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Things take a turn between friends.

Steve explained that he and Mary had actually planned on going back to Palm Springs for this week, but at the last minute had changed to Las Vegas, and that Caesars Palace wasn't where they normally stayed, they'd just decided to try something different.

Steve had swim trunks and a tee shirt on, Mary had some kind of beach cover-up and sandals; it appeared obvious to me they were headed to a pool. That was confirmed seconds later when Mary said "We were just headed to the pool, what are you guys up to?" Gloria confirmed that we were going up to change, and had plans on doing the same. "Fantastic! We'll save you a spot, come find us!"

"The Venus Pool, of course," Mary answered when we'd asked which one they were going to. "I never pass an opportunity to show off the girls," she said with a grin and a wink.

"How long ago did you set this up?" was the first thing that Gloria asked when they stepped away and we stepped into the next available elevator.

"It was right after Palm Springs. We've been talking weekly about doing this, it was the first time it lined up for all of us, so I tricked you into coming as I knew you wouldn't go for it otherwise."

"Really?" she asked, looking at me, not sure whether to believe me or not.

"Absolutely not," I answered, shaking my head and grinning at her. "Why is it that when I tell you the truth, you don't believe me -- but when I tell you a lie that you do? Seriously Gloria -- it is pure coincidence that they're here, I had no idea." She squenched her eyes together, closing one and looking at me sidelong.


"I'm not lying -- it's pure chance."


"You know they're going to ask us if we want to play again, don't you?" she asked, 10 minutes later as we waited for yet another elevator to take us back down to the pool level.

"We don't know that," I responded, not even believing it myself.

"But they will, won't they?" Gloria continued as the bell for the elevator announced its arrival. The door opened and we joined four others already heading downstairs.

"They might," I answered.

"Do you want to?" I felt the eyes of four strangers observing us, wondering just what our conversation was about.

"Let's play it by ear."

Mary and Steve weren't hard to find, having staked out four lounge chairs for us in a surprisingly empty pool area. There were several couples across from us, but otherwise the area was virtually empty. Steve was on the end lounge with an empty lounge between him and Mary. Another empty lounge was on the opposite side of Mary, unless Mary moved over, one of us would be going between the two of them and one of us on the outside. Unhesitatingly Gloria took the lounge between Steve and Mary which left the girls in the middle and me on the outside with Mary between Gloria and me.

Steve had already shed his shirt when we arrived but Mary had just shed her cover-up, greeting us in a bikini as we arrived. "We weren't sure how soon you would be here" Mary said, nonchalantly reaching behind and unhooking her swim top, exposing her magnificent breasts. "We thought we might need to move, but it's really quiet so far. You should have seen this Saturday and Sunday though -- it was packed all weekend long. I really like the weekdays better. Hand me the lotion, Baby," she said to Steve, pointing to their beach bag.

Gloria and I situated our chairs a little better and sat down, pulling our t-shirts off also. Gloria started putting sunscreen on also, but still had her bikini on, and made no effort to take it off. "You're not leaving your top on are you?" Mary said when Gloria started spreading lotion onto her upper chest.

"I don't know, I haven't decided," she answered, not convincing even me.

"Oh don't give me that," Mary laughed," I saw how you loved going naked at Palm Springs.

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