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Greg gets the attention of the neighbor girls.

It was almost funny how inadequate they seemed compared to Megan. If I could wake up now and fuck them it wouldn't even be cheating, that's how insignificant they were compared to Megan. That's when her image came to my mind: my amazonian teenage girlfriend who had almost killed me with her inhumanly powerful body.

And I came viciously, filling the mouth of the little nurse whose mouth was on the tip of my cock. She gagged and moved allowing the spurts of cum to spray them and the room.


The next day I got a visit from Katey - and her new boyfriend. He was taller than me, but not much; maybe 5'8". Just tall enough for Katey to rest her breasts on his shoulders. She seemed to find little guys adorable now. She told me that she had not heard from Megan, and maybe I should visit her where she lived. I was surprised and a bit jealous to notice that Katey knew where that was but I didn't. After they left I continued sleeping a bit more.

On the third day I was visited by doctor Melinda, probably the infamous Doctor M. She explained to me that what I had was an attack caused by extreme exhaustion and dehydration. But my body was recovering amazingly well, much faster than they had anticipated. Usually they would keep me for a week at least, but in this case they could release me today.

And as a final mention the doctor said that she has been trying to contact the girl who left me here without success. She left her a message so hopefully she will be here to pick me up in the afternoon. If not, I should maybe try and look for her because she seemed quite distraught when she was leaving; somehow she considered it was her fault for my state.

"Young girls," the doctor said. "So self-centered and unable to control themselves. They think they are the center of the world. As if a girl could do this to a young virile man like yourself. But just to be safe; be careful next time you let giant amazons play with your body young man," she said, winking at me with a knowing smile and leaving.

In the afternoon as I was let out, I tried calling Megan but no one answered so I took a bus.


Her house was a nice little two-floor place with slightly higher ceilings than usual, which made sense as it was her place. I rang the bell but there was no answer. Looking through the window I could see that her furniture was also bigger, adapted to her size. But there was no sign of Megan, so I walked around the house.

In the back amongst, what looked like a scrapyard, was a rather large shed. As I came closer I could hear the sounds of steel clanging repeatedly, growing louder and accompanied by grunts, which I recognized as Megan's, and looking down I saw that my body noticed her presence before I realized it. Like a good puppy near its master, my penis started traveling down my leg; I could feel the warmth of the blood flow against my leg. It was completely devoted to her now.

The scrapyard look came from the all the thrown-away training equipment scattered around the yard. Everything from bars and other smaller parts to complete machines that were bent, twisted, broken, or completely mangled. I remembered how proud Megan was of the destruction her muscles brought to this equipment, and the way she wanted to show it to me and I shuddered in awe of her strength.

I was still uncertain if I should approach Megan here in her sacred place, so I tip-toed to a tiny window to peek through. The room was dark, and I could see the rows and rows of equipment - bars, plates, etc. - spread over the concrete floor.

In one corner I could make out Megan on a bench on her back, her breasts proudly standing up from her torso.

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