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College coach & attractive athlete meet at his apartment.

Then she left the kitchen and went to her bedroom closet. In the back sat a box of David's clothes she hadn't touched in years.

When she opened it his familiar sent came pouring out and wrapped around her. She sighed for a moment remember his embracing hugs that had always filled her with such warmth and happiness. Shaking it from her mind she grabbed a pair of jeans, socks, and nice button up black shirt for Jeramiah. Closing the box again and pushing it back to its spot. She walked out to the living room and quickly covered her mouth to stiffle a gasp. Jeramiah stood there only in his boxer briefs. His muscles where chiseled and still damp from his wet clothes.

"Are those for me?" She jumped as a reached his hands out for the clothes. He had the slightest hint of a smirk on his face. He had to have noticed she was staring.

Quickly she handed him the clothes. "Supper will be ready shortly." She gathered up his wet clothes and took them to the dryer tossing them in and then went back to the kitchen.

A short while later she heard Jeramiah come in and sit at the kitchen table.

"It's just vegetable soup. All this stuff was fresh from my garden and I didn't want it to go bad with just me here to eat it. Hope you don't mind. You look like you like your meat."

"I just like my food mam." She tearned to look at him again and about fell over.

Davids clothes fit him perfect. His blue eyes went idealy with the black top. He almost looked like David. Other than David was always completely clean shaven and had a shorter hair cut.

"Your soups boiling over." He pointed at the stove.

She spun around and turned off the heat. Luckily it didn't look burnt, but the stove was a mess. She sighed wiping it up. Suddenly she felt a strong hand envelope hers.

"Here let me clean this up. It's the least I could do. You can just finish what you were doing."

She stood a minute almost not wanting to pull her hand from his strong masculine grip, but then reality his and she remembered he was just a stranger. She pulled away picking up the pot of soup and pouring it in to two waiting bowls. She took them to the table and watched as Jeramiah quickly cleaned up the mess before he joined her.

They ate in silence and when she did the dishes he stood beside her and dried them. It felt familiar and Eliza began to realize maybe she had been feeling more alone than she knew. As she handed him the last plate there hands again met and this time she didn't pull away but looked him in the eyes where she saw a hunger from him. He pulled her to him and their lips met. Fireworks, as the plate crashed to the floor and Eliza didn't even care.

Here she was lost in total abandoned to a stranger she'd just met. Still holding her lips to his, he lifted her from the floor. Instinctively her legs went around him and he walked to the living room and laid down with her in front of the fire place. He kissed down her neck, nibbling ever so slightly at her soft skin. She tried to regain her senses but it was to late and she found herself lost in the feeling of being wanted again.

He proceeded to kiss on her neck, running his hand down her side lightly. Sending shivers through her body. She felt a heat come from her that she no longer knew she could even feel. Even through his pants she could tell that his desire was increasing as well. She pulled his face to him for another long kiss. Eagerly she unbuttoned his shirt pushing it away and then pulled her to him. His skin hot and hard against him. He smiled before leaning up on one arm to help remove her shirt as well. He stared for a moment seeing that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Who did she have to impress she thought for a moment.

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