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Sisters aren't so different.

My legs flew way back, stretching open my love wound to her. Fire erupted throughout my entire body as every nerve quivered with the fierce sensations of relentless release. It pulsed on and on. As I gasped and tried to scream, I reflexively closed my lips around her anus.

Oh, the ultimate pleasure as I spewed my gush forth. I only hoped she would catch my liquids, but as I continued to heave, I drank her ass in. My tongue penetrated her tight ring, round and round, teasing it to relax. It wasn't difficult as it opened invitingly. Its dank and nasty flavor only made it more delectable. I pushed harder and gained a bit more and she applied more weight to my face. Her head returned to my pussy, tonguing into my frightfully rich orgasm. I have never been so high.

Then, my orgasm still raging upward and incomplete and me trying to enter her ass while still in the thrusting phase, her sphincter pushed outward and my mouth filled with a huge sudden glop of thick syrupy whitish goo. It was full, creamy and salty.

My God! It was cum! Her unbelievable hole was cumming yellowish spurt! Sperm, semen, man goop! Ahhhhhh. The excitement threw me over the edge as I slurped it in, feeling and tasting the gunk in my mouth. I begged deeply for more into her distended pucker. I shot my entire pubic reservoir with my final buck. Her face was now buried in my pussy catching my juices. It felt like my pussy walls compressed together a million times and I shot out a dozen gallons of woman cream. I'll never know, I was in heaven. I writhed under her control and fell back onto the pillows, gasping. Her ass followed me, staying attached to my mouth. Her bunger was full of someone's delicious sperm. Ohhhh. And it definitely was sperm, I know that taste!

I moved away a little and a long gooey strand connected her perfect bud with my tongue. I lapped it up. She squatted another dollop out, this time the yellowish blob fused with runny brown matter as it fell onto my upper lip. I rolled it into my mouth with my tongue and tasted the folly. It was creamy man-cum, obviously marinating in her hole for some time, dewy, grassy, and shitty. I couldn't believe how nasty Diana really was, her husband using her ass for a sperm receptacle.

Again, in a sudden unexpected move of surprise, her mouth was on mine drinking the remnants out of me.

"That was one of the surprises I told you about," she mumbled in a sexy kitten voice. "Last night, before leaving," she began explaining, "he wanted to fuck me goodbye but I was on my period and he doesn't like that... so I offered my ass to him, hoping he'd stretch it for you tonight. When he shot me full of his cum, I decided right then and there to try and save it for you, it was my goal all day, to save it."

"Oh, Diana, you are wonderful," I responded, "now I've swallowed his sperm and you can't accuse me of fucking her husband!" and then I kissed her deeply for about five minutes, swishing our tastes into a m__lange of sweet, pungent, and salty. I really could be ready to eat anything she offered. I needed her to come, I wanted to even the score.

"Does that mean you haven't shit today at all?," I asked mockingly, thinking through the logistics.

"It's been hard, but yes, I've kept everything in, my love. I need you to fuck my ass with anything. I want it loose like yours. Take my ass now, Carla."

And without any reluctance, hardly recovered from my super-cum, I lay her on the bed and raised her legs high, knees back. I kissed her pussy and ran my fingers up her wet butt cavity, slippery with sperm drops. My middle finger went in to the knuckle, then all the way. I immediately felt resistance inside. I added my index finger and the two soon were twisting her rectal walls to and fro. She moaned and a hand shot down to diddle her twat. I licked her buried fingers and rotated my fingers around to widen the opening.

"Ahhhhh, ohh, Carla, that hurtssss, don't stop, another, please, another..." she cried.

I slobbered my saliva ont

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