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Alex meets her long lost aunt and cousin.


Suddenly a gang of big, rough-looking Asian men appeared around them. Streek quickly got into a fighting stance. One of the men wasted no time rushing at her. Streek instinctively jumped at the advancing foe and kicked him hard in the head, dropping him to the ground.

Other men came at her and she was dodging and blocking their punches and kicks. She counted five men who were out for her blood, Mia was probably also dealing with as many. Streeks' heart began racing as she back-handed one man and then roundhouse kicked another two.

She was taking on a gang of fighters, it was scary, but also exhilarating. It wasn't easy, she had to be aware of everything going on around her, now and then a hard strike caught her unaware and they really hurt, these holobots were punching hard.

Streeks implanted Martial arts training served her well though, and she was winning, frequently sending the men to the ground.

She looked over at Mia. She was fighting beautifully, moving with cat-like grace, and then lashing out furiously, dealing out a lot of hard blows to their heads. Streek saw her dip down and punch a man hard in the balls, Streek winced and the holobot acted in a realistic way, doubling over in pain just as Mia sprung up and kneed him in the face with a sickening crunch. She is too brutal!

An explosion of pain to her face reminded Streek that she wasn't paying attention. She stumbled back and hit a wall, but it wasn't a wall but a strong man who grabbed her arms, pinning her. She struggled, and then hard punches smashed into her torso and head as another man attacked her.

Streek was in a world of pain as the hard blows kept coming, she could see Mia looking at her through her tear-filled eyes.

"M...Mia....ugh!...help me!"

"Help yourself!" Mia said loudly.

Streek couldn't really think clearly as she was getting punched in the head, but she knew she would have to get out of this herself. She watched her assailant and at the right moment she swung her knee up and smashed him in the groin, making him scream out in pain. Then she slammed the heel of her foot down onto the foot of the big guy who was holding her, he yelled in pain as several bones in his feet broke. She bent forward and swung her head back with force, causing the back of her head to smash his jaw, he released his grip on her as he fell to the ground.

The guy in front of her still clutched at his groin, Streek delivered a series of hard punches to his head until he dropped unconscious. Streek turned around and approached the big, dazed man who was struggling to get up again. She gave a hard, ungraceful kick to his head, knocking him out.

Streek clutched her face, it was getting swollen and bruised, her left eye was closing as it was swelling up, her heart was still beating rapidly and her head was awash with pain. The two gi-clad girls were standing amongst ten unconscious men.

"Ow ...fuck!" said Streek, spitting out some blood "...Why didn't you help me?"

"So that you could learn." said Mia, she was breathing heavily but didn't seem any worse for wear. "...Getting yourself out of trouble is a very important skill to learn. But you're far better off not getting into trouble in the first place. Stay focused!. Command: start wave two."

The bodies of the bandits disappeared and then there were around thirty men encircling them, they each wore black robes and carried hand-axes.

"Oh Shit, it's the Mad Axe Gang from episodes two and four."

Streek looked at all sharp-looking axe blades around her, she clearly remembered the terrible pain of having a blade run through her guts. Streek was shitting herself. Safety Protocols disabled.

"You can't be serious!"

"Focus, or die!" said Mia.

The first man ran at Streek, yelling with his axe held high. Streek kicked him away and immediately focused on the next man. There were men all around her, and axe blades were swinging through the air, threatening to hack parts of her off.

Streek concentrated on dodging the blades and was being pushed backward, she knocked down anyone who got in her way, but was def

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