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Chelsea is gangbanged by Mr. Nico's bodyguards.

Silently, my hand guides the dildo to your tight puckered bud only to push the head against it pressing you open with my weight. Little by little I feed my "cock" into your now raised ass penetrating you with each slight movement forward. Feeling you squirm just a little and moan so softly, I whisper how I love waking you this way.

Kissing the back of your neck and gently squeezing your breasts as I slowly push more in, guiding and gently feeding and filling you. Shifting up further onto my knees I finally reach as far as this dildo will permit me and I feel the tingling sensation as it pushes back against my clit and I lower my head and emit a deep moan into your ear.

Instinctively my hips begin to rock and the lube allows me slide back and forth and in and out of the warm tight walls of your ass. I look to watch how your sleeve surrounds me and pulls out with me as I move back. So sexy to watch you as I fuck your ass in the morning light, gray and dim as it is today. Moving gently and slowly on top of you hooking my arms under yours as I pull you back to me holding you in place so I can control your body and fuck you just how I want.

Keeping you tight against me I push and push feeling my clit explode as I bury the cock in your ass, holding it there while I cum.

Then, my hair hangs down, lightly brushing your back as I rest on my arms now weakened from my orgasm . In a minute I recover and slowly begin to move my hips back and forth again, reaching around and under with my hand to find your beautifully soaked pussy waiting for my touch and I begin to bring you to your climax.

Whispering to you all the while how I love to fuck my baby bitch good morning.

Part Two - My Continuing...

After my wake up ass-fuck, I lay under you as you hold and kiss me. My asshole is burning with a very pleasant burn and I love both the feeling of fullness and security of having you still in me and on me.

I whisper that I want to do something special for you today and make several offers. "Breakfast in bed.... A manicure... Pedicure... Massage... Shampoo..."

At each offer, you give me a small kiss on the back on my neck but no response.

I ask if you would have me buy you something at your favorite emporium and your kiss is a little longer this time. Taking that as a clue, I ask if you would like something in latex...

And I feel you start to move the dildo ever so slightly back and forth.

"Perhaps something skin tight that would restrict and show every muscle as you move." And you move the cock again a little more.

"I think in blood red for you..." and my hips are jerked down into the bed by your thrust... "while either black or white for me. Something in a skirt for me so my ass and pussy are readily available to you."

"We could change right there in the shop and go back into one of the private booths. Feed the video and watch porn together. Well, watch for a little while but I know that I will be on my knees before you shortly."

"Maybe I'll go out and bring one of the male patrons back. Suck him off while you watch. Then go get another for more of the same."

Your movements have picked up and my ass is once again under attack by you.

"They'll all want you of course, but I won't let them touch you."

"When you've decided I've had my fill, then we can go out into the alley way behind the store. And you can beat me there. Slap me around, tell me what a whore I am."

Your hands are again on my shoulders, holding me while your hips rise and fall. Your breathing is deep and loud as your passion increases.

"I will be mad with lust and you'll have to restrain me from seeking my release before you are ready. Your hand at my throat pressing me against the cold brick on the dank building. Telling me I have to wait and to ask your permission."

A sharp pain as you hammer the cock inside me.

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