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Reese and Jackson go on a little trip.

" She tilted her head and looked at me as if that was a question.

I nodded, "right."

As we waited our turn in line to check in, Sherry turned to me and said with a slight chuckle, "But you did say there are two beds in the room right?"

I let out a soft laugh and joked, "No, just one...a king size water bed...and a Jacuzzi tub." She let out a laugh of her own before I set her mind at ease, "Just kidding, yes two double beds." After several minutes, we were checked in and headed to our room. Once unpacked, we each spent time taking a shower and then headed out to grab a bite to eat. It was a seasonably warm fall night and we were able to walk around the downtown area stopping into several pubs and local bars. We found a neighborhood pub where a guitar player whaled out the blues and we hunkered down for several hours listening to the music, talking and drinking beer. Just after midnight, we were both tired as well as a little light headed and agreed it was probably time to head back to the hotel.

Riding up in the elevator, Sherry said she would wash her face, brush her teeth, then while I was in the bathroom, finish getting ready and slip into bed. She let out a small laugh when she said I wasn't allowed out of the bathroom until she said the coast was clear. We were not in the room fifteen minutes before we were both in our respective beds and under the covers. I was in the bed closest to the wall with Sherry in the one near the window and the floor-model air-conditioner.

I noticed after turning out the light that neither Sherry nor I remembered to pull the curtains completely closed, and a seam of light from the city outside made its way across her bed and created a soft glow on that side of the room. As I lay there I could not help but realize that with my bed tucked against the wall, I was in relative darkness. Sherry on the other hand, while not completely distinguishable, in that I could not make out any expression on her face, I could however completely make out the outline of her body and see her arms on top of the covers.

After a minute or two we began chatting softly, talking about the drive, the music we heard earlier, what we would do tomorrow, just pillow talk before falling asleep. Then we stopped and we were both laying there in silence. After only a brief moment, I heard what sounded like soft pounding on the wall next door. I perked my ears and listened harder, now hearing faint but audible moans. Over the next several minutes the pounding got faster and louder, matching the moans of the woman who was obviously enjoying what she was doing. In unison, Sherry and I busted out laughing, "Sounds like she's having fun," I said. "Who needs Skinamax?" We both laughed harder. It was not long before we both heard a high-pitched shrill from the women next door indicating the unmistakable sound of her orgasm. And just like that, the wall pounding stopped.

Still smiling, I rolled over turning toward Sherry and got ready to fall asleep, assuming she was doing the same. We were both quiet for about fifteen minutes when I opened my eyes and noticed Sherry had pushed her covers down to her waist. I blinked my eyes rapidly trying to focus and could see that she was not naked; she had a spaghetti-strap top that effectively covered her breasts and came down just below her belly-button. Because of the darkness of the room, I believed that she had no idea I could make out a clear outline of her body from the light coming through the window. I did assume however that since no light made it to where my bed was located, that she would have a harder time making out my side of the room. I lay there for a moment thinking she was asleep, and then watched as she lifted a hand and slowly circled the outside of one of her nipples.

Sherry's head was turned slightly away from me and I watched as her index finger moved around her nipple in slow, gentle circles, until I could see it become erect in the shadows.

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