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Zach fantasizes about the secretary, a woman twice his age.

It was a beautiful spring evening and as I stretched, a man about my age, dressed in an elegant suit, came over to me.

"You're Six?"


"Michael. Nice to meet you. Hey, we share the same haircut. What a coincidence." He grinned. "You're to follow me. We're not to speak further."

He took me to the Nesmith Hotel and Sam was waiting for us in the lobby.

"Michael, nice to see you. Thank you for being so prompt."

"Mistress Samantha, my pleasure," he said.

"We're going to the eighth floor. Follow me."

The room was large and elegant, old fashioned with large mirrors on the armoir and above the king-size bed. Samantha told me to go shower off. With nothing clean to change into, I came back into the room wrapped in a towel. She ordered me to sit down.

"The gentleman who came to your office, Six, and drew your blood did so for me and for Michael as well. These are lab reports for the three of us. Look them over, make sure you understand them, and ask me if you have any questions."

I shook my head. No questions. Labs were clean.

"The three of us are now exclusive to one another sexually. There will be no dating, no sleeping with anyone, no sexual contact of any kind with anyone else until I say otherwise. ... When was the last time you ate pussy, Six?"

"Mistress Diana allowed me to service Five for the last time about a month and a half ago. She had my cock and balls in a humbler and teased me for a while, keeping Five's groin just out of reach, pulling me backward painfully when I tried to lick her. When I was done, Mistress Diana told me that I'd never get to pleasure Five again, and that not only our engagement but our relationship was over. Five was hers now, the Mistress said. Any further contact I would have with Five would be strictly as a slave, not as any sort of lover."

"How did that make you feel?"

"I cried. I'd been with Sha- forgive me, with Five - for several years. I loved her. And it was over. She took her things from the apartment and moved in with Mistress Diana about a week later."

"Where is Five now?"

"I have no idea. I assume at Mistress Diana's or, since Mistress Diana is away, that maybe Five is with her, perhaps training, as you are, to be a domme."

"I hope you were paying attention to all that, Michael," Samantha said. "A little backstory. You see, Six, Michael's never met Mistress Diana or Five. He's owned by Cecelia and I help discipline him. ... I'll hold on to these," she gathered up the lab results, then put some other papers on the desk.

"Your contract has been amended, Six. Read it carefully. As usual, you are under no obligation to sign, but if you don't your time with us is over, you can put your sweaty running clothes back on, and mope back to your sad bachelor's pad. Your choice. Note in particular the highlighted areas. And do understand that Mistresses Diana and Cecelia, not I, prepared this amended contract. There's no appeals process."

I'd assumed such a moment would arrive, but I didn't expect it so soon. Not until, perhaps, you returned from your trip, Mistress Diana. But I understood that beyond my own development as a slave, there might be other issues involved, between Mistress Cecelia and Mistress Samantha. And I did indeed now think of Samantha as Mistress Samantha, even if we'd also been tortured together as a couple by Mistress Cecelia, Josh, and Emil.

I signed. I had no real choice. My old life felt like a distant memory.

Sam handed me and Michael simple leather eye masks and helped us secure them tightly. Then she put on her own. She brought a laptop to the desk and opened it, keying in some passwords and turning on the video camera. "We're being watched in at least two states," she said. "Maybe more. After all, they don't tell me everything."

She had me undress Michael down to his briefs and to rub my face against his hard cock behind the thin fabric.

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