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The heat is turned up.

The sexy woman who I had once desperately wanted to please, had become the mysterious woman I hoped to survive. The look she got when she tortured me was like none I had never seen and I was terrified.

"I think you are going to need some help getting hard after that thing," she teased. "Lucky for you I am going to help."

She stepped to the front of the stocks and lowered them so that I was no longer forced to stand. Now I was able to kneel much more comfortably. What I had not realized was that put my ass in a prime position for her. She soon brought it to my attention when I felt the cool, wet sensation of lube being slathered on my crack and hole, right as she disappeared out of sight. After a generous amount of lube was applied, I felt a cool smooth cylinder being pushed into my ass and wires hanging out of it down to my feet.

Gretchen stood before me one last time with what appeared to be a timer of some sort with screws on the bottom. "This is the key to your next erection," she said, and stepped behind me once again.

I got the feeling from the way she was moving and pulling the wires that the box attached to the cylinder in my ass. I had no idea why.

"See you in an hour," she laughed, as she smacked my ass, turned off the lights, and walked out the door.

There I was, locked in stocks, in the dark, with some mystery device shoved up my ass. What was I to do but wait?

Several minutes passed by and I began to drift off to sleep as mental and physical exhaustion took its toll. I fought it for a short while until I finally allowed myself to relax enough to fall asleep. I do not know how long I was out but it could not have been long when the object in my nether regions came alive.

It was a feeling like I had never felt before. In the past couple weeks I had felt a vibrator in my ass, but this felt a bit different. Instead of simply vibrating it felt more like it was shaking back and forth, causing it to rotate. As it rotated it seemed to be screwing itself further in to me. As it moved deeper and deeper the pain intensified but, strangely, I began to feel a tingling sensation in my balls as my cock began to rise once again. I soon found myself wriggling my hips in order to allow even greater penetration as my erection seemed to get harder and harder in spite of the increasing pain. Suddenly the device stopped but held itself firmly in its new, deeper location.

Once again I found myself alone in the dark wondering what was next. Once again several minutes passed without a noise, a movement, or a flicker of light. Once again I began to drift off to sleep only this time my raging erection made it much more difficult to get comfortable. Finally, being tired conquered being uncomfortable. My cock lost some of its swelling and I drifted off to sleep again.

I was out for even a shorter period this time when the device began to move again. However, this time the object did not shake. Instead it grew. It felt as if it were inflating slowly. I could actually feel my hole being stretched very slowly and very methodically. Again, the pain was excruciating, but again my erection found new levels of excitement. Just as I felt tears welling up in my eyes it stopped.

I gasped long and deep as I settled in for what I could only assume would be another break before the next assault began. This time I could not get comfortable and this time my erection never faltered.

Before long I felt the unit one final time. This time it began to pulse. Now that it had methodically deepened its penetration and then slowly widened my asshole it began to thrust back and forth within me. It started out slow at first and step by step raised its level to go both harder and faster. My balls began to tingle once more and I could not help but cry out to be allowed to come hoping that Gretchen would return any moment and allow me the pleasure of shooting my wad in this humiliating fashion.

She did not come.

With my head and hands locked tightly in place I struggled to find some way to get my much-needed release.

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