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His humiliations.

ne any modelling before?'


'Cool. How many guys have you been with?'

'In my life? I don't know.'

'Really? You don't keep count?'

'No. About fifteen, I guess.'

'When was the last time you had sex?'

'A few days ago,' I said. 'With my boyfriend.'


'When was the last time you had sex?' I asked.

'A few hours ago.' He laughed.

'And how many girls have you been with?'

'I've got over two hundred girls on my website.'

'Wow,' I said. 'That's a lot.'

'Alright Paula,' he said. 'I want you to show me your panties now.'

'Ok,' I said. I pulled my skirt up a little. I was wearing a white g-string. He picked up the camera and moved closer.

'Nice,' he said. 'Pull it up a little bit further.'

I pulled it right up and spread my legs. He took a few photos up my skirt and then he got me to to turn around and kneel on the couch while he took pictures of my arse. He pulled my g-string up so that it showed over the top of my skirt and took more pictures. Then he told me to take my shirt off and my skirt. He took a few pictures of me in my bra and then he got me to take that off as well.

He took lots of pictures of me in my g-string. He got me to cover my breasts and cross my legs together on the couch. He also got me to glance over my shoulder while photographed me from behind. Then he asked me if I remembered to bring a few different pairs of panties.

'Yes,' I said. 'They're in my bag.'

'I want you to try them on for me,' he said.

'Ok.' I got up off the couch and took them out of my handbag. I'd brought a plain pair of red undies and a pair of lacy black boy-leg briefs. I put the red ones on first. I was nervous about getting completely naked in front of him but he made me laugh about it and relax. I turned away from him when I changed into them and he photographed me from behind. Then he made me pose in them for a while. When I put the third pair on he made me face him while I changed. After he had taken some more pictures, he asked me to put the g-string back on and come into the bedroom. I was really nervous.

He got me to sit on the edge of the bed while he set the camera up on a tripod in front of me.

'I want you to finger yourself,' he said. 'Leave your panties on.'

I was really horny. He had been teasing me for ages, telling me how sexy I was and touching me to show me how he wanted me to pose. Now he told me to put one foot up on the bed and hold my legs open while I masturbated. He got me to lean back while he traced his fingers along the edge of my g-string and pulled it over to expose my vagina. Then he took my hand and guided it to my clit. I started to masturbate. I couldn't help myself. I closed my eyes and lightly flicked my fingers back and forth across my clit.

I wanted to come but he wouldn't let me. When I was really close he stopped me and told me to take my panties off and kneel on the floor. Then he sat down on the bed in front of me and took his cock out of his pants.

'I want you to take it in your mouth,' he said.

We had agreed to this in our emails and I had talked about it with my boyfriend. I took his cock in my hand and gently jerked the foreskin back and forth. He was filming me with a hand-held camera. 'Try and look up at me,' he said, 'while you suck me off.'

He was already hard; the dark brown head was smeared with shiny pre-come. I curled my lips over my teeth and took it in my mouth. I sucked him off as best I could, watching the camera while I bobbed up and down. After a few minutes he told me to stop. 'I want to fuck you,' he said.

I was really horny. I wanted to, but my boyfriend made me promise not to fuck him.

'I'll give you an extra five hundred dollars for it,' he said.

I thought about it for a second and then said yes.

'Great,' he said. 'Lie back on the bed.'

'What about condoms?' I asked.

'I'd rather not,' he said.

'Ok,' I said nervously. It was too late to say no.

He made me lie on the edge of the bed and hold my knees up against my chest.

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