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Helen takes me to her 'special private place'.

Lucy tossed the shirts aside and turned him toward her, running her eyes with approval up and down his hairless body.

"What color was your hair originally, Mordecai? That auburn is a very rare color."

"Dark brown until Teddy changed it"

"Mmm. And your eyes? Were they always emerald green like that?"

"No, just brown."

"Well, my dear, I approve of the changes in your color scheme and of course-these!"

She reached down with both hands and lifted his scrotum, heavy with palm-filling testes. The cock above them stirred and began to swell.

"You're really going to have to mount Chrystal at the wedding reception, you know. All the guests will want to see you fill her pussy to overflowing. It will probably set off an orgy but given the dose you'll give my granddaughter, there will be no doubt who the baby's daddy is. Oh, my, you thicken up nicely. This is going to be fun."

"Uh, Ms. Baumgartner . . . ."

"Call me Grandma, dear, as 'Oh Grandma, what big boobs you've got?' It's so cute that way."

The older woman undid the ties on her dressing gown and let it drop. Her pink skin and white hair made a surprising picture, given how fit and ageless she looked. She walked over to Howard's desk, thought about clearing off a space in the middle to perch on but thought better of it. The tiny woman pulled a hassock over, stepped up onto it and bent over the desk. She swayed her hips slowly and enticingly as she looked back at Mordecai through half closed eyes. Lucy smiled as the young man's phallus stood at full attention. Benthamsthwaite men were always impressive when aroused, no matter how often she saw them.

"Come on, dearie, give Grandma a good fucking. You know you want to. And then tonight, I'll return the favor. We're going to have wonderful times together."


After dinner that night, Amel Baumgartner took his daughter-in-law by the hand and led her up the stairs to one of cottage's guest rooms. Sheila flushed and stammered and tried to pull away but the older man's grip was inexorable. Besides, she wasn't pulling very hard. When they arrived at the landing, he switched grips and taking her ass in his palm, gently propelled her down the hall. Sheila's eyes grew wide as they approached the slightly open door and she swallowed and tried to voice a protest as she was pushed through it and heard the latch click behind them.

"D-Dad, this isn't-isn't right!"

"Sheila, baby, it may not be right but it will be fun. You're not outside any more, girl, you're at Benthamsthwaite College now and things are different here. And you know why, don't you?" Amel undid his tie, leisurely unfastened his cufflinks, and unbuttoned his shirt.

Sheila stood frozen and speechless. She watched as her father-in-law slipped the suspenders off his shoulders, unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall. His shirt and undershirt followed while he stepped out of the trousers and slippers beneath them. If her eyes were wide before, they grew positively popped when she saw how filled his jockey shorts were. The older man's smile widened when he saw the object of her attention.

"Oh,yes, honey, I'm a big healthy, fucker. All Benthamsthwaite men are, including Howard. And, of course, Ben will be. It takes about a month. Mo did you a couple of nights ago. Don't you remember?"

"Uh, not really. Things were kind of confused."

"Then I expect you will remember tonight a whole lot better, Sheila me girl. Daddy's gonna ride you half the night. By morning, you'll walk bowlegged. I might even do you up the Hershey bar road. An hour or so of sodomy will have you sittin' on pillows tomorrow, but you'll get used to it. Won't be long, you'll ask for it. Now, get out of those clothes!"

Sheila felt strangely compelled to obey.

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