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The cruise continues.

Having grown bored with the fiasco shortly after the DJ had been ambushed into playing all of the "hip" and "cool" songs (essentially all of the sugar pop boy band crap), I had gone searching for a quiet area where I could escape the constant chatter and loud music for long enough to stop my head from pounding and my ears from ringing. Unfortunately, Chad had seen me slipping away and, still nursing his wounded pride, caught up to me soon after I came out of the bathroom.

"What's the matter Punky? Come to cry about ol' Ross dumping you for another arm ornament?" Chad greeted me with.

Being in a bad mood anyways and especially not wanting to discuss anything having to do with my personal life with Chad, I tiredly responded, "Fuck off, Chad," and tried to edge past him and head back to the cafeteria.

"Not so fast, bitch." Chad responded as he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the deserted auditorium across the hall.

Suddenly wary, I levelly asked, "What do you want Chad?"

"To teach you a lesson about making a fool of me in front of my friends." He snarled.

"Fine, I'm Sorry and it won't happen again ok? Now please let me go Chad." I replied in my most humble manner.

Grabbing my throat with one hand and my tit with another, he growled out, "That's not good enough, bitch. I'm gonna make this something that you will remember for awhile, slut."

Trying one last time to avoid the inevitable, I passively suggested, "C'mon Chad, please don't do this."

"Save it bitch." Was his quick response as he grabbed the collar of my shirt and savagely yanked it over my head.

Shocked by the suddenness of the move, I reflexively raised my arms to grab his wrist but only succeeded in making his removal of my shirt all the more easier. Then, as I tried my best to push Chad away from me and to fight the impending rape, he quickly reached in and yanked my bra off leaving bruises in place of the straps. He then easily caught my wrists and pinned them above my head as he used his other hand to unbutton and remove my denim skirt.

Then, seeing my silken panties, he cruelly grinned and stated, "Oh my, looks like Punky has a slutty side. I think I might just keep these as a memento of the occasion." And then casually ripped these off too.

As I stood there naked with Chad casually groping me despite my frantic fighting and protests, the sheer hopelessness of escaping the ordeal along with my powerlessness against Chad's sheer strength slowly drained the fight out of me as my brain started to feverishly work on finding a psychological way to get out of the situation. Then, as he lowered his jeans, I finally understood the reason that my casually flung insult had hit a nerve as I saw that Chad -for all of his muscles and size -only possessed a dick that was maybe two inches long (and I personally thought that was a generous estimate).

Thinking I had given up fighting, Chad let go of my wrists and took his eyes off of me as he mad to lower his jeans. Seeing my opportunity as his jeans neared his knees, I took advantage of his restricted mobility and suddenly pushed him backwards as I plotted out how to take away any pleasure Chad might have drawn from the situation.

Letting my anger at the situation rise to the surface, I straddled his chest and started to berate him, "So I'm a slut huh? And you think that you can just push me around and take advantage of me like some cheap ass whore? "

Then, as he started to struggle into a position from which to regain control, I quickly grabbed his throat and dug my nails in around his windpipe as I threatened, "Don't fucking try it or I'll rip your fucking throat out and laugh as you drown in your own blood mother fucker." And, apparently there must have more menace in my voice than I realized because his body suddenly went limp as his face went pale.


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