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French Canadian BBW falls for East African Prince.

There were good-looking men and women around, mostly white folks but a few Asian, black and Latin folk here and there. I saw people relaxing and going around, doing their thing. Men and women were kissing and undressing each other. Man, it was alright! I saw two black men kissing each other, while two sexy women who seemed to be their wives watched, fascinated. Bisexual black men. I didn't say anything and just kept walking. Whatever floats their boat, know what I mean? Do your thing, let me do my thing. Don't ask me to try your thing. That's my motto and it works great in almost all situations.

I walked through the club, and checked out the various sights. Men and women having sex with each other. Men doing it with men while other men and women watched. Women doing it with women. Damn. Every sexual combo imaginable. I was still walking when I accidentally bumped into somebody. The person I bumped into was a tall, good-looking black woman who was a little on the plump side but still sexy. I apologized and she just smiled and shrugged. I introduced myself and learned that her name was Marie Goodwin, and she was the Hostess of the Swingers Party of the Gentlemen's Club.

I was surprised. A black woman at a swingers convention? Come on! We started talking and I learned a bit about Marie. She introduced me to a few people. I met a tall, good-looking black man named Maurice Goodwin and another brother named Julian Woods. Maurice was married to Marie and yet had male lovers on the side, and Julian, the sexy light-skinned brother with the curly hair was one of them. I was very surprised. A black woman married to a bisexual black man? Marie explained things to me. Apparently, both she and her hubby were bisexual and very much into experimenting. I was stunned. Was this for real? What did I just walk into?

Maurice and his wife kissed, then he and Julian went into another room to do their thing. Marie blew her husband a kiss as he walked away with his male lover. I was shaking my head from side to side. Man, this was a changing world! Bisexual black women married to bisexual black men? Incredible. Marie took me by the arm, and led me into a room, promising me a surprise. I was scared to find out.

Marie told me that it had been a long time since she'd been with a man other than her husband. I checked out this fine-looking sister. Man, she was fine. I kind of like the thick girls. Why wouldn't her man take care of her needs? Maybe because he was too busy chasing guys. Okay, fine by me. I told Marie that I was more than willing to please her. She told me that she had a dominant side, and a submissive side, and that both of them needed to be satisfied. I had no idea what she was talking about but nodded anyway. Anything to tap that fat booty of hers!

Marie and I got undressed in that barely lit room. I looked her up and down. Tall and curvy, her body was definitely sexy. Thick was a good look for her. She wore it well. Oh, and her round and brown, plump booty was marvelous to look at. I don't like a female who's only skin and bones, anyway. Marie and I got right down to business. We kissed, and caressed one another. Quickly, we went to bed. Man, the word passionate doesn't even begin to describe Marie. She sucked me, and licked my balls. I felt like she was sucking the life out of me, but in a good way. When I finally came, she drank my seed. While drinking me dry, Marie did something surprising. She slid her finger in my ass. I was surprised but what the heck!

I was ready for the main event. Marie put a condom on my dick and then took me for a ride. I got on top of her, suckling on her breasts while thrusting my cock deep into her pussy. Marie embraced me as I fucked her. Man, the feel of her plump, sexy body underneath me was intoxicating. Oh, and her pussy was so warm and tight. I loved tapping that. We fucked and sucked for a while, then I finally came. When I did, I cried out in sheer pleasure. It was glorious.

Marie and I lay side by side on the bed.

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