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The story behind Ryan's scar is revealed.

Hhhmmm, she cooed, I need to investigate further as she spun me around, pushed me back against the wall then proceeded to pull down my shorts.

As my cock sprung out it just about hit her in the cheek, to which she grasped my fat shaft with one hand and slapped it with the other, a short sharp stinging sensation that did nothing to soften it.... Take off your top young man, she now ordered, at which she started unlacing my sand shoes and then took them off me, leaving me standing completely naked in Tina's hallway in front of a horny woman dressed in this hideous police uniform.

Without any further fanfare she gobbled my cock down her throat, my balls against her chin in no time at all. Gagging slightly, she rakes her teeth along my hard cock on the way out of her hot mouth. Just seeing her lipstick coated lips gliding up and down my shaft is making it twitch, much to Vivian's delight, who is keeping herself busy with getting her blouse off and freeing her heavy tits.

Get down on the floor, on your back, Vivian ordered firmly, then as I lay down she put one fot either side of my ears and squatted on my face. In the darkness under her shortish skirt I soon found her swollen pussy, stuck my tongue out and began licking her hairy fanny with enthusiasm. That's a good little boy, go on, keep licking my cunt, no stopping until I tell you to. If you stop before you are told to do so I will punish you severely, Vivian panted, now sounding less authorative and more like a woman in heat....

For a few minutes I licked her hairy dripping box, then as she squirmed on my face she almost lost her balance. Moving forward onto her knees she was now on all fours, ordering me to get in behind and stuff that fat cock of yours into me...pronto. OK, this woman liked taking charge so why argue. Onto my knees, I flipped her skirt up onto her firm arse and as I took hold of her hips she urgently grasped hold of my now throbbing prick and roughly dragged me into position. Once aimed at her juicy hole she didn't wait for me to thrust forward, she just rammed herself back onto me, my cock disappearing almost to the hilt into her wet slot.

Oh yeah, that's what I need, she started moaning, a nice fat prong stuffed into me....yeah, you give it to me, ram me with your pole young man, don't muck around, give it to me...she kept up the foul tirade encouraging me to prod and poke her fanny with my throbbing dick....often grabbing hold of my balls and stroking my hard shaft as it slid in and out of her juicy slot....

When I reached around to grab hold of her big heavy swinging tits, pinching the nipples brought forth another wave of filth from her mouth along with a convulsing of her soaking cunt.

After maybe quarter of an hour Vivian had cum a couple of times, now she's looking back in appreciation, mouthing; Now I know why Tina is always smiling after you've reamed her... if I had a guy who could keep his hard knob inside me this long on a regular basis....hell, I'd be getting as much as I could handle...as often as I could get it, pushing back hard just to get her point across. Vivian then moaned low and long; I love to have a nice hard cock in me, makes me feel fucking sexy.

Looks pretty sexy from here too, in case you were wondering, I addded cheekily. Then when I wet one finger and slowly stuck it in her tight little bumhole it got an immediate reaction...her fanny clasped tight around my shaft, Viv moaned oohhh yyeeaaahhhh, that's it....I am cumming so hard......ooohhhh, now stick that big cock into my arse young man....hurry hurry...just stick it in there, don't make me wait to feel that yummy shaft spread me open...the almost continuous commentary was a turnon in itself....

Once my cock was sliding slowly into her arse Vivian just lost the last of her dignity, practically screaming at me to fuck her arse.

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