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Man meets couple and friends for intense group sex.

His genitals were aflame. He pinched her nipple and the moan that she released almost brought him to his knees.

He gulped air into his lungs, hoping to calm himself, to slow himself.

She blew in his ear and he heard himself let out a long, low animal moan.

This shocked him. He mentally shook himself and surfaced, embarrassed that he had become so lost in her.

She did not let him stray far. She pushed him a few steps back against the sideboard and kissed him aggressively. She began rubbing his penis with her hand, outside his pants, and heat threatened to consume him. His whole body was on fire.

When he realized that the sound he was hearing was himself moaning, he stopped abruptly, embarrassed again.

She took a half-step back from him and eyed him seductively. He stared back through half-closed eyes and panted. She smiled and expertly loosened the laces at his crotch. His engorged cock popped out, rock hard, the head already slick with pre-cum.

He moaned again. He couldn't help it.

"Let me help you with that," she said, pulling his pants down a little so his cock and balls were fully exposed. "You don't mind if I do this do you?" She knelt before him and her face was very close to his throbbing member. Looking up at him she explained, "It will be easier for you. I think you'll enjoy your first time more if you're not quite so hair-trigger. May I?"

He wasn't sure exactly what she was going to do, but at this point he would have agreed to anything she wanted. He swallowed hard and nodded.

She stuck out a long pink tongue and licked one of his balls. He heard himself cry out with a small scream of rapture. He closed his eyes and held onto the sideboard tightly. She continued to lick his balls until she'd washed them both thoroughly, like a cat. He was beside himself with sensation. When she ran her tongue up the outside of his shaft he spasmed with pleasure and semen began to leak from his slit as if it were a spigot.

"Oh God!" he breathed.

She licked the semen away and as he felt her tongue on the sensitive head of his penis, he was overcome. The world dropped away and he was engulfed in a void of sensation. He was vaguely aware that she had taken his whole cock into her mouth, the head of his penis pushing against the back of her warm, wet throat. He bucked involuntarily a few times, pushing his cock even further down her throat which constricted around his sensitive head.

He had never experienced anything so intense. He let out a strangled cry as he felt the explosion of orgasm rip through him. It scorched along his limbs, leaving his fingers and toes sizzling. His body shook as semen shot out of his slit in several strong spurts to coat the back of her throat.

He became aware that he was clutching the sideboard to keep from collapsing as his body shuddered and spasmed a few more times. Then he sagged against it gasping for air. A sheen of sweat covered his chest.

Charise stood up grinning. "You're so easy!" she teased. She kissed him quickly and he tasted salt on her lips. With a shock he realized that he had ejaculated in her mouth.

"Wow!" he said.

She smiled broadly. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. That was the appetizer, by the way."

"Wow!" he said again.

She laughed delightedly and kissed him again briefly. She unbuttoned his jacket slowly and slid it off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. He watched her face as she admired his chest and arms. He had filled out a lot in the last year, and since he had been hauling rocks every day for the past three months, the muscles on his arms and chest had started to bulge. She ran her fingers through the short hairs on his chest, and up over his shoulders, then down his arms. "Very nice," she murmured.

A warmth flowed through him at her praise. He felt happy, satisfied.

Her fingers wandered down his chest and stopped below his ribs on his left side.

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