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Not all about erotica, Susan writes her passion for cars.

Brett's cock sprung out of his boxers, standing proudly straight out in front of him. It was right around 7 inches, so it was just smaller than the largest that Becca had seen. While it was not her biggest, something about it set a fire burning within her. In her eyes, it was perfect. It was if the fireworks had returned, making her desperate to please Brett and his perfect dick.

Brett could not believe how his night had turned out: Becca Oliver was in his apartment, on her knees staring appreciatively at his cock. Just as that thought crossed his mind, Becca stuck out her tongue and gave his shaft a long lick from base to head. Brett groaned from the bottom of his soul as the hot chick he had only dreamed about dragged her tongue over his dick. He could've cum right then and there, but, luckily, years of watching porn had helped him increase his endurance.

Becca began to apply quick licks to the head of Brett's cock, trying to get as much of the sensitive area as wet as she possibly could. She loved teasing him like this, getting him all worked up so she could fully please him later. God, how she loved all the little noises he made as she painted the head of his dick with her tongue. She resolved that she would make this the best night of his life, starting right now.

"Mmm tasty," she moaned as she stopped licking his cock. However, she spit all over it and began to jack him off as she spoke to him. "Tonight, I'm going to make all of your fantasies come true. But first, you're going to have to take off those boxers."

Standing, Brett removed his boxers and his sweater, leaving him completely naked. As he realized this, he said, "Well, it looks like someone here is a little overdressed."

Both he and Becca smirked at this, before Becca conceded, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Well, how about you unwrap me, stud? Merry Christmas!" With this, she stood and turned her back to Brett, pressing her jean-covered ass into his unrestrained cock. She grabbed his hands and placed them near the bottom of her sweater, keeping her hands over his own. Together, they pulled her sweater over her head and off. Brett ran his hands over Becca's flat stomach and up to her magnificent 34D tits, which were encased in a red lace bra. Brett, staring over her shoulder, was practically drooling at the view as he squeezed and molded Becca's bra-clad tits in his hands. Becca sighed and moaned as Brett pawed her tits. She loved the feel of his strong hands on her body and was thoroughly enjoying the way he was handling her. As he continued his appreciation of her ample chest, Becca's hands traveled to the zipper on her jeans and, before long, her jeans joined her sweater in a heap on the floor. Her matching red thong came into view, splitting the perfectly-round cheeks of her ass.

Brett moved his hands downward to grip her tight ass before giving her a sharp spank, eliciting a moan from Becca. Throwing her hair over her shoulder and looking back at Brett, she said, "Ooh, I like it rough. Hopefully you're the man to give me the pounding I need tonight."

"That can be arranged," he replied, giving her another spank on the ass, causing Becca to moan again and press her perfect behind into his impossibly-hard cock.

"But right now, I'm gonna get back on my knees and suck on your hard dick until you cum," Becca said, causing a naughty smile to cross her face and her perfect blue eyes to glow with lust. Swiftly, she turned around and dropped to her knees in front of the still-standing Brett. His rock-hard cock twitched as Becca kneeled before him, squeezing her bra-covered tits while looking at his cock as if it were a delicious popsicle on a hot summer day. He had never seen a sight so sexy and his cock showed this, throbbing harder with each passing second.

I'm going to rock his world, Becca thought as she stared at his hard dick, her large breasts heaving wonderfully.

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