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It rocked gently beneath her weight, an inch or two forward, an inch or two back.

Lady Huysmans' smile returned, her manner again a little less aloof, as if she was allowing to surface some vestige of that child which he had encouraged her to be. She turned to him, said, "I can almost feel its heart beating between my legs."

Goncourt nodded his understanding, said, "They do say that horse-riding can be exciting for a woman, all that raw power between her thighs. Is that true, Lady Huysmans?"

"Yes, I suppose there is something in that," she agreed, running her fingers through the horse's mane, along the side of its neck.

"And the control you have over that power? Perhaps that has something to do with it?"

"Perhaps," she said, a little distractedly, her mind perhaps taking her back to the hunt, or to the point-to-point, enjoying the sensation for real.

"But suppose you had no control over that power," Goncourt ventured, and his voice now took on a darker tone. "Suppose that power was unbridled, so to speak, in the same way that passion is sometimes described."

"Meaning?" she asked, turning to him once more.

"Lean forward a little, take firm hold of the reins," he told her, offering no explanation. And then, when she hesitated: "Please? Trust me? Take tight hold of the reins as you would do when riding to hounds."

With a patient smile and a shake of the head, humouring him once more, Lady Huysmans did as he asked, fingers clenching around the leather reins, bowing her head forward so that the horse began to dip.

"But did you not see the hole in the saddle?" Goncourt then asked, stopping the horse's movement for a moment.

"I did wonder," she admitted.

"About its purpose, perhaps?"


Grinning, Goncourt gave the horse's rump a push and it rocked forward again, but this time with a little more force than when she first mounted it. And as it rocked forward, as she bent over its neck, an oiled wooden phallus slid up from the hole to nudge between her parted thighs, push up against her knickers, pressing the smooth silk against the lips of her cunt.

"Good grief!" she gasped, her head snapping up, and the horse rocked back before the phallus could penetrate her.

Goncourt caught the horse, held it still, asked, "A nice surprise?"

"God yes!" she was forced to admit.

"Then part your knickers, or better still remove them, and the surprise will be even more delightful."

"Dare I?" she asked, but already she was rising in the saddle, lifting one foot from the stirrup, then the other, to pull the flimsy silk knickers down her legs.

She flung them away and then sat, feeling the smooth lacquered saddle against her bare flesh.

"You have positioned yourself?" Goncourt asked her, and Lady Huysmans simply nodded, her eyes closed, her hands gripping the reins. "Then ride a cock horse, my fine lady!"

Goncourt gave the horse a firm shove and it rocked, dipping forward so that the phallus slipped into her bared cunt, then rearing back so that it slipped out. A second penetration followed, a third, but each one shallower as the horse slowed. This time he let the horse come to a rest of its own accord, standing back a little with arms folded to enjoy Lady Huysmans' delight. He waited until she turned to him once more, grinned at her, his eyes questioning, asking..... More?

Lady Huysmans grinned back at him lasciviously.

"Okay then, at a canter," he said, and gave the horse another push. It rocked, back and forth, back and forth, the phallus slipping in and out of her seven, eight, nine times. She gasped and tightened her thighs, but with each rock the movements of the horse got slower, shallower, until finally it came to a halt again. "Does that frustrate you?" he guessed.

"Push me harder!" Lady Huysmans demanded, her face contorting into a snarl, baring her teeth..

"One moment, I have an idea," said Goncourt, set the horse rocking gently so that the phallus just teased the lips of her cunt, and then moved away, crossed the room.

"Where are you? What are you doing?" Lady Huysmans asked

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