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A fantasy that was never there before, grew into a need.

"Let's go back to my place and have a drink or two."

"Ok." Darnell replies as he starts the car and heads back to Kim's house.

Getting out of the car walking hand in hand to the front door, Kim looks in her purse for her keys.

"Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!!" Kim yells in a harsh tone.

"What's the matter?" Darnell asks.

"I left my keys in the house and we are now locked out."

"It's ok leave it up to me we will get in I promise" Darnell replies as he reaches into his back pocket pulling out his wallet taking out his credit card.

Darnell gets the door open Kim looks at him with this really weird look on her face.

"How did you do that?" she asks.

"I was taught a few things by my uncle" Darnell replies and laughs.

Kim leans in and kisses Darnell she thanks him as they both go inside, walking into the living room and sitting down Kim looks at Darnell once again.

"What would you like to drink?" she asks.

"Beer is alright if you don't mind." Darnell replies.

"Not at all, I will be right back."

Kim gets up walking into the kitchen getting his beer out of the fridge and makes herself a drink, walking back into the living room handing Darnell his beer.

"I'm sorry MILLER LIGHT is all I have."

"It's ok this is fine, come sit with me." Darnell replies, Kim walks over and sits down beside him.

"So tell me a little more about yourself."

"I have told you everything there is to know about me what about you." Kim replies with a laugh.

"Well I have told you almost everything about myself." Darnell replies laughing as well.

"Wait a minute you said almost everything what haven't you told me?"

"Well I know this woman I have been seeing her for a while now and she is really sliding her way into my heart."

"Ok and how long have you felt this way?"

"About a week now" Darnell replies.

"And why are you just telling bringing it up now?" Kim asks.

"Because I didn't know how to bring it up before."

"You should never be afraid to say anything to me, anything at all."

"Well I'm shy" Darnell replies.

"No need to be shy around me I feel the same way you do silly man."

Darnell now in shock about what he had just heard, he couldn't believe this wonderful, sexy, intelligent woman felt about him as he does her.

"You ok?" Kim asks.

"Yes, just wasn't expecting that is all." Darnell replies.

Darnell and Kim sit there talking until two or three in the morning when Darnell stands to leave.

"Well I need to get going"

"Would you like to stay the night here?"

"Where would I sleep?" Darnell asks.

"With me, I won't bite unless you want me to" Kim replies and laughs.

"Well I have been Drinking and it is late, sure why not."

They sit there talking a little more, Kim takes Darnell by the hand leading him upstairs they both get undressed and climb into bed, laying on their sides talking, Kim slides a little closer to Darnell leaning in she starts to kiss him, Darnell returns the kiss rolling over on his back pulling Kim on top of him Kim and Darnell kiss exploring each others bodies as she runs her fingers through the hairs on Darnell's chest, he runs his hands down her back coming to the clasps on her bra, slowly unhooking them sliding it one arms strap at a time over her shoulders and down her arms, kissing his way down her chest as he does so, rolling Kim onto her back he takes his first fingers sliding them into Kim's panties, slowly sliding them down her legs and over her feet.

Kim takes her fingers and places them inside Darnell's boxers sliding them down over his hips, down his legs and completely off him, as they lay there naked, they begin to make out, kissing and caressing one another slowly not taking things to fast, just enjoying the moment, Kim slides herself on top of Darnell kissing him passionately sliding her hand in between them taking his now rigid, hardening mass into her hand, slowly sliding it up inside herself inch by inch moaning as she does so in a little whimper type of moan, sitting straight up she sits back on his mass rocking back and forth.

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