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Joanie organizes a wild pre-wedding party in NY.

Then standing back up she pulled Kelly's top off revealing her breasts, her nipples as hard as I could ever remember.

"Good slave girl," Kelly said as she sat back down in the armchair, "Now lay across your mistress' lap." She did as she was told, her face a mix of joy and bewilderment. Kelly grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them up her waist again, pushing the thin white cotton into her pussy further, trapping the ice-cold can within her pussy. "Now bitch beg, beg me for your spanking."

"Please mistress spank me," she said quietly.

"Louder you stupid whore," Kelly said giving her a quick slap.

"Please mistresses spank me."

"Beg you stupid cunt."

"Please mistress, I'm begging you spank me."


"Because I'm a worthless whore, only fit to sever you," my mind jumped to the passage I had just read, the librarian mouthed the exact words Krystal used.

"Again, with passion," Kelly said.

"Please mistress spank my worthless slut ass, spank me until I'm red raw, I'm begging you like the nasty filthy dirty whore I am, I need to be punished for being a disobedient slave." As she finished Kelly brought a thunderous blow down on her ass, leaving a red hand shaped mark on her white skin.

"What do you say"?

"Thank you mistress," Kelly slapped her again, as she did her free hand moved into the librarians panties and began to rub her pussy, playing with her clit as she spanked her hard.

"Do you want more," as I looked on my pussy was getting wetter and wetter and I could no longer hold back the urge, I started to play with myself again as I watched my slave spank her slave.

"Yes please mistress, thank you," she said, drooling on the floor, as Kelly manipulated her clit. Kelly now began to spank her in earnest, each blow stronger then the last. The women thanked her each time and then begged for another, each time Kelly giving her what she wanted, until her ass was indeed red raw. Kelly's fingers in her panties working as quickly as she spanked her. I pulled off my top, letting my braless breasts free and stood up, in nothing but my pink high heels. I walled up to the librarian and bent down; taking a hold of her ass I took a long lick across her red-hot bum, savoring her taste.

"Does she taste good baby," Kelly asked.

"Sweet," I replied, looking down at the older women, her face in ecstasy, "I think she still needs some more spanking thought." Kelly didn't answer me simply carried on with her slave's punishment; her hand whistling thought the air. Kelly now worked even quicker on her slaves pussy, making sure each hard blow hit her pussy, occasionally masking a strange noise as she hit the can still imbedded within her pussy. At the same time her fingers within her panties were rubbing her clit in frenzy. Then after about 5 minutes of hard spanking the librarian came, her orgasm sweeping thought her body, her panties getting wetter.

"Look the stupid little whore came baby," Kelly said to Haley, "What a sick fucking slut she actually came from being spanked." The librarian looked up at her mistress almost ashamed of her body's betrayal of herself. "God what a sick bitch, I don't think I want any more to do with her, she's so sick and depraved." The librarian's hart shattered, this had always been what she wanted. She now realized she wanted to be used and abused like this by a beautiful teen mistress. Now that she had finally found what she wanted she would do any thing to keep it. Unbeknown to her, Kelly knew full well that this is what she wanted; she was testing her slave pushing her, humiliating her further.

"I'm sorry mistress, please don't leave, I'm sorry I'll do anything you want," the librarian said meaning it.


"Yes mistress, anything."

"Of course you will, because a sick little bitch like you lust's over teen pussy like a dog in heat.

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