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His fantasy Singapore Malay queen.

No, her words were a demand, an indication she'd had enough games, whether of her own design or not.

"FUCK ME NOW!" she grunted sternly through clenched teeth. "FUCK YOUR MOTHER NOW!"

"Yes Ma'am!" I giggled, and started to pump my hips, driving into her firmly.

"Oh god, that's better..." she hissed, and buried her face in my shoulder. She became silent, save for the short gasps that matched my deep thrusts into her body. She may have been mute, but her body was screaming, shaking in my arms. I knew she was teetering on the edge.

I gave her a few particularly savage strokes, then held fast, grinding into her, and crushing her clit between us. Her head came up from its bowed position, and she stared into my eyes. Her own beautiful, blue orbs opened wider, and her mouth hung slack, as her body was hit by the first spasm of pleasure.

It never ceased to amaze me, just how strong a soft, delicate woman could be when her orgasm hit her. Natalie was a whirling dervish when she came, and Mom had been quite physical as well when she climaxed. But I had been keeping her on the brink for hours today, intentionally denying her the release she needed, so I had no idea what was about to happen under me now.

Mom's eyes scrunched shut, and her head flew back, as she arched her back, literally lifting us both off the bed. The silence was shattered with a blood curdling scream of joy, and she hooked her heels into the small of my back, pulling me deeper into her pussy, which was clutching at my cock over and over. She screamed again, and again, and again, her hands scrabbling across my shoulders, and raking my back with her talons. I held on for dear life as she thrashed under me, twisting, writhing and squirming through the mother of all orgasms.

When she was done, she was flushed bright pink. Beads of sweat adorned her brow, and she was panting like she'd just run a mile in three minutes. Her body melted, and when her eyes opened, they seemed to be having trouble pointing in the same direction.

"Ooooooo fuuuuck," she whispered, as she got her breathing under some semblance of control. "Un-fucking-believable."

I smiled, but she couldn't see it, as her eyes were closed. When I moved my dick back and forth a few times, she gasped, and groaned in agony.

"God no! Too sensitive! Please stay still, for a minute."

"You're a hard woman to please," I laughed. "Make up your mind."

She laughed, and caressed my side. "Pretty pleased right now," she said, "any more might be fatal."

I leaned down and kissed her softly. She responded in kind, filling the time with a bit of tongue wrestling. When she broke away, she sighed.

"Okay baby, I think I can handle a bit more now. Go ahead. Fuck me."

Message received, and understood. I resumed my rhythmic intrusions of her pussy, and her legs came back up around my waist. Leaning up on my arms, I had the leverage to give her the attention she deserved, and it also gave me a great vantage point to watch her body quake and quiver as it absorbed my powerful strokes. The sight of her big breasts swaying and shaking combined with the incredible heat of her cunt to light my fuse again, a fact she seemed to recognize and revel in.

"Ooooooo yes, you like watching Mommy's big tits bounce while you fuck her, don't you? You're a very bad boy, Richard, and I'm a very, very bad girl!" She had a mischievous little smile on her face, watching me as my eyes were unable to avoid watching her boobs. I noticed that 'Larissa the submissive' had been put aside, replaced by 'Larissa the more than willing and vocal participant'.

She was soooo right in her assessment.

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