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An older man with a taste for submission finds new depths.

"Want to play with me and my friend, Lana?"

Her question shocks me, but it's to late to answer. The door behind her opens and a lovely, tall oriental woman walks in. Dressed in the same outfit, she smiles as she comes up behind my lovely Desire. She runs her hands down Desire's front, opening up her shirt for me, revealing her lovely tits.

Lana grabs at Desire's beautiful breasts as she turns to kiss her on the mouth. I have only seen girl-on-girl action in porn, so to see it "live" in front of me is amazing! I watch closer, intently, as her hands slide over Desire's golden flesh, she pinches her red nipples and sucks on her neck.

Lana stands back up and walks to the front of Desire, getting on her knees, bending over towards Desire's pussy, her ass towards me. I can see up her skirt as she bends under the desk, she pulls down Desire's pink panties and tosses them to the side of the small room.

I get harder and begin to stroke as she places her head under Desire's skirt and I watch as she throws her head back, moaning as Lana devours her pussy. I grunt and jerk off fast, moaning as I watch Desire play with her tits for me, locking eyes with me through the glass.

I feel like a prisoner, watching my woman play with herself to keep me sane while locked up, not being able to break through the glass and fuck her in front of everyone. I jerk my cock harder and tell them to show me more. With out asking for more money, the girls both stand up, and begin to undress each other. They take their time as the clothing slips off onto the floor and is tossed into a pile by the door.

Desire lays down on the cold floor, her head by the glass, so close to my cock as I keep jerking off. Lana squats above Desire's mouth, her legs open to me, she leans back and places her hands flat on the floor, on either side of Desire's hips. I watch as Desire sticks her tongue out and licks at Lana's pussy lips. Taking them into her mouth and sucking them, turning them bright red.

I hear Lana's moans echo through their side of the booth, she bucks her hips rapidly as Desire licks fast against her clit. She reaches up and holds Lana's lips apart, her skinny index fingers sliding into her pussy and opening it up for me to see inside. Lana moans loudly as Desire sticks her tongue into her cunt, her juices spilling out, running down Desire's face.

I take my attention off my cock and begin to work on my ball sack. Taking both my nuts into my hand and lightly massaging them, keeping myself from cumming. Desire sees this and winks. She licks across Lana's clit and begins to slide her fingers in and out of Lana's pussy, each finger opposite in thrusts into her.

Lana moans again and tells her, "Ohh god, baby, I'm gonna cum so hard..." She throws her head up and looks me in the eyes as she starts to cum on Desire's lips. She moans into Lana's pussy and covers her slit with her entire mouth. I can't tell what she's doing to Lana, but it has to be good because Lana shakes and screams as she cums onto Desire, her breasts shake up and down as she bounces on her face. She falls over in a heap, shaking uncontrollably on the floor.

I can't take it anymore, I grab at my cock and jerk off wildly. "Lick her pussy now, Lana...Lick her pussy for me.....do me the favor, make her my little slut cum!" I shout my orders to the trembling girl. She lays down where Desire had just been and has her crouch over her like how she had been. Desire leans forward though, towards the glass and smiles at me while her pussy gets licked. I look down and watch her clit get pushed back and forth by the wonderfully beautiful Asian woman's tongue, she moans into her pussy and tells me how great she tastes.

"Ohhh god," I moan to the girls. "I wish I could taste you Desire, taste your juices and let you cum on my lips...."

"I wish I could taste you too.

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