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A small provincial French town needs a mermaid.

Petra just squirmed and groaned while Laura gently explored her slick folds avoiding her friend's clit. She whimpered again when Laura stopped.

"Don't worry," Laura chuckled as she stood and slid her own pajama pants down allowing them to fall to the floor before quickly removing her top, "I just need to get out of these. Sit up and reach up."

Petra did as she was asked and Laura slid her top off allowing Petra's breasts to hang free as she pulled Petra to her feet and guided her Laura's bedroom upstairs. When they reached the bed Laura sat down and smiled in invitation. Suddenly nervous, Petra stood there for a second. Laura couldn't believe it, she'd never seen Petra nervous or unsure before.

"It's okay," said Laura, "I won't bite, unless you want me to." Petra laughed despite herself, but she was still feeling nervous about going further. Fooling around on the couch was somehow different and She'd already gone farther than she'd ever thought possible with another girl, let alone Laura.

"Have you ever done this before?" She asked in a quiet voice.

"Well, no" Laura said kind of thrown back by Petra's sudden change of mood, "Have you?"

"No," Petra said in the same quiet voice.

"Do you want to?" Laura asked hoping she knew the answer already. When Petra nodded Laura got back to her feet and stood in front of her. "Then let's do it." With that she leant forward and softly kissed Petra's neck.

Looking Petra in the eyes she saw desire again. Slowly she kissed her again this time on her lips. Petra responded instantly, her hands finding their way around Laura's body pulling her closer. Laura's lips parted and her tongue came out to ease its way between Petra's. Petra's lips parted as she accepted Laura's kiss.

Tongue slid against tongue as their hands explored each others skin. The kiss deepened and soft moans filled the room.

Petra's doubts disappeared as quickly as they'd appeared. Laura broke the kiss and guided her onto to the bed. Petra lay on her side as Laura joined her and they were instantly locked in another embrace, laying face to face on their sides on Laura's king-sized bed.

The kiss progressed as Laura's free hand caressed Petra's hip down to her thigh. With a gentle shove Laura pushed Petra onto her back and got on her knees above her. Without breaking the kiss she brought her hands to Petra's breasts to play with the soft mounds of flesh and the hard nipples at their centre.

As she squirmed under Laura's fondling, Petra reached up to touch Laura's breasts. At first her touch was light, but Laura's groans gave her courage. Her fingers found their way quickly to Laura's hard nipples, pinching and pulling on the turgid peaks of flesh.

"God," Laura whispered as she broke away from Petra's lips to kiss her ear, "You're making me horny."

"I'm making you horny?," Petra responded between gasps, "You're driving me crazy." Laura as her kisses migrated down the side of Petra's face to her neck and back up to her chin to Pet's lips. Petra gladly accepted her kiss while she felt Laura's hands begin to move down her body to between Petra's legs.

As Laura's kisses moved back to Petra's ear Petra felt Laura's hand hovering above her mound. When they finally reached her swollen lips Petra's back arched involuntarily as her friend's fingers slid into her with ease and her palm rubbed hard against her clit.

Laura fucked Petra's pussy slowly, but deliberately and Petra could only pant in return. Then Laura bent down and took one of Petra's swollen nipples into of her mouth. The pressure had become too much and finally she came with a scream. Her body stiffened, bright lights flashed behind her eyes and the world went black and silent. All she could feel was Laura's fingers on her pussy and mouth on her breasts and the waves of pleasure that they were bringing her.

Laura refused to show Petra any mercy, keeping her fingers and mouth at work through the whole ordeal until Petra placed her hands around Laura's face and guided her into another kiss.

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