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Four films from VCA Pictures are reviewed.

"This was getting fun," Cheryl said as we realized we were not in a very sheltered place for a thunderstorm.

"Wanna go to my house?" I asked, and Cheryl agreed, so with our bags of beer we made a run for my house.

By the time we got there, we were drenched. My mother was home, so I brought Cheryl around the back and into the cellar, where I had a section of it all my own with mats and a set of weights.

"My mother never comes down here," I explained as I looked at Cheryl's blouse, which was pasted to her skin.

"I'm freezing," Cheryl explained, and I already knew that because I could see her nipples poking through the bra and blouse.

"Why don't you take off your blouse?" I suggested as I looked around the washing machine for a towel. "I promise I won't look."

"What fun would that be then?" Cheryl said with a giggle, the second beer having made her a little silly.

"Okay. If you take off your blouse I promise to look," I said, and as I spoke Cheryl peeled the wet blouse up and over her head.

My eyes were fixed you-know-where, and while she had the blouse off quickly, the glimpse I got told me that she still didn't shave her armpits. I smiled when I saw that even with her skinny arms at her side, there were black hairs peeking out of the fold of her arm.

Cheryl saw me staring at her, and then saw what I what I was looking at and made a face as I held a towel in my hands.

"Your mother still doesn't let you shave?"

"How did you know about that?" Cheryl asked, and then realized who my source was and shook her head. "Bobby's an asshole."

"I know."

"I don't think my mother much cares about that anymore. I'm so used to the hair being there that I think I must like it. If I went to the senior prom I would have shaved them no matter what," Cheryl replied with a shrug. "Nobody asked me though."

"I wish I had asked you," I answered. "With your brother in the service I hardly ever see you anymore. Wish I had thought about it. I never went to my prom either."

"I know. I was hoping you would have asked me to that too," Cheryl said.

"Shows what an idiot I am," I said. "I'm not very good with girls."

"You were good that day back at the swings."

"I can't believe you still remember that day as well as I do," I told her.

"Like I said, I had a real crush on you."

"I could have gone to my prom," I lamented. "I always said I didn't care about stupid things like that, but I did."

"Me too."

"And you wouldn't have had to shave either," I blurted out.

"Can you imagine that?" Cheryl giggled. "We would have been laughed out of the place. Picture me in a gown looking like this!"

With that, little Cheryl, dripping wet in jeans and a soggy bra, lifted her arms and posed like a movie star with her hands behind her head. At that moment, that day back at the swings became the second most erotic moment of my life.

"Don't," I said when Cheryl started to lower her arms. "Stay like that for a minute."

Surprisingly, Cheryl did as I asked, and I was treated to the unobstructed sight of Cheryl's armpits. To say that I was aroused would be a grand understatement.

"Let me," I said, taking the towel and bringing it over to her right armpit, and as I rubbed the cotton into the thick matted hair I thought I was going to cream in my jeans.

"I'm really hairy, huh?" Cheryl asked, making a face as I fluffed up the black fur. "Do you like that?"

I nodded as I prayed my knees would hold me up. The jet black hair filled the tiny recess of Cheryl's armpit to overflowing, and after I finished drying it I let my fingers slide through the dense jungle.

"You must think I'm weird," I said as my fingernails raked through the thick tuft of hair.

"I dunno. Guess I'm weird too because that feels nice," Cheryl said as she leaned toward me and closed her eyes. "Feels good not to have to hide it too."

I went to her left armpit, where the thick mat of hair was still pasted to her skin, and as I toweled that one dry too I noticed Cheryl looking down at my crotch, where my erection was painfully ob

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