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The company meeting gets lively when the power goes out

Do you have nosy neighbors? Any possibility of being able to bring me in and out on a regular basis without its being obvious? I hate to invite myself over, but if it can work it really looks to me like the best bet."

Martha said, "You're welcome to come over, most any time. Any time we don't have company or somewhere we've got to go. All the houses around us are set well back from the road, and there are big lots and trees everywhere, so no one can see anything, even in winter. The garage is at the back, so you can park without anyone being able to see your car, and in fact there's room in the garage for you to park there any time."

Lynda said, "You can sometimes hear cars going up and down driveways, but even that is iffy. It's Martha's house, and I don't have any right on my own to say you can or can't come over, of course." This time she stuck her tongue out at Martha. Scott had been a little worried again about her attitude. After he brought up the cameras, it had seemed to him that she had pulled back into herself, but maybe she had come out again now.

17. The Shape of Things to Come

Scott said, "Let's talk about the immediate program, then. You know what we did tonight. Again, for a bunch of reasons my plan was to start with the things you'd be most likely to find most unpleasant, most likely to change your minds. You know about tonight. For tomorrow I was thinking of anal sex. I've never done that, and I'm curious. I had heard that some women liked it, but always had written that off as a men's old wives' tale. I gather from things I've read more recently that I was wrong. But it seems to me (and what I read bears it out) that it's likely to be at least uncomfortable, probably painful, maybe excruciatingly painful, at least unless you do it often enough to keep things stretched.

"Martha, you said someone used to do that to you. Did she use fingers, tongue, dildo?"

"All of those, but mostly fingers and dildo." She laughed. "I'm now, finally, in a position to say, personally and with authority, that the dildo she preferred was pretty much anatomically correct. I think you're a little thicker but not quite as long, though. And the, whatever you call the hanging part with the balls in it, wasn't as big at all—besides being pretty much rigid."

"That's the scrotum. I'm fine with 'balls', too, but I'm more likely to say 'testicles' or 'testes', just so it doesn't throw you. If it ever comes up again. I'd probably never say 'rocks' or 'nuts', but you hear those a lot.

"Anyway, there's one important difference, which won't surprise you at all at this point. The dildo wouldn't have sprayed a lot of liquid—or semiliquid stuff—into your butt. From logic, and from stuff I've read, that can cause cramps and diarrhea, either soon or hours later. The more you can clear out before we do it, and then the sooner and better you can push out what I put in, the less painful things are likely to be, if I understand correctly.

"And I'm sorry, what I read says that it should be less painful if I start with a finger and work up, but I'm not going to. I promise to try to take it slow, but I hope it won't hurt too much. If it does, let me know, and I'll try to back off and slow down, but there are limits to how much I can.

"Oh, and one more thing. Do you have, either or both of you, a supply of a vaginal lubricant, or whatever it's called? I can pick some up before tomorrow night if I have to, though I admit I find the prospect somewhat embarrassing."

"We have at least a tube and a half somewhere, probably more," Martha said. "It dates back a long way, before Lynda, and it's not something we normally use, but you don't need to get more at this point, I'm sure."

"Anyway, that's the only thing for tomorrow night.

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