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Ticklish time at a spa/resort.

She felt someone's trousers brush against her face and felt his hardness pressed against her through the material. She heard him undo a belt, felt his hands undo a button then slide the zip down. She could almost feel the heat coming off the erection she could imagine in front of her face.

She willingly parted her lips and felt the head of his shaft slowly slip between her lips. She closed them round the cock and swirled her tongue around the head - she heard the guy utter an expletive and grinned around the cock as she bobbed her head taking more of his cock into her mouth - this she knew how to do - she told his hands grid her head and felt him begin to fuck his cock in and out of her mouth - she tried to relax as his cock neared the back of her throat and she felt her gag reflex kicking in. She took it as much as she could, he was fucking her mouth harder now and she tried to focus on pleasuring his cock but he seemed to enjoy the choking sounds as he hit the back o her throat. She kept his cock coated in her saliva and worked her lips and tongue as much as she could around his fucking until she felt that tightening... He rammed his cock to the back of her mouth and held it there as he came she choked on his cock and desperately tried to swallow down his cum as she felt it fill her mouth. Swallowing as fast as she could and taking it all however as he withdrew the last bit of cum spurted into her face and tits causing another round of applause from what sounded like an enormous crowd around her.

"Well ladies and gentlemen that was our tenth shopper today who just got his reward - our special today is that any lady buying over __100 of lingerie will get to see just how talented our ship slut's tongue is so get shopping now!"

Tilly felt herself being lifted and cleaned again and a straw put into her mouth so she could drink again. This time the guards actually lifted her and she heard a heavy object being moved into place - she knew that too long with her arms raised about her head would make her incapable of working after lunch so part of the routine was to use different objects and positions - this would be the horse.

She was laid face down in the horse, her arms strapped to the sides just above her elbows allowing her the flexibility of moving her hand and forearms. Her ass was right at the back of the horse and the position left her pussy gaping open and her ass exposed. Her face was hidden for now but anyone who wanted to play or touch now had access to her ass, pussy and hands. It wasn't long before she felt a crowd around her again - fingers probing her pussy and a cock thrust into each hand. She jerked them off slowly - loving the feeling of the warm, pulsing flesh in her hands. She felt them explode and tried to angle the heads towards where she thought she would be to them. She was rewarded with the sensation of cum splashing onto her body and as soon as they left two more took their place - her little show much have inspired people to buy more as there was obviously a waiting queue - some people couldn't wait and so wanked themselves off over her. Soon it felt like she was covered in cum and desperately needed a cock inside her. An announcement over the system however declared that it was the shop slut's lunch break and she would be back in 40 minutes.

She felt herself released and carefully led through the shop by her two guards.

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