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The man I'm sharing a room with starts quietly masturbating.

So you're probably wondering what does this have to do with me? Well, let me tell you. Shawn was one of only six student who made the cut for my third year class. This was my Studio Arts class, which was a college-level AP courses, that allowed the student to have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most of the nation's colleges and universities. Being that this was a relatively new course, the school administration didn't feel the need to block out two periods of class for only a handful of students. So I allowed my students to come back during one of my break periods to work on some of their pieces. At first no one showed, which I didn't mind, because I usually used that time to read up on my favorite erotica, occasionally stroking myself to a climatic end. However, after a month or so a few students begin to show. Shawn was one of the only ones who would take advantage of this. It was about this time that he began the portrait of Monica.

While my students were working on their project, I would sit at the computer and scroll through the stories on Literotica. From time to time, I would find a story that would be genuinely interesting. There was something about the way the stories played out. I could easily imagine myself being one of the characters. Like I would have a problem imagining that anyways, I had a vivid imagination. It was no problem getting into the characters frame of thought, as I would let my hand slid under my skirt. Then begin teasing my clit through the silken fabric of my panties. All while trying to remain my casual composure.

It was on one of those day, during the winter, when my life changed. I'd read dozens of erotic stories about interracial sex, but had never seen a black penis, except in books or on television. After lunch as usual Shawn and Monica showed. The number of students who took advantage of this time had slowly dwindled. Sitting in the computer, I searched through several stories by this writer, Blackzilla. After glancing around the room noticing that the room was completely empty except for Shawn and Monica, who were on the other side of a divider, separating my cubicle from that side of the classroom. The classroom was divided into three separate parts, due to the fact that I had two separate classes going on at a time. I had my cubicle and desk set up at the front, blocked from the prying eyes of most of my first year students, who had the aft part of the classroom. I shared the forward half of the class with my advanced student, who used easels and such. My way of keeping an eye on them while I graded papers and artwork was a system of mirrors, I had set up. It was through one of these mirrors where I saw my first black dick.

I had really gotten into the story, sliding my zipper down as quietly as I could, and pulling my panties to the side. Sometimes, I laughed at the plot behind the stories, but this one really had me. I begin pinching and rubbing my clit, caressing it as I pulled it, trying to keep my whimpers muffled. I was beginning to get frustrated, due to the fact I couldn't quite reach the spot to push me over. I begin to consider going to the ladies room at the end hallway, and finishing what I begin, in the last stall. Turning to get out of my chair I caught a glimpse of something in my eye. Looking in the mirror, I could see Monica's back facing me, her arm pumping up and down on one of the largest dicks, I'd ever seen. Hell, I'd only seen four.

Leaning back against my chair and spreading my legs farther, and begin to go through some of the details from stories I'd read.

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