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As tensions rise, someone must fall.

Slowly, he started thrusting into her from below, and soon he felt her arching her back and sinking her pussy down to meet his cock, wet and hungry for him to fill her faster, harder. Recognizing the frantic nature of her heartbeat and how it mirrored his, he let go of her breast and anchored his arm around her middle, gripping onto her even as his other hand found firmer purchase on her thigh. Without warning, he sped up, and when he felt her head fall back on his shoulder limply, her lips gasping for breath, he twisted his mouth to find her ear and suck its lobe between his lips and teeth so that she screamed out with pain and pleasure both when he came into her again and she found climax at the same time, pulsing around him and gasping for air in little whimpers.

He let himself hold her there above him, clenched hard to his body with his dick still buried in her warmth as his breath calmed, and he was fairly sure she was asleep even before he'd fully shifted her to the side so that her head rested against the pillow and he finally pulled out, thinking already about how it would feel to come back and find her in his bed after he got a much-needed shower.

* * * * *

Calla eased herself down at the table with coffee in hand, swallowing down the nerves she felt as she joined Sam. She owed him so much, just for bringing her here-if he hadn't showed up, she didn't want to think about how things would have ended.

"I'm sorry," she blurted out before she could stop herself, catching his gaze as his cereal spoon froze halfway to his mouth. "You showed up and helped me even though I was a complete bitch about it-not to mention drunk. I... thank you," she finished, finally taking a sip of her coffee.

Sam took a few more mouthfulls of his cereal before he did more than nod. He'd wanted to talk to her alone, and this was clearly his chance, but it felt awkward now that she'd started off like that. He couldn't help feeling like an ass now, knowing what he wanted to say. "Calla..." he began, and then stopped himself. He couldn't come right out and ask her what he'd been about to, asking if she wanted her freedom and posing it so simply like there was no risk involved to what he was saying. It would be too cruel. "We-no, I-didn't have a plan for bringing you here. I mean, you're safe while you're here, I have every reason to believe... but we don't have a plan. And I haven't been able to find any sign of your mom's coven to try to help you from that angle."

The room suddenly seemed warmer, and Calla made herself breathe. She took two more breaths before she felt like she could respond. "Help me... you mean by killing them?" she asked.

"Or making them leave you alone somehow; making them understand they'd be better off forgetting about whatever threat they think you pose them." Leaving it at that for the moment, Sam picked up his bowl and his coffee cup and took them over to the sink, where he picked up an apple and re-filled his coffee cup before he came back to the table, where Calla still sat silent.

She seemed steadier when she met his gaze this time, and he noted it-she was strong, when she wasn't being blindsided by something.

She leaned forward, holding his gaze, and her voice was steady. "They won't understand that, Sam. I get what you're saying... but you're talking about centuries-old traditions. The only way you guys can get them off my back, maybe, is by finding a way to reinstate my magic. That's how you help me get my life back," she finished simply.

"And if we can't?"

Calla took a gulp of her coffee, scalding her tongue, and tried to ignore the burning sensation.

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