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The rich bitch gives her new stud a test run.

"This is the part where I'm supposed to say I'm sorry. But I'm not. In fact, I'll probably do it again the next time we're alone - and without a video camera observing us." He glanced up into the corner of the elevator at the small convex one-way mirror that covered a security camera. He looked back down at her, his expression becoming more sexual. His crooked smile conveyed a not-so-subtle challenge - or perhaps a warning.

Lucy gasped, amazed at his nerve. "Is that a threat?" She asked, her voice a little hoarse.

He laughed. "More like a promise." His voice was just above a whisper.

The elevator chimed again, it was Lucy's floor. Stuart stepped back so she had room to get by him. She looked back at him as she exited.

"Until next time, Miss Elliott." He winked at her, his eyes quickly roaming up and down her body as the doors closed between them.


So much for acting unaffected. He'd somehow sucked her right back in. She felt that weird fluttery thing in her tummy, and her nipples were pressing into her bra. Lucy groaned in annoyance and headed toward her office. She was going to need a lot of coffee this morning.


Thursday, 10:00 AM - Guest Office on the 28th Floor

Lucy was anxious about being alone with him again, especially after the last little interlude, but they needed to go through those proposals, and even though she'd told him to email, she knew that would not be sufficient if she wanted any of these initiatives to progress.

But to her relief and surprise, when she got to his office, there were three other people already inside. One was a senior lead in their project management team. Lucy hadn't worked directly with Jay before, but his other operational initiatives had gone very well and she had heard good things about his ability to handle big projects that had many moving parts and involved several areas of the organization. Another was a sharp young woman from the Finance team, named Kelly, who had worked with Lucy many times before, and though just a couple of years out of grad school, was rock solid and ambitious. The third was Lucy's favorite business manager from their technology team. His name was Brendan, and he was a big, gentle giant of a guy who served as that incredibly important liaison between the business and the IT team.

She glanced over at Stuart, surprised at how astutely he'd chosen the people to be part of this session. How had he learned so quickly who the good people were? He'd only been around for a few weeks. He was watching her expressions change since she'd walked through the door, a little enigmatic smile on his face.

They sat down - this time Lucy chose one of the club chairs. Stuart sat exactly where she'd been trapped by him last night. He grinned at her as a tiny flood of color stained her cheeks.

But this meeting was all business. Stuart kicked off, providing everyone copies of Lucy's top four ideas, and then he gave an intro of why they were there. But then he immediately turned it over to Lucy so she could explain what each opportunity was, and why she'd selected it, as well as some of the preliminary projections she'd run with regard to their potential impact on the business overall.

An hour flew by so quickly, they were all surprised when Stuart's next appointment knocked on his door at 11.

He assigned some follow up tasks to the three other team members, and asked Lucy if she needed them to do anything else. She asked for Kelly to re-run some financials based on a few different assumption scenarios, and then they agreed to meet again the following week to take the three proposals they'd settled on to the next level.

As they got up to leave, Lucy looked at Stuart, who fell in step beside her as they walked to the door. "That was a great meeting - really productive. Thanks so much." She saw him chuckle a little before answering.

"It's what I do.

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