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New WWF star gets a warm welcome.

"I'll be back soon to fuck you, my gorgeous slut."

She says "Oh, God, Master. I'm so horny, please fuck me now."

"No, gorgeous, not yet but soon." She groans.

He walks over to me and rubs my back and ass with the crop. "Stop me with your safeword, Queen."

I smile a big smile. He starts to smack me with the crop all over my body. God, it feels good. It's going right to my clit. As he reaches 30, he starts to smack the side of my breasts and an occasional hit to my pussy. I stop him at 51. God, I'm so fucking horny now. "Thank you for using the crop on me Master. I'm so horny now." He throws the crop onto the workbench. He starts to rub my entire body. I'm soaked from my horny cunt to both my feet. "Are you horny, Queen Of The Sluts?"

I moan and say "Oh, God. I'm so horny, Master. I need your cock, please."

He says "Not yet, Queen." He begins to lick my pussy and slips a finger into my ass. I moan loudly. Holy shit!! I'm building up to a orgasm fast. I try to calm down a little because I know he hasn't told me I can yet.

He sucks my clit until I so damn close my breathing is really hard and then he gives me a medium slap on my pussy. Oh shit!! I scream. "You taste great, queenie. But I'm not going to fuck you......yet. I think I'll have Master JW fuck the hell out of you though if he wants." He lowers me down and tells me to bend over and grab my ankles and wait for a cock. I do. Holy shit, I'm so dripping wet. I need a cock, any cock and soon.

Master John walks over to the bed and Master JW is still plowing Julia. She's cumming constantly. He crawls up on the bed and sticks his cock in her mouth. She starts to suck it. He says "Master JW, when you are done with your sub, you may fuck sub Joan."

He says "Okay, Master John. My sub has had five orgasms, one more and I'll take care of sub Joan."

Master John says "Untie your sub when you are done."

He says "Okay."

Master John walks over to Sue. She visibly wet and he's rock hard so he slams into her soaking pussy. She squeals. Master John begins to pound into her and he reaches around and starts to rub her clit. He then sticks the thumb of his other hand into her ass. She screams. Four minutes into a hard fuck and she screams again and begins to cum. She's really pulling at the restraints. He continues with everything he's doing and she continues to cum. At the ten minute mark, she screams "RED, Master." He immediately stops and pulls his finger out of her butt.

He says "Are you done, sub Sue?"

She says "Yes, Master. Sorry, I can't take any more. I'm overloaded."

He says "Okay."

He pulls out and bends over to kiss her asshole and then her clit. She yelps. He moves around and unties her. Once she's totally untied, she stands up a little wobbly. He grabs her and gives her a long French kiss. She says "I love you, Master. That was something. If I would have kept going, I would have passed out. Thank you, Sir."

He escorts her over to the couch in the dungeon and helps her sit down.

Vanessa is finished fucking Maria and she's untying her.

Master JW walks up to me and says "You are looking very hot, sub Joan. Would you like a cock?"

I say "Oh, yes, Sir, please fuck me hard."

John is helping get Maria over to the couch and sits her by her wife. Master John looks at Vanessa and says "Mistress Vanessa, put your hands on the couch arm and bend over." She does as he says. He bends down and begins to lick her slit from ass to clit. She starts to moan. He eats her pussy for a few minutes and then stands up and slams into her pussy. She screams. He begins to fuck her hard and slips his thumb into her ass. She says "Oh, God, my love. Yessssss! Fuck me hard!"

As Master JW is slamming into me, my orgasm is quickly building. Suddenly, it slams into me and I scream. He continues to fuck me and I continue to cum every couple of minutes. He's pretty good.

Soon, Vanessa is cumming hard.

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