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Meeting Again in our 30's.

When we got to our horses I found that the towel on the saddle was very comforting and I actually felt better than I had the last time I went riding in denim jeans. We rode out into the desert at a leisurely pace, enjoying the outdoors, observing the animals and plant life.

The girls were asking me a lot of questions about myself. I was candid and open with them. They wanted to know everything from my age to my family background, where I came from, what I like to do...everything. When I mentioned that I do massage therapy, Tracy asked if I make a lot of money. She implied that I probably didn't buy my Lincoln with massage tips. I told her in a discreet way that I had some other savings that kept me financially comfortable. Then she wanted to know about my house and where I live. I told her the general neighborhood and invited them all to come to my house next week for a cook out. They all appreciated the invitation and said they would look forward to it. When I mentioned that I have a pool and a spa, Teri asked if they had to wear swimsuits. I told them that if they didn't, no one would know, and that my yard offered plenty of privacy.

'Good.' Teri said. 'I wish I could live without clothes all the time.'

We all laughed and agreed that life would be nice if it were that way. I assured her that she was free to take off her clothes at my house whenever she was there.

'That will make it seem just like home.' She offered.

'Imagine that,' I thought to myself 'I'm going to host a nude barbeque at my house.' I had never discussed anything like that with the architect when we designed it.

We rode for almost four hours before we got back to the ranch house. When we finally arrived back, we were all rather tired and dusty. I suggested that a swim would feel good. There were showers right at the stable so we all stood together under the water and washed ourselves off. I thought I caught the girls expressing some curiosity about my male anatomy. Teri kept staring at my penis and Tracy actually put her hands on it when she was washing me. And likewise they were asking me to wash their backsides and legs. I knew that the resort had very strict rules about touching bodies, but this shower area was relatively private and I was really there in more of a parenting role anyway. Trish didn't seem to mind so I was happy to oblige the girls. It was all a part of the bonding that was taking place between us.

We went to the pool and ordered some lunch and found a table. Then we all jumped into the pool and swam for a few minutes. It was refreshing and felt good to be off the horse. I was a bit sore from the ride and wished that there was someone who could massage my legs.

When lunch was served, we got out of the water and ate together. Tracy's friend Carol wandered over and sat with us. She said that her parents had OK'd her staying with us tonight and Trish said that would be fine. Carol pointed to her parents sitting across the pool and Trish said that she would introduce me after we ate. Trish and I both caught each other yawning after we finished lunch. We laughed at each other and suggested that maybe we should go take a nap. I think the combination of the fresh air and the sun had tired us out. Teri giggled and said that she thought we just wanted to go have sex. Trish told her that we really were going to take a nap...and then joked that maybe we would have sex later. It was fun to be able to laugh about it with the young girls.

We excused ourselves and walked over to say hello to Carol's parents.

'Hi Bill, hi Sue, this is my friend Rob. Carol tells us that you approved her sleepover at our place tonight. Is that right?'

Sue nodded and said, 'As long as you don't mind. Bill and I thought we'd run into town tonight and catch a movie and it will be nice to come back to some privacy, if you know what I mean...'

'I sure do.

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