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I bent down and used the trunk key clipped to my jeans belt loop to unlock the trunk in front of the Stallion's pen. My frown just kept getting deeper, as I saw that there were no clothes in there for him, only more of the ragged leather equipment that matched the mess he had arrived in. I sighed and decided to answer the important questions before I started asking why he had brought no clothes. Reaching over and unlocking the closest gelding's trunk, I took out the largest T-shirt I could find and a loose fitting pair of work out shorts.

I went into the pen after Ivan had unlocked it, and motioned to have him close it but not key it shut. The stallion stood, without moving, staring into the same bit of space. The trembling was all over his whole body by now, and the overhead lights of the pens glistened on the small river of sweat that was running down his back and the ragged edges of his black hair. I was distracted for just a moment by the small bumps made along his back by the ridges in his spine pushing against his skin. I squashed the anger that wanted to grow at the Mistress who had abused this man so much. I had taken care of her last night with a few phone calls to the right people in the lifestyle who would make sure she never had care over anyone again.

"Tell me why you didn't let Ivan and Eric take you to the shower." I firmly stated the question. He looked so stoic, but was shaking so badly I didn't know if he was going to attack me too or break down and bawl.

"I don't let men touch me." His voice was rusty from not being used, and it was deep, with just the slightest hints of lingering panic. His voice had been curt, and there was no attempt at any formal address towards me.

I needed to get him at least marginally more comfortable before I was going to be able to have any sort of discussion with him about why he was here, since it was so obvious he couldn't stand to play the games. Not only was he physically a wreck, but he acted emotionally broken. I decided to get him into some clothes and then I would try to get him into a more neutral spot, so that maybe he would gain some semblance of himself for me to deal with.

"Will you turn towards me, and take these clothes to put on. I think there are some things you and I need to discuss." I held the clothes out towards him, calmly, like offering something to an animal you aren't sure of, weather it will leap towards you and take your arm off, or run away screaming, never to be seen again.

His head whipped around and he looked dazed, like the request had been the last thing he had expected. He tentatively grabbed the clothes, and almost immediately covered himself with both hands clutching the fabric to his groin.

"You are not going to order them to take me, to punish me?"

I wasn't surprised that he had expected discipline and force to get him to do things. I sighed, and thought how sad it was that there were people who hurt other people so badly, so carelessly.

"No, you aren't going to be punished. We need to talk. I am going to have Ivan and Eric leave for a while, if you think you can let my assistant Marina take you up stairs. Nod if you are going to be able to do that, then get dressed."

I watched him nod, several times, like he was reassuring himself that he could indeed get dressed and follow a woman upstairs without being drug, screaming and kicking. I gave him a small smile, which really seemed to blow his mind, and left the pen to go upstairs. I gave Ivan and Eric quick instructions to take the geldings over to the horse barn to start the stall cleaning, then rushed up the flight of wooden steps to the hayloft.


I tightened the final fastening on Sissy's bridle, and gave a long loving stroke to his erection where it lay trapped against his abdomen by the cock restraint of his harness.

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