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The first time I submitted to Him, He took my anal virginity.


Settling back, my hands move to my breasts. My fingers pull and rub at my nipples, the sensitive flesh twirling in my fingers. Respond to the attention they sit hard and erect atop my tits. My hands cover them, kneading my nipples into the fleshy mound beneath them. Pleasure traveling to other parts of my body. Heat grows between my legs and I can feel the first drops of moisture there.

My eyes are locked firmly on yours but the distance between us lets me see you biting your bottom lip, your face straining. Your face the marker of your pace, I know we are in lock step.

Confidently I up the stakes. My hands slide down my stomach, over the tops of my thighs, across to my inner thigh. Nails lightly scratch up to my smooth pussy, their touch against the skin teasing and tantalizing. Caressing my mound, fingertips map every smooth inch of skin. My clit throbs inside my swollen lips. I can feel it harden and pulse beneath my folds. It demands pleasure, drawing my fingers to it like a magnet, urging me to plunge inside my folds, to uncover and play with it. I resist its siren call and take its punishment feeling its throb turn to a dull ache.

With a slow and deliberate pace, my fingers continue their exploration, pushing open my lips to expose the warm, wet flesh beneath. I can smell the wetness of my pussy before they dive in to feel it. Three fingers rub flat along my slit my juices easing the friction letting them glide faster with each stroke. My thumb reaches forward to touch my clit and ease its ache, carefully flicking the hard nub back and forth, toying with it.

The need for total pleasure grows stronger with every move. I strain to keep my eyes on you. Your face still mirrors mine; our short shallow breaths in time with one another as we struggle maintain control.

The throbbing and ache from my clit sends its demands for more attention. My thumb presses the hard flesh down grinding it against the walls that surround it. Fingers now toy with the entrance to my hole. The balance I once maintained between control and desire becomes impossible to maintain. The two become separate entities locked in combat.

As I look at you, my mind's eye betrays me. It flashes pictures of you with your hand wrapped tightly around your hard cock, slowly stroking it up and down. Your thumb wiping your pre-cum off the head and spreading it to your shaft. I can see your other hand beneath, lightly tugging at your balls, pulling them down then pressing them back against your perineum. Your soft moans and labored breaths ringing in my ears as proof, I can not pretend that you are not there. I know you are. Every sense I have is acutely aware of you. My lust for you mixing with the lust I feel for my own pleasure the two bordering in the edge of carnal.

Desire makes its move, commanding me to tilt my hips and expose my ass. It overpowers my control and I helplessly obey. My wet fingers move beyond my slit, leaving my juices in glistening trail stopping at my asshole. They push against that tight forbidden hole the pressure of it giving me naughty thrill. My middle finger lubed from my slit pushes in moving past the tight ring till it is fully inside me. I begin to wiggle it around curling it and pressing against the back of my pussy wall. Pleasurable pressure increasing with each movement of my finger.

My other hand rubs my slit yet desire demands more. My fingers obey moving to my dripping hole. Three fingers inside me, my tight hole slowly expands as my fingers push deeper and deeper. They curl and begin to rub at each of my walls pressing against them. They reach my back wall last I can feel them pushing it slightly as the finger in my ass continues to rub at the other side. The wall so alive with sensation my fingertips feel like they touch as they rub on opposite sides. Fingers now acting of their own mind, drive me closer to the edge of insanity.

My breath grows quicker and quicker, no longer in time with yours I know I must act if I have any hope of winning your challenge.

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