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The finale.

Quite literally conversations were stopped as eyes went to her exposed breasts and thighs. I was a little surprised when she suggested we sit at the bar while we waited to order and when she perched up on the high bar stool and allowed the coat to drape open and the skirt to ride up over her stocking tops I realised that she was determined to show herself off to tease me to rekindle my flagging libido. Needless to say the two barmen and most of the young guys at the bar ogled her mature thighs and tits that were clearly on display. As she got off the stool to go into the restaurant I could see clearly, and so could probably a lot of the guys in the bar, that she had only the tiniest piece of transparent fabric covering her big shaven pussy mound.

When we went through to the packed restaurant her brazen behaviour continued as the coat came off and she insisted on sitting under a light probably in order that her big heavy breasts were clearly displayed to the waiters and our fellow diners. She drank quite a lot of wine on top of the two G&Ts she had in the bar and she flirted outrageously with the young waiter.

She really was enjoying the attention she was getting from him and most of the other male diners and when I was ordering coffee she asked for a brandy chaser before deciding to go out to the loo. When I offered to help her on with her coat she declined and I realised she wanted to put on a show for the guys in the bar through which she had to go to the loo. She must have known that she looked fantastic coming and going with her heavy unfettered breasts bouncing and her big creamy bum cheeks partly exposed as the short skirt road up when she walked.

She was away for quite a while and I was just starting to get concerned when she came back and said I hadn't told her that her skirt was so short that her butt cheeks were exposed when she walked. When I asked her how she knew she smiled and said two young guys had stopped her on the way back through the bar and told her they had never seen a shorter skirt nor a nicer set of bum cheeks. When I asked her did it worry her, she smiled and said not really because they were "drop dead gorgeous" and had insisted on buying her a large G&T. They also hade made it very clear they liked what they had seen and would be happy to help me out with her!

She really was quite tipsy after she had downed our coffee and brandy but when I suggested going she said she would quite like a night cap. When we went out into the bar I found a table near the exit and went up to the rather crowded bar. As I waited to order I glanced back at Eileen to see she had crossed her legs and was displaying a lot of thigh and stocking top. I thought she had waved across at me but when I saw a young guy at the bar raise his hand I realised she had waved at her two admirers further along the bar.

When I took her drink back I asked her was she trying to pick them up. She smiled and said " Would you like me to?"

" It's up to you."

"It's tempting but I think I'll concentrate on you tonight."

When I came back from the loo I thought she might have changed her mind as the two guys both blond six footers in their mid twenties had joined her for a drink. She introduced them as Peter and Mark and I thanked them for the drink they had bought us.

The chat was fairly light hearted and Eileen appeared to be delighted to be the centre of attention of three guys, certainly I noticed whether through carelessness or design Eileen had let her skirt ride up over her lacey stocking tops and was showing a fair bit of thigh.

There appeared to be a lot of sexual tension but no one appeared to be the first to make a move. When Eileen got up to go to the loo I noticed the two guys took the opportunity to look down her top and their eyes were glued to her the sway of her big ass and the flashes of bare bum cheeks when she walked. I broke the ice and asked "Do you really fancy her?"

Both admitted that they coul

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