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Office worker sees dead people, and they are HORNY.

ppt format. She got to work fixing her fonts and fly-ins etc, and thinking she was settled in for a while, I figured I might as well get cleaned up, and told her that I was going to jump in the shower while she was working.

"Do you want me to leave?" she asked, looking up from the computer screen, meeting my eyes from the small desk near the windows where I'd sat her down to work.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed closest to her - there were two queen sized beds in the room, side by side, two feet or so of space between them. "No, of course not, Carol. You need to work. I'll be in the bathroom. It'll be fine."

She paused for a few moments, and then sat back more heavily against the back of the chair. Without attempting to hide it, I let my eyes follow her lines, her feet to her legs, her waist, the small swell of her breasts in that pink sweater, the exposed skin of her neck, her smiling face, her whitening hair. "I probably should leave," she smiled. "I might not be able to hold back. The idea of you in the shower is pretty irresistible."

She was sitting in the glow of the desk lamp and the computer screen. The only other light on in the room was well behind us, near the front door. "Carol," I said softly, "if you want to watch me, it's okay. You can watch me."

A moment passed, and then another, and then she nodded her head. "Yes," she whispered.

I stood up slowly, beckoned her to follow me, and walked past the 2nd bed, and the large dresser that the TV stood on, towards the bathroom. I flicked the bathroom light on and stood there for a moment, waiting for Carol to appear in the doorway. When she did, standing there somewhat uncertainly, I hooked my fingers into my sports-top, and pulled it up and off my body. I undid the heart-rate monitor that was wrapped about my chest, and set it on the countertop. I was naked now, except for the cycling shorts, and I looked at Carol's face as her eyes slid up and down my body. Using my thumbs and forefingers, I began dragging the spandex shorts off my hips, down my thighs, my calves, and then I stepped out of them, letting them lie there, a black pile of folds on the tiled bathroom floor. I stood silently for a few moments. Naked. My cock thickening as Carol's approving eyes caused a thrill inside me. I reached down and cupped my cock lightly in my left hand, lifting it, and then, as it thickened more quickly, tightened my hand into a fist, and gave my cock a slow stroke, and then another, staring at Carol's face as I did so.

With my cock twitching up to full hardness, I turned and got the water running, switching the flow from bath to shower, dialing the heat up high. I pushed the shower curtain out of my way, and stepped into the shower, the water soaking my hair and running down my face and battering hot against the muscles in my shoulders. I closed my eyes and let the water rinse down into my dark brown hair, washing away the sweat and the tiredness. Then I reached down for the narrow bar of soap and stood with my back to the showerhead, letting the water hit my lower back and my ass, as I scrubbed my arms, my sides, my chest, with the soap - bubbles and soap suds lingering on my skin until I turned and the water washed them away. I lifted one foot up to the side of the bath, and leaned forward to lather the soap from my inner thigh down to my ankle, massaging my leg muscles as I went. I repeated the same procedure with my other leg, kneading the knots out.

Finished washing, I turned so that I was facing towards Carol, who still stood at the door, leaning into the doorframe. With the water steaming down onto my right side, I took my erect cock in my left hand, and my balls in my right. I pulled my cock in towards my belly, showing Carol the long length of it. I teased the purple head with my fingers, and then tightened my hand into a fist, and stroked my fist down the length of my shaft, and up again.

"Conner," she whispered.

I closed my eyes, stroking myself harder, as blood rushed into my cock and made i

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