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Everyone tries to adjust to the rapid changes.

.." Then, he runs this "... sophomoric drivel about a man's needs... his needs..." with the two of you locked in an embrace... and with both of his hands on your ass..."

"We weren't locked in an embrace...!" she interjected, trying to limit the damage.

"That isn't what you just told me." I replied, "you said he, "... pulled you against him and slid his hands down onto your ass." Then you admitted that you did nothing to change the dynamics of the situation."

Trying to look assertive, she rolled her eyes, and said, "You are way over dramatizing this whole thing. It was just the two of us playing... fooling around... that's all."

Blank stare... before, "You and your, "little brother... playing and fooling around... holding you close with his hands on your ass..." In civilized societies... that would be called incest."

Now she gave me the blank stare, but knew to keep her mouth shut, for fear of giving me more ammunition.

Didn't matter... I had more than enough.

"You say nothing would have happened," I continued, "but I sat here, knowing you were probably alone with him in his office... because your car and his were the only two in the parking lot..."

"But..." she tried to interrupt.

I held up my hand... and she closed her eyes.

"... so the two of you were alone and then I heard you coming down the corridor, whispering, giggling... then you telling him that, "... You're so bad."

I paused... so she would open her eyes and look at me... which she did...

"And when you walked through the door, he was right on top of you... with both of his hands still on your ass... but you're telling me that... had I not been sitting here, nothing further would have happened?"

For the first time, she seemed to resign herself to the fact that, whether intentional or not, she'd given in to the one thing that I'd predicted, not suggested, but predicted would happen... so she finally answered truthfully, "I don't know what would have happened."

Again, I nodded, acknowledging that she'd finally spoken the truth.

However... what I said next...

"So... as a punishment for these transgressions..."

"PUNISHMENT...! You're going to punish me... like I'm some fucking fourteen year old who you caught with some guy's hands on my ass?"

I let her stew for a couple of moments... fists on her hips, mouth screwed up... so indignant that... I thought her head would explode...!

God... talk about a hanging curveball...!

"And if it had been your daughter Kim... with some guy's hands on her ass?"

Her hands fell to her side, chin dropped and she let out a long sigh.

Then I offered, "But if you can suggest someone whom you think might be better to offer a punishment, I'd be happy to listen."

That only led to her pleading... "But I didn't do anything..."

I didn't hesitate, "Actually... you did two things. First... you forgot all about me coming here yesterday, so caught up in your playing and flirting with Allen. And second... you allowed him to get you alone, where his persistence would have worn you down... and you would have had some sort of sexual contact with him... if for no other reason than to get it over with."

Head down... with no way around her predicament, she shrugged... accepting the reality of her situation and simply said, "I'm sorry."

When she looked up, she had a single tear on her left cheek. I reached over and wiped it off with my thumb... giving her the opportunity to take my hand and start to kiss and suck my fingers.

But I didn't want to spoil her, so I took my hand away and sat down across from her.

"Did you see Allen today?"

"Of course... he was out greeting the buses this morning like he always does."

"Did he have anything to say?"

"He asked what happened and I told him that you'd smiled at me and walked out before I had a chance to say anything."

Why would he ask that question? Does he know about the affair... and if yes... how?

Her continuing report answered all of those questions... except "how?"

She continued without a clue...

"He asked, "Did he seem angry or upset? Did he.

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