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A sexy Asian maid gives kinky room service.

I straightened quickly, almost colliding with him. He was not very tall, only five six or so, but I was so short it made no difference. I noticed his eyes had tiny flecks of gold in them. He smiled at me and ran his hand slowly up my bare leg and under my skirt. I shivered even though his hand was hot and seemed to burn me. I looked down, away from those eyes, and noticed that my nipples were poking at the material. He reached for my breast, caressing the nipple with his thumb. The shock made me jump a little, and I looked back at him with wide eyes. He grinned at me and pinched my nipple rather hard. I winced, and my hips moved a little by themselves.

Nigel considered me for a moment longer as he stroked my nipple gently again. "Take off your clothes," he said. I slowly reached up and began on the buttons on my blouse, then scuffing each loafer off with the other foot. I peeled the blouse back, not looking at him, then flicked at the buttons at my waist. My skirt slid from my slender hips. I stopped, standing in a sheer white lace bra and matching bikini panties.

Nigel's eyes roamed my body. He took a deep breath, blowing it out slowly. He pulled the cups of my bra down, exposing my nipples, and lowered his face to them, licking lightly at them. I gasped and moved my hands. I didn't know where to put them; they settled on his head. I bowed my face into his hair, smelling his hair and his cologne -- I think he wore Obsession -- as he began biting at my nipples, holding them in his teeth and lashing them with his tongue. My hips moved involuntarily again as I moaned into his hair. He reached behind me, cupping my ass, kneading the cheeks roughly. He pulled my underwear up tightly into my crotch so that the lace grated between my legs. I grabbed his shoulders, pulling him, as he moved his tongue up my neck, playing with the soft skin there, before he thrust it into my mouth in a raw, passionate kiss.

"Sweet little bitch," he growled into my open mouth as I strained to pull him closer. I could feel his prick against me. My mind was flooded suddenly with all the dirty names I had learned for these parts, this act. Nigel took me by the arms suddenly, pushing me sprawling across his desk as he tore at his tie, his shirt, his pants.

Suddenly his cock sprang into view, the first live one I had ever seen, although I had looked them in the pictorials in my father's girlie magazines for years. It seemed impossibly huge. I stared at it; I was afraid, as he took me by the hair and began pushing my face towards his crotch. I took the tool into my hand, then my mouth, moving carefully. I could not even close my fist around him he was so thick. I loved the way he smelled. I began to lose my fear, running my tongue over him, licking and sucking more of him into my mouth as he continued undressing. He groaned and began playing with my nipples, making me moan around his cock.

"That's it, suck em," he whispered as I began licking tentatively at his balls. I sucked one into my mouth, then the other, trying to get both in at once. He apparently approved of the effort, even though I was unsuccessful.

He groaned deeply and pushed me back onto his immaculate desk. I could feel the leather blotter against my back. He stood over me with his cock in his hand, looking me over as I examined him. He was thick-chested. Hairy. Very well-built. His stomach was flat and cut with muscle. Looking into my face, he reached to rub my clit through my panties until my eyes met his again, and I smiled. He jerked my panties off, practically tearing the delicate lace, then pushed his face into my pussy, licking though the thin hair to my clit. I gasped and spread my legs very wide, grabbing his hair and holding on. Waves of sensation washed over me as his tongue dipped down into my cunt, then rubbed little circles around my clit, finally building to rapid thrusts of his tongue. I moaned, trying to keep his tongue inside me with my fingers clenched in his hair, but he stood back up.

He looked down at me a moment, th

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