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A man realizes his gay fantasies.

He was about to explode without even touching himself. Catherine began to thrust on his leg. "Don't...you?" Her voice demanding and firm.


"Uhn...Oh gawd, yes Evan! Stroke yourself right now! Unhhhh..."

Evan's hand was a blur as it flew from the rail and gripped his cock. He could feel her warmth spilling over his leg as Catherine slammed back and forth over it. Her eyes flashed open as her fingers still worked feverishly. With only just a few strokes Evan's legs tensed tightly and the first thick stream of white cum exploded from his purple head.

"Oh yes! Catherine shuddered and shook violently atop Evan's leg as each heavy bolt of cum shot out from his cock. Evan was sure she was coming but her forceful thrashing almost frightened him as his orgasm was at last released. He came very hard. His heavy thick cum splashed high up onto his chest and shoulders. Pulse after pulse flowed from him until his downy pubic hairs were covered in his sticky white juice. Evan gasped for breath.

Catherine's hands now flat on Evan's chest as her hips slowly rolled against Evan's thigh. Her body twitched and jerked. The warm rumbling waves of her subsiding orgasm splashed over her body. She hadn't anticipated how hungry she would become. How much this want would grow into an animalistic need. The last of the intense pleasures rippled over her flesh and she smiled knowing they'd both be better off now. Knowing they'd both be better prepared for what was to come.

Her hand tenderly stroked Evan's soft boyish cheek as she allowed his leg to settle to the bed. "Better now?" Catherine's tone warm and almost motherly.

Evan only nodded then glanced down at his cum-covered body. The raging hard on he'd had only moments before had shrank into fleshy semi-erectness that still twitched and bucked. Catherine could see the look in his eye. "Don't be disappointed. You're going to get what you want. Only now you'll be able to really enjoy it." She smiled warmly as her finger twirled his pearly cum around his nipple. She watched it swell in response and knew this youthful lover wouldn't need long to recover.

She reached down, grabbed Evan's T-shirt from the floor, and offered it to him. Her eyes glanced from the shirt to his wet chest. "Go ahead now, clean yourself off." Evan reached for the shirt a bit apprehensively and Catherine giggled. "It's okay Evan, I'll wash it. Besides, that's what you use at home right? Or should I get you a sock?"

Evan's cheeks blazed a crimson red. He took the shirt and wiped his cooling seed from his chest and belly.

"That's a good boy." Catherine took the wet shirt from him. She wasn't sure just how long it would take before she had him hard again but very much wanted to speed the process along. She knew she had to keep him interested. "Do you want to look at it? Maybe even touch it?"

Evan so hoped she meant her pussy. He struggled to keep from blurting out an answer, wanting to sound as if he was in control of himself, even if he wasn't. "Ye...uh hum...yeah that would be cool." His voice was barely more than croak, as he thought that didn't go anywhere near like he imagined.

Catherine sat down on the bed so that her fleshy ass pressed against Evan's. Easing back on her hands she bent her knees up high and flung one fully over Evan's waist. Evan sat up slightly to take in the sight of her now glistening and swollen pussy. The look in his lustful curious eyes sent a deep pull into Catherine's stomach. Earlier, in the shower she'd contemplated shaving herself down to a tidy stripe but thought better of it. Evan's virgin-erasing first time fuck would be with a real woman and in all her natural wonder.
The curly dark hairs framed her engorged lips and stuck to one another from her juices. Her clit, red and still swollen, fully exposed from the hood. Evan's eyes lingered on the sight of her sex so close to him. They flashed to her large tits heaving up and down with Catherine's slow deep breaths then back to this new wondrous pleasure.

"See ho

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