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Roger meets two women who lust after him.

"You didn't have to do that" she smiled softly at him.

"It's alright no biggie" Robert added. There was a small silence among them and the waiter brought a bottle of wine of which he poured for her.

She cut the tension after he left and whispered softly to Robert, "speaking of biggie, how's your uh, you know?" she said motioning her gaze to Robert's crotch.

Robert looked at her puzzled and a bit nervous. "C'mon don't you remember how when we were playing strip truth or dare in the pool how we dared you to do us a dance?" she giggled.

Robert's memory came back to haunt him and sure enough he caught on that she was right, even though his shadow was back turned to them while they waded in the pool, he had been doing a dare to dance, and recalled how she saw the shadow of his dick basically helicoptering between his legs that time.

"Oh shit, you're right" he chuckled along with her.

"We had some crazy times you know?" she added smiling widely. "But in all seriousness, is it actual size or was I just seeing a shadow?" she said as she nudged his shoulder and scooted closer to him.

She was almost sitting on his lap, but he responded with "Well, if you were to ask Martha, she'd say..." he began to answer in a joking manner.

"I mean she's told me eight inches" she interrupted him. He nodded as he took another sip of his drink.

"Wow, good for you two, lucky girl" she said as she continued her purposeful joke to look over her shoulder and down at his crotch.

Robert had figured this was mainly due to them being really good friends, and truly Rafaella was doing this only because of that reason, but she was also very turned on as she had spent a good time being dick deprived as Jackson was losing heavy interest in her.

"Can I ask you something?" Robert said to cut the tension that began growing as her eyes had not left his cervical area.

She smiled sexy like and said, "sure".

"This is going to sound strange and I apologize if it's inappropriate, but did you get your boobs done?" Robert asked quietly with best effort to not seem impolite.

Rafaella giggled as she took another sip of her wine and shook her head, her right hand instinctively rested now on Robert's left knee.

"Jackson and I have a baby at home, but he's taking full custody, the asshole..." she said while rolling her eyes and bringing in her body to rest on Robert's shoulder.

Her hand now caressed his knee and grazing her fingertips on his thigh. Robert knew she wanted moreover to see his penis than to betray her friend, but he wasn't doing anything to prevent this. From this last detail though, he got even more excited and his member was soon to perk up with no trouble at all.

"So you're breastfeeding then?" He added more as an honest detail but certainly to Segway into somehow trying to fulfill his longtime fantasy.

Rafaella came back to reality a little and looked down at her chest and smiled at him as she answered "Yeah I am".

"Lucky baby" Robert joked softly. "Why exactly?" Rafaella asked while giggling softly.

"Not important at all but I was never breastfed as a baby by my own mother or anything, so I guess my body has always had this desire." He replied.

She smiled and made fun of his revealed fantasy and asked "so are you going to fantasize about me breastfeeding the baby, or were you going to fantasize about me breastfeeding you?"

She then noticed he couldn't resist and instinctively his boner began to press against his cargo shorts and smiled almost peacefully.

"Wow look at that monster" she whispered almost giggling.

She felt great knowing she could still turn on a man, and she looked into Robert's eyes and respectfully asked, "I know you guys are my friends, but can I?"

Robert hesitated realizing this was real and that she was asking in all seriousness.

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