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A surprise visit.

She let out a moan,"mmmmmmmmm...oooooh...oooh." It was clear that she was now getting right into it and so Ted started thrusting his fingers in and out of her faster and faster, loving the sight of her getting so turned on. His hand was now almost a blur as he finger fucked her as fast as he could. The juices just poured from her all over his hand as the squelching sound from her cunt echoed around the room.

She was now getting completely lost in it all as she placed a hand on his shoulder to support herself before her legs gave way beneath her.

He began to slow down, wiggling his fingers around inside her as he got slower and slower. Eventually he stopped and slipped his fingers out, as he did her juices poured from inside her and down her leg.

"What a lovely wet cunt....ooh you dirty dirty girl," he said as he looked at her beautiful wet pink pussy lips.

He had held himself back long enough, now his cock was in desperate need for satisfaction and he couldn't mess about a moment longer. He dragged her panties down to the floor and she stepped out of them. Before throwing them to one side he couldn't help but bring them up to his nose for a quick sniff.

He slumped back into the sofa and threw his dressing gown open revealing his horrible pot belly and of course his painfully hard cock. He grabbed her by one arm and dragged her on top of him, she had no choice but to kneel on the edge of the sofa astride the wheezing bloated old man causing her short grey skirt to stretch tight across the tops of her strong young thighs. He hooked his fingers under the hem and pulled it up to her waist then reached behind her, grabbed her firm ass with both hands and lifted her onto his desperately hard cock.

"Oh God yes!!!" he cried as at last the self induced torture was at last over. She was so wet that she easily slipped all the way down its full length, her hot wet tunnel seemed to grip his cock tightly all around.

As she sank down onto it he felt the tip of his cock push against her womb. He was in heaven as he looked at her still fully clothed in her uniform sitting on his cock. As she sat there she couldn't resist grinding her cunt hard down onto him. Without hesitation he grabbed her tits and began mauling them through her blouse constantly muttering to himself.

"Ooooh yes yes, oh lovely tits...ooh lovely beautiful big tits...fuckin' hell."

His blood was boiling and his heart was pounding like a drum against his chest as his excited desperation took over. He ripped her blouse wide open and after a pause to admire her lovely white lace bra he went to rip it off.

"No no!" she cried wanting to save the expensive garment from being ruined, "let me."

He stopped in his tracks and watched as she undid the front clasp and brushed it aside to reveal her wonderous huge tits, her nipples pointing at him like bullets.

"Shit yes!" he cried as he squeezed them tight with both hands. He continued his constant muttering, "oh I love your fuckin' tits, so big, oh yes they're so fuckin' lovely and big." He opened his mouth wide and pushed his sweaty red face into them and began sucking on one of her swollen nipples, all the while bucking into her harder and faster.

She was of course now so turned on herself that there was no turning back. This horrible fat old pig of a man was driving her mad and she started jumping up and down on his cock wanting more and more.

"Come on you dirty fat bastard fuck me with that cock...come on...come on!!!" Her sudden cries sent him over the edge as all the spunk he had been holding back could be held no longer. Releasing her tits from his grip and grabbing her head tightly with both hands he pulled her face to his and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth.

At that moment his spunk was finally released, it surged up his cock with such incredible force and errupted like a volcano as it exploded into her over and over.

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