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His dark past catches up with him.

I kept my lips sealed as he pressed his lips to them and flicked his tongue over them. All the time, his hand was stroking my cock.

"You don't like kissing a man, do you?" he asked me.

"No, Sir," I whispered, looking down with embarrassment and shame.

"You will," he promised, and assaulted my mouth in full. He pressed hard against my mouth and forced it open. I could feel his tongue ravishing my mouth, exploring its secrets and trying to play with my tongue. I closed my eyes, determined to endure this, not wanting to respond and prove him right. He kept stroking my cock, which was growing harder and harder. I was being overwhelmed by sensations from his hand, his lips, his tongue, the stubble from his chin rubbing against my face.

Then one sensation leaped out: I felt something warm running down my leg. I realized it had to be my precum. I was oozing precum, to the point that it was rolling down my leg. I was totally confused at that: he was stroking me, but my cock didn't normally respond to what he was doing in so emphatic a manner. My lips relaxed and, while I didn't respond to his assault on my mouth, I was acknowledging my submission to his tongue. He noticed, too.

"The cock doesn't lie," he said, with a bit of a laugh, and my surrender to him was complete. He was right: my body was enjoying this. My mind would have to sort it out later, but, for now, I was his and ready to serve him.

He was ready for me to serve him, for he stopped long enough to strip down to his underwear. I could see the bulge there and what looked like a wet spot. I was ready to see it, to lick it, to taste it. He untied me and used the cord to create a slip knot, which he slipped over my cock and balls to create a leash. I gasped once when the knot pinched the skin at the base of my cock, but it was a gasp of pleasure/pain. Having a rope around my balls and being led by them was a familiar sensation and a comfortable one. It settled me down and took me to the next level of submission.

"Get on your hands and knees," he ordered. I complied, somewhat gingerly, as I was right about the concrete: my knees were already protested the roughness. I knew, however, the discomfort would soon be forgotten. I was even more sure when he ran the rope leash between my legs, pressing into my crack and winding up over my shoulder. I murmured with pleasure. THIS was what I needed to feel. My submission deepened.

He brought an empty storage box over and, positioning it in front of me, sat on it. I needed no prompting to begin licking the bulge in his underpants. I soaked the cotton as I used my tongue to trace the outline of his cock. It looked thick and I wondered how I would fit it in my mouth, even as I was getting turned on by licking it through his underwear. His groans of appreciation inspired me to nuzzle it even more.

After a couple of minutes of that, he stood and lowered his underpants. I was right: it was very thick. At least, I thought, I could get the nice looking spear head into my mouth and give it some good licks. I gave a quick lick around the head and down the shaft. To my surprise, the cock itself was sweet. I was used to precum being sweet, but this was the first time the skin itself was so tasty. I took as much of it as I could in my mouth to savor the flavor, and felt it growing even larger. He gave me words of encouragement as I ran my tongue down the shaft and was rewarded with some even sweeter and tastier precum.

I pulled back until just the tip was in my mouth and sucked on it until the precum was gone.

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