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Elly meets her rockstar idol, but can she tame him?

The third orgasm begins with a muffled scream, her body bucking under me. Her motions only serve to help, as her pussy bucks up at me, driving my cock hard into her. Her breath comes in short gasps for air, her exhales coming as moans of pleasure, beyond what she expected. Her tightening pussy tries to squeeze an orgasm out of me, but I just push past the pleasure and force my cock deep into her warmth. As her orgasm begins to wash away, her pussy loosens for me, almost inviting me to go as hard as I can.

I oblige, hammering my cock into her so hard that her body slides up a bit with each thrust. Very soon her fourth orgasm begins, my cock still pounding in and out of her pussy, and I shoot my cum deep into her, filling her up. "You can hold a lot of cum, baby," I remark, and once my cock stops shooting cum, I go back to sliding my cock in and out of her. "Fuck, I love the feel of you!" she nearly shouts. I smile and slow down, making a motion to stop. She tightens her pussy around my cock.

"Please... one more time..." she begs. I look up at you and you simply smile, leaning down to take Tim's cock in your mouth. I nod, and feel her loosening the grip. I lift my body up, pulling my cock out a little. "Are you ready?" I ask, and she takes a deep breath, reaches down to rub her clit, and nods. Deciding to go hard from the start, I quickly slide my cock hard into her pussy. She gives a sharp squeal as my cock slams into her, and grabs my shoulders.

As I slide my cock hard into her pussy over and over, her squeals turn to moans, then to short screams, showing how much she is enjoying the pleasure. As I hammer in and out of her, I look over and see you climbing onto Tim in the reverse cowgirl position. I smile at the predictable lovemaking, since that position can be turned so easily into your favorite, doggie style. Sandra squeezes my cock with her muscles to get my attention, almost making me cum right then.

"Me. Now!" she groans out, and I notice my pace had slowed while I was distracted. I look back to her, and begin an even faster and harder pace, making her moan and curse at the pleasure. I feel her tighten again on my cock, but I force myself to push through it, to keep up my pace. With one final thrust I cum inside her again, and the sensation of my cum filling her up sets off another orgasm. I feel her muscles tighten and loosen on my cock, almost like she is milking the cum from me.

I slow my pace of thrusts, feeling extremely exhausted and spent. I pull out, my cock completely soft now, and roll to the side. Sandra cuddles up to me, allowing me to put my arm out for her to rest her head on. I lean my head back to catch my breath, until I notice Sandra is not doing the same, but is watching you and Tim on the couch. I turn my head, and examine the scene.

You are bent over so that you are nearly touching the floor. Tim is slamming his cock into you from behind while reaching through your legs and rubbing your clit. Your body is shaking, which I have come to know means you are close to orgasm. Tim looks like it is taking all his concentration to not cum already. With a muttered curse and a final thrust, Tim cums deep inside of you, triggering your own orgasm, making you scream.

When Tim is spent and your orgasm is over, he pulls you back up and helps you sit on the couch. You half sit, half lay on the couch, looking content and satiated, and giving me a sly smile. "Was it worth the trip, Sweetie?" you ask, and I simply nod. After everyone has had a chance to catch their breath, we all agree showers are in order. As we cannot all fit in the shower at once, you and Tim go first, getting cleaned up while Sandra and I just cuddle and kiss, too tired for much else.

When you and Tim are done, Sandra and I go in, do a quick clean up with a little soap and some fun.

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