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June opened his belt; I pulled his zipper down. It took but a moment for us to relieve Jay of his pants and boxers. Out sprang a really nice cock at very full attention. It wasn't monstrous, but it wasn't small either. It was more than enough for June and I together to handle.

And handle it we did. Boy, did we ever. I licked my side of Jay's pulsing shaft while June licked her side of his shaft. When our tongues reached the crown of his cock, they dueled with each other right on the tip of that fuck stick. He musta been really horny because he lost it all in a big blast the third time our tongues met at the tip of his knob.

June and I both caught a simultaneous royal facial from that explosion. We ended up gooey from forehead to chin, literally dripping in Jay's cum.

"Oh, God, Oh shit, oh fuck," was his verbal response.

"Ditto," I exclaimed.

"Me three," chimed in June.

June and I quickly divested Jay of his shirt and sandals. Then it was our turn. She and I did a slow strip tease in front of Jay as he sat in a post orgasmic daze on the sofa, watching us.

Well, in my case, it was a quick strip because, as you already know, I never wear much clothing to start with. June's strip took a bit longer. She was really good at it too. Later, I learned that she did pole dancing for a living and made a pile of money doing so. By the way, she had not yet married, so she lived alone when Jay wasn't around.

As we at last both stood naked before him, Jay stood up and put an arm around each of us. We stood there in a tight huddle in a naked clinch of bodies. His newly reborn hardon was sticking straight out, trapped between the thighs of June and I. We all three shuffled down the hall to a bedroom.

The night was a wild one--at least for a while. June and I began the ball. We went at each other for over an hour while Jay used his mouth and hands for a boob caress here or a pussy lick there. When June lay back, temporarily satiated, I was still on an orgasmic high.

"Alright, Jay, now its your turn to have the goodies. Come here and fuck my brains out."

Jay was a bit slow to crawl up onto my saddle. He stuttered something incomprehensible.

"What is it, Jay? What's wrong?"

"I, I, uh, I can't ge, get it uh,uh, up."

"You can't get it up? You mean you can't get an erection?"

"Yeah, damn it, that's what I mean."

"Well what happened?" asked June, suddenly quite lucid.

"I don't know, ladies, I just don't know. But I sure as hell can't get any wood for love nor money right now."

June and I used our hands and mouths on Jay for a long time to no avail. We all finally went to sleep for a few hours. We were all three groggy when we woke up a few hours after dawn. June and I tried again with Jay for another lengthy session. Again, no response from Jay's cock.

"Well, now Whada we do," asked June?

There was a quiet pause for a bit before Jay gave his opinion.

"I don't think I'll be going on with you, Jen. You should go on with your plans. I need to stay here at June's to get the medicos on to tracking down my problem. June, you can go ahead with your plans; I'll be fine here with my medical appointments. I know how hard it would be for you to cancel your business trip. When the docs are done with me, I'll make my way to my summer job."

After some brief arguing, Jay's decision became solid and we two gals gave in.

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