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u getting warm?"

"I am. Is there anything else you need to do that I can help with?"

He watches in amusement as she shakes her head no and begins rummaging through her purse. Finding a comb and moves to sit Indian style on the floor before the fireplace and begins unweaving her hair from the braid she worked it back into after their session in the car.

"Come here."

Shifting in his chair, he holds out his hand for the comb and motions to the stool before him. Smiling, she hands the comb over and turns to sits on the cushion, hands on her knees and with her back to him. He runs his hand over her hair; frowning at how wet it still is and reaches for his towel to blot it dry before starting to work a comb through it.

"And you made a comment about tending me ... what if you get sick?"

"The fire will dry it out." She simply shifts and shrugs ... nudging the stool back between his legs and wraps her arms under his knees and around his calves before tilting her head back and grinning at him. "Besides, I am invincible, remember?"

Bending to kiss just between her eyes, he shakes his head no and smiles. "It may not be kryptonite, but I'm pretty sure I have a few things in my arsenal that makes you weak ... at least in the knees."

The next kiss is upside down on her lips ... just long enough to hear her sigh in pleasure ... then he's nudging her back upright to work on smoothing out her damp tresses. "Tell me about this place when you were a kid."

She hesitates a moment, fingertips stroking his shins. "Not much different than right now. No electricity really, just enough for a couple of lights. Other than a few modernizations, most of it should be as it was when my grandfather's generation would come up here."

He pulls her hair up, putting the towel over the robe to keep it from getting wet and listens to her talking about cousins and friends, riding horses and running after animals. He could almost see her playing in the barn, jumping from the loft and swinging from the beams, climbing trees and gathering apples. Hidden doors and crawlspaces. How because she was one of the three girls in the family, she was generally in a small corner bedroom under the eaves ... but it depended on how many people would come for a weekend as to where they were allowed to sleep. The favorite place for the children to sleep was being allowed to camp out in front of the fireplace they now sat in front of warming themselves.

"Ok, turn and face me."

She swivels on the stool towards him, grinning. "All done?"

"Almost." He leans forward, elbows on his knees and laces his fingers under her hair behind her neck. "Lean back. We'll let the heat from the fire finish drying your hair."

She tilts her head back into his hands, letting her hair fall back and smiles up at him.

"Danke, mien Geliebter."

"You're welcome," he whispers, the meaning of the words apparent in her tone and eyes ... leaning forward to kiss her lips lightly before resting his forehead on hers and looking into her eyes.

It's quiet, his touch calming her down. In a sense she's surrounded by him at the moment, and very happily so. Very aware that what he's doing now is his way of taking care of her. His head turns just enough for a kiss and she can't help think of how nice this is at the moment.

"This is nice."

Echoing her thoughts, there's the briefest hesitation before she nods in agreement ... his kiss is returned. She slips her hands up around him in a loose hug, letting her upper arms rest on his thighs and her eyes close as he begins running his fingers through her hair to help dry it faster. For the first time that day, she's still and he closes his eyes also enjoying their holding each other ... her being close and quiet. The rain is still outside, almost a white noise to the sound of the fire ... both soothing and relaxing.

A pop from the fireplace causes her to jump under him and he draws in a breath and opens his eyes, realizing they're both starting to doze off in the heat.

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