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Two lover's first meeting.

Cock sucking slut.

Ian held his wife's head as his balls were completely drained. He had to remove the sensitive deflating cock as she continued sucking. Julie sat panting. Her pj bottoms were soaked and her finger stayed pressed to her clit hoping to make this moment last as long as possible. A moment later her eyes are open and she's staring Ian in the face.

"Tell me more" she demands, "tell me everything."


Ian spent the rest of the morning describing different conversations he'd had with Sally, and another woman, Emma. Julie allowed herself to become totally enveloped in each episode. She found herself in the middle of these other women's fantasies and soon they were sinking into her psyche becoming her fantasies too. She found she particularly enjoyed the idea of strangers and of outdoor or public sex.

They returned to bed where twice she rode him to climax on the strength of Sally and Emma. Exhausted the pair lay panting and sweaty.

"Do you think any of them are true? Any of their fantasies have ever happened?"

Julie asked while absent mindedly stroking her pussy.

Again he found himself clawing his way back to wakefulness to answer

"I doubt it. Just the products of the overactive imaginations of a couple of frustrated housewives. I would think they must read a lot of erotica. "

Julie left Ian to drift off while she continued to stroke her pussy and relive a scenario where she is on her knees in a public toilet sucking off her husband when the cubicle door swings open just enough for the men outside to see in. Julie has one last thunderous orgasm before she falls asleep.

It is late afternoon when Ian awakens to find Julie sucking his slightly sensitive over used cock. It's not an unheard of event, but Julie hasn't woken him like that for a few years. He gently pulls her head away and she reluctantly lets the head leave her mouth with a loud plop. Her eyes sparkle with mischief and she grins up at him.

"I want to do some things. I want go places and fuck in lay-bys. I want to risk getting caught. I want to be dirty and slutty and exciting like those girls Sally and Emma."

Julie deliberately left off "I want to suck and fuck strangers " because she didn't think Ian would be keen on the Idea but the idea made Julie cum harder than she ever thought she could.

"I told you, I don't think any of this happened outside the confines of their own minds. It's all just pretend."

Ian was in two minds about his wife's new found enthusiasms. He worried if he'd unleashed a monster but couldn't deny he thought it was fucking hot.

"I feel I've missed out. I would have dismissed these as dirty, pervy little acts for seedy little people once upon a time but now.. "

She didn't need to finish the sentence he knew what she meant.

"I'm famished. Let's get cleaned up and go out for dinner!"


Ian couldn't believe the woman on his arm was his wife. She had not only gotten herself ready in record time, made herself look amazing but she was so high on life. He couldn't remember the last time his wife had been in such a good mood.

When she came down those stairs with a casual, "will I do?" his jaw dropped. Julie had styled her long blonde hair in casual waves about her shoulders. Her makeup was subtle but glamorous. Her blue green eyes were highlighted perfectly. And the dress. Small and black showed off her long toned legs. Oh she'd do alright!

"Shall we go back to bed?"

He asked with his cheekiest grin.

"Fuck off tender dick, I'm starving."

They ended up going Italian. It was all spur of the moment but since it was only early they had no trouble finding a place with a spare table. They ate and chatted and drank wine and people watched. Most of the way through their entree Julie got up and excused herself.

When she returned to the table she lent in close behind Ian, pu

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