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Seduced by a lesbian in Paris while vacationing w/ boyfriend.

I leaned into their car and they pulled out my tits like they owned them. My ass was sticking out and I was wiggling it as some 18 year old kid fondled my tits, called me a whore, and was negotiating for me to blow and fuck all three of them."

Michelle paused for a minute and went into her small hooker purse and pulled out another cigarette and lit it as if she was acting defiantly. "This is what you wanted" she said defiantly...."And now you've got it. Your wife is a whore."

I was stunned for a moment as it sunk in. Michelle was accusing me from not stopping her fantasy and protecting her. But she was also saying she liked it and wanted it. I was confused and didn't know what to do.

"You don't need to go out tonight."

"I don't?" She sneered. "He has twenty videos of me. He'll post them on the web. People will see me. I will lose my job. We can't afford that."

"No we can't" I said.

"So now I'm a whore and I have to shake my ass on the streets for my pimp. And next weekend I have to go away with this guy who I don't really know and let him fuck me all weekend or he will post pictures and videos and me and the same thing will happen."

"What about your pimp?"

"I will tell him that I have a family thing to attend. I will tell him that I will work Wednesday night and Thursday night instead to make up for it. Then Friday afternoon I will leave with Brad and be back by Sunday. I hope you're happy."

Michelle walked away and I sat pondering her attitude. I hadn't expected this. I had expected her to be happy and satisfied with the sex and grateful with me letting her live out what had always been her fantasy. We had talked for years about her fantasy of being a whore and at times she had dressed provocatively and we had driven to seedy motels where she had walked in, rented a room, and then walked back to the car as if she was a whore and I was her customer. But this was a whole new level.

A few minutes later Michelle came out into the living room. She was wearing a very short red leather skirt, with fishnet stockings and gold high heels. She had a fishnet shirt which left nothing to the imagination. Her large breasts were visible through the material. I noticed that her nipples were erect and almost jutting through the fishnet. She had put on thick red lipstick and blue eye shadow and put her hair back tight in a long, blonde pony tail. She had a small gold and silver purse with a small silver chain slung over one shoulder. She was every inch a streetwalking whore. Inside her purse she had her cell phone, her cigarettes, her red lipstick to reapply, and several packs of condoms. She was ready for her second night on the streets.

"How do you like me?" She asked. Before I could answer she pulled out her phone. "He's been sending me more videos." Michelle was talking about her pimp. In the first one she is walking up and down the street in her tight jean shorts, tottering on her high heels, shaking her ass, and waiving seductively at cars who beeped at her. "He says this is his favorite, as I have been turned into a streetwalker and he did it. He's right you know. He turned me. I loved the way he fucked me. I really didn't want to be a whore. I just wanted him to keep fucking me but when he threatened to stop I literally panicked and agreed to it."

In the second video he is fucking her and holding his phone. At first he was on top of her in missionary position and Michelle is naked and she is staring wide eyed into the camera, as her big tits shake, and she is saying "oh, it is soo big, it is hitting spots that have never been hit before. My pussy feels so amazing. Don't stop. Don't ever stop fucking me baby." The video ends as she reaches up and they kiss. The pimp drops the phone and the video ends but not before I can see Michelle thrust her tongue into the teen's mouth.

In the next video Michelle is strutting around the cheap motel room, smoking, and teasing for the camera as she shakes her ass and tits.

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