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She shows him how it's done.

I pinched them between thumb and forefinger, and was immediately rewarded with twin streams of warm milk bursting out of the dilated shafts. I sighed with relief as the pressure was slowly released, and my nipples throbbed with pleasure, right down to my groin. There was a definite connection between my clit and nipples, and as I expressed the milk I was rewarded with mounting stimulation.

My hips now flared dramatically, and my panties were bursting at the seams, obviously much too small for my new curves. I pulled them off, and marveled at the perfectly shaped ass! Even with the release of all that milk, my breasts looked no smaller. I was still ridiculously top heavy. I felt dirty, and turned the shower on full blast. I stepped into the warm flow, and let it play across my huge mounds. The mere sensation of the steady flow of water across my breasts was causing familiar warmth to spread deep in my vulva, and I stepped aside and squeezed copious amounts of liquid soap across my chest. I massaged it in with my hands, immediately concentrating on the thick nipples. "MMMYY GODDDD" I moaned, and slid a hand between my legs, grinding my index finger up into my now huge, swollen clitoris. I released immediately, as wave after wave of orgasm passed through my newborn body.

Finishing my shower and drying off, I felt like some kind of fertile pagan creature. Even the rough towel dragging across my nips and crotch brought a response! My bathrobe barely covered me, and I cinched the strap tight, heading downstairs to confront my dear family! I had no idea what I was going to tell them. "Well, there you are sleepyhead!" said Stan, barely raising his eyes. He was still in his robe, reading the paper with a cup of coffee. The kids sat across the kitchen table from him (their backs were facing me). They had bowls of cereal, and were busy with schoolwork. Normally they gave me a big hug every morning, but for some reason didn't even acknowledge my presence today. "I have something terrible to tell you!" I pleaded, as my eyes began to tear up.

"Well come over here darlin, and tell daddy about it!" He scooted his chair back from the table, and opened his arms to hug me. I couldn't help thinking about what a sweet man I married, and I stepped into his embrace. He brought his hands up under my short robe and grasped my bare ass! I glanced over my shoulder, but the kids didn't look up. He yanked me up against him, and buried his face between my boobs! "I sure missed you last night dear! I just couldn't get asleep, and I ended up out on the couch."

He didn't say a word about my boobs! He acted like nothing was different. He gave me a wink and planted a loud kiss on the side of my bare left breast. A strange sensation passed over me; almost a sixth sense, and I could feel his prick hardening in my mind! Every voice in my head was telling me to pull away, but every fiber in my body wanted that hard cock and the precious fluid that it held. My robe had pulled open when he nuzzled against me. I gave a "whoop!" as with a lift and twirl he brought me down onto his lap, facing the kids, with my legs splayed wide. I was speechless as he leaned a hand into my back, pressing me forward till I leaned over the table resting on my elbows. My daughter gave me a bored glance, and returned to her reading. My son dropped his pencil and began shoveling cereal into his mouth a spoonful at a time, as he met my gaze.

I felt Stan flick the head of his erect penis up and down my nether lips, centering it against my wet vagina.

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