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Her mouth takes him to new heights as their third watches.

A little history about Samuel, he is my best friend and someone Sophie use to consider as her best friend. Mark the words 'use to'. He is what you would say "tall, dark and handsome" and boy did he make good use of his charming good looks!

A bit more about why he used to be Sophies best friend. Three weeks after Sophie and I got married, I had to go away for 2 nights on work-training purposes and incidentally Samuel needed a place to crash for 2 nights as his house was being refurbished. We were living in a 1 bedroom flat at that point but our home was always open for friends and family, especially Samuel. Sophie, being welcoming, offered Samuel to sleep on the bed and she would sleep on the couch but Samuel insisted they both sleep on the bed. At first Sophie was a little hesitant as it was a semi-double bed but she felt comfortable enough with Samuel and trusted him so she joined him in bed. The next morning Sophie called me at training and said "Samuel made a move on me last night when I was sleeping, I woke up to his face on my breasts and one of his hand caressing my inner thighs..

I was shocked for the first few seconds as he continued to softly suck on my left breast and rub my inner thighs but I then shoved him away..he just turned around and went back to sleep. Nick, I am not sure if he was really asleep or he just pretended to be asleep." I was speechless, didn't know what to say to her and all I could muster at that point was "I will call you back in 5 minutes." I walked out of the training center, lit a cigarette and tried to make sense of what Sophie just said. I thought to myself "Samuel is our best friend, he would never do such a thing on purpose. He knows Sophie well enough to know she LOVES me crazy and would never think of another man. I bet he was asleep and probably doesn't even know this happened..he must have been asleep." I called Sophie and explained my thoughts to her, I did have to convince her that he must have been asleep and it all happened in his sleep. I did convince her but deep down I was doubting my own thoughts, guess I was just in denial.

Sophie or I never mentioned this to Samuel, we never confronted him about it as we didn't want to make things awkward and embarrassing as I had managed to convince both ourselves that he must have been asleep. Regardless to say though, Sophie started maintaining a bit of distance and had that uncomfortable feeling whenever he would hug her but she tried not to make him understand of this.

As I wrote before, I can't stop masturbating to the thought of their bodies writhing in motion and can't stop thinking what if Samuel wasn't asleep that night? How long had he been sucking on Sophie's breasts before she woke up? She didn't shove him right away, for the few seconds that she knew Samuel was suckling her left breast and rubbing her down there, did she feel a bit excited? Was she physically a bit turned on? I realized I wanted them to fuck, I wanted to watch them do it, I wanted to hear her moan his name as he rammed his dark dick up her wet pussy.

I needed to turn my imaginations and fantasies to reality. Soon, at nights, when Sophie would be in deep sleep, I would slowly rub my fingers against her pussy and carefully lick and suck her nipples. Her body would react after a couple of minutes, she would start moaning softly, I would place her hand on my erect dick and she would start squeezing it and jerking it, we would start making out, all the while she is asleep and then having sex at which point she would wake up. I did this a few nights imagining it was my friend and Sophie. Soon started to call her "PhiPhi" when seducing her at nights, this was a nickname given to her by Samuel and only he would call her by this name. I was doing this so that her body and mind can get used to hearing her being called by that special nickname when being turned on and I was hoping to hear her call his name when making love to me on the off chance.

On the following day of one such night, Sophie told me these days when we make love

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