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As he did so, he bit down hard on his own lips, his fangs piercing his flesh, as small drops of blood spilled into Bell's lifeless mouth. The nurse standing closest seemed to watch curiously, but he had been careful to make sure they didn't see exactly what he was doing. As soon as he tasted his blood in her mouth he was satisfied

Back in the waiting room he met Ragon and the rest of the coven.

"What the hell happened?" Ragon roared, not noticing the wound on Clyde's lip that was already almost entirely healed as light pink tissue began to weave over the wound, sealing it shut.

The nurse at the station glared over at them, and Ragon lowered his voice, knowing that he could talk without being heard, but wanting to get some of his frustration out.

"What the hell happened?" he whispered again.

"Sameth," Clyde said. "That miserable bastard; he attacked her, stabbed her."

"Jesus! But why?" Ragon asked, his fists clenched by his side as he stared at Clyde.

"How the hell do I know; he's your friend," Clyde said defensively.

Ragon growled. Did Clyde think that he would have asked Sameth to come out to protect Bell if he had the slightest notion that he would harm her?

"How did you know?" Ragon asked.

This had been something that had been troubling him from the moment he had received the phone call from Clyde, telling him what had happened.

Clyde shrugged, "There was just something odd about him; he was so interested about her powers and when he volunteered to look after her tonight, it just didn't feel right, so I followed him."

"Where is Sameth now?" Ragon asked his eyes alight with fury as he scanned the hospital waiting room.

"In vampire hell," Clyde said. "I ripped his head off; his body is at your family mausoleum."

A long silence greeted these words. Everyone was uneasy. Killing a vampire wasn't something that you just did, especially not someone as old and as well connected as Sameth. If the Elders found out about it, there would be consequences.

"What did the doctors say?" Sandra asked, moving from the seat she had been sitting on to join Ragon and Clyde.

Clyde shrugged and Ragon was instantly suspicious.

"Well?" Sandra asked her hands on her hips.

"Not good, but they kicked me out. And I can't tell her heart from everyone else's here," Clyde said in frustration.

Ragon sat back down slowly onto the hospital waiting chair, his head in his hands. Right now he hated himself. The only girl he ever loved was fighting for her life and it was his fault. He reached one hand up to his hair and pulled hard, desperate for some sort of pain to act as a distraction. He didn't know how long he stayed like that. He didn't care that it would be morning at some point; he welcomed the sunshine that would bring an end to his suffering. But he couldn't give up on Bell yet. She was tough, a fighter and she was special: she couldn't die. After an unknown amount of time passed and when the frustration of not knowing overcame him; Ragon raced over to the nurse's station, trying to restrain himself from blurring towards it.

"How may I help?" the young nurse asked, double taking when she looked up to see Ragon.

Ragon looked at her indifferently. She was young, around 22, with long straight hair tied into a high pony tail. She had large dark eyes and an olive complexion.

"Bell Sol," Ragon said, his gut churning as he spoke her name. "She's here; she's been here for a while, but we don't know... how is she? Can we get someone out here to talk to us?"

The nurse was instantly sympathetic, reaching for the mouse in front of her computer.

After a moment of scrolling through a list of names she said, "Dr Wilson is her surgeon; she is in theatre 3. I'm sorry but that is all I know."

"Can't you get someone to come in here and tell us what the hell is going on?" Ragon asked, unable to keep his voice calm.

A family sitting near his coven turned to look at him and Sandra quickly moved over to the nurse's station and said, "I'm sorry honey; he's just really upset."

The nurse smiled sympathetically up at Rag

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