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Thett must let his student go.

Her legs were spread a few feet apart. The couch was far enough that she had to lean forward and stick her ass out. She wiggled it playfully, even though she knew she was alone. From her vulnerable position, she could see the people dancing below. She took comfort in the fact that they couldn't see her because of the light difference.

After a few minutes, she heard Victor coming. She moaned loudly to tease him. He stood behind her, legs almost touching, for a few minutes before roughly grabbing the plug. He twisted it, teasing her as he pulled it halfway out.

"Angelina, I need to tell you something."

The voice was husky but definitely feminine, and definitely not Victor's. Angelina collapsed into the sofa a bit, but felt even more aroused.

"Y- yes?"

"My name is Mari. I overheard your conversation with our dear Victor in the bathroom, and wanted to see for myself. But imagine my pleasure when I saw this!" With that, she yanked the plug out. Angelina heard it drop to the ground. Mari's firm hands caressed Angelina's ass before pulling the cheeks apart. Angelina felt her asshole and soaking pussy stretch as they were exposed. A single finger stroked Angelina's wetness and slipped inside.

Marisol pulled the finger out and stepped back. Slowly, she walked around to the front of the couch and sat down, turning to face Angelina.

Angelina was surprised to find a very austere-looking young woman. She couldn't have been more than 25, but her hair was piled into a bun, and she wore a black turtleneck. She was slender and stunning, with high cheekbones and a sly smile. Marisol traced her finger, still wet from Angelina's exposed pussy, around Angelina's lips. Angelina opened her mouth to let the finger in. She sucked it hungrily.

Mari smiled approvingly. "All Victor talks about it is how smart and gentle and sweet you are. He didn't mention anything about you being such a little slut."

There were footsteps on the stairs and hushed voices. "- no fucking idea where Mari went, but I guess it's a good thing. I want to show you Angelina's little ass before Mari gets to her."

Mari and Angelina looked at each other and grinned.

The steps came closer, and Mari stood up. "It's a little late for that, dear." Her voice, as always, was smooth and lilting.

"What the fuck?" Victor sounded surprised, but not angry.

"Gentlemen, please, take a seat."

Angelina heard two metal folding chairs being dragged along the ground.

"Unfortunately, while you two were chitchatting downstairs, I discovered that Victor's little princess is quite the little slut. This may be difficult to hear for you, Victor, but you might be happy in the end. Please allow me to outline the slut's advantages."

Angelina now realized she was part of a little show Mari was putting on for her boyfriend and a man Angelina had never even seen before. Though embarrassed, she felt herself getting more wet, and decided to be an enthusiastic participant.

"Firstly, dear gentlemen, I arrived to find Angelina literally locked to the floor, awaiting the advances of any man who found her. Luckily, my gentle hands found her first."

"Hurry up, Mari," Victor muttered, trying to hide his enjoyment.

"Moreover, the little slut was spreading that tight asshole with this." She bent down and tossed the butt plug to Gabriel. "Advantage: should you choose to fuck the slut in the asshole, she is at least well-prepared." Angelina felt something metallic and cold - a tube of lipstick, she later found out - at her hole, and she moaned loudly when Mari pushed it halfway inside. Mari squeezed Angelina's cheeks roughly and spread them again. "See, quite pliable."

She left the lipstick tube inside as she moved on with her tour. Angelina eagerly arched her back to reveal her pussy to the waiting men.

"This, my friends," Mari continued.

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