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A midnight encounter between woman & piano professor.

We decided to go into Grand Case to a great restaurant called L'Auberge Gourmande that my wife and I have been to many times. Jack said that they had never eaten there before. I told them that they were in for a wonderful meal. It was agreed that we'd meet in the parking lot at 7 and head into Grand Case.

I napped for a while and I assume my wife was reading. How would I know, anyway, I was asleep. I got up and took a shower. My wife had already showered, knowing full well that it was going to take her much longer to get ready. I told her that she really didn't have to make a big deal out of getting ready. She looked great from sitting in the sun all day. Her red hair was all curly from the humidity, giving her a very young and fresh look. I didn't expect her to be wearing all that much, just a wrap skirt and a gauzy see-thru top. This was the time for no bra and definitely no underwear. All she needed was a little lipstick to accentuate her pouting lips and she was all set. As she sat in front of the dressing mirror, getting her hair just right, I reached into my suitcase and pulled out a small gift-wrapped box.

"This is for you, honey," I said as I extended my hand. She looked at me with surprise, not expecting any kind of gift. She took it from me and said thank you. She opened the box anxiously. What she found was a "Rosebud," a bejeweled anal butt plug.

"Oh, sweetheart, is this for me, or is it really for you?" There was gentle sarcasm in her tone and a sly smile on her face.

"Baby, this is for your pleasure. If you don't want it, I'll understand." Like hell would I understand.

"Thank you, sweetheart. Would you like me to wear it tonight?"

Now you're talking. I love my wife. She knows when to get on the train. "That would be awesome."
"Why don't you put it on, I mean in, me?" She stood up and bent over and pulled her cheeks apart, showing me her beautiful puckered asshole. I got out some lube and, with my finger, greased up her anus. I put some on the Rosebud, as well. I took the bejeweled buttplug and pushed it against her magnificent chocolate starfish. There was no resistance. In fact, she seemed to be able to open it like the aperture on a camera to let the Rosebud in. The point entered her rectum and her asshole spread letting the widest part of the artistic buttplug into her ass. She gave out a very sensual sigh as the plug seated itself in her ass. Her asshole closed quickly around it, leaving only the jeweled end showing. It was a sight to behold.

"It looks fantastic, honey." I grabbed her hand mirror and told her to take a look. She sat down on the bed and spread her legs apart, holding the mirror so she could see how good her present looked.

"I love it and it feels great. Going out knowing that my asshole has a diamond in it is going to be very exciting. I hope that you don't expect me to keep it a secret?"

"Honey, you can tell anybody you want that you have a buttplug in your ass!"

We finished getting ready for our evening out. My wife had a gossamer top on that really showed off her breasts. She wore a thin white linen skirt with a slit up the side that went almost all the way up to her waist. Beside her sandals, her perfume, and the Rosebud, that's all she was wearing. The skirt left nothing to the imagination. She was ready to exhibit her wares. Not that it mattered but I wore a silk t-shirt and some linen shorts. I left my underwear behind as well.

We met Jack and Juli at our car. Jack and I shook hands while the girls exchanged kisses. Juli walked over to me gave be a big hug with her massive jugs pushing against me. She looked she was wearing a half-bra under an almost see-thru white silk shirt. Jack kissed my wife and they embraced. They looked hot! I hope my wife and I looked as good as they did. We were all so upbeat and ready to have a good time. We piled into the car and headed into Grand Case.

I had called ahead to L'Auberge Gourmande and spoke with the maitre'd, asking for a special table.

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