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A possession confesses to her kind Master.

We decided to watch a movie after dinner as tomorrow was a holiday and my aunt didn't have to work. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt and loose trousers. And I was wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts. She sat close to me all cuddled up and I played the movie. Halfway through I noticed that she was falling asleep. I didn't want to disturb her so I just let her rest her head on my shoulders while her hands hugged me.

As the movie went on to the last minutes, suddenly mu aunt moved and dropped onto my lap. I didn't know what to do. Her mouth was literally on my dick! I thought about the situation for a while. I checked if she was really sleeping. She seemed like she was really out. So, I decided to take advantage.

I slowly lifted her head and stood up from the couch and took a look at my aunt. She was hot! I dimmed the lights just a little bit and started to "investigate". I took my shirt off and tossed it to the adjacent chair. She was lying on her side so I gently ran my hands down her legs and let my hand slip in between her legs. It was so warm. I constantly checked whether she was still asleep. I slowly moved my hand up to her firm ass and ran it along her ass crack. I felt that she was wearing underwear. I slowly started to pull down her trousers. She was wearing bright red underwear. I pulled down her pants until her ankles. I took my phone and started taking pictures. I smiled as I noticed that she didn't have any pubic hair. I took a handful of her huge ass in my hands and took a picture as I was doing so. I decided to move up to her magnificent tits.

I slowly squeezed her right boob. I could barely cover it with my hand. I was in heaven. I slowly lifted her shirt until it revealed her magical tits. It was so big and firm. Just the way I like it. The confidence in me kept growing. I decided to remove her shirt. I checked one last time if she was sleeping. I gently lifted her head and removed her shirt. Now she was only in her underwear. I took a step back and took multiple photos. I kept my phone away and caressed her body. Squeezing every inch of it.

I wanted more. I slowly turned her onto her back. Her beautiful tits were now staring right at me. Begging to be sucked on. I didn't wait for a second. I started sucking on one boob at a time. I heard my aunt give out a low moan. She wasn't awake. Although she was certainly feeling what I was doing to her. As I sucked on her titties, I slowly moved my hand down in between her legs and started teasing her. Then I heard something that I thought I would never hear. Although she was still sleeping, she started calling my name under her moans!

This made my confidence to skyrocket. I took my shorts off and climbed up on her chest and laid down my dick in between the two great wonders that are her tits. I took each boob in one hand and started to give myself a tit job. Her moans became louder and kept on stroking faster. I felt that I was about to climax so I stopped and climbed down. I went back down to her legs and slowly took off her panties. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. I started sucking on it and she started to come. I knew that she was going to wake up any minute. But I decided to take the risk and see what happens.

She let out loud moan and started coming! She woke up and looked at me puzzled and at the same time her eyes were filled with lust. I decided to take a shot. I stood up and she glanced at my already hard cock. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips giving her a taste of her own juices. She hesitated for a second and gave in. she reached out her hand took a hold of my cock and whispered, "Want me to taste you?" I couldn't even speak. I simply nodded. She sat me down at the edge of the couch and she sat on the floor and started sucking my cock. I could barely handle it. It was so amazing. I've had blow jobs before but none were like this one. She sucked me for a while and stood up and kissed me.

I decided to take charge.

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