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Jon takes charge.

I grabbed some clothes and was about to change when my sister in law entered the room. She stood there for a minute smiling. Not knowing what was going on I asked her what she needed, all I got was a stare. She then told me she wanted to give me a quick back rub as she knew I had a long day at work. She instructed me to change into my shorts then lie on the bed and she would rub my back. I do love my back rubbed and figured if my wife said she'd be finishing up dinner that it must be ok. Not fully understanding how she planned on rubbing my back, a climbed in the bed and laid on my stomach. She then climbed in the bed and sat across my legs and started rubbing my lower back then leaning forward and reaching my upper back and neck. She then repositioned herself at my hips and continued rubbing my back.

It was a few minutes and I heard my wife hell that dinner was almost ready and that I probably could use my chest and shoulders rubbed also. My wife now standing at the door told me to turn over so that her sister could finish my rub down. Needless to say I now had an erection and wasn't quite sure I wanted to turnover. I slowly rolled over and my sister in law stated to my wife that she must have been doing a good job as I was showing my appreciation. She then positioned herself over my erection and slowly started rocking back and forth. It felt as though we were making love except we had fabric between us. My wife then called out that dinner was ready and my sister in law climbed off me and left the room. I soon followed and we had a nice dinner while they discussed some things as though I was not present. A lot of it was whispering, but I could tell it was about me. Every once and a while they would stop and look at me then giggle. About thirty minutes had went by when I said I was going to take a shower before we watched the game on TV. My sister in law stated that she'd do the dishes and my wife said that she'd join me in the shower. So off we went.

When we got to the bathroom, my wife turned to me gave me a big hug and kiss which naturally caused me to begin getting an erection. I slowly started unbuttoning her shirt then opening it up exposing her breast. I rubbed her nipples and fondled her breast before bending down and sucking on each one then finished removing her shirt leaving her standing there in her panties. I reached down between her legs and felt the moisture thru her panties and asked if she was feeling excited to which she replied very much so. I placed my thumbs inside her waistline and slowly removed her panties in doing so I saw that she had shaven her pussy which was now bald and smooth. This immediately caused my erection to become harder. I felt her pussy while complimenting her on the new look she smiled as I inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy. I removed my clothes and we stepped into the shower facing each other. I soaped up her body touching every part as I cleaned her, she then soaped me and spent several minutes rubbing and stroking my soapy cock. She then knelt down and began sucking my cock, but only shortly standing up and stating that she needed me inside her later. We finished showing, dressed and went back into the living room to watch a movie.

The movie was a classic horror film, "Dracula", black and white.

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