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Danger lurks in beautiful Hawaii.

"I told you, sweetheart, everyone else is at lunch. Relax, nobody will know. And talking of lunch, did you bring mine with you?"

Steven laughed nervously, he was still not too sure about having sex with his mother in her office but he was dying for a maternal blowjob, having been celebate during his time with his father, his mother being the only woman he loved and cared for.

"I certainly did, mom," said Steven, as he felt his cock swelling inside his underwear. "Why, you hungry?"

"Starving, sweetheart," laughed Liza, giving her son's bum a little kiss on the back of his pants before he turned round to face her.

"Then we'll have to do something about that, won't we? Can't have the Chief Executive of the Wellbeck Fashion House working away this afternoon when she's under-nourished."

Liza's eyes were on stalks as they now took in the obscene-looking bulge in her son's pants that were tenting out impressively and she rested back on her haunches to watch as Steven lowered his hand to his zipper and began to fumble with his fly ...


"I know you like my sexy ass, mom, but I've got something else here you'll like better," said Steven as he unzipped his pants and took out his aroused prick, holding it in his hand in front of his mother's face and letting his balls also fall free from the confines of his underwear.

Steven felt no embarrassment whatsoever as he exposed himself to his mother. Quite the opposite, in fact. It wasn't the first time and it certainly wouldn't be the last and he felt proud, priveleged and exhilarated to stand there letting the lady who had given birth to him ogle her creation and he retracted his foreskin to display the hard nub of his knobhead, already glazed with a liberal supply of pre-cum.

"Luncheon is served, madam," said Steven, huskily as Liza gazed lovingly on her son's thick rod as if she had never seen it in its aroused state before.

"Sweetheart, I've got such an appetite," Liza said and before Steven could say anything she opened her mouth and quickly took the stiff pole inside, blowjobbing her son just as she'd done in the old days before he had gone to live with his father, having secured employment with an IT firm in L.A.

Liza had been disappointed that he hadn't found a job in New York but she wasn't going to stand in her son's way. Nevertheless, she hadn't expected it to be two whole years before he was able to visit her again and she was determined to make the most of the hours they now had to share with each other.

Steven gasped as his cock slid effortlessly over his mother's tongue, the head hitting the roof of her mouth before coming to rest at the back of her throat. Liza gagged as she lapped on the thick incestuous pole, savoring the taste of Steven's pre-cum as more helpings of the goo emerged through his piss slit.

"Fuck, mom," Steven managed to murmur as Liza increased the suction, making love to her son's cock with the passion of a twenty year old, "I've waited so long for this."

"Sweetheart, your cock is so much bigger than I remember," laughed Liza, as she let it fall out of her mouth and then began slurping her tongue over his large sweaty nutsacs as soon as she finished speaking.

"It's still the same one I've always had," giggled Steven, trembling as Liza took his entire scrotum into her mouth, "and what's more, it's all yours. My balls, too," he added, since Liza was now giving her undivided attention completely to the large round eggs of his sperm producers.

Liza sucked and licked her son's balls for a good five minutes or so as Steven rubbed his proud prick across his mother's face, leaving some of his pre-cum behind on her nose and forehead.

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