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Brother and sister come together on Halloween.

We then rolled our white nylon sheer thigh high stockings up our smooth as silk legs and attached the suspenders to keep the stockings up where they belonged. Then I put on a matching white lace thong to contain my cock so it would not ruin the appearance of me being a female, but Shelley decided she was going without undies so she could feel the night air on her bare, hairless pussy.

Now that we had on the items of lingerie that we were going to wear, Shelley did my makeup and then her own. I put my wig on and she did our hair up into ponytails. We slipped on our exotic dancer clear high heel platform shoes and then put on our skirts and blouses. Shelley produced a couple of black leather chokers about an inch wide to hide my Adam's apple and she wore one too so we where dressed exactly the same except for the fact she wasn't wearing any panties or bra.

Having achieved the desired look of a pair of schoolgirl sluts we got into her 2004 model Mustang and drove to the club, copping all sorts of sexual remarks off every male motorist that saw us. It took about an hour to get from home to the club, we locked the car and entered the nite club and paid the entry fee. The nite club was well laid out with a big bar and lots of tables surrounding a big runway that the strippers used for their shows and along one wall was a make shift dungeon for those who wanted to do a bit of BDSM in front of the other patrons.

We found a table in a dark corner so as to assist in hiding anything that would give me away of a guy dressed in drag even though my wife and I both thought I looked very much like a girl, a very sexy girl to be more precise.

A waitress came over to our table and asked if we wanted any drinks, to which my wife piped up and asked for two Wild Turkey and cokes. The waitress returned in no time and Shelley paid for the drink and gave the waitress a tip. We sat there drinking our bourbon's, looking around and taking in the atmosphere. A strip show started and five girls came out from behind a curtain and danced around and taking of their clothes while the crowd cheered. Half way through the show a group of US navy sailors on shore leave, enjoying this great land Down Under, came in and joined in the cheering of the strippers.

Once the show was over, the sailors all went over to the bar and ordered their drinks. Shelley and I noticed two of them look in our direction and give us a cheeky smile. Shelley returned their smile with a cheeky smile of her own, which the two sailors took as an invitation to come over and join us. They sat down and introduced themselves as Jaleel, a big black guy who looked like he spent a lot of time in the gym and the other one's name was John who also sported an impressive frame. Shelley told them her name was Shelley and that my name was Toni.

All was going well, the sailors were telling us how sexy and hot we both looked and that they wanted to fuck us both. My wife was really enjoying this attention and was blatantly flirting with them, thus giving them the confidence to start feeling her up and she was loving it with Jaleel undoing her top to expose her perfect breasts and copping a feel. Meanwhile I am cracking a massive hard on and without thinking opened my mouth speaking for the first time since these two men joined us at our table. John and Jaleel both stopped and looked at me before asking if I was a guy dressed up, my wife spoke up and told them I was her husband and she had only recently transformed me into the beauty they now see before them.

After they got over the initial shock of finding out I was really a man they applauded my wife for doing such a great job of making a man look like a sexy little bitch and they still wanted to party with us, to which my wife thanked them and accepted their offer to enjoy the night with us.

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