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Sure enough he showed up just as I looked out the window. I had decided during the day that he was pretty harmless and if he enjoyed watching, then so be it. I drank more wine at dinner than I normally would and had a pretty good buzz. I needed it for the courage; I had never deliberately exposed myself like this before. I went back into the bedroom laid out some clothes on the bed, then turned to face the window. I started to unbutton my shirt.

My fingers were shaking as I undid each button and then slid the shirt off my shoulders. I then unbuttoned my jeans and wiggled out of them. I picked up the clothes folding them slowly and then putting them in the closet. I walked back toward the window taking off my jewelry and putting it on the table just in front of the window. I reached behind and unhooked my bra and slowly let fall from my shoulders and off my breasts. My nipples were hard, they are very large anyway and when hard like this, well let's just say they looked really huge. My breasts are a firm 32b, not terribly big, but they look ok on my tiny frame. I'm only 5' tall and probably weigh 95 lbs.

I slid my fingers into the sides of my panties and slid them down over my hips and down my legs until I could step out of them. I floused my hair a little bit and spent a moment looking like I was trying to decide about the clothes I had laid out on the bed. I was pretty excited to be showing off like that. I finally went to take my shower. I spent a long time in the shower trying to decide what else I could do. I was surprised to find myself enjoying this. I finished my shower and went back into the bedroom to towel off and dry my hair. While I was drying my hair, I decided what I would do. My hands shook, I was amazed at my own audacity. When I finished drying my hair.

I turned the chair to face the window; there were some bright lights just above the window that lit me nicely. I took out a razor, shaving cream and a little dish of water and got ready to give myself a bikini trim. I was really nervous and excited as I spread my legs apart. I applied the shaving cream slowly. My hands were shaking so much I was afraid I might cut myself. I was doing the trim when I decided to surprise Scott and shave myself totally. I shaved all the hair from above and the sides before getting to the details. I had to open myself up to get all the tendrils of hair. I opened the lips as needed to get everything trimmed. I did it all very slowly, lingering as I shaved around my clitoris making sure to pull the hood back a couple of times.

I was so excited by this time that every time I touched it, I could feel ripples in my belly. I rinsed the remaining cream off and dried myself off. I got some lotion to rub in and I did that slowly as well, making certain to open up to get every part of me. I was so excited by this point, but I figured I'd better start getting dressed or Scott would be in to find out what was taking so long. I finally stood up and slid a pair of thong panties on. I decided not to wear a bra and put on a silk blouse and a skirt. I was feeling very sexy. I hoped my nipples would soften up so they wouldn't be so prominent. I was just finishing putting on some makeup when Scott came into the room.

He said his father had left about a 45 minutes ago and we had the house to ourselves for a little bit before we left for the party. He leaned over and gave me a kiss. I knew what he wanted and I did too, but not here in front of his father. I didn't know what to do! Scott hadn't been too interested in sex over the past few months and I didn't want to discourage him, but on the other hand I had already given my show for the night and this was more than I had planned on. I asked Scott if we should go to another room. He didn't want to, just in case his dad came home.

He slid a hand into my blouse and kissed me hard.

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