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They've chatted forever, but now it's real.

I must not. I was a good little bitch, and I would remain a good little bitch.

"Oh fuck, oh fucking my sweet little pussy" she moaned. The sound of fingering stopped briefly, and she sucked hard on her fingers. Quickly she jammed them back in and frigged herself even harder.

"Oh fuck! Oh, my little cunt!" she yelled. Blood rushed to my head, I felt panicked, torn between two great desires: to remain obedient, and to see my beautiful mistress in ecstasy. I hardly noticed my erect cock painfully pressed into the bench.

"Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK! Oh!" She was close to orgasm. I couldn't help myself. I was just a pathetic little bitch, I had to see her, I had to...

I turned and knew I'd made the right choice. One smooth white breast was hanging out her corset, the other pressed hard onto its' holding. The breast had a small pink nipple, and on instinct I had to suck it, I pulled hard against my restraints, willing them to break, fuck the consequences. I looked down and her fingers had pushed aside her tight little panties, and two of them were pushed deep into her perfect pussy, while the other pressed hard on her little clit. She knelt back, eyes closed, and her moaning got higher pitched,

"Uh, uh, uuuuh" I could smell the wonderful aroma of her glorious wet hole... She opened an eye and saw me.

I turned my head back to the bench straight away. She stopped masturbating.

"What the fuck are you doing" she yelled.

"You stupid little cunt." She grabbed me tight around the neck. "I warned you, you stupid little fucking bitch". I wasn't sure if she was serious. I felt like she might not let go of my throat. I was scared. "I gave you one fucking instruction" she shouted right in my ear. I felt very red

"Sorry" I squeaked. She relaxed her grip and slapped me round the back of the head.

"Sorry mistress! Sorry for being such a naughty, pathetic, useless little piss bitch".

"Sorry won't fucking cut it, piss bitch. You not only broke the rules, you tried to cover it up. I saw you look away. You stupid little bitch. You are going to learn that actions have consequences." I loved that she said that. I wanted to feel her full anger, her full strength.

She undid my leg straps, pulled down my dirty boxers and threw them onto the back of my head, I felt the wetness seep through.

"You can't wear men's underwear, you dumb bitch. From now on, you wear my panties. And if you piss in them, I'll kill you".

"Yes mistress". She pulled her black silk panties off and pulled them up my legs, as high as they would go so the front bound my balls and dick tightly, and the back rubbed against my arsehole. I felt so grateful. I loved wearing panties. I wore my ex-girlfriends once, but when she saw she just looked at me, shocked and taken aback.

"Are you, er, gay?" She had asked.

"No" I replied, too quickly, "no, I'm just, um, into this, it's not weird..." She'd dumped me a week later. She didn't understand. But Emily did, Emily totally understood me. Emily's panties were as wet as mine, but hers were soaked with her lovely juices. They felt so good, I never wanted to take them off.

"You look more like a whore than a bitch like that." She observed. "I was going to play with your stupid little cock, but you can forget that now." She turned me over and looked disdainfully at my stupid little cock, even though it was rock hard. She pulled a draw out from underneath the table and grabbed some furry handcuffs. She undid my arm restraints, and I immediately offered her my hands, not liking the freedom. I was a bitch, sorry, a whore, and I needed to be restrained. She pushed my legs back until my knees were near my chin, then grabbed my arms forward and fastened the handcuffs in front of my knees. I loved this, I was more restricted than before.

She then grabbed my legs, pulled them apart and tied them into the restraints my arms had been in.

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