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The story of Jack Baily and Betty Gifford.

Then she huddles down neck deep into the water and turns around to face us.

We start splashing around and soon I realize that I'm going to have to watch them very carefully. The only distinguishing feature now is the mole on Blanche's shoulder and that is not very conspicuous. We don't want to get the girls mixed up, now, do we! Or do we..? If I 'accidentally' mix them up, it could lead to a lot of fun!

I get onto the rock and dive back into the water. I swim underwater in Blanche's direction, pick her up in my arms and walk her into the shallow water. She shrieks as I lift her up so her breasts come into view. Magnificent! I fold my one hand over her breast. "Whoah! Wrong sister!" she shrieks and starts kicking and pushes me away.

"Sorry..!" I apologize and let her slide back to her feet in the water. This time she doesn't make an attempt to cover up. She wades around with her proud, firm breasts above the water. Even topless she is an absolute carbon copy of her sister! I decide not to push my luck any further and focus my attention on Alison.

We start frolicking in the water and pretty soon Blanche joins in. I can see that the wine is taking its toll. Inhibitions fade like mist before the sun and Blanche jumps onto my back, trying to dunk my head under the water. The feeling of her naked tits against my back makes my dick strain against my trunks. I turn around and pick her up into my arms, lifting her out of the water. Those tits come into view again, but it does not seem to worry her anymore. I feast my eyes on them, while tilting her backwards, dunking her head under the water. I notice the mole on her shoulder.

I let go of her and swim towards the rock. I take off my swimming trunks under the water and toss it onto the rock. "Skinny dippin' time!" I shout! Again the girls shriek and before long their bikini bottoms join my trunks on the rock.

I chase them around in the water and eventually grab one around the waist. I check for the mole. There is none. It's Alison. I take her in my arms and turn her around to face me. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me. I feel her plump pussy resting on the shaft of my hard dick. I walk her to the rock and resting her back against the rock, she reaches under the water. Her fingers close around the shaft of my dick as she guides it towards her pussy. I push forward and enjoy the familiar feeling of sinking my dick into the hot, wet folds of her pussy. I fuck her gently for a while hoping Blanche will not notice what we're doing. I support her with my hands under her butt while she has her arms around my neck, her firm breasts jutting into my chest. I walk around with her in the water, slowly fucking her in the process. She rests her head on my shoulder.

Suddenly Blanche lunges forward and tackles us both. We all lose our balance and my dick pulls out of Alison's pussy. We all shriek with laughter and Alison walks out of the water. "I'm going to fix us something to eat and drink!" she calls as she walks out of the water in all her naked splendor, the subtle jiggle of her full breasts not going unnoticed as she walks. "Be good! See you later!"

This leaves just Blanche and me in the water. I chase after her and she swims away. I catch her behind the rock and pull her towards me. She pushes my head under the water. I grab her and start to tickle her. She kicks and screams and eventually ends up with both arms and legs wrapped around me. I revel in the sensation of her naked breasts pushing into my chest. I put my hands under her naked butt and pull her hips towards mine. My hard dick pokes her in the lower belly and she stiffens. I lift her up and lower her onto my dick, pushing it down between her legs. My dick nestles in the warm slit of her pussy.


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