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Coworkers embark on a romance with unexpected results.

A French woman named Manon was a model and also worked as a designer for a fashion magazine. She was a bit thinner and less busty than most Lottery participants, but a lot more rounded and busty that most models. She did have a stunning face and pouty lips, an attitude that just reeked of sensuality, and an air of indifference to everything in life that everyone else cares about.

Mia is an Italian movie actress who it was said had participated in the Lottery some time ago and quit. Despite getting a few roles as the hot female in action movies, her career had not taken off. She has a figure like Sophia Loren in1955.

Margaret the English gender studies professor was the last of the twelve who was there through three lotteries unless she lost in one of the first two. She said that she realized this was dangerous but the money was just too inviting. If she became a sex slave, she would study the phenomena. She agreed it would be hard to get her findings peer reviewed for a scholarly publication particularly as the existence of the BLC could not be revealed. I noticed that she seemed to have taken a few bruises with her to Bolry. Her boyfriend, a big guy in a rugby jersey, cheered loudly at everything everyone said. I don't know what he thought he could get out of this or why the professor was with such a lout.

Kat, Chiara and I went back to work the following morning while the other nine relaxed and were filmed for promotions. Naturally, we all got more anxious as Saturday came closer. For each of us, there was a 1/12th chance that in a week I would be abused and penetrated as much as the BLC thought we could take without risking the value of their investment. Hearing the facts from Svetlana of why we in particular were recruited had definitely raised my level of anxiety.

I was now the most senior attorney from the firm on the spot. Jacobs took instructions. Once, though, when I mentioned that I'd have to confirm a point after I got back to New York, he smirked and said, "If you get back to New York." It was an annoying reminder meant as such.


Saturday morning Kat, Chiara and I let the boys continue to work while we got prepared to take our places on the platform with the other 9 women. Preparation focused a lot on our hair, both above and below the waist. Not much had to be done on me below the waist as I had had a full Brazilian done with electrolysis when the BLC had offered months before. Clothing for these special lotteries consisted solely of a bikini bottom chosen by the BLC.

There was a longer introduction than usual and replays of our past appearances in the Lottery. The interviews done by Yegor and Svetlana seemed to last forever but that was because I just wanted to get done. Yegor explained the special nature of the next three lotteries, said that the broadcasts of the slave debuts would be extended greatly and that it was not too late to get access to the broadcasts of the slave debuts to viewers who did not already have special viewing status.

Of course, Yegor fawned all over the celebrities Mia and Freja. He asked Freja how she thought this would affect her career. She sensibly said that she guessed that would depend on how things turned out. Asked how she felt about the chance of living the life full time she portrayed so beautifully, she said she was very thrilled and scared. I guess most interviews mainly reveal the obvious.

To be provocative, Yegor asked, "Crystal and Laurel, how do you feel about having recently been voted by a poll of Lottery viewers as the women that they would most like to see taken down, humiliated, punished really hard and filled in every cavity?" I had not heard of the poll.

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