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Couple enjoys the close attention of another woman.

Linda un buttoned Julie's jeans and pulled them down to Julie's thin ankles letting her step out of them, she then pulled Julie's top over her head releasing her tits to the fresh air, her nipples erect and pointed, her bald pussy exposing her pouted lips, Julie looked so vulnerable yet sensual standing naked against the back drop of the scrubland.

Linda held Julie's hand and led her to the front of the four wheel drive, she handcuffed Julie's hands to the crash bar of the vehicle, Linda tightened the cuffs forcing Julies body to lean forward across the bonnet exposing her naked arse, I could now see the large butt plug inserted into Julie's anus, Linda walked over to me, leaned down and pulled at the knee level long thick bladed grass that surrounded us, she handed me a large clump, we stood either side of Julie. Linda delivered the first blow across Julie's arse cheeks, making Julie clench her buttocks, she moaned. Linda and I whipped Julies arse in unison our strokes gradually becoming longer and harder, her arse cheeks reddened and started to sting from the small paper like cuts across her buttocks caused by the blades of grass.

Julie's hips rocked backed and forth her timing pushing her arse into the waiting blows of our grass whips, her pussy lips drenched from her juices I knew it wouldn't be long before Julie would climax. I could hear the whir of the vibrating butt plug increase as Linda pushed the sliding switch on the remote to its maximum speed, Julie's anus clenched the plug trying to drive it deeper into her, demanding it to relieve her desire. Linda and I increased our pace our strokes now swift and short Julie responded, and pushed her arse out to its fullest extent exposing as much naked flesh as she could, her tits pushed hard against the metal on the bonnet, Julies hands clenched the crash bar, her anus convulsing against the butt plug, her puffy lips swollen and dripping, she spread her legs wide and arched her back, Julie's scream of ecstasy echoed into the distance as she came, her head swishing back and forth, her pussy lips quivering from the tiny explosions inside of her, finally her body relaxed, the noise of the butt plug ceased, Julie lay motionless savouring the pleasure of her orgasms.

Linda undressed, her breasts tight, her nipples excited the glistening of her juices shining against her freshly shaven cunt, she rubbed her hands across her breasts, giving them some relief from their tension. Linda turned away from me and squatted, I could see her anus was stretched by the large butt plug in her, Linda moved her hand between her legs and eased the plug from her tight arse, she moaned as it left her body, she stood up and moved over to Julie and slid the butt plug into Julies wet cunt, Julie flinched at first from the surprise visitor, then relaxed as Linda turned the vibrators on both plugs, Julie's arse and cunt now being stimulated at the same time.

Linda moved back towards me and kissed me on the cheek, she then positioned herself on all fours in front of me, her anus wide open from being extended by her butt plug, the long grass stimulating her nipples and clit, she looked over her shoulder at me and said, "you know what to do handsome." I quickly undressed and knelt down behind Linda, I slid my erect cock into her wanting arse, I pushed my rod deep into her filling her all the way, Linda pushed her arse upward forcing me into her deeper she held her position momentarily savouring in the feeling of my cock filling her arse something the butt plug could not do. I could hear the butt plugs start to whir again as Linda increased their speed, I looked over at Julie her legs spread wide apart her hands clenching the crash bar as the intensity grew in her.

Linda moved forward allowing me to pump my cock in and out of her, I slowly stroked my dick long and slow inside her, Linda moaned at the sensation, I could feel the long grass brushing against her pussy.

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