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She takes what she wants.

Again she sank to her knees to dry my legs and feet, my penis swaying inches from her face, until it finally touched her cheek. She froze for a moment, and then, to my amazement, she turned her head and pressed her lips to it.

She climbed unsteadily to her feet and draped the towel round my shoulders. She took my hand and looked at me uncertainly.

'Darling - you're trembling ... my poor baby ... I'm so sorry ... would you like Mummy to make you feel better?'

Without waiting for an answer, her fingers closed round my penis, and she started to rub me, very slowly. Feeling her hand on my cock was incredible, wonderful, unbelievable ...

Holding my son's magnificent penis was incredible, wonderful, unbelievable ... it was hard and gristly, with a lovely bulbous head, and encased in silky-soft skin that I eased back and forth very slowly, savouring every moment. Sometimes I paused and squeezed him gently, or brushed my thumb across the head of his cock. He was trembling violently, and I, too, was shivering with pleasure, and then I felt him fumbling with the catch of my bra.

He got it unfastened, and then a wave of excitement flooded through me as he started to fondle my bare breast. My free arm was around him, and I pressed myself against him as I continued to rub him. I felt him shudder, and I stopped briefly, to run my hand over his trembling belly and then gently caress his balls, before I started to rub him again.

Now there was no pretence - this was sexual, and we both knew it. I was delirious with joy - I was masturbating my baby, and he was kneading my breast, aroused and trembling with excitement, and there was no going back ...

The poor darling was too excited to make it last, and he gave a little gasp, his hand tightening painfully - beautifully - on my breast, and then his semen started to spurt into the bath. I thought he'd never stop, but then his penis began to soften, and he turned towards me. I clutched his penis against my bare tummy above my jeans, coaxing the last drops of his semen over my skin and into my navel, letting it trickle over my fingers as I rubbed my bare breasts against his chest, and he lowered his head to kiss me, the soreness of his bruised lips forgotten ...

I welcomed his tongue into my mouth, caressing it with my own, and we kissed for a long moment, and then he bent his knees and wrapped his arms round my thighs, lifting me up until he could kiss my bare breasts. My bra had got lost somewhere, and I hugged his head and ran my fingers through his hair, almost fainting when he took my nipples into his mouth and sucked them hungrily, until he finally let me slide down his naked body. When my feet touched the floor I kept sinking down until I knelt before him, stroking his wonderful thighs and kissing his softened penis ...

I lifted my mother to her feet and took her in my arms, still overwhelmed by the sensation of holding her, practically naked, and ran my hands over her smooth back and shoulders. She rubbed herself against me, making little moaning noises, and I struggled with the button on her jeans, then eased down the zipper and pushed the jeans off her hips. She clung to me as I pushed my hand down inside her panties, marvelling at the softness of her belly, until my fingers encountered a thick clump of silky hair. I played with it for a moment, and then stroked the lips of her vulva before putting my fingers into her.

Mum made a little whimpering noise as my fingers and thumb found her clitoris, and I squeezed it, tugged it, rubbed it, rolled it between my finger and thumb ... she must already have been on the brink of and orgasm, because suddenly she cried out, digging her fingers into me and shuddering uncontrollably, and lifting her face to me so that I could kiss her, her body jerking spasmodically ...

At last she quieted, and my forgotten aches and pains returned.

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