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Arriving at the beach.

"You know I love everything about you so why would you say that?"

I felt the familiar stinging in the back of my eyes as I answered. "Because he didn't."

Ezra sighed and climbed in bed with me wrapping me up in his arms so my head was resting on his chest. His hand traced circles on my hip as he spoke.

"Ashley, I'm not him. I'd never hurt you like he did because I actually love you. You're beautiful, you're intelligent, you're funny and real and everything these other girls could never be. I just wish you could see yourself through me eyes. You'd be amazed."

I looked up at his beautiful green eyes and they were filled with the most sincerity and love. And before I could think my lips were pressed against his. I tried to pull back when he didn't respond right away but he wasn't having that. He pulled my face back to his and kissed me until I felt dizzy.

My lips never left his as I maneuvered onto his lap. I pulled away from his soft yet demanding lips and looked at him. Really took a hard look at him.

I noticed how light his curly hair was. It was sandy brown bordering on dirty blond which like his green eyes contrasted with his olive skin tone. I noticed these light little freckles on his cheeks and shoulders which were probably from running track in the hot sun, and I just wanted to kiss each one. I noticed the fine hairs on his chest and how his body naturally tapered off toward his cock.

I looked back up to his face to find him appraising me as well. I was scared to reveal myself but when I looked into his eyes I knew he would never hurt me, or judge me, or make me feel like less ever.

I pulled his t-shirt over my head and threw it onto his floor, I undid my bra and added it to the t-shirt on the floor. I slipped off my already damp panties and sat before him bare. Ezra gazed at me in my nudity and I became nervous.

I knew I wasn't shaped like other girls. I wasn't what the guys called "thick" or a "stout junt". Instead I'd been blessed with small breasts, a tiny waist, and a cute proportionate butt, aka a lot of nothing. But before I could really get going with my body issues, Ezra had me flipped onto my back and was kissing me senseless.

All thought of what I looked like flew out the window as his lips drifted to my neck and his fingers teased my pert nipples. His hungry mouth descended upon my breasts, licking and sucking, and I was dazed with the pleasure. I never knew so many sensations could be cajoled from just one's breasts but Ezra quickly changed that thought.

Then his head began moving lower and I let out a whimper of disappointment which made him chuckle. He kissed down my abdomen and hips, down my legs, all the way to the bottom of my feet, and back up to my waiting pussy. I felt his breath directly on my clit and tried to lift my hips but he just held them down.

"Ashley, you smell so sweet. Do you want me to taste you?"

I nodded my head furiously, but he didn't comply instead he said,

"I need to hear you say it so there's no mistake. Do you want me to taste your pussy?"

"Yes, yes. Taste me. Please." I answered in exasperation.

And taste he did. Ezra began devouring my pussy lapping up my overflowing juices and taking me higher and higher until I was moaning his name. My fingers tangled in his curly hair as his tongue flicked my clit and his fingers plunged into me. He tickled the small ridges on my inner walls then sucked my clit into his beautiful mouth and I exploded from the inside out. I'd never had an orgasm before so the ebbs and flows of pleasure washing over me felt like a tidal wave.

Ezra kissed me passionately and I could taste myself on his lips. We kissed with wild abandon until I felt his rock hard cock, in between my legs.

"I need you." I moaned in between kisses.

Ezra grinded his dick against my clit and my hips naturally followed his rhythm.

"Where do you need me, baby?" He asked huskily.

I never wanted something so bad in my life, I was on the edge of tears in anticipation.

"Inside of me.

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