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A mother catches her son abusing himself

"Oh please." He grapped my hand and placed it over the spot I sat. It was moist. I closed my eyes and held back a moan as my hand also fell over his member.

"Well I can feel you too." I gripped it in my hand and gave it a little squeeze then pulled my hand away. Surprised with myself. He chuckled and pulled me on top of him. He grounded his hips into my parted legs and the moan slipped.

"Can you still feel me now?" He grinded harder. Holding my hips in place.

"Yes," I coughed up. "Stop it. I don't like it." I tried to wiggle away, only causing more friction.

"Oh really?" His big hands gripped my breasts tightly. He pulled upon their tips until they became tightened - hard. "Your nipples say otherwise."

I took this advantage and sat by the window.

"Leave me alone." I said crossing my arms. He laughed and began to grope me again.

"You see I can't do that. And I wouldn't be feisty because I know all your secrets and could easily uncover you." I gasped and slapped his hands away.

"No you don't. You're making that up. Shut up. Leave me alone." He sighed, finally giving up and I released the breath I was holding. Unexpectedly he grabbed me tight.

"I'll show you tomorrow. It's the big day, anyways." His raspy voice whispered into my ear. His lips then pressed against my collarbone and he passes his tongue over it. His pierced tongue. I swallowed trying to ignore him, but he was such a turn on.



We finally reached Los Angeles. As soon as we landed on the park, I left the car, pushing Natalie off my lap. Her rack was best to watch when passing bumpy roads but her ass would jab into me harshly too.

The air was warm and I couldn't wait to go to the beach.

We walked to our hotel, registered and went to our rooms. We all changed. And, met again in the lobby.

"Okay guys, we all have our cellphones. It'll be dark soon but let's enjoy what we get." Lacey's mom cheerfully announced.

Everyone else made their way out the door to explore and still no sign of Lacey. Where did she -

She walked in wearing a pair of high waisted shorts, a sweetheart neckline designed sleeveless shirt and stripped flats. Her lips were a red and her black hair was in wild curls. She stopped before me.

"I am ready." Her whitened, with a tiny gaped, perfect teeth smiled up to me. Her square glasses rimmed her big brown eyes.

I nearly took her right here. In that outfit her hispanic curves were quite evident and her golden skin glowed.

She rolled her eyes and started walking towards the door. Her bubble butt swayed to the sides and I caught up to her before anyone else enjoyed the view of her.

-- People passed by, gaping at the scene. In broad daylight.

Her little mouth was wrapped around my dick. Those full round lips rubbed against my shaft as she tried to take me deeper without gagging. Her small hands held my sides as her hear bobbed up and down. Her throat gripped me tight.

She moaned, purposely sending vibrations through my member and my knees went weak. I held onto the railing.

She sucked me harder as she nibbled her way to my too sensitive head. She flicked with the tip of her small tongue, my head and my orgasm quickly shook through me. I tangled my hands through her hair, held it tight and fucked her face hard. I grinded my hips deep against her lips as my cum shot deep.


He held me tighter as his cum flooded my throat. The tangy taste filled my tongue.

This was the first blowjob i had given him voluntarily.

His hands loosened and i looked up at him. He seemed even taller now. He glared down at me. His lush lips a dark pink and eyes dark with lust.

I took a risk and nibbled on his head softly before pulling away.

"You're a slut." His voice deep and raspy. I placed my hands against his chest and was on my tippy toes. I barely reached his chin.

"And you love me that way." I giggled. His hands gripped my butt and slammed me against him. His still hard penis slipping into the small gap between the top of my thighs. Right against my pussy.

"You're a

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