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Sharing power.

What they were doing remained something to be deeply suspicious of.

But while Ali was getting demolished, the astral company of disembodied crusaders (or AC/DC) were all trying to remember what we had learned in sign language class. The upsides to being trained by psychics were that they could implant knowledge into your brain. The downside was that this knowledge had to be reinforced by actual physical practice before the short term memory structures broke down and were overwritten, and none of us had been that good about practicing our hand gestures. I mean, we usually used radio in battle and telepathy out of battle for secret signals. Why fucking bother with hand signals?

Well, why learn to throw a knife in a nuke fight?

For situations where you got your soul sucked out of your body by weird psychic water! That's why!

Fortunately, I had gone through basic training fairly recently. This meant I remembered more of the hand signals and, by practicing them, I could feel the knowledge settling into my brain more definitely. And me doing it helped spark the memories of the others. Soon, we were all chatting away with very angry hand gestures.

W. T. F. Opal signed.

I second this question, Ebony shot, glaring at me.

Whoa, it's not my fault, I sighed, then slapped my astral chest. I signed quickly, tapping wrist and palms and making circular gestures with my fingers. Ali said this place was safe!

For Doyen maybe! Tycho signed, then scowled. I don't know where my body sent Magnum. He could already be dead.

How did your body do that? I signed.

Ebony stepped in. Her hands flashed as she signed a long, complicated sentence. It actually started to make my brain hurt...but I followed it. Okay, psychic powers? They're physical. Rooted in the brain. That was emphasized by a tap on her forehead. The mind is a biological computer. Our computers just have some bonus apps. We are currently not running on those platforms. Ergo, we do not have any of our psychic apps.

I feel cheated, I signed.

Behind us, Ali screamed. "Oh Abby!"

...more cheated, I signed, scowling, and hoping none of them glanced down. All of them glanced down.

You, uh, sure about that, big guy? Opal signed, grinning as she looked at my achingly hard astral-cock.

Hey! I signed.

Lets discuss Pirate's cuckolding fetish later, Ebony signed. We need to find out what happened and how to get back into our bodies.

Dude! I signed.
Here's my idea, Tycho signed. We follow that beast.

How? It warped away? Ebony signed.

The tracks! I floated forward, actually managing to get a pretty good clip. I soared to the part of the jungle that it had emerged from, gesturing with one glowing blue arm down at the thick, heavy claw-marks it had left in the sand loam of the jungle floor. The others floated over. I looked back at the bodies and my girlfriend. I bit my lip, hard. Do we just leave them here?

Do we have any choice? Ebony pointed out. We can't do anything. We've tried everything -- putting our arms through her, shouting, feeling stuff at her. She's either not listening, or our bodies are blocking her.

I frowned. But what if-

Tycho reached across the empty space between us and squeezed my shoulder gently, stopping me. She flashed a quick: The best way we can help is to figure out what the fuck is going on. K?

I nodded, then gave her a thumbs up. Then I stopped dead. Pitcher plant, I signed. Okay, follow along with me. The water is full of something. Plankton or something. It has psychic powers -- maybe like a bunch of tiny psychic things, that combine to one big ass psychic thing. Everyone follow along?

They nodded.

What if it formed some kind of symbiosis with the tentacle beast? It attached only once we were weakened

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