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Where one girl desires to be the best of the best.

Sold more condos and houses that way she always said; Men where so predictable.

And since she was the best realtor in the city she knew what she was talking about. Between her salary and Dave's income they lived a comfortable life with a big garden and a generous pool. But she worried about Dave's unhealthy life style. She had waited for the right moment to bring it up but it never came. She had twisted and turned the problem around to find a solution. Being both smart and incredibly sexy, Dave's words, she had come up with a solution she hoped would work.

"Dave, sweetie?" She said leaning against the door frame. He looked up and she could see him stare at her boobs before quickly turning away blushing.

"Your birthday is coming up in a few months and I thought I would give you a challenge to beat before that. If you succeed you will get the best birthday present a man could ever want." She emphasised that last part by caressing her breasts through the thin fabric.

His eyes were glued to her hands as they played with the nipple for a little while.

"Eyes up here when we are talking about important things Dave" she said with a playfully scolding voice. He blushed again and looked up. "Sorry" he mumbled.

"I worry about your unhealthy lifestyle sweetie and I want to make you a challenge to at least get you on the right track" He was about to say something when she continued.

"No, I wont drag you to the gym" She smiled. "Even thought I know you would love to see Lena in her tight little workout clothes" she winked keeping the subject light. He blushed again, something he had been doing more often in the last months. 'You dirty boy' she thought as she beckoned him over. She put her arms around him and drew him in for a long kiss.

"You should see her ass as she does her squats. Those pants look painted on hiding nothing on her strong body. Skin glistening with sweat as her iron hard muscles lift those impossibly heavy weights" She studied him as she sensually whispered her description of Lena.

"Her arms are bigger than your head and I have seen her pick up a man using him as a weight. She really could do whatever she wanted with you" As she leaned in close for the last words she grabbed his cock and forcefully kissed him stealing his breath as he gasped.

She let Dave go and he looked flushed as he tried to continue the kiss. She also felt the heat on her cheeks as she was starting to get aroused. She tried to control herself and straightened her skirt that had ridden up in the heated moment.

"I'm late for work sweetie but I'll be home after lunch. We can discuss the challenge then." She gave him a chaste peck on his forehead and turned to leave. She turned in the hall and put on the strict school teacher look.

"And no playing with yourself little man. I want you hot and ready when I get home" She wagged her finger at him like a teacher from a fifties movie would before she left him standing alone in the kitchen with his uncomfortably erect member wondering what just had happened.


She could smell a wonderful tuna as she entered the house. She was still amazed that Dave had managed to keep the food interesting even efter all her restrictions and diets. Most of her friends at the gym envied her as she told them about how many different ways her husband could make chicken and broccoli.

He had on his 'greatest husband in the world' apron as he busied himself in the kitchen. She stood in the doorway for a little while studying him with an amused smile. She was indeed lucky to have a husband that took pride in doing household work. It had never been a discussion since Dave actually loved cooking and didn't mind cleaning since he was something of a neat freak.

As he turned to put the plates on the table he saw her and came over. He leaned up for a kiss before he continued to work.

"How was work? A lot of lecherous men wanting to get in your pants as always?" He smiled as he said that last sentence. It was their own little private joke.

"Yes, they were all over me as always.

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