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I have her tits out and I'm sucking on her nipples Sue has her fingers in her wet cunt, stroking her clit, when the phone rings. It's Stacey on the phone, Sue and Stacey talk for what seems like hours.

Apparently Bob and Stacey have had an argument. Sue has asked me if it will be alright for Stacey to stay with us; for a few days, as things are a bit on edge between her sister and Bob. Sue said she has a business trip, which she cannot post pone. Could I pick her sister up from the airport tomorrow and make her comfortable; in the spare room Sue will catch up with Stacey when she gets back.

The next day I'm standing at the baggage carousel looking for Stacey when a woman from behind me throws her arms around my neck and gives me a very sensual kiss on my cheek not a sisterly type kiss at all, but a real drag me to bed kiss.

I turn to discover that it is Stacey and our eyes meet but I have to look away, because I'm having impure thoughts about my sister in law. We hug and we smile at each other. You look great Sis: so do you she says. Stacey goes over to the carousel to pick up her suit case. That's when I notice the short little summer dress she has on. My god it's so short, it just covers the cheeks of her bum. If she bends over you will, oh! Oh! Ah! Too late what an arse, thank god she has panties on.

I grab her suit case and we head for the car park. As Stacey is chatting in the car; I glance over to look at her legs that stretch out in front of her, what long beautiful legs she has. The dress has ridden up, exposing the crotch of her panties; I think I can make out the outline of her cunt lips.

God what am I doing; I look up at her face, I have been caught, my face turns red, Stacey just smiles and pulls her dress down a bit.

This is getting me turned on, I can feel the sexual tension in the air and the smell of her pussy is filling my nostrils Sue better hurry back from her trip before I do something I may regret.

Chapter 2

I put Stacey's suit case in the spare room next to the main bedroom. I think the last time the spare bedroom was used, was last weekend when Max and Ruth stayed over; gee I hope Sue has changed the sheets; because we had a very wild weekend in that room. I am starting to have visions of Ruth on all fours being fucked doggy style by her husband Max; while Sue lays on her back underneath licking Ruth's cunt As Max's fat cock is sliding in and out of his wife's juicy hole, forcing Ruth's face further into Sue's wonderful pussy. Ah! The memories of a wonderful decadent weekend with our slutty friends

I went down stairs to make tea while Stacey took a shower. About twenty minuets later she appears in the kitchen dressed in a baggy t-shirt and I hope a pair of knickers.

We gobble our tea and adjourn to the couch to watch a bit of television. Stacey starts talking about her and Bob. It's mostly about their sex life or lack of it. She said he is a wonderful guy, but she would like a bit more passion; instead of the roll on roll off, type of sex she is getting at home.

"Boy", if she only knew what Sue and I get up to. Then again, may be she does! Sue and Stacey are very close and confide in each other a lot.

I ask Stacey if she feels like a cup of coffee. I would love one she says. I come back from the kitchen with the coffee and notice; that, Stacey is now sitting with her knees up under her chin; applying red nail polish to her toe nails. This gives me a great view of her cunt; she has a few blonde pubes; poking out from under the edge of her knickers. I can see the out line of her labia through the thin material. What a sight Stacey looks up into my eyes and opens her legs a little more, inviting me to stare at her cunt. A knowing smile passes between us. I put the coffees down before I spill them. I just stand there; looking from her eyes to her cunt, suddenly Stacey breaks the silence by saying. Would you like to lick me down there?

Without saying a word I get down on my hands and knees.

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