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Hargon changed her into a dog, but in human form she's a fox.

I smile a bit. I know what comes next.

Placing my hands again on my knees, I close my eyes and relax as you plow into my mouth, sliding further in, until your head is slamming forcefully into the back of my throat with each thrust.

My gag reflex begins to wake up, despite my swallowing. You love it when I gag on your cock, and despite the discomfort, I have learned to enjoy it on the rare occasions you require it of me.

As you push into my mouth hard, fucking my face, I have no control over my body. Drool slides from my lips onto your shaft, dripping down onto my chest, stringing to your cock as you pull away. I find the rhythm, still gagging as you push in and out, holding yourself outside my mouth for a brief moment to let me recover before ramming into me again.

I feel your cock jerk and grow suddenly thicker as you pull out of me, aiming, as your creamy load comes rushing out of your cock. The first spurt lands in my open mouth, then you shift slightly to paint my cheeks and lips.

You pull away, your semi-hard cock still in your hand, then you step forward again and lightly slap my face with it.

One cheek, then the other, slapping your cock into your cooling cum on my cheeks. Using your cock as a makeshift spatula, you use it to smear each drop of cum towards my mouth, where my tongue can reach it to clean myself up.

Setting your foot back down on the floor, you reach down to my shoulders and encourage me to stand.

I gaze at you calmly, knowing the night is not yet over.

You reach out to tweak a nipple, and I gasp in pleasure. Suddenly, you grasp me tightly, pulling me off balance and onto your knees as you sit back on the couch. Laid across your thighs like an errant child, I know that I am about to be released from my suffering, and I smile in joy.

Placing one arm across my lower back, your other hand rubs and fondles my ass cheeks through my white panties. Palms smooth against the thin material as you massage and play for your own pleasure. A soft pinch here and there has me twitching in surprise as I patiently wait for what I know is coming.

A blow lands and I yelp, more from the shock of the first blow than from pain. You are gentle with me, warming me up, so you can truly release me from my mental bonds. Feather-soft stinging slaps cover every inch of my globes as I feel my tender skin begin to flush and heat, even under the soft cotton.

I can't help but wiggle as you spank me, needing, craving this contact from you, to force the greater pain of disappointing you from my thoughts.

As always, you seem to know when the time is right, and I feel you put more strength into your efforts, raining assault down on my ass and thighs, making me cry out in pleasure and pain and release.

As tears fall from my eyes, I sob, trying to catch my breath which is coming in ragged gasps.

Abruptly, you stop, and begin speaking in a soothing tone, telling me what a good girl I am, how you forgive me everything, that I don't need to say it. You lean over, and kiss my reddened bottom through the soft knit as I cling to your leg, nuzzling as I try to come back to you.

Kissing and breathing hot air out onto my cheeks, you continue to speak affectionately and endearingly, brining me back to myself, back to you.

Getting my breath back under control as you caress me, I jerk in response as you bite me lightly on the crease where my thigh meets my ass cheek.

You sit back up, your hand never ceasing it's stroking play, sliding across my round ass. Slowly, your hand slides between my thighs, tickling along panty line, teasing me as I whimper my need for you.

Sliding back and forth, tantalizing me as you rub closer and closer, but not quite fulfilling the promise of your touch.

I find that my legs have spread on their own, my body responding to you against without conscious thought. I lay across you, still spent in the languor of aftershock as you amuse yourself with my body.

Slowly, you drag a finger tip from my tail bon

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