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'All the world's a stage...'

I didn't have a bra on and I was very aroused. Then he undid the straps of my dress and let it drop to the floor. He kissed the back of my neck and pressed his fingers into my sex."

Beth approached them, stepping in closely to Anna's other side. Her dress slipped to the floor and she reached up and pushed Anna's straps down too, caressing her shoulders.

Emma had her hands around Anna and was pinching her nipples. She glanced at me and motioned with her head. I approached them quietly. Emma's dress found its way to the floor as I moved forward.

"I didn't know what was going on, but he dropped his own shorts and poked his hard prick into my backside. His fingers were in me and I was gushing on him. Do you know what he said next, he asked me, 'Do you mind if we enjoy the view while we are doing this?' "

I was close up behind Anna and my hard prick was between her cheeks.

"And then he took me, Anna. He just bent me over the rail and took me. I hadn't had sex for years and suddenly it felt so good."

My shorts were on the floor and my cock was rubbing in Anna's ass crack. She was totally still, looking out at the lake and listening to Emma's words. But my fingers found the same wet pussy I had found when Emma and I first had sex. I looked at Emma, standing at Anna's side, and she nodded. I caressed Anna's neck and gently bent her body down. There was no resistance. I nudged her legs apart and found her wet cunt with my eager cock. I entered easily, but her body was tense. I stroked in and out and quickly she melted, pushing back.

Emma continued, "I did ask him to wait for me. He said, 'Tell me when.' And I did and we came together. I couldn't believe how nice it was."

Anna turned and smiled at me, "Please wait for me." I nodded back and said, "Tell me when."

I was busy inside Anna, whose body was warming up fast. Emma and Beth looked at me, smiling, almost giggling.

Anna started vocalizing, "Oh god, please don't stop. More. Harder. Yes. Yes. Yes."

And then she came, with a little squeal, and a smothered scream, and a giant shudder. In the middle of which I let loose with a loud "Yes." Then, realizing there were two other wet and ready women waiting for me, I slowed quickly and turned to Beth, pushing her down into the same worshipful position as Anna. She wasn't expecting my big cock and gasped as I firmly speared her, driving all the way to her full depth.

Beth was full of mischief. She cursed me, "What are you doing, you good for nothing bastard! Fucking your mother without permission!"

Her only problem was that the magic potion had done its work and her cunt was gushing and pulsing all over me. In seconds her orgasm arrived, with accompanying shriek.

Leaving nothing to chance, I quickly dodged back across Anna and grabbed Emma by the hips, driving into her as well. She pushed back hard into me, taking my full length in one stroke. She had words for me as well, "What took you so long, sonny?"

I worked fiercely into Emma's welcoming snatch, feeling my own orgasm arriving. Beth and Anna were locked in a tight embrace, laughing and crying, and coming to Emma's rescue. Hands and mouths were all over us, kissing, biting, licking. I pulled Emma up, turned her around, and plunged back in, thrusting up harder than ever. The three of us were in a vertical tangle that couldn't last. I gave a last great heave and came into Emma, fountaining for all I was worth. The four of us collapsed back onto the sofa, my prick loose and still spewing spunk on the gasping victims of my attack.

The pregnant silence of bodies returning to normal was broken by Anna. "Alec, if this is what partnering with you means, I want more of it!"

Lots of laughs and kisses later, we found Emma's big shower and washed goo from everywhere on four bodies.

Dinner started out quietly, with odd unrelated snips of conversation. I was thinking about how fine four-way sex was, but not sure there would, or could, be any more of it.

Into a silence, Emma said to Anna in her soft voice, "It must be a shock to

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