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Yu Ling learns discipline.

Malathi stood at the door with an unusually broad smile to let me in and close the doors behind immediately. She was visibly excited about my visit and made no secret of it by speaking in a voice bubbling with enthusiasm. She kept running between the drawing room and the kitchen filling up the table before me with a variety of snacks. But, when she brought a bottle of Royal Challenge whisky I was taken aback as I have never been served with alcohol by any female yet.

"What is this?" I asked her rather amazed. She giggled at me without replying and started pouring the whisky into one of the glasses.

"I never expected this," I was still recovering from the gentle shock as she meticulously did the pouring, started missing distilled water and finally let a few ice cubes float on the golden liquid. I couldn't believe my eyes although I was in no mood to refuse my favorite whisky being served. She poured another glass with coke and after helping with some ice cubes, she took the cup in her left hand while her right hand held the cup with whisky for me. As the whisky changed hands, I could feel her fingers gently touching me.

Am I dreaming or something? I asked myself as Malathi sat near me on the same sofa, smiling and sipping her cup of coke. I was getting another intuition; I am going to have a nice evening today.

"You are full of surprises, Malathi," I told her as she kept smiling at me.

"Yes. I am," She admitted and laughed funnily. "But, much more surprises in store for you."

I was becoming very curious wondering what could be the next surprise. Am I going to watch some strip dance or something?

"Well, I don't think I can take any more surprises," I replied letting out a laugh.

"You can't? Are you sure?" Malathi spoke in a voice that sounded as if she was whispering to me. It struck to me that Malathi in the sort of mood that she was in, could spring up more surprises than I could comprehend. It was only after a couple of sips of the good whisky that I noticed Malathi who was sitting very close to me, wasn't bearing any bra. As she crossed her legs with somewhat a short nightie on, I could get a clean view of her long legs as well as a couple of inches above her knees. As my eyes trailed further, I almost swooned to realize that she wasn't wearing panties either. My cock immediately responded to my view by bulging inside my jeans to press hard against my inner. Suddenly, Malathi looked around to see me staring at her and smiled again.

"So. Did you make out the remaining surprises?" Malathi asked me with mischief written all over her eyes.

"Err...Yess..Somewhat," I stumbled for words. Her smile looked wry like never before. She moved closer to me on the sofa and began lifting her nighties above. I sat like a statue as she effortlessly pulled off her nighties and throw it behind the sofa. Unbelievable, Malathi was sitting absolutely nude besides me. I could see her bare tiny tits hanging out close to my face.

"You love watching these small things?" she queried in a sexy voice. She let her right hand hold her tits in alternate and closed her eyes as I could see her squeezing her tits to pleasure herself.

"What are you doing?" I spoke although I wasn't sure if she ever heard what I said.

"You must be going after bigger ones than mine. Just as big as the ones your secretary has. Am I right?" she asked, as she started arching her body like a bow making my dick to harden instantly. 'Is this the fun that she mentioned to me over phone?'

"Am I looking that bad? You think I am not even worth touching once?" she asked. I took a long breath watching her tiny globes. She was right, I thought. Her small tits which never used to induce any interest when covered under her blouses, looked amazingly erotic in nudity. My hands itched to get hold of them one after another but I thought it too early.

Malathi looked at me tilting her head and her hands soon rested on my bulge to squeeze them gently.

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