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The sequel to 'The Boss Would Like to See You'.

She took off her skirt and jacket looking at her face in the mirror. She had to be strong. She wasn't that same girl anymore. That same girl that was so head over heels in love, that had nothing but high hopes with the man that she thought she would be with forever. She unbuttoned her shirt and turned on her radio. She stopped when she heard that song, their song. She remembered that night perfectly. She collapsed in the bed as the harmonized voices wrapped her up in the memory of this song playing during their first kiss.

Gale couldn't believe how much fun she was having with Patrick. This was the sixth night they had snuck out after hours at the camp to hang out. Since during the day they spent their time with the kids, they would sneak away to be with each other at night. They would either take walks around the campgrounds or sit by the lake and talk. She been on plenty of dates with guys, but she never really allowed herself to enjoy it much. They had so much in common and she enjoyed how passionate he talked about his career goals.

They didn't do anything much but hold hands and he held her at times, but no kissing. She wanted to kiss him! Every time that she thought he was moving in for the kill, he would back off. What was the deal? She knew he wanted it too. That's fine, but she was determined to be kissed by him tonight. She had her hair pulled back away from her face, because he always complimented on how bright her eyes were and that he loved looking into them and she wore her favorite lips gloss that made her lips pop. He brought his radio and they had been talking and just enjoying the scenery.

"Did you see the picture that Jade drew today?" he asked.

"I did. I know mom would be so proud of her when she sees it."

"Yea, she said tomorrow, she was going to make me one."

"You really do have a way with kids." But I don't really want to talk about my baby sister, Gale thought.

"Not really, just a way with girls." He said giving her that sly smile, pulling her closer and she shook her head.

She sat looking out at the lake with his arms around her. There was a long silence but it was a comfortable silence. That's one thing that Gale really likes about Patrick, nothing was forced with them. It was a comfortable silence, but today it was a little uncomfortable only because she knew what she wanted. It was the perfect setting, the moonlight reflecting in the lake and the soft music playing in the background. She was so close to him and still nothing. What was wrong? She was for sure he liked her like that but nothing.

"Okay, that's it." She finally said getting up.

Patrick looked up confused, "What's wrong?"

"I think it's time I go to bed."

He suddenly stood to full height, "I thought we were having a good time, like always."

"Yea, sure." She said turning away from him.

He hooked her chin and turned her around to face those gorgeous eyes, "What's wrong?"

"I just feel like you know, that we should have kissed by now." She blurted, "There I said it."

"So, you want to kiss me?" he said with that cocky grin.

"Come on Patrick, don't tease. You haven't made no attempt or anything like that."

"Well, you are right about that, I haven't made any attempt, but that's because I have been waiting for the right moment."

"Well, when is the right moment? We have been having a good time for the past six nights and nothing. I mean I appreciate that you are being a gentleman, but I have wanted to kiss you for some time now." She huffed ready to head back to her cabin.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back to face him, "You don't think this has been hard for me too. I mean, to sit here and all I can do is think about your lips is pretty damn hard."

"So, why don't you kiss me?"

"I've just been trying to restrain myself because I feel like once I start kissing you, I'm not going to want to stop." He said staring into her eyes and she swore her heart started beating out of her chest.

She took a deep breath, "Well, that was the honesty that I was looking for.

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