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Jesse just can't keep quiet.

"Oh, my God, it's so swollen. Ummmm, that's it baby, give it to me." she said.

I now doubled my efforts and tried to thrust my cock up through her throat.

"mmmmmmm, oh,...ugh...oh, I'm cccuuummmmiiinnnnngggggg!!!!!

With this she began her famous bucking bronco where she slides her pussy up and down my shaft and all I have to do is stop and enjoy her stimulations. We have learned that I can concentrate on my own orgasm while she does the last bit of work. That way I'm not distracted from my own pleasures by having to continue to pump in and out of her.

Soon I growled like an angry bear and began to shoot my cum into my mate where it could compete with our friend's sperm in their attempt to fertilize and create life in the womb of my loving wife. Thankfully, her child bearing days are over as she was "fixed" so she could no longer bear children. Her pussy was now reserved for pleasure activities only.

I kissed her deeply and she rolled onto her back.

I looked up at Robert and he was smiling broadly.

"Man, I want to thank you guys for choosing me! That was awesome."

I said, "Which part?"

He shook his head and said, "Both."

"You are one lucky man. To have a woman like her, dude!" exclaimed Robert.

I laughed and kissed her. She was again smiling.

Rene said, "I'm pretty lucky myself. How many men would do this for their wives?"

Robert agreed.

Rene got up and excused herself to go tidy up in the bathroom.

Robert and I talked about how wonderful Rene was and he asked how often did we do this sort of thing. I told him that we were usually pretty secretive at home but we decided to get out of our comfort zone here in Vegas and "Go for it!"

He smiled and said he really enjoyed it.

Soon Rene was back with something to drink. We all sat and laid in bed recovering from this inaugural love-match.

Soon Robert began to ask her what she enjoyed him doing to her. She told him that she loved having his huge cock in her mouth and tasting his juices. She told him how much she enjoyed kissing his mouth and feeling that cock inside of her. She said she loved being filled so deeply. She remarked that she enjoyed the girth of his manhood too.

As she heaped praises on him, his cock began to spring back to life. She noticed instantly and made sure she looked him in the eye as she spoke of his praises.

Robert then put his hand behind her neck and pulled her mouth to his. He began to kiss her deeply and passionately. His ebony hands began to roam and explore the features of my wife's body. I watched initially but soon got involved too. As he was kissing her and rubbing her swollen love button, I began to suck on her tits.

As the two of us began to kiss, suck and fondle her in an attempt to maximize her pleasure we both became extremely aroused and hard. This time around we would not be so fast to reach orgasms and this meant she was in for one hell of an experience.

Robert pulled our vixen down onto the bed and we both leap to her like piranhas attacking some unfortunate in the water. Robert continued his oral simulations as his tongue made love to her mouth and kissed and nibbled on her ears and neck while I sucked and gently nibbled on her erect nipples.

Her moans of approval spurred us on and excited us tremendously. Roberts long fingers were up inside her while I rubbed and stimulated her clit.

With all of this her body was in overdrive. She was moaning and groaning as her body writhed under our hands and mouths. Her hands were busy stroking and caressing our cocks. All were now enflamed with passion and desire.

Robert was the first to pull her face to his engorged cock so that she could suck his dick again. She hungrily opened her mouth and accepted his offering. Her cheeks sunk in and her lips stretched taught as his thick massive cock slid into her mouth. The contrast of her pale white skin with this massive ebony blood engorged cock was mesmerizing. She climbed to her knees to better reach him. She turned to face us so that we could all see what she was doing.

I continu

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