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Emma needs cheering up.

Gavin pushed gently on her anus, never going in, just applying pressure to it causing it to indent. Alex ravenously ate at Elizabeth now. Her own passion erupting. She didn't know why his finger near her ass was turning her on but it was. She thought it odd as the last time a man was near her ass it ended in disaster.

"No apprehension?" Gavin whispered. "Trust...good girl!" The words caused her to go wild on Elizabeth as Elizabeth's stomach muscles tightened under her milky white skin. Alex watched her tense her body up under her manipulations, her hips lifting off with the squeezing of her abs.

"A woman's orgasm," Gavin whispered in Alex's ear as his tongue danced on the edge of her lobe. His finger still pressing gently on her anus. "Is the most beautiful thing on earth or in heaven!"

He watched with Alex as she marveled over Elizabeth in mid orgasm. Elizabeth was pulling on Alex's head, pulling her deeper, as she lifted her hips pushing herself into Alex's face frozen as her orgasm danced just out of reach for a few maddening seconds before it washed from her and out.

Alex gasped as Elizabeth's inner beauty, her orgasm, came to light. This time it wasn't brought on by Gavin, who was a master at bringing women to orgasm. It was her lips. Her tongue. It was her manipulations that brought Elizabeth to her zenith.

Elizabeth looked down at her hungrily and with an admiration. Alex smiled her secret smile but continued to work on her fellow sub.

"How does she taste?" Gavin asked as he admired the way Alex was working.

"Magnificent!" Alex said in her folds. Gavin went to Elizabeth and kissed her deeply while his hands pinched her nipples causing her to squeal in pleasure. He left her lips and moved in behind Alex.

Elizabeth held her head when she tried to turn to see what Gavin was doing behind her. He had pulled her buttocks apart, alarming her instincts. Elizabeth shook her head at her with a smile. Alex was thankful for it as she realized Elizabeth had just saved her from another ten strokes!

Alex gasped as she felt Gavin's tongue on her anus.

"Holy fuck!" Alex gasped in pleasure. She had never felt something like this before. The softness of his tongue was only surpassed in pleasure when he pushed it into her ass. She sat opened mouth as his tongue probed her inner sanctum. A place only once ever entered before. One that left her horribly scarred. This was definitely not that! This caused her to shake with excitement.

"You like this little one?" Gavin laughed at the rhetorical question. He knew she did.

"I've never felt anything like it!" Alex gasped. "Are you going to fuck my ass?"

"Do you want me to?" he asked her while still tonguing her.

"I want to please you," she said, but the quiver in her voice couldn't be stopped.

"In time," he smiled. "After we have prepared you." He brought his hand up to her and gently inserted his pinky in her ass causing her to tighten instinctively. "Oh yes little one...I'm going to love fucking this tight little ass of yours!" He marveled at the tightness of her taboo hole.

She relaxed as she realized, he wasn't hurting her in the least. It felt a little odd yes. But not painful. He pulled his finger out and buried his tongue back causing her to bury her face into Elizabeth who moaned appreciatively for the three of them as the other two were busy with their mouths.

Alex brought her hand up to rub Elizabeth's clit which was gently poking from its hiding spot. This caused Elizabeth to grind upward on Alex's face with a growl. Alex had remembered this is what made her squirt. The rubbing of her clit while Gavin fucked her with his cock the other night.

Elizabeth nodded her approval as she pulled on Alex's head pulling her deeper with her. Her hips rose off the mattress and Alex smiled as she doubled her speed to help the beautiful woman to her climax.

Gavin continued to probe Alex's anus with his tongue but watched the beauty of Elizabeth as she came.

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