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Andy realizes who he really loves.

She looked so amazingly perfect for her age, and even to a 19 year old girl like myself, she was a sight of which most teenage fantasies would surely revolve around. Her long, dark brown hair was tied loosely in a pig tail, but her hair at the length it was, lay over her shoulder as though she had in fact left it untied. She was slim, tall and pretty flat chested, while me on the other hand was slim, small and curved. In fact, my breasts were sized an ample D cup, looking even larger attached to my small frame.

"I think we've done enough work today," Said Nelly, uncrossing her thin, long legs and leaning forward slightly, allowing me to peer down her grey, v-neck vest top, and see the tops of her olive skinned breasts. "You fancy grabbing a coffee or something?"

I quickly jumped, realising I had been staring at her breasts, then looked up to her face, smiling as she were.

"Sure." I agreed, nodding also, regathering my composure, my pussy beginning to throb ever so slightly.

"We could go back to my apartment after too, it's really close to this great caf__, and I really wanted to show you some things of mine." I gulped, her words sounding so suggestive in my dirty mind.

We arrived at Nelly's small apartment, and much like I expected, it was almost spotless. The only objects I could see which indicated any civilisation, was the collection of photographs of her family, located on the mantle.

I sat down on the white sofa chair, situated in front of the fire, paper coffee cup in hand, ensuring extra caution so not to spill it on her lovely furniture. Nelly dived on it next to me, in a some what butch manor, pushing her perfect ass next to mine. My pussy throbbed more as our bodies touched and as I watched the innocent concentration on her face as she began to flick through the channels of her television with a small remote. I seductively began to bite my bottom lip, and then involuntarily placed my free hand onto her thigh. Nelly turned and looked to me, her gaze towards me of confusion, yet also longing. Her breathing became more and more intense as I raised my hand further and further up her leg, until my hand rested at her crouch. My own pussy about to explode, oh, I wanted her so bad.

I slowly placed my paper cup of coffee down upon the glass table, then leaned in and placed my other hand on her shoulder. Her body rigid and erect, nervously anticipating my next move. I slowly moved in closer to her face, until my nose touched hers, and then I closed my eyes and gently caressed my tongue with hers. For a moment we kissed gently although in love, but then lust and passion took over and we were soon ramming our tongues down each other's throats like mini penises. My arms raised up her face, and then down again to her breasts, her nipples erect and showing through her thin vest top. I pulled the top up revealing her flat stomach and perky tits, bouncing at her bra to be freed and molested. I pushed my tongue down the cups of her bra while feeling around her back, unhooking it. Gentle moans of pleasure came from Nelly, as she sucked at my ear lobes. Soon I had managed to unhook her black and pink, laced bra, and it flopped to the floor, where it belonged.

I sucked at her erect nipples now, moving down to the zipper of her grey, skinny jeans. Slowly I zipped, unveiling her white thongs, hiding the velvety skin of her pussy. I placed both my hands down to her pussy, while still sucking at her tits, and gently caressed the soft area. I poked one finger into her pussy then quickly pulled out, instead beginning to caress her erect clit. I pulled away from her tits, then dived down to her crown jewels. My tongue licking the insides of her thighs, her body rigid and urging me to go in, but I enjoyed teasing her.

"UMMMM, eat me Ayari, eat me out baby." Said Nelly, in a mixture of moaning and a huskier, sexier voice than normal.

I raised my head and looked up to her, smiling like a naughty school girl, then I div

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