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Leslie Blue's tribute to Young Ron.

I had to be careful that I didn't drive her into "subspace" where she'd tune out and simply go numb or call a halt to everything. The trick with her was to keep within her tolerance levels. That is why I didn't hit her too hard or too long.

Her shaking was a sign that she was nearing the end of her ability to endure.

Yet aside from the glitter in her eyes, she tried to keep me from seeing that she was growing ever more sexually intense and aroused. But I knew her and I knew what she was trying to keep me from seeing.

I, on the other hand, was enjoying myself immensely. This female had agreed to submit and she was actually holding up her end of the bargain (a rare moment). I felt aroused, grounded and focused. I was in control and I knew what to do and when to do it.

Again and again my belt found her flesh and now it made her wince and twist away.

"Almost there", I thought, "Almost to the next evolution".

I took a deep breath and paused, more for her sake than mine. I ran my hand lightly over her reddened body. She didn't react to this but I could tell it took a considerable effort of will not to.

Still she wouldn't meet my eyes or say a word.

"Soon, my sweet, soon you will crack", I smiled to myself.

The silence between us was deafening and I gloried in it. As long as I didn't break the rules or hurt her, I could keep this up for a long, long time. She might hate me for it but she'd crack and enjoy it all the same.

She calmed under my sensitive touch and took a deep breath herself. "So much for your respite", I mused silently.

I moved to a position slightly behind and beside her. My belt lashed out and caught her on the upper back. She gasped with eyes going wide and I knew we had arrived at the next stage.

Chapter Five

A New Position

I took the rope off her ankles and had her spread her bare feet for better balance. Then I used the quick release on the straps and pulled her arms down to her side.

As I untied her, she sagged against me briefly.

Her breathing had been ragged yet quickly returned to normal. Maybe she thought we were through.

She'd learn better in a moment and I looked forward to seeing her reactions when she realized we weren't done. Her shocked reactions were what made this such a profoundly intense experience for me.

I then had her sit on the edge of the bed while I prepared it for her next ordeal. It was rather a simple procedure which involved placing the up until now, hidden bed restraints in view.

I had prepared the bed earlier against the remote possibility that she might actually submit. Running a rope between the mattress and box spring across the width made the possibility of restraining her arms quick and easy. I did the same for the lower part of the bed.

As I brought them into view she glared at me and made mild protesting noises. But she didn't use the safe word or any variation of it (and that was all that counted).

I bade her lie in the middle of the bed and spread her arms and legs. While she was somewhat reluctant to obey, she did as I told her.

I kept my voice neutral and calm as I held my face as devoid of emotion as possible. What I felt was another matter entirely. I wanted to fall on the woman and use her in the harshest way until I achieved my release.

"Down Beast!" I ordered myself silently.

I knew that was what she wanted and tonight wasn't about her, it was about making her mine!

The struggle against giving into such naked lust wasn't as hard as it had been in the early years of our marriage. Then it had been all too easy to give into my baser urges.

But I had seriously overestimated her intelligence and her desires. What she really wanted was to be left alone by equals and have servants cater to her every whim. She had gotten it into her head that she deserved to be pampered without having to reciprocate and no amount of reason could sway her from this absurd notion.

That I would actually assert my wants and needs was something she endured (or so she told herself)

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