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Lord of the Manor takes what he wants.

I wet my fingers in your love juices and use your juice to oil your clitoris. I can't help but think how great it would feel for you if I replaced my fingers with my mouth and used my lips and tongue to toy with your clit. I'd like to run my tongue the length of your slit and taste your juices and return to your love button to swirl it around my tongue and take a little nip with my hungry lips.

"Now I'm putting two fingers into your hot pussy and moving my left hand to play with your clit. I'm pushing and pulling my fingers in and out of your pussy. I know you're thinking of how much better it would feel if it was my hot, hard cock pumping in and out of your pussy causing those little tingles to start traveling up your spine as your juices flow out around my cock and down the crack of your ass."

"Oh, oh, oh, uh, uh, uh" was coming through the phone receiver. Then Sarah yelled, "I'm coming. Oh my God, I'm coming so much and so hard." We were both quiet for maybe four or five minutes. All I could hear through the phone was Sarah's breathing. Then she blurted, "Thank you so much. I've got to go now."

I thought, "She's got to work on her exit lines." I quickly removed my clothes and drifted off to sleep. I awoke at about three o'clock in the morning. I showered and dressed and drove to the plant to get some information that Carla, my accountant, had been bugging me about. My plan was to quickly review the material and sign those pages where signatures were necessary and be at breakfast before Sarah came to work. It seemed that my plan was working. I signed the last signature page and put the document into a Manila envelope and was headed for the back door at 4:37. I paused when I heard a noise at the door. Sarah opened the door, came inside, and locked it behind her.

"Well, you're here bright and early," she said with a big smile. "I'm glad you are because I wanted to thank you for last night. It was really great. I can't find words to describe what that did to me."

She came to me and hugged me with both arms. She was holding me tight and her head was on my shoulder. I was acutely aware of her firm breast pressing against my chest. I was also aware of the stirring I felt in my groin. I started to speak but she stopped me.

"Please don't say anything, just let me finish," she said. "I married my husband at seventeen. We were just dumb country kids and knew nothing about sex. What we learned was by trial and error. His dad and brothers had told him everything they knew about sex and that was what he did. He would get on, put it in, and push it in and out until it felt good...to him.
"It would sometimes start to feel good to me but he would make fun of me if he thought I was going to have an orgasm. His kin had told him that whores and sluts were the only women who enjoyed sex. He was determined that I was not going to be one of those. I was pregnant with my second son when I overheard two women at the beauty parlor talking about masturbation. I went home and tried it. The feelings I got were so intense that I was afraid that I would somehow damage the baby I was carrying so I didn't do it anymore until after I recovered from childbirth.

"Anyway what I wanted to say is that since I've known you, I've had the most intense orgasms that I have ever had in my life. I think that it is because I know that you want me to enjoy sex and have orgasms. I was rude to you last night in the way I got off the phone so quickly but I was having orgasm after orgasm and it was all I could do to breath let alone talk. I went to sleep with a happy feeling all through me and woke up the same way. While I was having my buttered toast and coffee this morning, it dawned on my that you have given the best orgasms of my life and I haven't given you anything so this morning I'm going to return the favor.

I thought that she was talking about fucking but I was soon set straight.

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