FUCK. I'm going to come! Oh my fucking god that's good!" Amy yelled. I started pounding my fingers into her harder and harder, my tongue going faster on her clit.

I felt her legs start to clamp around my body, she was coming, and she was coming hard.

I took my fingers out and covered her whole pussy with my mouth, I didn't want to miss a mouthful of wh

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