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Student and au pair enjoy each other's company - and sex.

He moaned as I continued to suck his juices and he jerked a few times before slumping back on the seat. I could still feel the slippery wetness of his cum in my mouth and taste its sweet saltiness. I lifted my head and swallowed it, continuing to grip his cock in my fingers.

I leaned towards him and kissed him on the mouth. He opened his lips and took my tongue into his mouth. We kissed for a little while then I sat up and did up my bra and rebuttoned my dress.

"Wow", he said, "that was incredible!"

He wanted to kiss some more but I reached to do up his pants and he understood, helping me to pull them up and do his zip. I grabbed my bag. "See you tomorrow", I said, as I opened the door and skipped towards the house.

I saw Terry the next day. He came over dressed in baggy shorts and T-shirt which partially disguised his large tummy. I longed for him to touch me as I had touched him but I still had my period. We sat in the lounge of our house and kissed. He tried to get his hand under my dress but I wouldn't let him, and just in case he thought I didn't want to I said to him, "Next time!"

I did jerk him off though and he came over his stomach and my hand. I watched in fascination as he jerked with each spasm, shooting his sperm up into the air. I wiped it up with my hand afterwards and licked it off my palm.

The following weekend, he came to our house again. My folks and brothers were out. We listened to music and kissed, feeling each other through our clothes. I ran my hand under his shirt over his firm tummy, touching his chest -they were plump bulges, rather like a young girl's breasts. I lifted up his shirt and kissed them, wondering what it would be like to be with a girl. He seemed to like it, pulling my head into him as I sucked on his nipples.

I moved my right hand into his crotch, feeling the stiffness there, and then lowered my hand to his knee and moved up inside the leg of his shorts. He opened his legs and I felt his balls and stiff cock through his underpants. I lifted my head from his chest and we kissed again. All the while I was gently moving the loose material of his underpants over his instrument. I could sense that he was close to coming. I thought to myself that it was always me getting him off. I didn't want him to think that he could never touch me, specially now that my period was over and my cunt felt so warm and swollen, so I stood up.

"Lets take our clothes off," I said. Even though I was a bit self-conscious of my large body I felt comfortable with him because we had the same build. He stripped down while I lowered the top of my dress to my waist and undid my bra. Then with one movement I dropped my dress and panties. His short stubby cock was sticking straight out under his big stomach, it clearly didn't have the length to point skywards. I put my arms around him snuggling our bodies together as we kissed. I could feel the stiff moistness of his penis on my thigh as he pressed into me. As we kissed, he took my bum in his hands and pulled me even closer into him. My pussy was wet and I could feel a deep down throbbing in my groin. He manoeuvred me back to the couch and sat me down, sliding onto his knees with his head in my crotch. I put my hands to his head and pulled his face into my cunt. With his tongue he found my clitoris through my sparse pussy hair. Pursing his lips over it he began to suck it in and out of his mouth. It was exquisite -too much! I lifted his head from where it was pushing against my fat tummy and looked into his eyes. He was hungry for more and lifted himself up onto me where I was lying on the couch. With his right hand he directed his cock into my pussy. As he pressed it in I could feel my lips welcoming him in.

But I didn't want to be fucked. One of the girls at school had fallen pregnant and I didn't want that to happen to me. He pushed his short thick stubby cock deeper into me and slowly began to fuck me. It was lovely but I didn't want it to go on to a point where we couldn't stop.

Then I had an idea.

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